34 Replies to “#LearnToCode”

  1. Woods is a world class troll. Oh, and I don’t consider that a “bad thing” … it’s fighting fire with Fire. Only a useless, emasculated GOPe would be … un-comf-ter-ble … with such trolling.

    1. Very helpful when she wants to accuse soneone who exposes her as a shameless liar of being an anti-Semite, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. She may even claim, falsely, to be descended from Holocaust survivors, and not admit that she’s the illegitimate granddaughter of a Manhattan gangster of Russian-“Jewish” extraction.

      If she had a Jewish bone in her body, she would gave gone to Israel at age 18, enlisted in the IDF and actually done her part to guarantee the continued existence of the Jewish people.

      As it is, Jews and Jewesses of convenience—most of whom wouldn’t be caught dead in a synagogue—are at this point a greater threat to Israel than the Arabs.

      1. A Jewish sailor was caught in a bad storm and was stranded on a deserted island. Confident he would be rescued soon, he set about building some temporary structures to keep him safe in the meantime. He was eventually rescued and the rescue team was so impressed with his good health they asked to tour his buildings before they left for the mainland.

        The first building the sailor explained was the synagogue where he prayed to be rescued. In the second building the sailor showed the crew where he slept and ate his food.

        But what about the third building asked a rescue member. Oh that’s the other synagogue but I never go to that one.

        The above joke was told to me by a Jewish friend who could barely deliver the punch line he was laughing so hard.

  2. Why can’t Journalists code?

    Answer: Two reasons. It has to be logical, and
    it has to work. Neither strong lefty suits.

  3. This is hilarious not just because it’s true, but because of the stunning lack of self-awareness. You know who also gets infuriated when you tell them to code? Unskilled blue collar losers that blame their unemployability on imports of Chinese goods and Mexican labour. Hence the great Spasm of Salt that greeted Kevin Williamson’s excellent article about communities that just need to die.

    “Has no children”

    They’re not completely stupid then.

    1. Guess what? Coding can be outsourced too. The only jobs for which working-class white men are still preferred is as cannon fodder in wars to secure China’s access to Muslim oil.

      Fine. She needn’t learn to code. She can go to basic training and then SHE can go get shot at by those moderate Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq, if she likes, allowing President Trump to bring men home to help secure the border.

      1. No, see, I have a science degree. I’m good for something. Losers like you and Kenji can I don’t know, get paid off in bum fights.

        1. a science degree, geezus, and that is how you learned to so stupid. What science, a PPHD in how to properly choke yer chicken???

    2. Yeah, I imagine you’re one of the pffaghs who HATES … “breeders”. Or is it your eco-fascism that HATES human reproduction?

      1. He does not hate reproduction, he hates the fact that there is none who would be willing to reproduce with him.

    3. ““Has no children”

      They’re not completely stupid then.”

      Yes we understand that you have unresolved daddy issues but don’t project them. The rest of us are not as maladjusted as you.

      1. It wasn’t Un’s “father” who sold him to his Uncle for … uh … training, it was Un’s culllll-ture … that did it!

        1. Again stop projecting. Children are wonderful. You’re just defective. You’re unable to empathize and you think that just because your parents hated you, all children are awful. No they’re not. You yourself would have probably turned out less awful as an adult had your parents did not regret having you and reminded you about it on every occasion.

        2. “Lets work to a child-free world.”

          You go girl. In your case it is probably an optimal strategy.

  4. Regarding the laid off journo, it is mind boggling just how many mentally ill people ae wandering around loose in our society these days. Who bred them, or is it hatched?

    1. They were an accident (just like unme), someone masturbated on a wall of a public bathroom and the flies did the rest….

  5. Learn to code? These are people whom I wouldn’t trust to put gasoline (or petrol, if you like) into their own cars.