15 Replies to “And How Was Your Day?”

  1. The article says he had a parachute, but as he had to be treated for back injuries, clearly he did not know how to use it.

    1. The parachute would have been automatically deployed. The assumption is that some pilots may get knocked out during ejection.

    2. The force of the ejection is pretty hard on the back, sometimes permanent injury occurs (preferrable to the injuries typical in staying in the aircraft all the way to the crash site. And the report says he’s 64, no reason to think he is any stronger or fitter than average for his age, which is much too old to be flying fighters.

    1. Edit: It was the old Stanley C-1’s that ejected out the bottom, the later Lockheed ones ejected upwards but wouldn’t reliably clear the T-tail below 100mph..

  2. I knew an air force guy who went on a ride-along in a fighter. The pilot said he was going to say eject 3 times and he had to be out by the 3rd eject because that’s when the pilot was coming out and his seat would kill the passenger.

  3. The air force one I recall is, “When I say eject” and you ask “why” you are already pilot in command…

  4. I suspect he held on to the oooooone handle you’re not supposed to hold. As for hurting his back on the landing: easily done especially given his age and the fact that he likely landed on the end of the runway and probably had no clue how to land properly in a ‘chute (heck by that point given the jet blast and the shock of the ejection he probably had no clue what planet he was on). But other than that, I’m sure he enjoyed his (brief) ride.