It’s Thursday On Turtle Island

Today in Islam:  More on the Rotherham sex abuse report.  I wonder if it has anything to do with all the Muslim migrants flooding the country, as Britain announces a polio outbreak.  Victims of the grooming gangs.  They are simply following the example of their prophet.

Biden’s America:  Chicago cops barred from chasing criminals.  People who still support Biden.  Old Joe making demands to Britain.  Your morning meme.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Tory leader doesn’t trust the NDP.  Rex Murphy writes about Justin’s coalition partner.  This is why we can never get pipelines built.  Indians sue Mounties and Coastal Gas Link, for stopping them from terrorizing the project.  The statue of Queen Victoria can’t be repaired.  Dear Leader is having a wonderful time in Africa, talking about global warming.

Pride Month:  Stigmatizing some things is ok.  Hollywood actor condemns anti-gay bigots.

24 Replies to “It’s Thursday On Turtle Island”

  1. I see our politicians want panic buttons.
    Be a cool feature to have around…
    Considering their cell phone in they’re hands have a quick dial feature that does the same.
    Spending money is such an art form for these degenerates.

    I feel like I’m on the ‘Gong Show’…BONNNNNNNG!

  2. It was new to me that back in the 80’s, my Supervisors would be off on mental health stress leaves when I was getting that limited contact, no more than 6 months at any institution as they didn’t want full-time employees.
    Too bad they’re not government workers, then they’re covered for life on long-term disability in Canada.
    Institutional Services at a prison certainly was very interesting. Lots of stories from that experiences.

  3. “Too bad they’re not government workers”

    Now known as “expensive stationary objects”


    “then they’re covered for life on long-term disability of Canada.”?

  4. Polio in London? I seem to remember something about the jabs causing latent viruses and cancers to appear. I think that one may be Dr. Ryan Cole, but it certainly seems the evil is not just the heart issues, but longer term immune issues as well.

    1. Next up: LEPROSY, another disease that has never quite “gone away”.

      It still exists in the “wild” in parts of Asia and Pacifica.

  5. “Trudeau’s Canada”
    Yup, that’s what it has become, his.
    And the civil war he has started and is winning may not have hot lead, artillery, assassinations or air strikes or bombings, it is war nonetheless.

    From a steadfast water-carrier of the Liberals, CP:

    ‘ Liberal MP Rob Oliphant, the parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs, said from his viewpoint the agreement energized Trudeau and the Liberals, who could move on their priorities without the constant threat of being defeated.
    “I think it’s put a bit of a spring in his step,” said Oliphant in an interview. “I see him really engaged in the last couple of months, where there was a couple of months where I wasn’t sure he was as engaged.” ‘

    Everyday this POS remains in power, the more powerful he becomes.


      All ther other parties, including CPC, with the help of EC(elections canada), worked in unison to make sure Max was frozen out of parliament, so he is the one they fear. Just why is and dimwitted idiot like you against him again. People like you is our problem!

      1. I rarely respond to retards, but for special ones like you, here it is:

        A K-becer is a K-becer is a K-becer.
        With Harper as the only notable exception, we’ve been pummeled by K-bec “leadership” since the commie, Pegger Pierre was crowned.

        Doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result is madness.
        Congratulations GYM, you’re a retarded madman.

        Thus endeth the lesson.

        1. Harper was and is a rank globalist, his difference from the libs being of degree, not kind, but you knew that.
          Quebec is a lot smarter than Alberta, it seems.

          1. It is.
            It takes care of itself and to hell with everyone else.
            Ask a Newfoundlander as well.
            From 1967 on, name a K-bec Prime Minister who hasn’t favoured K-bec over the ROC.
            Voting for K-bec PM’s is like letting your ex-wife’s best friend write the terms of divorce.

    2. But, who are th e”men and women behind the curtain”?

      Like most such figures, Turdeau appears to be a “post turtle”, albeit a much more than usually dangerous one.

      Who is on the “Quid pro quo” list?

  6. Another keeper from Rex: “the sublimely supine Mr. Jagmeet Singh.”

    In between bouts of perfect prostration for prostate poking, of course.

  7. So, we now have a detailed report on the failures of the Rotherham cops.

    The real question is: How many of the perpetrators were charged and convicted?

    The report fails to address the refusal of the cops to deal with the issue lest they be called “racist.”

  8. Blacklock reports that Peking Tam will receive a 22 per cent pay increase.

    1. I hope she gets 22% …
      it codifies what the real inflation rate is in Canada, and clearly she wouldn’t gain 22% if she didn’t deserve it.

      Think of it as arrows in your quiver when the gov’t tells you inflation is 7%

  9. dismissive copssssss aint nuthin new.
    buddy had his now deceased ex come at him with a knife, instead of words to effect
    ‘terribly sorry sir, no injury, no video, no witness and no confession nothing we can do’
    instead he gets (exact quote) “its a marriage thing”.
    and thus locals acquire yet another life long enemy who apparently waiting to see one beaten to death so he can walk away “dinn see nuffin must be a marriage thing”.
    howcum copsssssssss get all miffed hearing about this change in attitude?

  10. Anyone expecting Jugderp to do the right thing and take down a hopelessly corrupt Government doesn’t understand Jugderp.

    Turdhole can do as he pleases, no matter how corrupt or wrong he proves to be knowing full well that Jugderp and the NDP will be there to prop up the most corrupt Government in history.

    The Turdhole/Jugderp dickholeship ain’t going no where, corruption reigns and will continue.

  11. The British could have avoided this polio outbreak. But no.

    I’m sure if the statue was one of Pierre Trudeau, they would make the effort to repair it.

    Everyone watched the Captain America movies for Bucky. And we all know it.

  12. “:I wonder if it has anything to do with all the Muslim migrants flooding the country”

    Wonder no more: if it did, we’d have these problems in Canada and in other recipients of Muslim migrants. We don’t.