When Will Rachel Maddow Be Fired?

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Like other prime-time cable news hosts who receive much more criticism, Maddow shows up every weeknight and tells a devoted audience, “the world is as you want it to be.” Trump is the worst, he’s committed many terrible crimes, a reckoning is coming, we will be vindicated. Her audience is not interested in hearing the host or guests declare: “While we are vehemently opposed to Trump, but there is no evidence he’s being blackmailed or controlled by the Russian government.” Her program includes bits of news and other substances that appear to be like news, but are not — fervent speculation, conjecture, assumptions, theories. If it is too harsh to call it “fake news,” then it is news with artificial flavors and sweeteners, designed to make it more exciting and appealing than it really is.

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    1. But Maddow has a degree from … Stanford and Oxford. Hence everything shim says is pure truth. Oh, and homersexuals never lie. Just like the children of Daycare abuse never lie.

    1. reality…..when they brag about having 3 million viewers…..and you realize that’s only 1% of the population

    2. Exactly! The object of her show is to entertain her audience,obviously they like what they hear and see. Maddow is probably due a big bonus any day now. ratings are all that counts.

      1. That was also Alex Jones’ Schtick, and he’s been Deplatformed and Cancelled. Another example of today’s slanted, one way media culture.

        Not a big of his either, but, neither of them are exactly known for being very factual, taking a grain of truth, and then weaving a wondrous, six degrees of separation tawdry tale to support their conspiracies. Yet, Jones had a right to be doing his thing. No one died from his diatribes, no one was storming the streets like Antifa, in the name of Jones.

        Madcow gets a national platform, Jones is erased. Both employ the same methods. Maybe if Jones crossdressed, called himself Alexa, and foisted more Leftwing nonsense, his message would be more acceptable to the Leftwing media and social media cancel culture

  1. I’ve watched Maddow a few times while in the U.S. and had access to cable TV. The only words that come to mind are delusional and unhinged. Methinks the lady could use some psychiatric help.

  2. Simply being fired would not be near good enough.

    The MSM cabal would gladly throw Maddow into the volcano themselves if they think that would appease the propaganda gods. Just so they could protect their status quo and continue on unabated as the liberal/globalist hyper-activists that they value themselves as.

    Anything less than an open, public admission of her crimes against the Republic is completely useless to us. I have come to the realization recently that the only way to deprogram victims of the MSM cult is for them to hear for themselves directly from that same MSM cult, confessing their own extreme biases and countless despicable actions. Nothing less can free these leftards from the surety of their anti-everything-conservative delusions.

    Rachel Maddow getting fired? Ha, her brainwashed MSNBC minions would immediately just blame it all on the evil one, President Donald J. Trump.

  3. Rachael Maddow will be fired the -instant- that Wokeness no longer sells on Big Media. Something else will come along, and she’ll be as gone as Walter Cronkite.

    But I expect MSNBC will go bankrupt before then. There’s not enough SJWs to support a whole news network. Just ask CNN.

  4. Who, in any frame of mind could sit, listen and watch such an unwatchable skank spew lies is unbelievable. The TV media save a few Tuckers, Seans and Lauras are “all in” on the remove Trump, train. They have been told by their masters, through their 4 am talking points, this is the mission, they can’t institute world control with that keystone of freedom the American constitution, in the way. DJT is in the way of the plan. 6 companies control 90 percent of world media, my what a recipe to brainwash, and here is this butch just doing, a more of a butch approach to the exact same thing the other mika and joe’s, stelters, lemons, coopers etal are doing. See the picture yet? When the little radio stations and tv stations in Canada, are “all in” on getting DJT also, one must, be able to connect all these dots. Fake news.

    1. …it’s all click bait…keep the drama going…..watch me, there’s still more

      probably the only loyal TV audience…is the 1% that eats up this crap…so they play to them
      …and surprisingly enough….they can still make money with only that 1%

    2. The little radio and TV stations in Canada do not write or compose stories, they simply read off the prompter and the script sent from Media Central. Notice the stories are all worded the same, no matter the network.
      The only prerequisite for Canadian newsies is to smile and look pretty for the camera, though there’s not much of that either nowadays, the SJW effect is alive and well with newsreaders too.
      Don’t worry, Trudeau will throw buckets of money at them, to “help” them.

  5. Talk show hosts are one slip of the tongue from being fired everytime they go on air.

    Maddow will last until either that happens or the ratings start to slip and advertising revenues fall. She obviously has an audience.

  6. It has been agreed. She is the chosen one. Fake news MSM need to scratch back some believability cred so under the bus she goes. She will go on an extended secret investigative assignment.

  7. Just immagine Madcow’s sexuality and how completely neurotic an episode would be. I don’t think there is a comedienne alive who could do it justice.

  8. To fire her would be an admission that a lot more than Maddow got their facts wrong.
    Maddow isn’t the cause, she is a symptom of just how far the dogma has gone into the realm of orthodoxy.

    1. Indeed, look at CNN. The TDS emanates from the CEO Zucker.

      Top down delusional conspiracy programming, fed exclusively by hate. Pot, kettle, black.

  9. Why would anyone use the word “news” in association with Maddow? She performs for the left by reinforcing their delusions and partisanship with sarcastic and emotional rants predicated on what they want to hear. She is like a psychologist counselling her neurotic patients aimed at and resulting in reaffirming the pathology. And it sells. It’s no worse that the rest of the mainstream media. The CBC would love to have her but probably can’t afford her and besides, she plays best on offense while the CBC has to focus on defense these days.

  10. Maddow’s delivery and demeanor is that of a professor. She seems grounded in facts, logic, and scholarship. Her glasses, haircut, clothes, history, and life style all lend support to that image.

    But she isn’t what she seems. She may rarely lie, but she’s never going to tell you the whole truth. Facts that don’t support her narrative end up on the cutting-room floor. She has a political agenda, and everything you hear is in support of that agenda.

  11. It’s entertainment – nothing more. Not to be taken seriously. Don’t get all your information and form your opinions from sources like cable news.

    Fox is no different.

    1. I mean Fox isn’t really entertainment, it’s specifically designed to convince the old and uneducated to let America’s billionaires suck them dry with impunity.

  12. I still remember when in 2017 she claimed to have Trump’s tax returns. The hype was unbelievable, she was constantly talking up what a huge bombshell she managed to obtain. It turned out she had one cherry-picked page likely leaked from Trump himself showing reasonable taxes paid in year 1996 or something. Haven’t paid attention to her since.

    1. And I believe she said something like “We’ve got him !!” waving that single sheet of paper. A truly despicable piece of human excrement!

  13. Fire Her?
    Racheal is Trump Derangement Syndrome personifized.
    Every time a fairly normal runs across a Madcow Broadcast, another Trump Voter is formed.
    For the demented ravings of these creatures makes President Trump look rational and sane.
    He lives rentfree in their tiny heads and they reward him by giving him endless free publicity.
    A true investigative journalist would be following the money here..does Trump Inc actually fund the Madcow Series?
    Does Nancy Pelosi work for Trump?

    Given how gullible our progressive comrades are, it would be a waste of their natural talent not to gull them.

  14. Just after Trump got elected, the wife had some of her relatives from NY, stay with us for a family event.

    They watched CNN religiously hoping for anything that would throw Donald out. When Maddow came on waving a piece of paper about the tax returns, I just couldn’t believe how they would sit there and watch the circus.

    I told them point blank that America dodged a bullet when Trump won.