11 Replies to “Things You’ll Never See on Legacy Media”

  1. Witch hunt … just like all the other witch hunts against Trump. And please THINK about that term … carefully … which harkens back to the lunatic, superstitious … mass hysterical … Salem “Christians” (actually the Civic COURTS of the time). that held TRIALS … and ultimately HUNG 19 “witches”.

    Yes … EVERY single accusation against Trump has as much basis as declaring him a “witch”. The Deep State is deathly afraid of a TRUE People’s Representative. There is mass hysteria among the cult of the Deep State. And it’s entire focus is on those who don’t “believe” … “believe” in the Institutions they’ve weaponized against The People of the United States.

  2. I disagree with this guy. I think the Democrats did this not just the Deep State. I think rather than having material that is likely to hurt the Deep State if released by Trump, the Democrats are trying to find something that they can incriminate him with so he does not run again or they can imprison him with.

    At this point it is all conjecture so I guess we’ll see.

    1. The thing is, no matter how bad the Dems think Trump running again would be, they may end up creating a much worse scenario for themselves.

      DeSantis can’t win the nomination head to head against Trump, and if Trump didn’t run not every Trump supporter would be motivated to get out and vote for DeSantis.

      However, a DeSantis 2024 campaign that happened because Trump was removed by deep state malfeasance, would get DeSantis ALL of the Trump support, combined with his ability to run as the anti- lockdown candidate, and he would be much more dangerous if elected than Trump was and would be.

  3. Barnes has the interesting theory that the Democrats were not behind this. He thinks that the FBI and other “deep state” players know that Trump has some documentary evidence to hang them – that’s really what they went looking for. The National Archives stuff was just an excuse.

    If so, the Democrats will be some pissed to have to carry the can for the inevitable political fallout from this outrageous caper.

  4. I’m going to say that Trump is a better strategist than any one in the DOJ or the FBI. They will regret the day they screwed with him. I see a Republican win in the mid terms and Trump winning in 2024. Hopefully he cleans house in all these agencies and prison time is the result.

  5. Democrats have always been the party of violence and anarchy. See the caning of Charles Sumner.

  6. The Deep State is the greatest enemy of the Republic. Hopefully Democrats just ensured that Trump will be swept back into the office of the president in January of 2005, and will immediately initiate a comprehensive purge of the Deep State. Merrick Garland is petty asshole.