We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans

Peter Foster;

Amid hundreds of graphs, charts and tables in the latest World Energy Outlook (WEO) released last week by the International Energy Agency, there is one fundamental piece of information that you have to work out for yourself: the percentage of total global primary energy demand provided by wind and solar. The answer is 1.1 per cent. The policy mountains have laboured and brought forth not just a mouse, but — as the report reluctantly acknowledges — an enormously disruptive mouse.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) has in recent years become an increasingly schizophrenic organization. As both a source of energy information and a shill for the UN’s climate-focused sustainable development agenda, it has to talk up the “transition to a low-carbon future” while simultaneously reporting that it’s not happening. But it will!

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16 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans”

  1. As to Prof Valentina Zharkova, I hope her predictions come true, it’d be worth freezing if it shuts the F’ing lefties up….even for a moment.

    1. Well, that would be one way to get rid of the Spawn – pushed into the US on the leading edge of a glacier, however along with him, the rest of the country.

      I love it. After trillions of dollars of rent seeking bounty and the complete adoption by the entire institutional left, wind and solar is at one percent. And I thought that believing in a virgin giving birth was fantastic!

  2. I have been saying that, based on 75 years of observation, there is little wrong with our present climate. The earth doesn’t appear to be warming despite millions of NPCs saying it is.

    So it’s just a belief system based on nothing but the desire of some world elites to gain total control of everyone and everything. That is the globalism we hear about. It’s starts with language control, then Healthcare control, then gun confiscation. The last two are currently being worked on in the USA in earnest.

    The language control is already in effect. You simply can’t say what’s on your mind anymore. Someone will be offended.

    Fact is that this warming thing over the next 20 years will quietly go away and none of the bastards who have been robbing us blind will go to jail.

  3. A mouse with the appetite of an elephant and the totalitarian impulses of a Soviet bear.

    Watermelons all who never include the opportunity cost of their tax schemes, regulation and incompetent performance.

    Of course bigger government, with more power and perks to the apparatchiks and their allies in big media, business, labour, with their latest $100m/year bailout of the dinosaurs in print who can’t figure out how to conduct business in the digital age, along with multimedia tax credits to bribe the sheeple for their votes.

    Case in point: Trudeau said Harper cut too much. I was in a meeting with federal civil servants. I asked them if Harper’s “cuts” have been restored.

    The answer from this pointedly anti-Harper type was an equally pointedly NO.

    Liars and thieves who predate us for our votes and will continue to do until WE stop them.

  4. Why is anyone in Calgary at Trudeau’s update out there?

    I hope it was completely empty, it’s clear he and Butts are implementing the Leap manifesto, what is there to discuss?

  5. The Sun is the Climate Boss. Always has been. Always will be.
    Anyone who says otherwise either has their head in their backhole or has gone Full Retard neo-Marxist.

  6. If politicians and business class environmentalists weren’t such control freaks and so greedy, we’d already have the “no regrets” solution to climate change of any kind. Hot or cold. Natural or man-made. Moving from coal to natgas to nuclear power over a few decades could have provided affordable, reliable electricity. If it’s too hot you use the electricity for air conditioning ; if it’s too cold you use the electricity for more heating. If enough nuclear and natgas electricity capacity was built, it could even have been used for transportation.

    But, no, the politicians wanted more power and crony capitalism and business class environmentalists wanted to virtue signal and crony capitalism. So we have increasingly expensive, unreliable “green” power instead. Which means no one in their right mind would switch to electric heat or electric vehicles because electricity prices will continue to skyrocket with the emphasis on wind and solar power.

    Greed plus command and control political ideology gone wild.

  7. I remember, during the phony-baloney “energy crisis” of the 1970s, that anyone who expressed doubt about the world running out of oil was derided and mocked as denying reality and being out of touch with reality.

    I’m still waiting for society to grind to a halt because of a lack of petroleum.

  8. God in his providence created a world that was most suitable for humans in terms of climate. He also provided plants which absorbed human (and other animal) waste gas and emitted life sustaining gas for humans. The carbon cycle thus maintained itself to support plants and animals in symbiosis.
    God in his providence therefore provided an atmosphere to trap the heat generated by the sun to exactly the right temperature to sustain life. This heat and fire from burning plants (read wood) also provided energy, all of it at first.
    But God in his providence also provided other forms of energy that took minimal effort for humans to discover and use. Most noticeably He caused abundant carbonate rocks and water to interact in the high pressure at the crust-mantle interface, to produce hydrocarbons and oxygen. The heavier hydrocarbons seep near the surface in the form of crude oil, waiting to be discovered and used by mankind.
    Mankind in its ignorance discovered the crude oil, but thought it came from decayed organic matter, and thus will be used up in very short order. The typical time span given was ten years. This was preached since at least when I was in high school in the fifties. And in a sense they were right. The known oil reserves always ran out in ten years or less, but more and more reserves were discovered to last the next ten years, and so it goes. Now we know we have enough reserve to last at least the rest of the century.
    As a matter of fact, hydrocarbons are the real abundant “renewable energy”, unless humans start to crawl over every square foot of the earth. Windmills and solar panels are expensive, and very environmentally unfriendly, to produce. And like all manmade products, carry an expiration date. So in fact, energy from windmills are only “renewable” for twenty five years or less, after which the windmill will not function any more.
    Since runaway anthropogenic global warming is only a cruel hoax, in fact energy, in the form of hydrocarbons (natural gas or crude oil) should be as abundant as fresh water, and as cheap. No one, especially in developed countries, should die because of “energy poverty”, as they do every winter in the EU, which has artificially multiplied the cost of energy with wrong headed dependence on so-called “renewable” energy that are actually inherently much more expensive to produce, and only serve to demonstrate the degree of folly humans in their hubris can fall into.