13 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars”

  1. So … Tesla continues to CUT employees … yet their LYING executives continue to insist they will meet their stated goal of producing 500,000 cars in 2019. Despite cratering interest by consumers. There are only just so many virtue-signaling, fact-challenged, emotional buyers in the market.

    Just curious how it works to produce MORE cars with FEWER people? Not a few, fewer people … but nearly 20% fewer.

    Soon, the Tesla factory will be auctioned-off like the Solyndra factory … and they’re almost next door to each other.

  2. These cars are good only for virtue signaling and showing how wealthy one is. Also what a sucker one must be to pay over 100K for a car that is only good for going to the grocery store and other hot spots around town. If you go out of town, you risk running out of battery power and who know where to get more and how long will you have to wait for the charge to top up?

    Normal people with even average IQ levels know that this is a very bad investment. What is a used Tesla going for these days? You cannot easily get parts if you need a repair … where are the service facilities for these babies anyway? In probably only a couple of more years you won’t be able to get any parts or service from what will be another brilliant green bankruptcy.

  3. So who pays the Carbon Taxes on these unnecessary emissions?
    Paging Justine, Climate Barbie???
    Any Libtard?
    I am beginning to change my mind on these “Battery driven beauties”
    Every registered/known Liberal or other supporter of Gang Green, should have one in their garage.
    Or even two with a complementary sprinkler system to help them out.
    Even better if they could sleep in their Electric Chariot.

  4. How much will it cost the Canadian and American taxpayers to bail out the failed corporation? The real question is: Why should we?

  5. iow, a small forest fire on the water.
    far out.
    call in the vegan !!!!
    p.s. to Duke, oh there gonna be a ‘hot’ spot wherever they drive eh? lol !!!!

  6. Tesla has only survived this far because there is no shortage of gullible virtue-signaling leftards.

    If the media honestly and openly reported a Tesla’s true birth to death carbon footprint, the only market Musk has cornered would be GONE.

    Also, Musk should be in jail for marketing what is little more than enhanced cruise control as some kind of autonomous self-driving car. He is extremely negligent in the false claims he has made about his vehicle’s capabilities. In fact, the arrogant prick is so used to lying that when he once was caught, he ridiculed the people he lied to for being stupid enough to believe him.

  7. Tesla stock is around $200 and Ford is around $10.00.
    Tesla employees earn the company just under half of what Ford employees earn their company.
    Tesla doesn’t have a P/E ratio so WTF does that even mean?
    I am far from being very knowledgeable but looking deeper at the financials … one house is built on sand, the other on bedrock.

    1. But Ford is a boring old “industrial” stock. Tesla is a FRESH, NEW, “tech” stock!!!! Investors bid UP, up, up, up !!! Wetting their pants to get-in-on-the-ground-floor of another Amazon or Alphabet!! Wheeee!!! Whoops … staring to look like a Clinton-era dot.con stock.

      That’s the problem with investing in the stock market … “sentiment”. Your life savings are victim of public “sentiment”. And we all know the public is an Ass.

      Now … can you explain to me WHY Chilpolte stock is more than $700/share??

  8. musk should switch to producing electric cigarette lighters, just reduce the weight of his cars, and viola, …………..instant success!!

  9. When do the signs go up?

    “No propane or electric cars in underground parking”?

    When do fire insurance rates go up for anyone who owns an electric car?

    When does the first person try to sue the government for giving them an incentive to buy the car that incinerated their dog, or mother, or cousin?

  10. Like I tell my kids, “There’s a high price to be paid for electing morons, always research who you vote for” . Juthtin is a moron as is his BFF Barry, they ushered in this stupidity, the bills will keep coming for a very long time.