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  1. Elections have consequences. Now they will import more and bribe more. They will push this through, and drugcare and child/daycare. And once a government cancer spreads there is no pushing it back. Especially not when new voters supporting and demanding socialism are imported daily. Keep voting with your harts, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

    1. What is the worst thing that can happen?

      I like the way Condoleezza Rice answered the question recently when asked “Well, what about Socialism?”.

      The only time that “from each according to his talents, to each according to his needs” … worked is at gunpoint.
      — Condoleezza Rice, Interview with Peter Robinson, Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4spXsjO6VE

      Yes, elections do have consequences. Canada has been steadily moving away from being a full-fledged sovereign nation and has been steadily moving towards being a client of China. When Trudeau expressed admiration for China and “its ability to turn its economy around on a dime”( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqnmfNiaM-Y ) it was as clear a statement as one can get from a political leader as to the direction of where Trudeau wants to take Canada. So, yes elections have consequences.

      1. The worst thing that could happen?

        Trudeau confiscating all pensions and retirement savings to pay for his universal basic income.

  2. Well now.

    So why was giving people free money a bad idea when the Alberta Socreds proposed it in 1935 (such a bad idea the Liberal-controlled Supreme Court had to “disallow” the will of the people of Alberta), but suddenly a good idea today?

    Or are we supposed to be grateful Justin Trudeau has just learned the A+B theorem?

    In the bosom of Abraham, both Major Douglas and Reverend Aberhart must be having a good laugh.

    (Turns out that banks don’t earn much interest revenue if “due to the pandemic” their debt-peons have been barred from earning anything to pay it with.)

    1. “So why was giving people free money a bad idea when the Alberta Socreds proposed it in 1935”?

      Like socialism it will be properly applied this time?

  3. The way the Spawn is cherry-picking NPD policies, they will have to either advocate socializing anything remaining in the private sector or just join the LPC. But they more or less have already. Communism light supported by communism full-on.

    1. Guaranteed IQ score of 120.

      With that criterion, Prinz Dummkopf may make a claim that he qualifies for membership in Mensa. I shudder at the thought.

      1. Mensa requires at least 132 I believe, even with a government supplied 120 points I doubt he qualifies.

        1. Oh, he’ll find a way. After all, it’s like his buddy Barry O’Bummer once said: “It’s about fairness.”

        1. Yes, but according to Maclean’s magazine, a year or so ago, Justin Ttudeau has a sound understanding of quantum physics. Mr. Trudeau said so as well.

          1. Nonononononono! Dear Leader Math tells us that 2 x 0 = 20. That’s how we can afford to pay everyone to be a professional layabout.

  4. I guess the money tree research by Agriculture Canada will now take priority, won’t it? (“Uh, Justin, that’s monetary policy, not “money tree”.)

  5. How serious is UBI to be taken? Is this just a Liberal trial balloon “Look, SQUIRREL!” while their actual agenda is something else different?

    Or is this Liberal Insanity in action. “Hey contestants! We’ll give you free munny every month, up to 2 grand! YEAH BABY! Then, we’ll just tax a bit of it back in a little ol increase in Carbon Tax, but we guarantee, you’ll have more munny than ever!”

    In all seriousness, any idea of UBI being implemented, will be abused by all income levels. Smart accountants can make the very rich look very poor in annual income, and they will qualify for free guberment munny!

    Corrupt Liberals in action, or naive, idiotic millenials pushing their wishful thinking forward? Will common sense prevail?

  6. The only form of this I have heard of and rational for it that makes sense is too automagically give every adult citizen a cheque, tax the cheque backfully by the time one is above median income, and close all government agencies responsible for monitoring who qualifies for the existing programs that would be eliminated.

    I doubt the civil service unions would go for that plan.

    1. Or, implement pilot project in selected areas to observe outcomes, as Finland did, before abandoning guaranteed basic income.

      1. Finland only gave people the option of giving up long term benefits they were on and moving to a new system, without eliminating the old system. Those who self selected into the program were those who would never be off programs, and the programs and bureaucracy were never eliminated.

        I suspect that there would be a lot of savings in eliminating redundant programs and agencies. I have an autistic brother in law, and the number of NGO employees making over 50k per year in addition to the civil servants is astounding.

  7. Oh goody.
    The reality of unintended consequences is about to hit the sock monkey like a two by four to the head.
    Inflation makes it impossible to legislate away poverty.
    Capital flight will make it impossible to fund this unicorn fart and the banks and insurance companies will only enter into a contract with those that actually work for a living.
    The unintended consequence that is going to tear a hole in the liberal way of remembering things differently is that this will cause more financial hardship in the liberal bastions of Montreal Toronto and Vancouver.
    It’s no longer a question of who is going to pay for this, it’s now a question of how can anyone pay for this. Canada does not have the means to fund it.

    Stand by and watch what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

  8. As Deplorable Me stated, Employment Insurance and all its federal peons are out of work? All provincial welfare and disability payments are gone and so are the workers? All the city owned subsidized housing and all the workers gone?
    What about Old Age Security?

    Is the CPP going to be taken to finance it?
    Will they get rid of Income Tax claims for children?
    Are they now going to change capital gains tax?
    Are they going to make the sale of your principal residence taxable to help fund it?

  9. I guess a guaranteed income with worthless money will be just as helpful as no income. Bankrupt Canada, the Venezuela of the north, without the sunshine and warm weather. Oh happy day.

  10. Angry Adolf is holding a retreat with his puppet cabinet ministers for the next two days. They will be planning the big new socialist, green agenda for his new Canada.

  11. Time for a bit of math. If everyone over the age of 18 gets $1000 per month it works out to $300 billion per year. 1 000 x 12 x 25 000 000 = 300 000 000 000. Even if our economy hadn’t been ravaged by the kung flu and our governments inept response to it, we would still be adding almost $1 Trillion to the national debt every 3 years. So, what if we confiscated all of the money necessary from our billionaire class? The latest numbers we have are from 2019. There are 41 Canadian billionaires worth a grand total of $161 Billion. If we split that up amongst the rest of Canadians it would provide each person with a cheque for $4200. Once. What about the second year? You’d have to go after every Canadian millionaire and the cheque would be quite a bit smaller. The third year? Well, who thinks that far ahead. UBI is a pipe dream that only socialists seem to think is sustainable.

    1. But think of all the jobs created by building new printing presses to keep the flow of free money going. The worse the dollar does, the more presses we need to keep up with the devaulation! Economic growth!

      Except that it’s all imaginary money at this point anyway that only exists on computers, so I’m not actually sure if any of it matters at this point.

      Why do people refuse to see the lessons of history, especially the contemporary ones? Giving people something for nothing almost never has a long-term benefit for anyone. And honestly, there’s no such thing as “fair”, when something is imposed on a large group of people. Somebody. Always. Loses.

      But people aren’t ready to wake up yet…they still get their bread and circuses, so until those stop, the dullards with their hands out will continue to support the people filling them the most, because they deserve it.

      1. ACM, I refer you to Deplorable me above at 3.25 AM, as to how this would be sustainable.


        The more complex the problem, the easier it is to solve with this idea, one word = Brilliant.

        1. Automagic…if only it were that simple. 😀

          If government waste could be eliminated, maybe. But we know that the concept of “eliminating government waste” doesn’t exist in Liberal/Left heads, even as a glimmer of an idea. Kind of like “working for a living” and “personal responsibility”.

    1. Free money is worth what you pay for it. Money for nothing is worth nothing.

      Money is just a concept. It represents the value of goods and services and it’s value in goods and services varies according to how much money is available compared to the goods and services available. People who think they have enough money in hand and coming to them tend to reduce their efforts to produce goods and services that they can exchange for money. Goods and services upon which we depend to live become less available, money becomes more available, we’ll all have lots of money and it won’t be enough to buy anything. Not even votes, Justin.

  12. I’m working 60 to 70 hours a week (and thankful for it) but it galls me to no end to know that half my wages are going to someone sitting at home playing xbox on my dime. It’s really disheartening to read all the comments from Canadians that think more socialism is a good thing.

    Hard no, but at this point it’s too late to stop. The socialist snowball in this country is gaining mass and speed.

    Canada to Venezuela: “Hold my beer!”

    1. Johnboy, Canada has been a socialist nation for over 100 years. We just don’t want to look very hard to see the truth.

    1. There has been on single experiment on basic minimum wage that showed a real positive outcome. It was in Dauphin MB and basic minimum income went mostly to small subsistence farmers/homesteader types. In that situation the extra income did help people in one of the poorest areas of the nation with the highest illiteracy rates anywhere. They used the money to buy better tractors and send their kids to college and stuff like that which generally lifted the entire community up. The key difference is these people were already working very hard every day on their little homesteads eeking out a living by the sweat of their brows. Results are not applicable to drug addict homeless person in Toronto or those who want be full time slam poets.

      1. “Finland did an experiment with it about 5 years ago.
        It doesn’t work.”

        – Yes but that wasn’t “REAL” UBI. Ours will work – trust them…

  13. Liberals, Greens, and the NDP believe we need more Government. Disregard the evidence because facts are evil.

  14. CBC had an article on it and not one of my comments was censored including Minimum Basic Income = Minimum Bum’s Income. Therefore this was a trial balloon and CBC was allowing all comments so government officials could see if it might work.

    Oh excuse me, one of my comments in response to a question about being sure in tick boxes on diversity in the new head of the Canadian military got censored. I asked where does one find a treaty card carrying, trans, Black, Muslim with a pur laine surname. That got disabled.

  15. As I see it, the three really basic flaws to UBI are:

    3) what will happen when we announce we’re giving away free money, even for them what don’t want to do any work to earn it? Logically, all the shiftless bums with which our civilization is infested, will beeline straight here with their hands out. You think it’s expensive NOW? – wait six months.

    2) what will happen when, two days into the pay period, they’ve blown all their cheque on drugs and booze and now they’ve drunk and smoked it all up and they have no money left to buy more and it’s another 28 days til they get another cheque? You think the petty crime and break-ins are intolerable NOW? – wait two weeks.

    1) Canada can’t afford this. Trudeau and Freeland have already said “This won’t have to be supported by tax increases, you won’t have to pay a cent more – we’ll put it all on the national debt!” What are they going to do when nobody will lend us any money anymore, and (just like Venezuela) we can’t afford to print any money anymore, and our money – even the free stuff they’ll still be giving away – won’t buy anything anymore because a loaf of bread now costs more than the $2,000 they’re giving away a month?

    In the carboniferous epoch, they promised abundance for all
    By robbing selected Peter to pay collective Paul
    But though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said, “If you don’t work, you die.”

  16. But it’s worked so well on the Indian reserves!

    Anyone who puts their trust in the government to look after them should be sentenced to a year of living on an Indian reserve.

  17. Welfare works (to some small extent) in small tight knit societies where there is an element of shame and desperation attached to it. When there are no “societal” brakes to these benefits it becomes a free for all. Never mind all the govt social service workers whose job is to direct applicants to as many taxpayer troughs as they can find.

  18. Twitter signup is not worth it. I was on Twatter for a while near the beginning. When they went after Robert Stacey McCain, and Baldwin, I knew it was time to just get out. Never looked back.

    I would vote yes, if I thought that would push WEXIT faster. But, then I think of the unbroken success of “save our crowns” in electing NDP governments, and I realize the communist scum out number the sane people in this province.

  19. Lots of great comments here. While our money still has some value, I suggest a SDA consortium be created to purchase shares in wheelbarrow companies. They will be in much demand to move cash around for bread purchases. We could make a mint on wheelbarrow sales. The only fly in the ointment is the lack of value of the cash used to pay for them. So I suggest only allow sales in gold and silver, it will reduce the total sales, but that will be offset by the value of the precious metal.

    Another problem I see, is that the snivel servants will all resign and take the handouts too. So who would then administer the program? But wait! Deplorable Me has the answer, it will be done = automagically!
    Isn’t Justin wonderful?

  20. UBI is only a attempt to set the narrative for the up coming election, or to prevent it by geting support from the rest of the lefty parties. Set up an emotional based issue, see how the cons respond to it. The Cucks have managed to blow the last 2 elections by poor planning, and not understanding the electorates mood. Also they went on social media and put their ignorance of facts on display, the same ignorance as demonstrated in here, on those same issues. We’ll see how “andy the O’ tool” handles this