Y2Kyoto: State Of Anorexia Envirosa

Free Range Report;

Most cities and towns in the west were founded and thrived on the essential industries of logging, mining, ranching, and energy production. Somewhere along the way, the environmental industry decided those must be stopped. In a clever semantic twist, they were dubbed “extractive industries.” It sounds noble to produce food, energy, and resources needed for a prosperous society. But “extraction” sounds like pure evil – like pulling a tooth from Mother Nature. A majority of Americans who live in urban cities, not involved in those businesses, have become convinced, supporting a range of policies constricting grazing, mining, oil and gas production, and logging.

Western communities that object have been called myopic, lectured that their lifestyles are “unsustainable,” and assured that tourism would fill the gap. In fact, the “green” jobs created by preserving and protecting the “last great places” would be better. Tourists come in droves to see pristine woods, not logged forests, we were told. And the price of stopping active forest management has been over 100 million acres of national forests burned in the last 20 years.
Yet when the crowds of tourists come, bringing all that money with them, creating clogged hotels, restaurants, and roads, the same environmental industry reacts by demanding that we close these great places to tourists. If nothing else, the contradiction reveals the true agenda of people who just don’t like people. There are just too many, they think.


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  1. Well let me reassure you that there are indeed WAY too damn many people from the Big Craphole down here in Florida as well!

  2. Too many, that is, of the people whose intelligence, industry and creativity make them a meanibgful threat to their paymasters’ rule.

    Humans too stupid to realize they live worse than the globalists’ lapdogs are to be encouraged to breed like vermin and turn the Indian and Pacific Oceans into cesspits. They had no problem eradicating the plagues that formerly kept the populations of India and Africa to manageable sizes.

    Nature lovers my granny.

  3. In Canada reforestation has accounted for more trees planted than harvested.
    The Boreal forest has a life expectancy of say 100 years. The trees mature due and rot. Why wouldn’t you harvest them and replant? Totally sustainable.

    Ranching is the same. Cattle are produced on land that is not cropped.
    Much of it is marginal and its highest and best use is cattle production. Livestock on the landscape actually improves it.

    As for mining and energy. The extraction process is sometimes not pretty but reclamation usually leaves a landscape much improved.

    1. I was a tree planter back in the 1970s. I have seen mature stands from back in those seedling days. It works. I claim to have done my part, having planted 300 thousand. My back hurts now, though.

  4. The Pacific Crest Trail(PCT)gose sight through our area in Scott Valley here in Siskiyou County in Northern California but only during the Summer we depend upon Agriculture and that includes Livestock we cant allow a bunch of UN radicals put our farmers and Ranchers out of buisness over this Global Warming/Climate Change scam whats needed is to kick the whole UN out of America lets either tear down that ugly eyesore of a place or turn it into a shelter for Homeless Vets why should be continue to allow them to walk all over us i say evict them all diplomat or not evict them and their idiot kids

  5. I prefer the term “harvesting”.
    If the Earth is Alive and we all live in symbiosis, then Harvesting is an apt term.
    If the earth isn’t alive, then fuck them. They’re commie tools, products of a Death Cult that merely survived abortion by pure whim.

  6. Apparently there are too many people who simply want to use the Earth up. So somebody has to intervene to save the Earth for future generations.

  7. While in college, in the late 70’s, I had a temporary job with the National Park Service (350 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco). Yeah, I needed to work my way through college … no unlimited student loans in those days … thank God. But I digress … as I am want to do …

    The National Park Service Planners were proposing to completely CLOSE Yosemite Park to visitors … and when that idea was shot down … to at least to BAN all automobiles from the valley. The Planners proposed to force visitors to park outside the valley and pile into shuttle busses. The Plan was absurd as there were tens of millions of visitors each year. The plan was LOVED by the Planners who sought to divorce the Park from human intervention and loathed The Curry Co. who ran all the Park concessions.

    The Planners at The National Park Service ALL hated people … and automobiles. They all felt that nature should not be touched or subjected to human intervention. They … were the keepers of the Kingdom … and the great unwashed masses needed restraint and limited interaction with nature.

  8. Multinational hysteria campaigning corporations worth hundreds of millions have successfully idled publicly owned resources worth tens of billions of dollars thanks to effective propaganda and political action. They have been behind all the delays and political roadblocks of Canadian pipeline proposals and construction stasis. Politicians and robed star chamber judges are the targets of all their efforts at driving opinion. They are as much a part of the institutional left as public sector unions and academia. They have operatives infiltrated into all popular political parties including Conservatives as well as international organizations and are particularly active in the UN. In Canada, the Liberals, NDP and Greens are tripping over each other to see which Party can adopt policies to best implement their goals which will result in loss of liberty, prosperity, and national sovereignty.

  9. I was reviewing a large LNG project near Prince Rupert, during the environmental review, the Heath Services said they had concerns about the 5,000 workers accessing the town. so the proponent said the workers will stay on the island and will be forbidden to go to town . My jaw dropped, Prince Rupert was in the middle of a economic crisis and needed people to spend money there. i quickly called the city rep who dashed over to try to change the proponents mind and so did I, even though it’s not my area. There were ways to control to many people at once, but still let people come to town and enjoy the amenities. Poor handling of an issue by the agencies and the proponent.