31 Replies to “Better Luck Next Time”

  1. A seriously DIVIDED Nation … virtually 50-50. But the good news is that the 50% Rep.’s are NOT abandoning Trump. Regardless of his “coarse” conduct via insulting tweets, etc. … we conservatives have Trump’s back. We are 4-square, solid in his corner. He is OUR agent of change.

    And after reading the despicable Bruce Ohr communications and slimy deceptions used to fabricate a FISA warrant against MY President … to utterly destroy our Democracy … to weaponized MY Government to destroy MY President … is sickening.

    We Trump VOTERS must remain UNITED … until we purge these extra-constitutional leftist bureaucrats from our government. State by State … Election by Election

    1. Yep if Republicans win it’s bad and if the Dems win it’s bad. Either way the blue wave is coming despite dems always losing.

    2. Repubs won despite very heavy Democrat turnout. Hopefully GOP can improve turnout in November. The close win should be a wake-up call.

      1. The problem is the candidate did not run on trumps message of bringing back jobs and fighting China because the corporate paymasters that try to influence the GOP hate any message other than free open borders and unlimited trade. They have to connect with people who crossed over from Obama and voted for Trump and they won’t do that with a conventional Republican message.

        1. Well those are the stupidest people in America, so I guess only the stupidest possible message will get through to them.

    1. It’s obvious what November will bring. The globalists will spend another fortune trying to buy a Democratic majority in the US House and Senate.

      And they’ll lose. Again. And we’ll have a good laugh at their expense. Again.

      Rest assured that nothing is getting Donald Trump out of the White House before he is ready to pass the baton to Jared Kushner on January 20, 2025.

      Why? Because that God you mention is real. The God of Israel is the One God Who created the heavens and the earth. And He will not allow Israel or her sister America to perish from the earth.

      On the contrary—it is those who hate Israel, America and their God more than they love their own children who face a punishment that will make the fate of Sodom look merciful.

        1. Such words are written on the ‘hearts’ of Godly men who acknowledge their creator. Men who suppose themselves to BE God are doomed … A Canadian is nothing of the sort.

  2. To my fellow Americans,


    Turn out will decide the November Elections. Read Rupertslander’s link above, only 40% of the Republicans voted.

    Get out to vote. Get your friends, neighbors and colleagues out to vote.
    Volunteer for your local candidates. Field phone calls, make phone calls, walk the precinct, drive the elderly and disabled to the polls.


    1. “To my fellow Americans,”
      Don’t fund dysfunctional Republicans.. They will betray you…(They are already having trouble on their own dime),
      Don’t vote for dysfunctional Republicans…Stay home until 2020 & you will have a better choice…
      Blame Trump for the dysfunctional Republican Jelly beans…..NOT
      The FAT bastard who advised GW, McCain & Mitt the twit,,, is the Grim Reaper…YEP

      1. This is crazy talk. Any incumbent Republican who voted for Trump’s tax cuts and for the repeal of Obamacare deserves reelection. And in the Senate they have been extremely zealous in approving Trump’s judicial picks promptly as well as in passing his tax cut and supporting his deregulatory agenda. The Congressional Republicans are facilitating Trumps agenda and so they should be rewarded.

        What they are doing now is much more important than mistakes they made earlier.

        1. There is not much to this ‘deregulatory agenda’ and there was no serious attempt to repeal Obamacare. It’s still in effect.

  3. Obviously in need of a recount….the polls said the democrats were way ahead………………….snark

    These polls are never going to figure out that conservatives do not poll…..who in their right mind would tell some stranger…when those strangers are threatening to beat you up or kill you

  4. The Democrats had the media machine, George Soros money, the SJW activists, the pollsters, the muck rakers, the censors, the voting machines, the voter fraud and still lost.

    1. Odd, isn’t it. All the stuff that has worked forever, does not seem to be cutting it anymore…

      Why isn’t Tammany Hall politics still ruling the day?
      Why aren’t there enough stupid people to push Hillary over the top?
      What is wrong with the world?

  5. My dad voted 100% Republican until the day he died.
    Since then, he’s voted Democrat.

    Remember the Democrat mantra – vote early, and vote often.

    I’m here all week…

    1. All good humor is rooted in reality. Your joke made me laugh … because it is quite TRUE. I know, because my mother-in-Law actually voted (D) for her (R) husband after he had a debilitating stroke … and after he died. “WTH”, she said … “the ballots kept getting mailed to our house … and voting by mail is so easy.”


    1. Veterans cast their ballots in the first day of the election. Snowflakes should vote on the third.

  7. Holy crap this is Baghdad Bob levels of delusion. The Democrats have been doing quite well in these elections this one in particular should have been a lopsided slam dunk. Interestingly, the hard left did not do so well. The socialists can join Trump in history’s ash bin in a few years.

  8. Cup winning Capitals beat Buffalo Sabres 6-5 in overtime in preseason game!
    all is well in the NHL…!?