15 Replies to “How Many Batteries Does It Take To Recharge A Battery?”

  1. The institutional left is an echo chamber of delusion and innumeracy when it comes to energy, climate, health care and pretty much everything else when you think about it.

    1. We in Canada have to import this crap as our politicians have made any type on material harvesting illegal.
      Shipping by containers just went through the roof impossible and totally out of reach.
      Just pipe dreams from small minded politicians who thought that controlling innovation would fix the inherent problem of needing massive more energy to create these piss poor concepts but the flow of government incentives and investments is endless as they have the credit card.
      The Queen got sucked in by these flim flam men and it got passed onto the world as her investments.

  2. Batteries are irrelevant. The gang greens don’t want mining. For example Rio Tinto’s recently cancelled project in Serbia.

    1. “Gang Greens” is absolute brilliance. It should be disseminated as far and as wide as possible.

    1. CSIS and your friendly neighbourhood RCMP at work no doubt. I am sure Mounties use films of the SS rounding up undesirables in Germany and the conquered countries as material for masturbation. That or a picture of Trudeau.

  3. Facts and logic die in the grey matter of Greentards.
    Again, there is nothing wrong with batteries – love my cordless tools and who doesn’t?
    But industrial scale batteries aren’t there yet.
    Or are they?
    As far as I’m concerned nuclear is the best storage battery.

  4. All of the CO2 figures used to justify the taxes and policies are estimates created by academics. All of the estimates are then plugged into models that use a very limited number of conditions to predict what will happen in the future. You can’t really model the atmosphere properly because there are too many relevant conditions (variables) in the equation and figuring out what their weighted relevance actually is becomes too complicated.

    Case in point, and I am sorry that I don’t have a reference for the article in question so I will apologize in advance. A university professor as part of his class, asked his students to submit conditions (variables) that might contribute to climate change. The keen students came up with 250 different variables and now the professor had a problem – he couldn’t use all of them in any meaningful model because it just didn’t exist. In a panic, he reached out to the guru class, other professors with bigger names (and egos) than his own, and asked for their recommendation. He was told to limit the model to 2 (yes, only two) variables and create a simulation based upon that. The students all got decent marks and life went on.

    So rather than trying to create a model with all of the students suggestions, he dumbed it down. There are so many problems with the “science” of environmentalism, it is difficult to appreciate how totally screwed up it really is. None of the models do justice to the reality but we, the general public, are penalized just the same with taxes, and policies that change nothing, except creating more opportunities for politicians to generate CO2 and hot air.

    1. You haven’t read about Elon Musk’s “magic battery factory in Reno, NV”? I’ve been reading about it for years and years. Reading about how … “battery technology breakthroughs are changing the world”. Ad nauseum.

      Funny how none of the Tesla drivers in Palo Alto stop to ask themselves why Elon’s “magic battery factory” had to be located in NV? Why his “magic battery factory” cannot be located in CA? Uh, yeah … their shiny Teslas are rolling toxic waste dumps.

  5. Another reason we must separate from Can Ahh Duh.
    This level of energy ignorance is unsurvivable.
    Pulling Buffalo out of Can Ahh Duh,today would be cheered by the energy ignorant.
    A win win,for the Plant Savers and the Emissions Scolds.

    For you know doom awaits when bright eyed geniuses assure you energy comes from a storage battery.
    Storage being somehow lost in the noise