12 Replies to “When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal”

  1. Anyone see the pattern? Entice, coerce, and encourage illegal behavior (even participating)..then swoop in and make arrests. The same process was used on January 6th. But, it doesn’t stop there. Then the real trick is applied. Try and associate the participants with the mainstream populous holding contrary political views to the true orchestrators. They used drugs to lower inhibitions so as to entice illegal behavior.

    What a den of scoundrels the FBI has become.

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  2. Interesting times for the FBI.

    There’s the Whitmer investigation. They are unlikely to come out of it well.

    FBI also had a bunch of undercover agitators at the Jan 6 riots. More and more revelations are leaking out.

    With NYT admitting that they covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story more questions will be asked about FBI covering up that story also. They have had the computer with child porn etc. for nearly three years. Why don’t we know more about the Biden family crime syndicate.

  3. this might explain why they seem to ignore people with big ass warning signs that have been reported to the FBI, they don’t control them.

    the FBI gets good press, and lots of benefit of the doubt, but it’s obvious they need to be disbanded

  4. The FBI are like pyromaniac arsonists who start fires in order to put them out. I suppose this is how FBI Agents (the “rank and file” Sean Hannity loves) engineer their promotions, honors, and salary increases.

    Yes, the ENTIRE US bureaucracy needs to be torn down and rebuilt … or abandoned as the case may be …

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  6. You can learn ALL about it if you follow Garrett Ziegler on Telegram, or go to his research site, Marco Polo. Ziegler is a brilliant, straight-arrow young guy, worked for Navarro in Trump’s White House. Has transcribed, is publicizing, every bit of info from Hunter’ s laptop, tracking down everybody involved/mentioned. The Biden tentacles go far. marcopolousa.org