39 Replies to “Trudeau’s Half Brother, Kyle Kemper, Speaks Out”

  1. Wow .
    Total opposite of Le Turd.
    How soon before this video is scrubbed, better download it.
    Calling for his own blood to step down and for us lititle people to elect Maxine or anyone NOT from the main parties.

    I sure hope that little brother don’t get Epsteined.

    1. He calls Bitcoin the “scalpel to remove the cancer” of the central banks. LOL! No wonder the markets are working overtime to devalue ALL the cryptocurrencies.

      1. We might want to stay away from crypto (digital) currencies as that gives government more control, not less. Things are not always as they seem.

  2. I appreciate these links to videos like this, but few people can watch an hour long video in top of all the other media we consume. Anyone who can supply a brief summary of the main points would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Steve @ 9:06 am — a very brief summary.
      Though, I must say, if ever you want to spend your time well, this is it! Grab a coffee and have @ ‘er!

      Big, big, mucho Thanks to Watcher and Robert for posting this important interview. There was also Paul Harvey who posted it too and one other, thanks too.

  3. Kyle Kemper is on side with Humanity, on side with attorney Reiner Fuellmich (Nuremberg 2.0) and on side with an end to mass genocide that Justin Trudeau is involved with. Here he condemns his half brother for being a part of it.

    Kyle Kemper has given the World a warning that there’s some yet unknown, very serious stuff going to come down in the future.

    This jammed-packed interview is a total shocker and quite revealing. If ever there was a falling out within a family — this is it, I was sorry the talk ended, he was just getting started. This sounds like he does not care whether he’ll possibly be disowned by family. Humanity is at stake.


    P.S. He called Butts the ‘Wormtongue’!  Ha!
    Way to go Kyle, Bravo!

    1. Nancy, the Western Standard mysteriously had technical problems and the video was incomplete, but they managed to get it all completed and up on the Rumble version.
      He is definitely the BLACK SHEEP vs Blackface of that family

      1. Hi Watcher,
        As a very intelligent human being, Kemper has reached the point in his life of being self-actualized. Having a great soul, he knows why he was put on Earth — for Humanity.

        The last part of the interview was very moving. He sounds like he is at peace with what he has done. I commend him for his actions. Unfortunately, there are many who never reach his level even if they live to be a hundred.


        1. I turned off the interview near the very start when he identified himself as a 9-11 TRUTHER … sorry … but anyone who has the analytical prowess of Rosie O’Donnell isn’t worth my listen. Even IF I agree with several other of his viewpoints.

          1. Your loss Kenji….he was right on.
            My take on his 9/11 statement: yes….there had to be big bucks behind the attack. Terrorists don’t live on charity.

          2. The 9/11 thing was jarring.
            But I listened to at least 1/3.
            He says ‘like’ a LOT. And up-speaks too.
            She says ‘you know’ a lot.
            Advice to both: train yourself out of these speech tics.
            Instead, pause for a few moments to get your thought together. Silence can be golden, powerful.
            These tics can be too grating for many listeners, myself included.
            His 1/2 bro says “ah” a lot.

          3. 26er … let me finish yours and 1/2 bro’s. REAL point about “the bankers”. What you really mean (but are careful not to say) … is Jew bankers. The Jew Bankers funded the demolition of the twin towers. Because the Jews wanted the USA to invade the ME. That’s another reason I didn’t listen any further

    2. Hi Nancy – it caused me to wonder if Justin’s family will have him committed for obvious “psychiatric problems” as a way to “save” him from the consequences of . . . treason.

  4. Good to watch this video with my morning coffee… not so sure of having an hour later in the day but to start the am off with, was good to see it.

    a few disagreements with me (9.11) but all in all, nice to see that all is not lost in that bloodline!

      1. Doug, you know a good computer repair tech who can get coffee and my peanut butter and ‘nanna sammich out of my keyboard and screen?

  5. This is one of the best total picture presentations I have seen. Go to Rumble, put “Western Standard” in the search. And share it around, share it around…..
    Gets into JT, Covid, demonizing segments of the population, the broken state of our democracy, and so on.

  6. Amazing interview but not much in it that most of SDA’s readers don’t know already, having said that it is worth while to listen and perhaps forward and share. The surprising fact is that Kyle has the stage and has taken the time to bring our views forward. Hopefully this interview will open a few more eyes, just as Jordan Peterson has accomplished in his efforts. It is difficult to reverse the brainwashing that Canadians have been exposed to over the last fifty or so years but we are starting to realize that through interviews like Peterson’s and this one we can reverse the path we have been led down, and we have been led down the path like sheep.

  7. My attitude is when enough people realize their family members are being deliberately maimed or killed with a mandatory, experimental drug(s), some will be of a mind to hang some people who perpetrated genocide.
    Be careful who you leave with nothing left to lose.

    1. I have often wondered what happened to the never talked about off spring Pierre sired with that connected bint from Eastern Canada or was it Newfoundland. Seem to recollect she was the sister of Peter Mckay or somesuch. Would be interesting to know whether the offspring and mother led a charmed life comforted by well remunerated appointments having Liberal connections or simply cast aside. Anybody ?

      1. Update. The off spring of Pierre is named Sarah Coyne daughter of Deborah Coyne who is the brother of Andrew Coyne. She evidently attends Wharton in the USA and leads a normal live unconnected to the family of her father.

  8. Loved the interview. Kyle is a courageous, very well informed, high energy dynamo. I wish I had a friend like him (actually I do – my wife of 51 years). One of the downsides of being very old is that you run out fellow travellers. All of my old friends are dead. I am the last man standing. If there is a silver lining to this it is that I get invited to social gatherings where my son and his wife are the hosts. My son and his wife are very successful (household income of 500K plus). If you lived in Vancouver you would know my daughter-in-law. Pre-covid she was on TV a lot giving financial advice. All of their friends are equally successful.

    I quickly came to realise that they all shared two very distinct traits. First, they are all highly specialised. Being good at what they do requires them to spend almost all of their time being at the top of their game. You have heard the expression “a mile wide and an inch deep”. Well these people are “an inch wide and a mile deep”. Outside of their specialties they know nothing. To a broaden their horizons – so to speak – they consume tabloid stories like popcorn. Second, they are scared shitless of “blotting their copybooks”. Woke politics is the only politics allowed – if any. Their reputations and income are entirely dependent on conforming to the political fashions of the moment.

    I behave myself at these gatherings. I do not wish to embarrass my son. In private, my son votes conservative. In fact, in the privacy of the voting booth, they all may vote conservative (although I doubt it) but none would dare admit it. What are they scared of, you may ask? The answer is simple: it is the corporate media and the social media lynch mobs. They can ruin you in the blink of an eye. And just who are these people who compose these mobs? They are, for the most part, graduates of the Liberal madrassas: the universities.

    So, while it is heartening to see and listen to the Kyle Kempers of the world, nothing is really going to change until you get control of the cultural institutions, to wit: the universities. We have to burn them down, either literally or metaphorically, I don’t care.

  9. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit his an some old guy in the US, but as I’ve watched the videos of the truck convoy in Canada, I’ve shed some tears. It was totally unexpected and made think WTH? I guess that Canada would lead this effort has caught me by surprise and made it all the more meaningful. Thanks for all you’ve done to give some hope to rest of us.

    1. Hi gcm – I’ve seen so many people write about how emotionally moved they have felt by the images of the truckers and everyday Canadians cheering them on. I saw another comment connecting the emotion to the duress and misery we’ve all endured the past two years, and a sense of “brokenness” that is being displaced by hope.
      Seems most of us have shed tears these past few days. Togetherness heals us.