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  1. One of the groups that has been allowed to travel despite closures has been foreign students, and in the hundreds of thousands into Canada.

    Are foreign students from China still travelling across the Canadian border into Canada?

  2. WTAF? How is this even possible? Are canadians drinking bleach with their tide pods? Canada deserves to be in the dustbin of history if they’re that stupid.

  3. And yet a plane from Beijing is arriving in Toronto today, and other China flights coming to Vancouver etc. Just check arrivals schedules.

      1. Because the USA has been the hotspot of the world since March and Americans are clearly fucking stupid when it comes to coronavirus.

        1. You are absolutely clueless. The USA is NOT the “hotspot” of the world. It appears you don’t understand math. And by the way, the infections that came into Canada from the U.S. were the result of infections from China….just as the infections that came from “Europe” had their genesis in China. Take a hike, clown.

          1. You are so stuck on where it originated, you are willing to ignore the actual danger?

            The virus originating in China has zero bearing on where the current threat comes from. The majority of Canadas infections came from the USA, that is where the danger is.

    1. No, wrong. The Canada / U.S. border is closed to all but essential travel because infected “canadiens” are a threat to America. It is Trump’s decision to keep the border closed, not Trudeau’s, and the decision was not made in consultation with Canada’s hostile leftist minority government. Trump is keeping Americans safe whereas Trudeau is doing everything he can to compromise the health, safety, and prosperity of canadiens. When trudeau is not having his hair dyed, he is conspiring with his marxist advisors on how best to destroy this once marvelous democracy … or so it would seem. Trump is aware of Canada’s instability and he acted accordingly.

      1. You are seriously delusional. Canada has record low new cases per day, USA is almost 100x higher! Testing is dropping because we are running out of people to test. Current positive rate is 1%.

        The USA allows canadians to fly in. We do not let Americans fly in, or anyone for that matter.

        We banned all entries from foreign nationals on March 16 with few exceptions. The Americans only recently banned people who have been in Brazil for the past 14 days and are still allowing Russians to enter and people from other hotspots.

        1. Allan, the US has a higher count because they ARE FREAKING LYING. We all need to get this, just like the damn common cold, a similar virus, get over yourself Allan. If they keep counting fatalities at the rate they are going, they will need about 30 more months to reach the 2018 seasonal flu death toll world wide. This is stupid Allan, it is not killing everyone in the damn world. Get up, get out, get over it.

        2. I heard about American tourists driving to Banff. They claim at the border they are driving to Alaska, which is permitted. are told to drive thru stopping only for fuel and food and overnight.
          But then they vacation.

        3. Allen.
          Look at the population size. (difference)
          More people live in California alone then all of Canada.
          The highest numbers were in high-density city like NY.
          Then pushed off to nursing homes to die because they are not set up for that kind of care.

          1. Even when correcting for population size the USA is still dangerous.

            We are literally running out of people to test and have about a 1% positive test rate. New positives per day keeps dropping. Lowest since the middle of March. Canada is plummeting down the rankings, total cases, new cases per day, and active cases.

            The USA is currently around 6%-7% positive test rate.

            We have 276 positives today, the USA hit 20,722 yesterday. Almost 90x as much. With 8.5x the population. In fact if you exclude New York and New Jersey, their new cases per day has barely gone down.

            The coronavirus is a disaster down south. Full stop.

          2. The Liberals have you fully brainwashed as an American hating trained Liberal lemming. Congrats Allah!

        4. More BS from the harlequin. Cut the crap. The U.S. has a higher testing rate than Canada which accounts for more infections (you see that typically….the more testing, the more infections are recorded). And of course, the U.S. numbers are higher due specifically to New York and New Jersey where the governors there should be in jail for their “response” to the virus…..because you DO understand, I presume, that it is the State Governors who are responsible for pandemic response in their State?

          Oh…and by the way, Canada does allow international flights in. More nonsense.

          Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Calgary International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport are the four airports permitted to receive flights from abroad.
          However, the ban does not apply to flights arriving from the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

          In the seven weeks to May 19, there were still 269,501 arrivals at the four Canadian airports open to international travel (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver).

          1. So you don’t understand the difference between a travel ban and a flight ban? That’s typical of open mouth breathers. Canada has shut the door to foreign nationals since March 16 with few exceptions. Everyone that comes in must isolate for 2 weeks except essential workers. The USA has nothing even close to that, they’re still allowing everyone from Russia for example. No 2 week isolation requirement.

            Canada is running out of people to test. 1% positive rate. USA still has very high numbers and a 6% positive rate.

            The USA has more new cases per day then ever when you exclude New York and New Jersey. The virus is spreading, it is NOT getting better.

            The reason New York and New Jersey were so bad was because the Feds botched the testing rollout so incredibly badly. One of the latest 1st world nations to do so. At one point BC had done more testing than all of the USA.

        5. You’re spreading misinformation. Are you compensated for this? I don’t get the reason why you’d do so.

          “Due to its rather low lethality, Covid-19 falls at most into level 2 of the five-level pandemic plan developed by the US health authorities. For this level, only the “voluntary isolation of sick people” is to be applied, while further measures such as face masks, school closings, distance rules, contact tracing, vaccinations and lockdowns of entire societies are not recommended.”


        6. Allan S. might be correct about one thing … democrats have done everything in their power to spread the deadly chinese communist virus, and if some of the whistleblowers are correct, the death rate was increased and misrepresented to obtain funding from the feds.

          The good news is that during the last three or four months, Americans have not died from anything other than the Chi Com flu. No heart attacks, no cancer patients … nothing but the Chi Com flu.
          Massive testing has also shown us that someone can be infected with the deadly communist virus without having any symptoms. What a great virus.

        7. Allan s.
          Does the s stand for shithead you a typical chinaman apologist for China.
          First of all China deliberately flooded N America with fentanyl and now they deliberately released covid19 on the rest of the world. And if a flight arrives from China(which they do) chances are pretty good there are chinamen on board.

    2. And that would be why? You believe China’s reported virus numbers? You must work for government. Only government can be that rock, hard, stupid.

    3. Do you understand that Chicoms are locking up their own country yet exporting the infection around the world, again? Do they pay you for playing interference for them?

  4. Here we go again?
    I hope the sarcasm is in reference to the shut down because “Here we go again” as a reference to a pandemic is a reference to a non-starter. The pandemic did not take off as was predicted by the Imperial College, even as our illustrious betters/leaders fed the flames by sending Typhoid Maries into the care homes.
    The virus is here forever.
    We can’t hide forever.
    We can protect the vulnerable while the rest of us continue our lives – just like we’ve always done.

    1. rroe, this virus will join the panoply of freaking viruses that make up the seasonal flu. The same seasonal flu that has killed millions who are susceptible to the common cold if they are immune compromised and or elderly. Every year, every single year, 53 million people die, 153 thousand everyday. Does the world stop turning? We mourn the loss of those close to us, do not even think about the other millions, and we carry on with life. That is what every species on the planet does. Apparently this new flu is so bad we can’t even be with a loved one who is dying. I hate all the stupid people who think this is a good thing. My hate knows no bounds for those people.

  5. You can still fly to the US but you can’t drive to the US. They wouldn’t want to inconvenience people with money.

  6. So exactly how did gun smuggler chicky in Toronto take a rental car to Florida, fill up the gas tank with guns and try to drive home?

  7. Why are you idiots still so focused on China when the much bigger threat is to the south? Its been that way for a long time too.

    But but…. CHINA!

          1. Perhaps…or Alan’s anti America DNA is showing. Common among many Canadians, it is a generally recessive gene and usually countered by the Uberpoliteness gene which is often dominant. As with all genetics, there are outliers, take mental retardation as an example.

          2. Nah, possibly the same father though, … left his genetic material on the wall and flies did the rest.

    1. Simple Allen.
      China & WHO has lied about this virus since this first broke out.
      Can you really be this foolish?

      1. Given we have Trudeau in power I would have to say foolishness is endemic in Canada.

      2. Yea, I’ll expect Allen, To see you front and centre to receive your mandatory Vaccination (“kudos” to Theresa Tham), with a vaccine created by the Chinese Peoples Army….the same crew who spent decades searching out Viral agents in bat caves.

        But I should worry bout the US..uHuh.

        Talk about BATShit Crazy….

    2. The point dumbass, is that China is so concerned about their outbreak that they have shut down inter state travel within China – dumbass, but are allowing international flights out to infect the rest of the world – just like they did in December – January in Wuhan – dumbass. I’m also assuming that is what the headline is referring to – the fact that China is stopping internal travel while allowing infected people to come to Canada, and Trudeau is too stupid to stop it.

    3. I think you need to take a Midol. Man, are you delusional. Oh….by the way, the virus originated in China. Just so you know.

    4. You really should learn what you are talking about Allan.
      More than 40% of the coronavirus deaths in the United States have occurred among residents and staff members at nursing homes and long-term care facilities, according to a new analysis.

      Blame the governors and mayor in dem run cities for the death rate.

    5. Even if they do lie, the USA thankfully doesn’t. Their outbreak is now more widespread than ever. They have 20,000 new cases per day and a 6% positive rate. Canada has 200-300 and a 1% positive, we are actually running out of people to test.

      The USA is also still allowing travelers from Russia and other hotspots. Canada has shut the door since March 16.

      Canada requires everyone to isolate for 14 days when entering Canada except essential workers. The USA has no requirement.

      The threat is from the south of the border, not China.

      1. More lies from the harlequin. The U.S. does have isolation rules. Oh…..and by the way, what Canada “requires” and what is done are two different things. You are a joke. By the way, the U.S. test rate is about 50% higher than Canada’s. And you really don’t understand what you are talking about, do you?

        The threat is from China. Full stop. And they are doing it again and you still yammer off into the ether. What a clown.

    6. China had the one Wuhan lab. “Had”. They’re building ten more. They couldn’t build Wuhan. Had to have the French build it. Then they couldn’t manage safety. Had to ask US for help and money.
      But hey, soon they’ll have ten times the gain of function messing around.

    7. The great thing about this virus, is to see the ridiculous paranoia it drives the idiots to.

      Thanks Allah, your paranoia is highly entertaining, and SO Liberal!

  8. Australia has 110000 Chinese foreign students. Spending almost $3 bil there.
    Canada has 140000 Chinese foreign students. Probably spending at least that here.

    Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with Turtles Trudeau refusing to close the flights from China?
    Or waiting 5 months to start quarantining travelers.


    What a pathetic frigging display of leadership in a crisis.
    Trudeau turtled by closing Parliament and hides out in a hole only to be seen once a day.

    I want a new country.

    1. March 16 all foreign travelers were barred entry with few exceptions. The 14 day self isolation order has been in effect too. They did not “wait 5 months”.

      BTW the USA has not banned Chinese flights either. They are travel bans for foreign nationals, not flight bans.

      1. In other words, they can’t stop U.S. citizens from coming back. Your splitting of hairs when your lies are revealed just makes you look dense.

  9. I’m willing to admit when a leftoid is correct. Allan S arguments here are rational.

    That being said no one should get into Canada from China or any other infected country without an immediate test and quarantine on arrival.

    1. What really sucks is cross border truck drivers coming from the States, which is what I am. No test at the border. They may ask if you have a cough or symptoms but that’s it.

      I would do a voluntary fast test every time I crossed. No delivery in Canada until you get results.

      1. WOW what a worry wart.

        If you are 60 and over. Have health issues wear a good mask and stay inside.
        The world will keep moving.

        1. Absolutely Dustoff. It is their responsibility to protect themselves from you, not the other way around. Government resources should be used to protect the elderly, particularly in care homes, with emphasis on maintaining their mental health. Paying people to stay home is a losing proposition all around.

    2. It is possible to make a rational argument with garbage premises. It’s called logic…the question becomes is the resulting argument valid. In this case I would say no, and I too am willing to admit when a leftoid is correct. It just doesn’t happen very often.

    3. And which “arguments” would you be talking about because much of what he has barfed up is demonstrably false.

    4. He’s pretty stoopid all right … but the reason he is not stopping it is because the chicoms own him.

  10. Everyone is required to isolate for 2 weeks. A test would be a good idea. A fast 1 hour test would be even better.

  11. Since COVID should stand for Chinese Originated Viral Infectious Disease I would think all flights from China would be banned as well as flights from countries who have also not banned flights from China. If you want to continue flights then all passengers must fly into a remote airport, like Haida Gwaii, and be placed in quarantine for 14 days before being allowed to enter the rest of Canada. The east coast could use Cape Breton or PEI, put up a few canvas army tents with cots and field kitchens serving Spam and Beans and you are good to go. That would drastically slow down the travel numbers but would probably cripple Air Canada (based in Montreal) and a past favourite of the Liberal Gov’t. I have heard that one way that New Zealand got a grip on this is to only allow flight from Australia, and only if the people had undergone a 14 day quarantine in Aus first. So they made Aus their quarantine zone – brilliant!

    Since the US has monetized the Virus as well as politicized it, the numbers become questionable, if your private hospital has been cleared out of all elective and non life threatening surgery (which will destroy your bottom line) but you get $13K for each COVID patient you admit plus $39K if you put them on a ventilator guess what every patient will be? Since the CDC criteria is so loose and you can claim its is COVID if you even “suspect” they may have been exposed then you cannot trust the numbers. So it is obvious that the US numbers lie like a rug, the individual hospitals will inflate them as will the various health units to bolster their funding.

    While Canada supposedly requires everyone to isolate for 14 days, its not enforced or even monitored, when I flew recently from Toronto to Vancouver the only place I was questioned was at the gate for the flight to Victoria! No questions at Toronto but then some of the people of obvious Asian descent were wearing hazmat suits and face shields as they boarded the plane. Some people were wearing P100 respirators commonly used by drywallers and insulators. I just wore a 3M N95 mask and eye protection, purchased in Florida in January when this started, since I could see where it was going. There is no enforced 14 day quarantine in Canada.

    This is exactly what happened in January when the “first wave” hit, China had an outbreak and banned all internal flights but allowed flights internationally. They had massive internal lockdowns but you could only leave the area if you also left China! Since the second wave hasn’t occurred naturally it looks like it can be “forced” intentionally. Our “Cuckoo Clock PM” is still in hiding, that should be a sign.

  12. Perhaps, too, a degree of immune response in the population helps moderate the effects of the virus, even if not achieving full and permanent immunity. Some cross–immunity seems to exist today, whereby those who have had coronavirus colds do not catch, or do not suffer severely from, Covid-19.

    Here is a disturbing thought: is lockdown preventing this evolutionary process, by confining the disease to settings where it can still thrive while being fatal, such as hospitals? Our fate is clear: without a vaccine or a cure, Covid-19 will fade, will be back, but will become less lethal till it is eventually indistinguishable from every other cold.


    1. For the most part, quite correct. However, a chance of it coming back worse still exists, mutations can be hard to predict. I had a professor of biology who explained that these virus are Mother Natures population controls as MN likes a balance. If we keep countering them, one day she will smack us with a good one! Suggest watching the movie “Contagion” found on Netflix and others. A very accurate representation of just such a virus and a great story to boot. Imagine Covid being like the virus in the movie and you will understand why initially, extreme measures are required….if there is time. Why measures are allowed to proceed after the nature of the virus is determined is an altogether different issue.

    2. Agreed Clipe, This is a VIRUS! For crying out loud, it will never go away , and we should have just allowed it to create a group or herd immunity. We lose more people to the Flu each year, and even at my advancing age, I would have preferred the herd route as opposed to shutting down and killing the economy, devaluing the dollar, creating desperation and suicides, in people that have to live paycheck to paycheck! Our children are not getting their education, meanwhile the younger ones need caring while their parents are trying to provide for them, if they can actually work.

      They still get daily flights from China, even with sick people flying into the country. We will be facing this every year from now on, and our way of life is threatened because of the stupidity of Trudeau and our liberal masters. However, it may not be stupid, but deliberate. He is revelling in his daily pop up media stunts while he continues on day 49 of his 14 day isolation! While we can’t have parliament functioning because he is enjoying his power trip, we are losing control of our way of life, our incomes, and bankrupting small business!

      How come the conglomerates can stay open, but the small businesses must be closed? Our people are dying due to not just the virus, but because they can’t get the medical surgeries they need. They can’t afford the already skyrocketing grocery costs and so on! People have lost thousands on things like flights and vacations booked prior to the “Emergency”, Events like marriages are postponed, deposits for such venues, lost! The list is endless, and the level of fraud, the lies of the liberals mounting exponentially!

      I came to this country 38 years ago, because then, it was one of the best in the world to live and be free, and the likes of both the Trudeau’s and their ilk have destroyed it all! What a disgusting disillusioned Sh&t show!
      I want a new country too, but there are none left! Where the F does anyone go from here?

      The only good thing to come out of this was the Military exposing the elderly care homes for the poor and disgusting treatment of the elderly, although, I think we all quietly suspected this from way back, we just never were forced to face it so blatantly before! Now also, we can add to this list that Canada is inherently racist as well, but I guess the left’s blatant anti Semitic ideologies don’t count, anymore than the indifference of politicians and the RCMP toward native issues either! Don’t bother with a reply, I’ll be to busy in my basement tying nooses and building crosses to burn on front lawns!

  13. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
    Just over 8 million confirmed cases worldwide with over 438,000 deaths. That’s a +5% “death rate”.
    China is 84,000 with +4000 deaths for a +5% “death rate”.
    The US has over 2.1 million cases with 116,000 deaths for a +5% “death rate”.

    5.8% of the Chinadian population has been tested, over 2 million hosers. 4.2% have tested positive. The Not So Great Racist White North has a “death rate” of over 8%.

    Lots of numbers but what is the actual fatality rate if you are exposed and catch the virus?
    If it really is +5% then its cull and eventually 150 million will be dead if a treatment/vaccine is not coming.
    Nuke China.
    Almost beer-thirty…

  14. Because the chicoms have claimed that they had their problem under control when it wasn’t the last time, the baseline on any subsequent claims made by the chicoms shouldn’t be accepted at face value.
    They lied to save face last time, what objective evidence exists that would support believing them this time?
    If they are restricting travel inside China that should be the signal to ban travel to and from China right now.
    The question that needs to be asked is why not?

  15. Well, it appears the dictatorial tyranny cannot fight the Wuhoo Flu. So how about not bothering, all you petty Western dictator-wanabees?

    How about letting the bodies fall where they may and let people get on with their lives.

  16. And let’s not forget that Mao once said that argued that his country could survive a nuclear war, even if it lost 300 million …so to think that China would tell the rest of the world what is REALLY going on with the Wuhan virus in China is naive to the extreme. Shut them off completely.

  17. The chinamen have hundreds of thousands of paid who constantly troll social media.Allan s(shithead) is one of them.
    Ignore what he has to say.

  18. Just a reminder: Allan S used to make his living running laundered Chinese steel from Canada into the US. He’s a little butt-sore right now, so…

    Speaking of butt-sore I listened to Trudeau’s announcement regarding the border closure. Really amazed by this green socks sound bite. Such a catcher he is. No two ways about it.