Let them Truckers Roll

“Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy.”

Joe Warmington- Convoy of truckers against vaccine mandates ready to roll on Ottawa

Truckers are planning a massive demonstration on highways across the country, with many set to leave British Columbia Sunday before landing in Ottawa on Jan. 29.

“To our fellow Canadians, the time for political overreach is over,” the Freedom Convoy GoFundMe page says. “Our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries and livelihoods.”


Update: New slogan “Truck Trudeau”. I’ll give Ezra credit for that one.

Update 2 : Our state broadcaster has a completely different take on all this.

CBC- Hundreds join truckers’ convoy to protest dangerous conditions on B.C. highways

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  1. “To our fellow Canadians, the time for political overreach is over,” the Freedom Convoy GoFundMe page says. “Our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries and livelihoods.”

    Fascinating that the SDA Covid trolls and other Leftoids NEVER take any responsibility for supporting policies that have hurt, if not destroyed, the lives and livelihoods of others. But, as Dennis Prager often says, “Being on the Left means never having to apologize for being wrong.”

  2. I sure hope none of them truckers drives a 53 footer full of ammonium nitrate into the Houses of Parliament during a session.
    That would be sad.

    1. Without a few tons of diesel soaking in that nitrate and some well placed dynamite charges , I very much doubt that.
      But it’s nice to dream.

      1. “Without a few tons of diesel soaking in that nitrate ”

        Or fine aluminum bronzing powder (so I’m told) instead of the diesel.

        (“don’t try this at home, kids!”..;)

        1. As kids we used to do exactly that.
          Wrapped with 3 little stones in aluminum foil and tightened with hockey stick tape.
          Awesome explosions by throwing it against walls.

  3. The gig is up. Those are impressive numbers. Most of the people I talk to are over all this bs. It is unfortunate how much brainwashing our children are going through in the schools. I’ve had to have several chats with my kids about why I’m not getting the booster – had to put the clot shot in me to keep my job, no job no $ no house no food – f$&@ing tyrants. But F@&$ a booster and f&$@ mandates, masks, COVID.

    Enough of this crap. SCOTT MOE, end all of it now.

  4. From the Warmington article:

    “Former Trudeau spokesman Alex Wellstead cheekily tweeted: “just terrible. This is the third grocery store I’ve been to this week that’s been empty. Where are the pumpkins?””

    In federal office, you prick.

  5. I love the song “Convoy”. First heard it working my first job after university in a country office just east of Edmonton. Our secretary’s husband was a trucker with a CB radio and one of the other truckers was named “Pussy Puller” as he hauled the big cats for Al Oeming’s Game Farm. Ah, to be young again!

    1. My Dad was the local Side band radio president, I grew up talking on a CB radio. It use to crack people up when they got to meet me, here was this little girl with red hair that sounded like a seasoned female Trucker.

      1. “My Dad was the local Side band radio president, I grew up talking on a CB radio.”

        Me too. My Dad’s XM number was 981.

        1. As I mentioned below, licenses for CB operation are no longer required in Canada.

          I spent much of last year trying to get my father’s radio control transmitter going again, and I sort of succeeded, though I had to swap out the original circuit board for one from a different radio.

          While I was doing some background research on what I needed to do, I found out that the same part of the spectrum allocated to CB is shared by RCers. The way it’s set up now is that the channels for a given service are separated by 50 kHz. (My father’s RC rig operated at 27.195 MHz and I replaced the board from a 27.145 MHz radio.) In between each RC channel in that part of the band, there’s a CB channel halfway in between.

          Since that equipment is crystal-controlled, none of the signals from one service should overlap with that of another, at least in theory.

          You mentioned that your father had a license number that began with XM. I came across some old documents relating to my father’s radio control license (which was required 50 years ago) and the Department of Transport (which I believe handled that) issued him with an XM number as well.

    2. Here’s a story behind the use of “handles” on CB that I read a while ago.

      When the citizen’s band system was set up, users were required to be licensed. Some didn’t like that or couldn’t have been bothered to get registered, so they began using aliases so that they couldn’t be readily identified. (By comparison, hams are required to announce their callsigns at least once every half hour during a contact.)

      Eventually, that practice became ubiquitous and the government gave up trying to control it. Here in Canada, that part of the spectrum is still allocated to CB, but one is no longer required to be licensed to get on the air. There are few regulations now, others than, I think, signal power levels and how to conduct oneself while transmitting.

  6. Don’t be surprised if the MEDIA doesn’t try re-playing the “yellow vesters” racists, bigot, rednecks angle. This time they’ll have to crop and edit the pics a little more, as there’ll be even more bipoc driving trucks this time. Still, they’ll likely find one or two white drivers they’ll be able to smear and infer they represent all drivers.

    One thing I hope will happen this time, is that the truckers don’t leave so quickly to get back home and go to work, like the oilfield/pipeline truck protest. I hope the truckers would spent a couple weeks in Ottawa jamming up things.

    1. Does anyone really listen to the MSM any more. Most people with two brain cells gave up on the MSM years ago when they were flogging Al Gore.

  7. I completely support the truckers, and every other civil rights movement that props up. I have never attended a protest in my life, but hence forth I will go to every single one in my province to support removing liberals and MSM from their ivory towers of lies and propaganda.

  8. It’s not a Blockade by the people law enforcement ignore while they do it, so I would expect they will be harassed by the rcmp all across Canada.

    1. Word from an unjabbed cop in Ottawa: Trudeau is trying to shut down the gofundme page.
      Will be getting an update this afternoon

      1. Blackie knows his enemies well.
        It’s the middle class.
        His peeps will take steps to squash this like a bug with everything they got.

      2. Ok…I just creeped The Butts twitter,
        For some unknown reason he is being accused of calling truckers terrorists (Pat King).
        Also accused of stopping the go fund me page.
        All false.
        Let’s not give him any fodder!!

    2. The convoy organizers been working with Police all across the country – RCMP and locals. They also claim to have a few unjabbed ex-officers along for the ride. (Sorry, I’d post a link, but I don’t recall where I learned of this, but it was likely one of Pat King’s live updates this past week.)

  9. I have an associate who is traveling with the convoy that has just left Vancouver, he said the overpasses are filled with people with signs and people are lining the highways, tears in his eyes the whole way at the support that Canadians are showing early on a Sunday morning that’s cold and wet

    1. “I have an associate who is traveling with the convoy that has just left Vancouver, he said the overpasses are filled with people with signs and people are lining the highways, ”

      I watched a few videos. It’s AMAZING how many people are out to support them (especially in this ugly cold weather). The overpasses are so packed that people had to line the highways *for a mile or more* beside them, cheering and waving. Awesome!

    1. There are brain dead people who believe the lies being told by the Child Buggering Club. One responded that “he seen lots of truckers talking on the phone.” Absolutely pathetic.

  10. Love that Tweet from Theo Fleury:
    “…truckers are now the official opposition party in Canada….”
    Did CPC ever raise 1.8 million dollars in a week?

    1. Thanks. Never donated to a protest before. Will drive 4 hours south to wave as they pass through Sask.

      1. Yes. Site is down. Overwhelmed with traffic, likely.
        Try Twitter or Gettr with #freedomconvoy2022

        1. “Yes. Site is down. Overwhelmed with traffic, likely.”

          That appears to be exactly what is happening. The donations are coming in so fast that they can’t even post proper updates.

  11. ” Truck Trudeau” is great. Right up there with “Let’s Go Brandon.” I hope it catches on. It is a good reminder of how the economy is being destroyed, and who is responsible. I could never have imagined a Prime Minister so out of touch with Canada and it’s well being. Trudeau is bent on destroying the country.

    1. Actually, the CBC story about truckers protesting dangerous conditions on BC highways is the Canadian equivalent of the Kelli Stavast attempt to kick dirt over the FJB chant.

      1. ooorrrrr, it’s like what happened during the Federal election when protesters showed up at Trudeau’s campaign stops and were yelling “Blackie” at him!
        The Media and Liberals conveniently called these people racists ,,, because they were yelling out “Blackieee.”
        Perfectly played to protect PM Blackface himself!

  12. Lol. What a waste of time. Even better they are paying even more carbon taxes to their enemy. Geniuses. What are they going to do when they are completely ignored and told to pound sand? They will do nothing. Back home with their tails between their legs. So tired of these pointless demonstrations.

    1. Perhaps they can put it to good use and squeeze off all traffic and deliveries in and around Ottawa.
      Nothing in or out.
      A sort of siege.
      Don’t know how long that can last as Blackie will bring out the big guns.

      F it, what do they have to lose at this point.

      1. JOhn…


        Seige…the Gofund me is climbing.
        Twas 2.45 Million a pl of minutes ago when I donated.

        1. I would think it would be in their best interests to accede….or they will face a starving population with NOTHING to lose and armed with whatever they can acquire along with copious molotovs..

          I for one would rather die fighting than starve to death thank you kindly..!!

      2. People who live in Ottawa are part of the problem. Most of Ottawa support Liberals, and seem unaware of the damage being done by their government. Many work- from- home overpaid public “servants” who forget who they are serving. Your suggestion would be a much needed wake up- call.

    2. Why pointless? The intention is to get the government to recognize that forcing vaccines is totaliitarianism, reckless and immoral. If there is considerable support for the truckers, and if the government refuses to back down or find a compromise people will understand that the government is the problem. If store shelves are empty and prices rise, the government’s failure to compromise will be to blame. No one had any problems with unvaxed truckers delivering things for the last two years. The pandemic is no longer a good excuse for such measures. The rest of the world is easing up. Trudeau could ignore the truckers demonstration, but I think most Liberals will be embarrassed and angry if the government does not respond. Their communities are being destroyed.

  13. I’m all in with the Truckers and this is a story that the corporate and State Media will have a very difficult time ignoring so look for the Globalists Media to demonize these freedom fighters post hast.
    I’m sure the corporate and State Media ( CBC, CTV , Globalls ) are co-ordinating their attacks and anti freedom narratives with the Turdhole Party regarding the truckers right now.
    I also see the Turdhole Partys Basic Dictatorship using the RCMP or the military to stop and arrest the truckers and anyone else wanting freedom.
    Don’t underestimate the malevolence and megalomaniacal nature of Juthtin Turdhole and his foreign handlers.
    Thank you, Truckers. Fuk U, Juthtin Turdhole and every other politician in the country, fuk U all… cowards and traitors.

  14. INDEED Sean.

    PHUQUE em All…. Anyone that is Mayor/Councillor and up with Extreme prejudice, I include Business Leaders who instituted their Draconian BULLSHIT of Mandated Vax in order to be able to work to feed ones families and if not, being forced to pay twice weekly for a Test that is 100% FRAUDULENT and will be Proven so by Reiner Fuellmich.
    LAWsuits will be coming…BET on it.

    They, along with the MSM – Big Tech – Health MouthPieces
    All of the Above: Filthy Bits of NAZI garbage the lot

    ALL are complicit in this tyrannical Shit show

  15. If they arrest one, ALL of them must present themselves at the nearest police station for arrest. ALL of them. Try arresting and processing 200,000 people in a single day. The court system will collapse, never mind the impossibility if housing and guarding that many prisoners.

    200,000 all people peacefully agreeing to be arrested and charged in one place on the same day ends the Trudeau regime in a single blow.

  16. My thoughts also went to why? And it won’t matter one iota to the fucktards in power, be it provincial or federal, but if they keep hearing we are sick and fucking tired of your crap, your empty shelves, your high prices, your “do what I say not as I do” mantra maybe the cost will be worth it.
    And I am so fucking sick and tired of the “annointed” bonnie henry bleating the same crap her ndp handlers are handing out.
    And that piece of shit in ottawa puking the same antivax crap is getting so old, its been two years and they haven’t done a goddamn thing, and the small talk now is we might have to live with this, gee, no shit, I said that to myself two years ago when the cowtowing to the china government was at its height, and we had no answers but lockdowns.

  17. While I am hoping and praying the creatures infesting our once beloved institutions have the intelligence to surrender.
    It was not intelligence that got them here.
    This protest shoulda woulda worked in gentler times and would never have been necessary in smarter times.
    Not sure it will accomplish anything at all,except cement the last few unformed opinions.

    I know,most of you know.
    Facts are simple.
    Parasites are in mass overpopulation.
    Host is in failing health and form.

    Some kinds,the finest gift you can grant them is a few square feet of ground.

    Them poor National Socialists,they loved to play dress up and stage great drama,pretty uniforms and nice toys…
    Each great Marxist Rising lasted the leaders lifetime,while killing millions.
    Every Dear Leader, must leave less for the next.
    In the hinterlands their opposites said and did nothing.
    Yet the boundaries are chosen and the difference in worlds too wide to be define.

    Man can be what ever he wants,Some chose to be fertilizer.
    Thats life.
    Liberals are just so impatient and lazy.
    We know they chose,but they are too lazy to act for themselves,abusively insistent that someone else pony up and make their choices complete for them…

    We should have kept some real reserves,just for banishing Liberals Too.
    I fear what I am coming to the enjoyment of

  18. Already the program has started to discredit them. It is their standard M O. all here are familiar with. I suggest whoever your local MP is needs to be really busy fielding calls and emails. Here in Saskatchewan they need to be told in no uncertain terms they need to get behind these people. The same goes for MLAs. They need to crap or get off the pot.

  19. ” Truck Trudeau” is great. Right up there with “Let’s Go Brandon.”

    Is it time for ‘Let’s Go Justin’?