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  1. I’ll bet Justin Trudeau has a Huawei phone, because he admires their basic dictatorship.

    don’t you Justin?

    1. Hmmm … so a brand new Apple iPhone STARTS at $359.99 from Sasktel?
      while there is only ONE Huawei model that costs ANYTHING!! … and that one is only $49.99

      So China DUMPS cellphones into Western marketplaces, the same way they DUMP steel into our markets.

      Uh, yeahhhh … RUN … RUN … AWAY from RED CHINA.

      And if APPLE doesn’t ALREADY have alternative non-Chinese manufacturing facilities … then they are a mis-managed, anti-American pile of shit. Tim Cook … enough said.

      1. Very good point, Kenji. So, the tariff rate should be about 600-700%

        I remember reading a while ago in the WSJ that all the materials of some of the older model of iPhones cost a little over $200, which gives you an idea of how much the Chinese are subsidizing the phone if it retails at about $50.

  2. And turdo, as stupid as he is, gets it too. But like everyone else afflicted with insufferable arrogance and shallowness, JUSTIN JUST DOESN’T CARE .

    1. he doesnt need to.
      he’s a dilettante with 40 million in the bank and LOTS more on the way.
      being pm is a curious diversion from his ‘priorities’ whatevertheFCUK they are.
      flying around at YOUR expense and mine is one.
      and just[in] throwin’ ‘stuff’ out dere like how much he ADMIRES their BASIC DICPOTATOSHIP.

      his words. his words which will haunt him forever until the end of the internet and beyond.
      and if I outlive the TURDoo 2.0 these words of HIS will follow him to the grave when I tape them on the TURDoo fambly crypt.

  3. I don’t believe anyone in the West was so naive as to believe we could be partners with China in anything,especially anything to do with computers or microchips, BUT there was the lure of spectacular profits to be made and they all threw caution to the winds. Now we are finding out how China really does and always has done business.

    All anyone had to do was talk with citizens from China, their version of manifest destiny is so thoroughly ingrained in them every one of them is loyal to China first, last, and always. China doesn’t need spies,they have millions of them working all over the world, many in very sensitive positions in our governments, but to make such a suggestion is of course racist.
    Now, how about all the computer chips for our military that are made in China or by Chinese companies in third party Nations, that sure got buried deep in a hurry.

    1. Not everyone of us. I am an American citizen born in China, and I am loyal to the U.S. first, last, and always. I hate the Chicom with every cell of my body. There are a lot others. I will agree the call of “the land of our ancestors” is very strong for some, and we should be extra careful in granting secret clearance to someone of Chinese descent.

      1. oooooh ya. my ex came from those who hitailed into Hong Kong when mao savaged the land.
        that particular subset have a special hate-on for japs, blaming them for setting up mao’s break.
        her dad won a medal for wading into the middle of a communist precipitated riot and
        singlehandedly going straight for the instigators.

    2. “All anyone had to do was talk with citizens from China, their version of manifest destiny is so thoroughly ingrained in them every one of them is loyal to China first, last, and always.”

      Exactly. They are loyal only to the tribe, and utterly convinced that their tribe is a race of superior beings with a mandate from the gods to take over the world and enslave its inhabitants.

      In other words, they are the Jews generations of priests and politicians warned you about. Presented with the monsters of their twisted imaginations, our betters now line up to kowtow and lick the boots of their masters.

      One would wonder what our masters had had against the real Jews, if one didn’t know any better.

  4. Get back to me when the Anglosphere nations start interning PRChina citizens as enemy aliens (along with their Anglosphere spouses, as punishment for consorting with the enemy), confiscating their assets, and repudiating all government debt in Chinese hands.

    Actually, you know what? Get back to me when Canadian phone companies stop hawking Huawei phones.

    1. so AC, you seen the ads too?
      Im working on a retaliatory response to the advertisers and the channels accepting the ad revenue.
      ooooooh gawd I wish I knew how to hack their programming.

      what I have determined is ANY time I spot a hauwei device I will not hesitate to advise the owner just what they are carrying.

      1. TELUS has you all beat. They’ve been in the bag on Huawei crap for decades. And yes, it is spyware. I have one of their thumb drive internet connecting thingies for laptops, a precursor to wifi connection in the field @ a blazing 2500 baud rate over the cellular network and my bag phone, in my desk. A souvenir.
        First time I used it in the field my laptop antivirus took a fit. Spectacularly, too! Never used it again. I dug it out a while back because the name seemed familiar at the time, it was in the news and sure enough, it was a Huawei product with the TELUS label on it. At the time of purchase, Huawei was a complete unknown in early 2000’s.

  5. Where are the people who promised that trading with communist China and exploiting its cheap labour would democratise it?

    Do any of these hopeful cheerleaders ask why China spies on everyone?

  6. rumour has it the default pw on the whoa-way gadgets has something to do with mao.
    /sarc off

  7. A couple years ago the Chinese Navy parked a couple missile frigates and a supply ship at Ogden Point in Victoria B.C and opened them up for a walkthrough. Went on the last day, and did everything I could to have fun while aboard. An old lefty hag yelled at me, it was a good day.


  8. I admit to wanting a Huawei phone, their new camera is actually as good as advertised. Works in low light better than my $5000 Canon EOS camera body does. Won’t buy one, but, damn…

  9. It’s important to have central planning…but at least it’s not communist central planning. lol

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITvnDtuRIgM

    Speaking of waking up… I was wrong; Flynn was not the only spy employed by Trump. Dude must have dozens, possibly hundreds of former CIA/FBI guys quietly and invisibly working…

    Since this guy is the front guy, doing youtube videos, interviews… Who is staying invisible…

    I still think Flynn is working for Trump on the down low though.

  11. Geez.. do people really not know this? The entire SaskTel wireless network runs on a Huawei RAN. That means that it doesn’t matter what device you are using, your data is travelling over a Chinese built network. SaskTel pays Huawei millions and millions of dollars per year in maintenance and support alone.

  12. Huawei owns the Canadian universities.
    I’d like to see their (Huawei) research budget. That money dries up and the universities will have serious funding issues.

    Nice position to be in…..

  13. Conversations with John Anderson: Featuring Senator Jim Molan


    Senator Jim Molan is a Liberal Party Federal Senator for NSW and former major general in
    the Australian Army. He and John discuss defence policy, the current geo-political climate,
    military threats to Australia and the need for Australia to be militarily prepared in a dangerous
    L- Does anyone wonder how mainland Chinese organized crime is able to get away with
    laundering an estimated $7 Billion/year in Vancouver casinos ? Or importing vast quantities
    of the two most destructive illegal opioids on the black market, killing an estimated 4,000
    Canadians per year ?

    If China does a version of seizing “buffer states” along the Western Pacific, is anyone capable of stopping them ? If not now, when ? Senator Molan’s assessment ?

    Pax Americana guaranteeing peace, prosperity and security for world commerce post WW2, now it faces a serious challenge. U.S. Air/Naval superiority protected South Korea and Japan, the Philippines et al , now everybody has to carry their weight on defense, too.

  14. Elections Alberta used Huawei devices to run their Vote anywhere system during the recent provincial election.

    How was that decision made and why?

  15. The chicoms are so firmly entrenched with the criminal elite made men that run this country ( da liddle thief, Power Corp, Frank etc) that absolutely nothing will be done to upset them.

    Not one word will be uttered by our quisling ponce. Not one move of retaliation. It wont matter if a Canadian on death row is executed nothing will be deemed a provocation serious enough to strike back.

    The chicoms probably have all kinds of incriminating evidence on the Laurentian boys. Stuff that would destroy them. Think they (chicoms) are not willing to play a card or two in this game?

    Canada can only sit back and watch from the sideline even though we are at the apex. Our emasculated Prime Minister and his fool of a Foreign Affairs minister are laughed at on the world stage.

    When all this ends I wonder what pound of flesh the chicoms will extract to achieve piece? The libranos are very vulnerable as their party bosses are up to their necks in chicom night soil and their leader has to come out of this looking like he stood up to them.

    Weep for Canada.

  16. Work in high-tech for a major multi-national corporation.

    In order to sell into China we have to hire Chinese nationals and give them access to our intellectual property. Fact. Not fiction. No access to IP, no access to the Chinese market.

    Trump and team know exactly what they are doing. All the governments that came before them were complicit in allowing US companies to hand the farm to China just so that Wall Street could make a quick buck.

    Trump is telling both the Chinese *AND* US companies, put America’s interests first or get the hell out of town. Good for him.