54 Replies to “The Libranos: Speed Bump”

  1. I don’t think Willy Porno will go down quietly and they can’t buy him off given his wealth. Would not surprise if he took Blackie down with him… say hello to PM Freeland?

    1. Trudeau the Hypocrite. Did he not accept a paid vacation from the Aga Khan? I would bet the Aga benefited somehow from the Canadian government as a result.

      1. The Aga Khan runs muslim charities to which the Government of Canada donates money it takes from Canadians who don’t get to choose whether to donate to the Aga Khan’s cause.

  2. Prime Minister Sgt Schultz he “KNOWS NUZTHING!”

    Ze snivel serpents “KNOW NUZTHING!”

    Und ze Meister Finanz Minister Moroneau also “KNOWS NUZTHING!”

    BM: “Because $41,000.00 is yust someting zat fell out off mein pockets, into my Prime Minister’s sock drawer!
    Nicht war?”


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Arm

        1. Nah, they’ll be singing this one for some time!

          The Mavericks – All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
          found on youtube


          Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
          Army Group “True North”
          1st Saint Nicolaas Army

          1. He won’t have to tell them because they know they’re expected to.

            It reminds me of what I heard about the final phase of the Pacific theatre of WW II. The Japanese people were expected to die for the emperor.

          2. @ 3:01 B A
            Yes, of course.
            We’ve been giving examples of life imitating art. I used the title of a linked song at 11:21…perhaps it was a poor choice.

  3. I’m on thin ice with this judgment, but that’s definitely one of the good shots of trudeau – captures his arrogance, entitlement and general ugly personality.

    1. Agreed. You know how some women have Resting B*tch Face ? Turdeau has Resting *sshole Face. I wish that drunken Indian guy had of hit him a few times harder in it.

      As to Morneau being scapegoated. Don’t they more or less have Mark Carney waiting in the wings ? Isn’t he doing some little fake job for the UN or something while he bides his time ?

  4. Pushed back…He said! WTF does CHECK for all valid binary reasons & cover stories… Does He think the Civil service made a wise Binary solution that went into the dumpster…. Tone deaf all around

  5. Well now we have the liberal version of transparency.

    They simply tell bold faced lies that are not possible to believe.
    That m.o. is what unelected dictators tend to be guilty of doing. It would seem that with dictators, the proles know they’re lying. Under “democracy” (such as it is) the proles believe the lies.

    1. How dare you!
      Besmirching rats like that. What did they do to you to be compared to the cowardly, slithering Trudeau?

  6. So Morneau is the sacrifice?

    Have to wonder how the liberal riding association in Toronto Center would react to that.

    For a reminder, remember what kind of journalist Don Martin is.
    He only repeats, he does not investigate.

  7. Meanwhile, not one editorial in any of Canada’s bought-and-paid-for dailies demanding the resignation of this corrupt little turd.

    And it would likely still be so if he had given a full confession.

  8. Toronto Sun reports on how money from the former dictator of Libya was funnelled to the WE charity.

      1. That was my first thought as well. I don’t see anyone, anywhere else asking the same question.

  9. Oh and there is a ready-at-hand colourful pie-chart to tell us what we Canadians want concerning an election, Liberals and the scandal(s).

    And the answer is …

    Wair for it …

    : “We want to wait until the Wuhoo Flu is over or until a vaccine is discovered” AKA never!!!

  10. This is a speedbump, nothing more. A civil servant will take the hit if necessary not Morneau. If Morneau has to leave then Turdeau’s tenure will be on the clock. People seem to forget how bad a shape the Liebels were in before JT came along. Yes, the establishment did a job on smearing Harper but his loss was almost as much to do with CPC incompetence as anything else. The CPC was the ‘last’ national party in Canada and they will lose that claim next election as the Wexit Party will undermind their Western stronghold.

    1. Libs should have lost last election and then burned to the ground. That’s the path they were on every election since Chretien they got fewer seats. They were a rump party.

      Trudeau was a last ditch effort to try to get enough seats along with NDP to hold Harper to a minority then remove him from power and install themselves.

      The various elements – media blitz against Harper , elections Canada corruption, Obama interference, dole loving maritimers and potential UN/international involvement – all coalesced into the worst possible outcome. A Trudeau majority.

      Harper expected that governing from the center left, leaving sacred leftist cows alone, and balancing the budget with a strong economy, would deliver him a second majority.

      Sadly he overestimated the collective intelligence of the (eastern) Canadian electorate.

      Media was a huge part and Don Martin is the poster boy for their selling out of a nation. I’d have a hard time picking a bigger weasel.

      I fully expect Trudeau to be elected again.

      Wexit is only option.

      1. “Sadly he overestimated the collective intelligence of the (eastern) Canadian electorate.”

        Since Harper was born and raised in Toronto, I doubt that he overestimated their collective intelligence.
        He was in the Young Liberals Club in his Toronto High School and that basically cured him of being a Liberal, among other lessons.

  11. So let me get this straight. Th LPC is embroiled in a scandal again. The NDP can’t afford another election with the guy that wears colorful scarves on his head. The liberals only need the support of the NDP to ride this storm out and when Can’tadians’ memory problems kick in again they will re-elect the liberals because the conservatives oppose abortion and gay rights. Failing that Can’tadians’ dump the LPC but vote for the other liberal parties, Namely the CPC, the NDP. the Bloc, The Greens. They all offer the same thing. It is just that some of them are in a bigger rush to bring about the socialist utopia so dreamed of the Can’tadians. Wexit remains the only option.

    1. Joe the Albertan: hate to say it but you’ve got the Hon J. Singh all wrong. Me being a child of the 70’s it’s so obvious that the colour of todays turban is exactly like the mood ring of the 70’s. The colour changes to match “the mood”. Pay attention!

  12. Been all over North America to see that band Nancy. That is the best group of musicians you will ever see live. Gruene Hall Nov 2 2012 Fort Lauderdale Spokane Edmonton Calgary twice and once a year since, amazing shows every one. only other band in that calibre of musicianship is Zac Brown Band, but the voice of Raul Malo is heaven sent.

    1. Little Potato is somewhat of a lying maverick… defined as a person who shows independence of thought and action, especially by refusing to adhere to the policies of a group to which he belongs. He ruins everything he touches. He is trashing the Government and the Country. His old lady thinks he’s a winning personality. Oh, sure, with sarcasm!

      Again, he’s knee deep in trouble.

      At least the ones who want him out can, for once, be (knee) deep in rejoicing that he is squirming, trying to save face. Thank you, Mr Brave, Pierre Poilievre.

      Enjoy the Zac Brown Band – “Knee Deep” Feat. Jimmy Buffett | You Get What You Give”

      Yeah, for 2 more good bands! Lucky you with band tours!

  13. Fill the bus with the Liberal Cabinet and run over Morneau… then drive it off a cliff.
    When they get their majority back after the next election Juthtin will really be able to say, “Jutht watch me”, as he ratchets up the Liberal Corruption to a whole new level.

    1. I hope that I don’t live long enough to see the disaster that is in the making. Canada has become a sad commentary on corruption and tyranny. The corruption is vast and the tyranny has been mostly soft until the whu who flu arrived, now it is a crushing tyranny for the “good” of all. The evil being perpetrated for the “good” of all will kill far more people than the whu who flu.

  14. Amazing that the Liberal backbenchers and cabinet members remain loyal to JT, given that he has again shown that he will fire anybody under the bus without a moment’s hesitation, just to protect his own incompetent, corrupt butt.

    1. Most of these first time Liberal MPs need to stay in Parliament until Oct 31/21 in order to guarantee their Parliamentary pension for life. Now you know why they aren t rocking the boat. They could care less about whats best for the country, they are far more interested in whats best for them.

      1. Liberal MPs have to be scared to the point of fearing for their metaphorical lives before they would act against Dear Leader. A perfect example was last week’s rebellion by all the back-bench Nova Scotia Liberal MPs. They saw torches and pitchforks as the mass-murder victims families mobilized to demand a public inquiry into RCMP incompetence. Only once Toronto and Montreal urban folk do the same to their Liberal MPs will there be any pressure on Trudeau.

  15. This is al out of the US Democrat playbook. Or out of “Rules For Radicals”. His responses are the same as Obama’s: “I don’t know” “If I had only known…” “First I heard about it was in the media” “(insert poor bastard’s name here) should never have done that” and, of course, “I intend to get to the bottom of this”. If the CPC shows even the slightest chance of winning the next election there will be rioting in the streets, a la Portland.

  16. Ok. I’ve been locked down, flattening the curve and am now addicted to Netflix. Would somebody PLEASE ‘splain me the diff between Marty Byrde of Ozark and Justin Trudeau of Canada? Both are laundering big bucks for the mob. Mexicans cartels on one channel; the Libranos on the other. While laundering money from legal to illegal to the mob both Marty and Justin corrupt and destroy third party people and corporations (WE?). In the end money flows. Now that I think of it; isn’t this just another flavour of Ad Scam? Money flows from taxpayers, is laundered through corrupt businesses then back to the Libranos. Hmmm. Am I watching too much TV or should the Libranos be declared an illegal organization?

    1. Kimi,
      The Ozark Netflix is very accurate to the REAL NJ crime families… I predict that the BLACK Female FBI agent who heads the investigation is a Cartel operative….The Ozark group are near real….Everyone is on the take… The Maxwell case comes to mind

      The Turd just gassed up the getaway car & his hidey hole has provisions for THE family… What’s to determine