I’m Going To Miss The Glaciers

Climate Etc.- Glacier saga

The loss of glaciers from Glacier National Park is one of the most visible manifestations of climate change in the U.S. Signs were posted all around the park, proclaiming that the glaciers would be gone by 2020. In 2017, the Park started taking these signs down. What happened, beyond the obvious fact that the glaciers hadn’t disappeared by 2020?

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  1. Glaciers were here long before I was around, and will still be here, long after I’m gone. In the meantime, the climate change prostitution industry will still haul in funding from frightened sheep continuing to run around screaming the sky is falling. David Suzuki, Al Gore, and the like should be burnt at the stake for modern day witchcraft!

  2. You cannot reason a person out of a position that they weren’t reasoned into in the first place…. and most of the Climatists are “True Believers”

  3. Yet another in a record number of bad climate change predictions. Apocalyptic man made climate change is bovine excrement.

  4. If they manage to achieve culling farm animals due to their methane eruptions (both ends) then I guess they will start on culling all the deer, elk, moose, buffalo, and even the great wild reindeer herds of the tundra! It’s the only way to stop the great melt. I’m wondering now, polar bears emit methane, as does any animal, will they be culled as well? Which is all part of why they want to eliminate all “useless eaters” but I bet they have their private hobby farms to continue to feed themselves juicy steaks and the like. Do they also have niche refineries to manufacture their private jet fuel?

    We must stop these elite trash from succeeding with their evil plans.

  5. Those glaciers have been shrinking for 10,000 years. At some point they might disappear. If they do it’s a process that started 10,000 years* ago.

    * might be 20,000 but doesn’t matter that much and I’m not going to look it up.

  6. I suggested the NPS set up signs with dry eraser surfaces for the space to enter the year. That way they would save on having to pay for completely new signs when the predictions failed. Just wipe and write in the new predicted year.

  7. Glaciers are interesting beasties.

    They ONLY “move” in ONE direction; DOWNHILL.

    They are PUSHED by the steady buildup of the snow pack in the “Neve” at the “top”.

    Glaciers do NOT suddenly jump into reverse gear and try to shuffle back up the slope; “retreat”. At their faces, they MELT. They also melt a LOT from underneath due ENTIRELY to the pressure that the ice applies to the underlying rock . Like an inverted ice -skate.. There is ALWAYS water flowing out from underneath a glacier. Look closer next time you visit one. And try not to fall into a Moulin.

    Back to the Neve. Snow is a “solid” form of WATER. Why does it fall? Gravity. How did the solidified water get high up in the atmosphere? Evaporation. HEAT, you need HEAT to evaporate water in the presence of an atmosphere.

    SO: IF it gets really cold, the evaporation rate drops significantly. So do the thermal air currents that carry the water vapour into the upper atmosphere. Reduced evaporation MUST mean REDUCES precipitation, be it snow or rain.

    SO. glaciers operate in a VERY narrow band of conditions, one of which is NOT constant extreme cold. even the alpine ones in Europe, North America and places like the Himalayas.

    Ice Ages are seriously DRY times; Lots of H2O about, but it is frozen solid and thus NOT capable of sustaining the flourishing of edible plants, and so-on up the food chain; decidedly sub-optimal for life, in general.

  8. Dr. Judith Curry was dean of astrophysics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She retired because of the onslaught of vitriol sent her way by the climatisistas.

    Similarly, Dr. Richard Lindzen held the same position at MIT. He basically holds the same views as Judith Curry. Increased Carbon Dioxide may cause some minor warming, but not enough to cause any catastrophic emergency, and that it makes much more sense to implement mitigation efforts instead of destroying the worlds economy.

    Why anybody would believe the likes of James Hanson, Michael Mann, David Suzuki, et alia is beyond me.

  9. It is disheartening to see how cowardly and uninformed/misinformed most people are …. ‘ Especially Canadians … sheep!

    People fear the unknown … so as long as governments can keep us ignorant they can plunder our health, well-being and our money. What do you think digital currency is all about. Easier to control how much pet food we can buy for Rover this month etc,

    It is an ugly world we are headed into. We no longer have enough real men to do much about it. The pervs, and weirdos have taken over governments.