50 Replies to “Coutts to Kenney”

    1. Hell yeah, but also a hell no.
      Hell no, we ain’t letting this go. Hell no, no mandates are ever again going to be allowed.

      However, their backs are now up against the wall. Kenney and others could have come out in front of this, scrapped everything pleaded mea culpa and maybe gotten away without jail. He and others are now totally aware this is all or nothing, they can’t be so stupid (but please go ahead and prove me wrong) as to think they can wait their way out of this.

      So how do we get them to back down – well, for the leaders nothing – they are gone. However, for the minions – amnesty.

      Amnesty, come out now, tell publicly what you know, who ordered what, when, where, etc. Get it all out there. Spew your guts now in the next days and you don’t go jail later. No, not expecting any dark conspiracy sh%t to come out but enough finger pointing, bad decisions, incompetence, ego, and knowledge that they were breaking laws.

      Enough minions doing this now to save their own skin will remove whatever pretense of authority that our gutless leaders have left.
      Don’t appeal to the leaders, go after the ones under them.

      1. It is all about the vax passports. If the globalists get the vax passports forced on everyone, they will have won. They may give up a few things just to appease the majority, but they will try to drive the passports down everyone’s throat. If the passports become mainstream all freedom will disappear quite quickly. The government will know every little detail of everyone’s life and use the information to assume complete control.

        1. Absolutely bang on, GregA. That is why they kept moving the goalposts, inching us steadily toward 100%. Almost but not quite, but, hey 90% ain’t bad! They’ve got the vast majority of us digitally tattooed; they can get the rest of us in a mopping-up operation. Anyone who can’t see that just isn’t paying attention.
          “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
          W. Churchill

        2. Greg

          1000% Correct.
          Aside from a damned healthy profit for Pfizer (35B – 2021), the underlying REASON d’etre of this shitshow was to steer the HERD to the vax – Then force install apps/QR Codes via a Vax Passport system…..and that would be the beginning of a CHICOMM social credit score.

          …or these motherfuckers will simply fire it up again on their next Bullshit Emergency: GARANTEED.

          They’ve been trying to Kontrol the planets Population for 400 yrs…ffs..!!!

    2. HA!!! I’ve been waiting for the heavy equipment. Talked to someone with ties to the construction industry 4 days ago. He passed on to me then that this was in the works. It killed me to sit on it, but I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag.

      Fuck the Liar Kenney.

  1. Wonder if anyone in politics would have the courage to go down there and actually listen to the people there.

    Joel lightbound, if I have his name right, he has some integrity, he knew that he’s done with being a liberal right after his press conference. Preston Manning perhaps. Dunno

    1. No to Preston Manning. He was my Sunday School teacher back in 1970. When Trudeau senior implemented the War Measures Act, Manning argued that since he was not doing anything wrong and was NOT on the streets at 10:00 pm, then he had nothing to worry about.
      I was only 18 at the time, about to graduate high school, but I knew that this attitude was not right. That is how the Nazi’s started to govern in Germany when they took power in 1933.

  2. It’s Kenny that needs to go. He was sent to Alberta by Ottawa to carry out the Laurentian elite’s instructions. He never stands up for Albertans and always acquiesces to Ottawa’s demands.

    1. Also, what kind of a leader hides behind a bureaucrats skirts for two years? As for the rest of the MLAs, what precisely have they conserved?

  3. Kenney is not even close to being savy enough to finesse this stand off.
    There are some real street smarts, as in logistics, behind the Truckers Convoy.

    1. Ford wishes he was half as smart.
      Not that is anything to be proud of.
      Next trip up to the cottage i may have to drop by Dougies place in Muskoka and HONK.

    1. Any somewhat competent retail politician would know: if the people throw a parade, get in front of it.

  4. Jason Kenney’s tactics are eerily similar to Justin Trudeau’s. Lies, half-truths, change the subject. Why did Kenney come to Alberta when he had a successful career in Ottawa? Is Kenney a WEF plant? He sure seems like he is against the Alberta people not for them.

    1. All premiers are either tools of or have been compromised by the WEF or its minions. That’s why they and Castreau are so desperately trying to save the social credit regime they’re attempting to implement under the cover of a faux pandemic. All of the premiers need to go. They’ve proven beyond a doubt they are traitors to this country and its free people.

        1. Elliot is another faux con, just like her boss. There are no real conservatives in the PCPO nor are there any real Canadians. Just more of the same globalist, WEF-worshiping trash selling out the free citizens of this country. Traitors, the lot of them.
          FREEDOM NOW

      1. They know we’re onto them, and they don’t care. These are criminals. It’s agenda 21 for them all the way. Just think, less people, less traffic, empty airports, and permanent holidays for billionaires. They believe the end justifies the means.

        Karma will come back to bite them.

  5. Looking at pictures of all the different protest convoy’s shows just how successful the education industry has been. They proudly stand behind the liberal/ndp rag of eastern Canada while they protest the liberal/ndp coalition.

  6. I knew it! Way to go Truckers at the border.

    Last night, alarmed, I shouted, “b.s.” at my T.V.
    The word “lift” from Kenney easily meant that the covid restrictions would only come ‘down’ again.

    Enough already NWO!

  7. I’ve encountered multiple people IRL who are discounting the influence that the Freedom Convoy has had. Where is the narrative that “All the lessening of restrictions were already in the works. Truckers are just going to take credit for it.” coming from? Has the 50 cent army been unleashed to push this narrative through social media sites?

    1. It’s nothing more than agitprop. This way, WHEN the mandates are lifted, the narrative will be “We were going to lift the mandates anyway – because of The Science(TM) – but those nasty, MAGA loving truckers delayed it”. I’ve heard pro-Liberal associates seriously discussing this. It’s jaw-droppingly stupid, but it’s the only way for them to save face.

      When in reality, these politicians wouldn’t have budged an inch on their positions were it not for the bad publicity they’re now getting.

  8. It’s no wonder Harper seem to be just plodding ever so slowly to accomplish anything that resembled real change–he was surrounded by a bunch of quislings. At some point, Harper must have felt overwhelmed.

    1. favill, yes. This is why it’s always eye-roll time with me when I read SDA commenters’ complaints that Harper didn’t wave a wand and disband the CBC. Yes, he most certainly would have been overwhelmed which is why he’s staying well away.

    2. “Harper–he was surrounded by a bunch of quislings.”
      Exactly…and you don’t know the half of it.

  9. I’m honestly wondering how much longer will it be before thousands of tractors surround the Alberta capital building in Edmonton?

    1. I’m surprised that nobody is seriously contemplating blockading the main railways. It wouldn’t require a lot of resources, would be virtually impossible for the police to prevent, and it would have a very significant impact on the economy very quickly.

      1. Within yards of the protest in Coutts is the CPR line heading into northern Montana. I don’t think there’s another connecting the two in the province. Things is, there’s not a lot of north/south & south/north movement of goods on that rail line. Mostly grain & most of that closer to Lethbridge where there are 3 main grain terminals. If at all, east/west should be the target.

  10. If the party doesn’t replace Kenny they’re done, are they so stupid they think the feral left will switch their voter loyalty. His ole bait and switch is beyond sickening, he’s as bad as Trudope.

    1. Just got off the phone with my MLA. He told me that, come April’s leadership review, I can express my opinion. While I plan on it, I told him I’m not a patient man. He LOL’d.

  11. Trucker Canada is Best Canada, the best Canada in the land! When you’re done kicking the lefties in their balls up there, come south please.

  12. Disgusted to hear more fear porn via Alta Gov. ad on radio this morning telling Albertans first and second layersofprotection not good enough they need to book an appointent right away for the 3rd layer of protection. Maybe a pair of pantyhose is in order for the masked and sanitzed.

  13. Kenney and his small support based must back down. The NDP, the AFL, AUPE, HSAA, CUPE, UNIFOR and the corrupt MSM must also back down.
    Untill all of the above back down the blockades must remain.

  14. Sarc on-I am very concerned that when Kenney completes the Keystone pipeline he will be able to pump that oil right past the Coutts blockade-Sarc off.

  15. Because they and the rest of our overlords believe they are made of “finer clay”!

    They don’t understand that we the people hold the highest office and they sit where they do to “serve” us.

  16. Just so I understand…

    Indians create blockades that hurt our economy… Liberals say negotiate – Conservatives say arrest them.

    Truckers create blockade that hurt our economy…Conservatives say negotiate – Liberals say arrest them.

    Don’t you see you are opposite sides of the same coin?

    You are BLM, Indians and Antifa just in a Mac jacket.

    1. Billy (bob.?)

      Unifor folks gonna be sent home….ALIVE.?
      Gee thats too bad huh…??

      TOUGH SHIT Bitch.
      At least they are still waking up on the Green side of the Grass with jobs to go back to…..Something that a few thousand Canadians didn’t over the past 2 years, With many more Severely injured by the Globalist Filth your Precious Fucking leader insists we all must have.

      Maybe you wanna consider that instead huh Bitch.??….given the folks doing the HARD work are at the borders and in Ottawa.

      Unable to find “Sympathy” in the Dictionary…?
      Pls Dial 1-800-GFY