Y2Kyoto: Radical Environmentalism Turns Deadly

“Just 12 years left to act”, they said.

The manifesto left by the terrorist — whose name I don’t think deserves mentioning — is a mishmash of ideas. He calls himself an “Eco-fascist,” one who combines environmentalism, racism and authoritarianism into one repulsive package. In his mind the world is dying from over-population, but over-population of the “wrong” kind. He hates capitalism, free markets, and free trade but he loves the Communist Chinese government and fascism. He takes the racist rhetoric of Donald Trump and mixes it with Marxist rhetoric about the poor workers of the world.
In his fevered imagination alleged “over population” is directly tied to “mass immigration” and “sub-replacement fertility” among whites. The culprits who deserve the blame, he says, are the “corporate entities” who “invited” immigrants to “replace the White people.” It’s Paul Ehrlich meets Adolph Hitler, Bernie Sanders in cahoots with Benito Mussolini.
He says global warming and immigration:
…Are the same issue, the environment is being destroyed by over population, we Europeans are one of the groups that are not over populating the world. The invaders are the ones over populating the world. Kill the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.
He calls for a form of “Green Nationalism” which will save the planet by stopping “the continued destruction of the natural environment itself through mass immigration and uncontrolled urbanization, whilst offering no true solution to either issue.”

Somewhere, Ira Einhorn is smiling. And no, that’s not meant to be funny.


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      1. maths is hard.
        this stuff is just, such fertile ground for standup comedy, why dont they latch onto it?
        oh, right . . . . . .

        1. The jokes already been used regarding Polar Bears: 15000 in 2005 or so, only 25000 left now.
          Somewhat more seriously, China’s already been given permission to ramp up emissions till 2030, 11 years from now, India too, I think.
          Draw a circle on a world map that includes India and China inside it and you’ve marked where half the Earth’s population lives. They’re going to decide how this goes, not a bunch of sack of sh!t “scientists” and politicians.
          Oh, and I’m sad that another 49 people got shot by some guys who lost their marbles. I’m also rather angry that the politicians referred to above will continue to be “shocked” when there is a violent response to never ending atrocities committed by a particular group that none of those politicians will stand up to.

  1. Absolutely horrific what this collection of loons perpetrated! Using force to impose one’s beliefs upon fellow human beings is at the core of this and other similar crimes. Prayers to all the survivors and the families of the victims.

  2. CBC News all day is focusing soley on the New Zealand terror attack. The hosts are emphasizing the perp’s white racism and anti-Muslim stances (no environmentalism or population control mentioned at all), and the pro-Muslim reaction to it. Btw, what about the two people arrested for abetting this war crime? If true, this is a change from the usual lone-wolf Nazi nutter.

  3. Another collectivist wingnut goes off and kills people, hoping to encourage mayhem. ISIS has threatened retaliation on our behalf.
    Forget left or right wing, Islamist, this nutbar; the common thread is a collectivist mentality, forcing their “beliefs” on the world.
    They can burn, shoot, hack, bludgeon, electrocute, amputate, skewer, hang or shoot the guy(s) as far as I’m concerned.
    They deserve the same treatment as an ISIS soldier in contact with our troops; shot on sight. Let God and Satan sort them all out.
    I hear a rumour the freak mentioned Candace Owen, so of course the other nutbars went after her; and gun control, and racism.

      1. I don’t read the garbage of such idiots. I don’t want to know their name, their thoughts, or their writings. Excise them!

    1. And what makes them think artificial turf won’t make an excellent bed for growing weeds and trees? They will have to spray to maintain the artificial turf.

      1. scar:

        Years ago the county extended the runway at the airport outside of Aspen, Colorado. As a consequence of the construction work, the natural vegetation ( the sagebrush out past the end of the new runway) was destroyed by the heavy equipment turning around. The local “huggers” insisted that this destruction be fixed so they re-planted the sagebrush (at $12.50/plant +labor).
        They then spent $150,000 on a sprinkler system to make sure the new sagebrush grew well.

        Q: how do you kill sagebrush in a dry climate?
        A: You WATER IT!!


    2. More waste and fraud perhaps? Who owns the company where they are purchasing the stuff, some councillors and ones in the know, perhaps?

      Will people ‘borrow’ it for their own yards, perhaps?
      Just speculating.

      Good point about the stuff being made from oil products. How dare they do this and just how green are they? The shame!

      Are these kids making these decisions? We know they are hypocrites.

  4. This “lone wolf youth” self proclaimed “Eco-fascist” hated capitalism and conservatives and identified closest to the Peoples Republic of China. (ref page 15 of manifesto).

    Is there a Trudeau connection here?

      1. Fake News – China News Network is simply deflecting the ideological connections between Trudeau, Cortez and this poor disaffected youth betrayed by their radical populist influence on him.

        There, fixed it.

  5. https://twitter.com/DougSaunders/status/1106581784215588864
    // The manifesto is obviously inspired by Breivik, but I find its text and ideas bear closest resemblance to a Christopher Caldwell book.
    Not that there’s any suggestion that he read any particular book, or that anyone but the murderer is to blame — but it shows that these motivating ideas aren’t emerging from some dusty corner of the internet, but have been shamefully prominent in branches of mainstream thought //
    The combination of “civilization and decline” is a genre that initially replaced the “progress” theme of the 19th century in the face of WWII.
    See The Shipwrecked Mind by Mark Lilla 2016
    // The revolutionary spirit that inspired political movements across the world for two centuries may have died out. But the spirit of reaction that rose to meet it has survived and is proving just as formidable a historical force. We live in an age when the tragicomic nostalgia of Don Quixote for a lost golden age has been transformed into a potent and sometimes deadly weapon. Mark Lilla helps us to understand why.
    The reactionary is anything but a conservative. He is as radical and modern a figure as the revolutionary, someone shipwrecked in the rapidly changing present, and suffering from nostalgia for an idealized past and an apocalyptic fear that history is rushing toward catastrophe. And like the revolutionary his political engagements are motivated by highly developed ideas.

  6. What we need is a demonstration from the left on how they can save the world in 12 years.

    #1. Donate 90% of their wealth to a “Green New Deal” fund. Sell their homes, cash in their investments, sell their cars – 90% of everything they own (Gore, Clinton, Obama, Branson – all of them). Show us you “really” care and stop flying around in airplanes. Be the example.

    #2. Solve the homeless problem in San Francisco. This is such a simple problem to solve, compared to giving everyone in America a living wage, free medicare, free education and 100% renewable electricity. Just solve the homeless problem in SF and we (the non-believers) will believe it is possible.

    Until Al Gore is walking around in rags and there are no homeless people in San Fransisco, I will remain skeptical and will not voluntarily give up my (well-earned) standard of living.

    1. Hey leftists solve homelessness in SAN Francisco. Love it.

      Oh, and don’t use any hydrocarbons in solving the problem. 🙂

    2. What about the homeless in … Sacramento, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield … and under nearly every freeway overpass? Which Democraps will adopt all THOSE invaders, welcome them into their personal homes? I hear Jerry Brown has LOTS of room on his “family” ranch. Send them all into Jerry’s thousands of acres.

  7. sign of the end times folks, all accelerated by technology.
    and an edjukaSHUN cystem that is ALL *agenda*.

  8. Also, where are the politicians who say “we should expect more of this”? When the west was attacked they were all over the place.

    1. “Sadiq Khan said attacks such as the jihad bombing in Chelsea were “part and parcel” of life in a big city. “It is a reality I’m afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things.” He also criticized Donald Trump for saying it was time to “get tough” on terrorism.”

      Huh, I wonder if he still stands by that comment?

  9. Aside from the global warming bit, and the call for mass murder, where’s the lie? Corporatism IS destroying the planet in the form of our consumer culture that has replaced our traditional cultures. Can you honestly believe our planet can sustain freedom and consumerism when the third world is brought up to our standard? One thing is clear, the continuing systems of trade and commerce and the movement of labour and new consumers is triggering conflict around the world between different ethnic groups. Perhaps we should stop fighting wars for Israel so that we won’t have refugees to accept anymore.

    1. Israel??? Really? you are going profane this string with Jew-hate? I know it’s a popular fad among the hipster class and the idiot left in general. I am always baffled by how some people vilify the most persecuted, yet most brilliant culture on the planet. If you stopped to consider how much the Jewish people have contributed to the world compared to other cultures …. If you consider that the Jewish people are almost identical to the rest of us in the western culture, then you should feel stupid making them out to be the source of all our problems.

    2. Run that one by me again, Dude. So, is it safe to say you support the Islamic hatred of Jews and would applaud when they eventually wipe them off the face of the earth? Don’t leave your anti-semitism dangling like that. Tell us how you really feel.

      1. As soon as a whiff of anti-Semitism enters the discussion, you know you’re not dealing with a credible – or sane – opinion.

    3. So … you believe we’ve reached “peak consumerism” … no problem, man will “adapt”. We will all be fighting over scrap and spare parts to obtain what we need, in a REAL world Mad Max dystopian future? Perfect! That’s exactly what the eco frauds DEMAND that we all do now … scrape and scrimp and live in the dirt like a third worlder. Ich bin ein dri-die erde-er. See, Imsaid it in German … just like a Nazi white supremicist … puhleeze!

      1. I don’t disagree with this reply.
        But you cannot deny that we are living in a culture centered around the overconsumption of resources. Free trade has resulted in currency manipulation of countries with large labour pools. This has incentivised companies to produce cheap disposable goods. Now that white people have compensated for their comfort and wealth by having less children, corporations look overseas at the vast multitudes to take their place as consumers. They see empty land in European countries, put 2 and 2 together and wallah! Consumption continues until every mountain has been leveled, every sea emptied and every individualist wiped from the face of this earth.
        Material wealth was invented for the progress of our people.

  10. Not to endorse mass murder as a solution, but the man is right about two things … over-population is the reason we are all going crazy about the environment. When you stack rats … the behavior becomes wild …

    When I was born there was about 2.5 billion people on the planet and no one ever talked about the environment. Now there is 7.5 and most of the gain is in the third world which is what is causing the spill-over. Which lead to the second point.

    The second point being, mass-migration is a surefire way to get wars, rebellions, civil strife, crime etc and generally destroying the host culture to be replaced by an inferior and more violent culture.

    Politicians are okay with this because it’s easier to manipulate and control a messed up populace that one that is cohesive and has similar values. They can live above the fray … for a time anyway.

    1. Most of the over-population is in India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, African continent. Most of the terrorism is in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia. There is no link between over-populated countries and terrorism. The terrorists are crazy people who make stuff up to justify their hatred.

      1. I see. So the groomed girls of London are just made up as is the continuing genocide of the Boer. The constant warring in the Mideast at the behest of American, Israeli and Russian interests; all made up. The gutting of the white working class in the American midwest and now in Alberta; totally made up. We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s retirement investments here, just pointing out the problem of overpopualtion and forced migration into European countries and saying that perhaps that has something to do with terrorism.

          1. The wars being fought in the Mideast are meant to destabilize the Muslim countries surrounding Israel so that they are not United in opposing Israel. And to be fair, Saudi Arabia is engaging in the same sort of behaviour. Both countries are afraid of Iranian dominance. Saudi Arabia and Israel both export the resulting refugees to the West, causing the destabilisation to spread beyond the Mideast.

      2. There is no “overpopulation”. The people who promote this sort of noxious commentary on humanity are best characterized by P.J. O’Rourke:

        “Just enough of me; far too much of you.”

        1. Nice quote … and so true. Just as we’d all prefer to see Al Gore, Suzuki, etc. stop flying, and live in fewer than 3 huge international abodes … we’d also prefer they execute (so to speak) their own solution for overpopulation … on themselves.

          What all these eco-freaks fail to accept, is that Nature (including mankind) is self-regulating. When we breed too many of ourselves … forces of equilibrium on the planet will be quite INVOLUNTARY. The eco-saviours won’t need to DO a damn thing – Nature will handle it.

          And the FEAR of raising the 3rd worlders to 1st world status … because we will be hyper-consuming the planet’s Resources is laughable. When the 3rds become 1sts … they’ll NATURALLY stop breeding just like all us white and Japanese folks. They won’t breed, breed, breed … when they have jobs … and luxuries. Their natural selfishness will cut Worldwide population growth in half … at least.

          Problem solved. Lift EVERYONE’S “boats” to 1st world status. They may become consumers … but they’ll stop being breeders … and voila … return to equilibrium. Just do it in their own damn countries of birth

      3. That’s simply incorrect. Reporting of terror events outside of the West is slim to none. The problem is so chronic in some regions that we hear only about the most egregious attacks, and those in which westerners are targeted.

        1. *
          “dude whinges… The wars being fought in the Mideast
          are meant to destabilize the Muslim countries…”

          sorry, dude… you need to pick up a history book… africa
          and the muslim middle east have been a seething
          cauldron of hate and slaughter for as long as anyone
          can remember.

          it’s hitting the front pages with every bombing, stabbing
          and trucks run amok event that transpires.

          the caucasian on muslim violence is most newsworthy
          for the rarity with which it occurs.

          pop quiz: how many palestinian refugees have been
          resettled in saudi arabia or dubai.

          that’d be a big fat zero.


          1. Yeah, I’m not going to argue with this. That is why, in the Mideast, strongmen or dictators are required to organize and lead these tribal regions. If you need to destabilize, simply remove the dictator. Israel is simply another tribe in the region. However, they are the one with the highest backing from the world’s largest superpower. And don’t get me wrong. It is not only Israel destabilizing the region. The key is for us to act in our own interest, much like we did back when we served under the Red Ensign and the Cross.

        2. While that is true Kate, the reason we don’t hear about the attacks is that we don’t give a crap about Nigerians, people from Yemen, Afghanistan, the Congo or Burkina Faso. Having access to all these attacks wouldn’t change our perception of the problem (terrorism in the west) and it wouldn’t change what is happening in the west. Fact is terrorism is not related to over-population (my point to The Duke) and the lack of terrorist reporting from non-western countries just isn’t on anyone’s radar.

          I divide the world into 3 camps – the developed world (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia etc), the developing world (China, India, Brazil etc) and the bat-shit crazy world. The latter is targeting the west and not the developing countries (the ones most heavily populated).

        3. School shooting in Sao Paulo on the 13th with 8 dead and the 2 (suicided) gunmen.
          32 Christians at their burned church in Nigeria on IIRC the 4th.
          No half-staff flags for them.

      4. Yea, I dunno buddy, there is and has always been plenty of terrorism in India, China, Indonesia, and the African continent. Most of the modern European terrorist attacks has been imported from one or more of these Third World or “developing” countries.

        Otherwise FBI statistics rank Left-wing extremists as the largest organizers of domestic terrorism in the US, from Antifa to Eco-terrorism.

        PDF. near bottom.

    2. The good news? The birth rate is declining dramatically. Most countries’ birth rate is now below the 2.1 children per woman necessary to maintain a stable population.
      China’s birth rate = 1.6
      India’s birth rate is 2.4 down from 5.7.

      The world population will reach a little over 9 billion and then start to decline. John Ibbitson wrote an interesting book called ‘Empty Planet’ it is a good read.

  11. Hates individualism. Figures.
    The death totals between the two mosques shows that the one defensive gun saved dozens of lives of the collective praying. That guy with the gun who shot back is a hero.

    1. And did I read correctly? That his particular gun was a shotgun? Uh oh! Once the anti-2nd Amendmenters discover that a “hunting” rifle can be used for self-defense … they’ll be banning them, along with scary, black, “assault” rifles

  12. The only theme that one can discern from the reporting on this news is incoherence, both from the quoted manifesto and from the reporter (Trump’s “racism”). The nutters involved appear to be influenced from various disparate sources of mass hysteria, (pseudo) environmentalism being at the forefront. I would call it selective nihilism, tribal collectivism and related reactionary reflex to the dominant institutional left and their immigration preferences. Religion per se didn’t seem that important although there is some dark irony at play when one of the most deadly attacks on Muslims occurs in a place called Christchurch.

    1. “The only theme that one can discern from the reporting on this news is incoherence, …”

      That is what I thought after I read the excerpts of his manifesto. It is exactly as you say, “various disparate sources of mass hysteria, (pseudo) environmentalism being at the forefront” of his ramblings.

      And all the leftist groups are tripping over themselves trying to pin picked out parts of his manifesto onto Trump (CNN), white racism and anti-Muslim (CBC) onto white people, to advance their own agendas.

  13. I see. So the groomed girls of London are just made up as is the continuing genocide of the Boer. The constant warring in the Mideast at the behest of American, Israeli and Russian interests; all made up. The gutting of the white working class in the American midwest and now in Alberta; totally made up. We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s retirement investments here, just pointing out the problem of overpopualtion and forced migration into European countries and saying that perhaps that has something to do with terrorism.

  14. I fear that what will happen in the short term is a new drumbeat of warnings about the dangers of Islamaphobia in the press.

    I also believe that there will be a concerted rush to link any conservative who is concerned about mass migration and immigration levels to white racism and to this man’s heinous actions. This will be shown as the inevitable and only possible endgame of anyone who dares question just how much diversity the west needs to absorb. “White Nationalism” – which for a while hasn’t really meant anything will now be linked with this man.

    I also think the Overton window is gong to shift very quickly, so that anyone who doesn’t get with the progressive program will be identified as being in the same camp as murderers and terrorists. Within a few days, there will be a bright line painted back all the way from “homicidal maniac in Christchurch” to “MAGA hat wearing white nationalist”.

    As for the poor people lying dead in those mosques, they and their families will be conscripted into an ideological war they had no cause nor desire to fight.

    This event was saddening and terrible, and it will lead to great harm.

    1. I expect plenty of meaningless noise and conventional wisdom from the media but nothing substantive.

      That “Green Nationalism” nonsense running through the killer’s diatribe of a “manifesto” does make things awkward for too much talking-head sophistry though.

    2. I agree. Governments in general and leftist ones in particular as well as various leftist groups will make great efforts to use this crime to advance various causes of legislating more people control in many different areas.

  15. The manifesto is a forgery, and its alleged author a fall guy for the real killers, most likely jihadis or Deep State intelligence agents, who will never be publicly identified, never mind apprehended.

    We are assured he was previously unknown to law enforcement. That’s the point. Pick an ordinary white man whose name has never been in the papers and who has none of the money or influential friends required to get a decent lawyer or due process. Then, tell the world he’s a gun-toting monster. Meanwhile, the real killers quietly disappear.

    1. // jihadis or Deep State intelligence agents, who will never be publicly identified //
      How convenient for your theory.

  16. Any news reports of Muslim volunteers offering to protect synagogues and churches from the inevitable backlash?

  17. The shooter is a piece of crap, but then so is the article.
    “He takes the racist rhetoric of Donald Trump”. Really? Can you cite examples?
    He hates capitalism, free markets, and free trade but he loves the Communist Chinese government and fascism. So he is a racist and a Commie. Sounds like a fine Democrat to me.

  18. Well, what did everyone expect?

    All legitimate legal avenues have been shut down. So, if you don’t like things, who are you supposed to go to, and not lose your job? Where are you supposed to go, and not get mobbed by antifa and SJWs? How do you effect change, when there is no legal avenue? What are you supposed to do, when every thought you have is crimethink? When are you supposed to do something? Why do you expect people who see no options left, to keep behaving indefinitely?

    You have the world you wanted. Be happy, you won. Expect more. There is a virtue mob gathering outside. Join the party.

  19. > “They want us dead, Jim!”
    Poetic license from Dr. McCoy’s famous dictum, Star Trek.

  20. Note- The school massacre in Brazil reported yesterday is receiving pretty much zero coverage in the Western Press. Are only some atrocities, some massacres are news worthy? Are only some worthy of being receiving condolences, of being condemned? Are not all so deserving of condemnation?

    The Cult. Marxist(identity politics) and the Islamist response presently, is to condemn, to outlaw free and open public debate on divisive ideas.

    Free and open debate on conflicting ideas is Western Civilizations solution replacing ancient tribal law requiring trial by mortal combat . Because, free speech allows bad ideas to die instead of people.
    ReligionofPeace.com 34,720 deadly Islamic jihad attacks since 9/11

    Jihad Report
    Mar 02, 2019 –
    Mar 08, 2019
    Attacks 27
    Killed 145
    Injured 283
    Suicide Blasts 2
    2019.03.13 (Iraq)
    A man collecting truffles is captured and executed by the Islamic State.

    2019.03.13 (Somalia)
    al-Shabaab bombers murder eight patrons at a livestock market.

    2019.03.09 (Syria)
    Two children are sectionalized by an ISIS landmine.

    2019.03.07 (Somalia)
    A group fighting for Sharia sets off a car bomb outside a restaurant, killing seven.

    2019.03.07 (Afghanistan)
    Sunni bombers strike a Shiite political gathering, killing eleven.

    2019.03.07 (India)
    Hizb-ul-Mujahideen throw a grenade into a bus station, killing a teenager and one other.
    Jihad Report
    February, 2019
    Attacks 150
    Killed 883
    Injured 547
    Suicide Blasts 10
    Countries 22

  21. The hysteria over this massacre mystifies me so now I know I have become completely hardened to massacres because of the ones which have left an indelible mark on my mind. I remember when someone called for Muslims to use vehicles to kill infidels: the one on Bastille Day in Paris comes to mind. I remember the concert where everyone was trapped and mowed down in mind-blowing terror best indicated by the video of the pregnant woman hanging to a window ledge by her fingernails. I remember the horror of the killing of young concert goers in Manchester, and their parents who were in the lobby, and the skin and muscle tearing wounds many received, and I remember the unexpected terror attack on London Bridge. Just last year, I recall seeing pictures of the people mowed down in Toronto – 10 killed, 15 injured, and I don’t think I ever heard what was going on in the driver’s head. Guess he didn’t leave a manifesto.
    I’ve tuned out. I don’t care if he was a green white supremacist. What I do know is this: if it had been done in the name of Allah, it would take at least a week, maybe two, to know just the guy’s name.

  22. Heather Mallick at the Toronto Star explained the shooting. Its all Trump and Scheer’s fault. And Brexit. Yes according to downtown Toronto Heather, the shooter was one of Trump’s useful idiots and Scheer promotes islamophobia. Only Justin can save us. And of course Michael Coren was ranting about the islamophobic Scheer today on twitter. Also the CBC reports that the New Zealand prime minister is going to change the gun control laws. Watch how Blair in Canada will use the shootings to tighten up gun control in Canada.

    1. Yeah, this guy apparently belongs to the eco-radical pro-Chinese portion of the extreme right. In fact he is basically the whole thing.

  23. Notice to mainstream media: You have parked the NZ massacre in my driveway. Please remove as it belongs at the Chinese embassy.
    It is possible that you have the keys in your possession.

    Thanks, A Conservative.

  24. By the way, this must be the mischaracterisation of the year:
    // Y2Kyoto: Radical Environmentalism Turns Deadly //