25 Replies to “Yang Banged”

  1. I read this from a comment on Ann Althouse blog – commenting on the fact that over 70,000 people voted for Bernie the commie in the “Live Free or Die” state
    “Over 70000 people in New Hampshire choose “Die”…remarkable…..”

  2. Champagne socialism: depravity for thee but not for me.

    As tingle legs Chris Matthews noted: “It’s not only not free, it doesn’t frickin work!”

    Bernie’s supporter are too young and spoiled, and like our native protesters, total hypocrites as they slurp up the fruits of petroleum, its modern lifestyle and access to OPM.

    But infantilized and entitled young adults have never understood a state that can give you what you want can take all you have.

    Including your freedom and your life. Lenin quipped the useful idiots would be the first to be shot in the successful revolution.

  3. Leftists love to help at everyone else’s but their own expense. Then crow about what righteous philanthropists they are.

    1. That old Marxist slogan “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” is the mantra of people who want to contribute with their ability to tell us how we shall live, and want us to supply their need for our compliance.

  4. Our progressive Comrades are always exceedingly generous.
    With our money.
    Never their own.
    And double plus good to “gift” huge amounts of our money,of which the “worthies” “Gift” large amounts back to the Progs friends and families.
    “Not a smidgen of corruption”.
    “I am entitled to my entitlements”.

  5. I didn’t mind Yang too much. He was a fresh and interesting voice, a big step up over some of the front runners. But it looks like he bungled the layoffs — an easy thing to do. He should make it right.

  6. Give everyone $1000 a month: wonderful idea. And in no time flat as in Zimbabwe and Venezuela you’ll be able to give everyone $10,000 a month and then $1,000,000 a month and then . . . well, you get the picture.
    I note too, the lefties are always big on equality of output; kind of quiet about equality of input.

  7. Once again the United Nations reveals it is only concerned about the New York City – cushy life style – of the Delagates – allowing the ‘little potato” Justin Trudeau to become the next United Nation Secretary General will only increase the disdain for the small lives of the Ordinary Average Peoples around the World.

    Do not believe the captured by the Liberal Party Minions spending Tax-Payer Funds to promote the only there to Vote Prime Minister of canada and actually has stated He preferred being the President of the Nation of Quebec over the sometimes -on hand – waiting for direction from BFF Mr. Gerald Butts representing the European ‘Old World” ___ One World Cabal.

    The only competing force in the Franco -Phone Capital of Hull/Ottawa is whether Justin’s “Uncle Jean” [ the former (proven) Corrupt Prime Minister } Chretien will remain healthy as “uncle jean” pressures his “little potato” to keep all of the Chiina Connections in Place for The Laurentien Elite. Not sure, but it appears this includes — Huawei Electronic Invasion —.

    The very same China Company which apparently used Britain’s English Parliament to delay Brexit and the British Elite to sell out the Ordinary Average British Citizen to keep British Elite China Connections.

  8. I like Yang. I don’t think he had a hope of winning, but he is very smart and put some important ideas on the table. Read about the devastation in some communities where factories have closed and it is easy to see where he is coming from. You don’t have to accept his solution, but trying to connect his idea of a guaranteed income with whether or not he is able to pay severance is not fair criticism.

    1. Trying to connect his idea of a guaranteed income with reality is fair criticism. Connecting not paying severance and not telling employees they are unemployed until you have cut off their access to the workplace, e.g. e-mail and Slack accounts, (if those things happened as reported,) with not being able to walk the walk that he talked about is also fair criticism.

    2. My understanding is that Yang still supports AOC’s Green New Deal.

      This alone makes him just another completely stupid, disingenuous and dangerous leftard, to my mind. Many of his policies are absolutely extreme. The fact some on both the left and the right consider him a ‘moderate’ is testament to just how far left the Dems have gone…and to the propaganda power the media still has.

      A person with any real integrity quits the organization he is in when he realizes it is corrupted to the core. Of all the sleazy and illegal crap the DNC has pulled these past few years, I believe the only times Yang has really challenged them was to protect his own political fortunes.

      Don’t be fooled by his ‘nice guy’ routine. Remember how many Republicans were sucked into thinking Obama was an awesome guy? We have since learned just how evil and destructive he was.

      1. They are ALL NUTS.
        Sean Hannity pressed Gabbard about her views decriminalizing Heroin.
        She gave no answer after 5 attempts for her to respond with clarity….
        Make some popcorn and enjoy watching the lemmings push each other off the cliff

  9. Albertans are still waiting for the $25 a month Bible Bill Aberhart promised them in 1935. (Adjusted for inflation, Andy was offering roughly the same amount as Bill.)

    It won’t happen in the States, either, until President Trump puts the right to issue money back in the hands of a (Republican-controlled) Congress. It’s fair to say global finance is determined not to give free money to white people who aren’t members of their club.

    The difference is that Andy knew that very well. He wasn’t serious about the $1000 a month. He just wanted the run on his resume, and to get suckers to pay for his participation award.

  10. Always the same story. Bernie is a millionaire, won’t pay minimum wage. Fill the silo with sand, spread a bushel of barley on top to make it look like the granary is full. Arrest people who buy private insurance, take a government charter to a Mayo in the US for your personal cancer treatment.

  11. I read somewhere that the democrats also want unquestioned entry to the US from any other country, no questions asked, no visa required. Not to mention free healthcare for everyone too. Warmer weather than Canada.
    $1000/month/each person on top of that?

  12. Why don’t the stupid socialists simply pool their wealth and divvy it up equally?
    Why do they need the State to force them to conform to their stated beliefs?