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    1. It’s important to remember that this data does not state the people died of other things, but that many Covid deaths were exacerbated by underlying diseases. A lot of people have underlying disease. This is different from data including people who had Covid incidentally when they succumbed to cancer, etc.

      1. Are you sure about that Kate? Total deaths from Covid alone would indicate to me that that is the number of deaths without any co-morbidities (the underlying diseases).

        it’s also on the order of 5% of the total deaths listed elsewhere, which is approximately what was seen elsewhere. If I’m misreading your comment, please expound.

        1. I was talking about the tendency by some to be dismissive of the virus because so many deaths occur in people with co-morbidities. I would guesstimate that a high percentage of our regular readers fall into those very at-risk groups, and they shouldn’t forget that.

          1. That’s true….but what is also true is that over half of the deaths in the UK according to their Week 2 of surveillance data were in the +70 age group who had two doses. And of course, there is no data into how many in that age group have died within 28 days of receiving the “vaccines”. Both of my in-laws did.

          2. “I would guesstimate that a high percentage of our regular readers fall into those very at-risk groups
            Growing old is itself morbid.
            Many Small Dead Animals are Jung at heart:
            “Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.”
            – Carl Jung –

          3. True and many of those would have had a visit from the old man’s friend, who did not visit for the last 2 years.

          4. Duh duh duh duh duh…Duh…da duh duh da…
            Hey, Pneumonia!
            In the world according to Garp, we are all terminal cases.
            How’s that for pegging the SDA folks, of which I am one.

    2. Paul – I remember finding this data for Alberta in the summer of ’20. The average age of people killed by covid was about three years older than the average life expectancy. It appears that on average, you can live two or three years longer if you get covid.

  1. Ruh roh, Nurse Campbell, unofficial UK government spokesperson, better be careful, he might get cancelled.
    After his interviews with Kyle the pro cyclist and his myocardia, and still continuing to recommend getting jabbed, is inexcusable.

    I expect the nurse to flip flop tomorrow

    1. John will be John, but it will be an interesting show.
      He is still trying to please all of his followers and I watch him quite a bit just for the data and news articles he speaks of.
      He got his eyes opened after he did the show with Dr. Tess Lawrie re IVERMECTIN and got bitch slapped by you tube for putting it out there.
      He has been between a rock and a hard place as for as I am concerned ever since then.
      You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but he may make you think from a different perspective.
      Kyle’s interview with him could not be taken down as it was fact checked and found to be TRUE! (sarcasm on high regarding the FACT CHECK).

      I am guessing it was more important for him to continue with his daily shows as he has a huge following but he has been very mindful of what he says.

  2. My family, some of at least, have a covid tests +. Best not to question a microbiologist daughter-in-law. They sound ok to me over the phone, like a cold, normal young kiddies running around playing. The adults seem ok too, as we are drafting papers.

    These so-called tests are hugely flawed, but it is verboten to mention this. Obviously, they are out of school, so good thing they were home-educated before entry.

    1. My family got it too.. 7 of us. It was a mild cold for all of us. Including my 80 year old parents and my 15 month old son. My two older kids didn’t even bat an eye. Tired for a single day. My wife was triple vaccinated at the peak of her “protection” and she had it the worst.

      I understand what Kate is saying, but there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ve been misled by our media and our governments. Our economy is in ruins now and it’s evident to me that most people who still trust these people have damaged brains.

      1. I think we’re going through it now. We didn’t test, but the evidence is overwhelming: the 4 of us got sick pretty much at the same time. Interesting enough, symptoms and perceived “severity” are different: I had mild symptoms (runny nose, scratchy throat, a wee bit of a cough – for as long as I remember I always get a cough when I get a cold); my teenage son has always been a bit of a wimp for colds, so he’s lying down moaning; my daughter complained of a scratchy throat and taste buds being off, but she probably inhales Ivermectin on a daily basis at the ranch, so she’ll be fine. Wife has the dreaded headache, so she has withdrawn to the quiet of the bedroom. Their symptoms started yesterday and I cracked open the ‘mectin. However, FLCCC seems to prefer HCQ for Moronic. And that one, I don’t have…

  3. And you have to pry this basic information out of them with a Freedom Of Information Act request.
    The lying garbage hide everything that doesn’t enrich the pharmaceutical companies and fit their ‘more government power’ efforts.

  4. See!! COVID disproportionately impacts women!! Cutting their lifespans by 0.4 years!! See!! You anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are all misogynists!!! Mens lifespans are actually LONGER now!! And you’re racists too, because BIPOCS are disproportionately impacted by COVID!!

  5. In the first few weeks of it, there were already little hints or clues here and there that the number of deaths was inflated, or doctored.

    And every few weeks more evidence came out that indeed, there was a lot of cheating on the numbers, always to scare us into believing this virus was a million times more dangerous than it really is.

    About 99% of everything covid related that we were told, be it that hydrochloroquine was dangerous or that covid was killing so many people that restaurants had to be closed, about 99% was FALSE.

    And now the truth is trickling out, and yes about everything they told us was a lie.

    The virus is real, everything else was a HUGE scam.

    The vaccine is almost a ponzi scheme and is making people MORE sick not less.

    Had we done nothing about the covid, everything would be better from our physical and our mental health to our economy.

    That covid thing is a gigantic scam.

    1. The 2 key pieces to keep the scam going are PCR tests (cases are up! Doom…) and masks (visual reminder that we’re in a “pandemic”).

      1. The media… you can’t lay blame without acknowledging that the media drove the hysteria higher in its never-ending quest for clicks and ad revenue on their websites.

    2. Can Friend..

      100% agree…it seemed bloody obvious to me over a # of things that simply reeked.

      A deadly Disease eh..??

      Ok, then why is it that out of some 3700 Mostly Seniors on a Cruise ship in Early 2020…only 14 died..?? If this shit was THAT deadly I would have expected Bubonic Plague stats…yet all we got was a fairly Normal attrition rate for seniors at .15% Fatality.

      Same with the Theodore Roosevelt USN CVN71. ~5885 Fully “Quarantined”…uhuh. And only 1 fellow passed away.

      SCAM,…that the virus is real, I’m pretty sure it is, gene spliced GOF’d …but no, its not EBOLA, Plague or the Spanish Flu. (the VAX on the other hand….??)

      The World Health Bodies had gotten together a number of years prior (to 2020), and had set about to write a set of Procedures – Protocols for PANDEMIC’s. No MASKING NO LOCKDOWNS as they have been shown through HISTORY to have ZERO effect….yet in Jan 2020, the WHO turns that into toilet paper and goes full blown NAZI….cpl months later we have Lancet and the NE Journal of Med publishing 100% FRAUDULENT Studies supposedly showing that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were useless and even dangerous…then you have the Shermans murder and the daily & constant LYING from Teflon Tony & Peter Daszak – MSM – GOVT world wide along with Every PUBLICLY Paid Govt Health Authority.

      All of it was DESIGNED to make the masses BELIEVE (with Religious fervor no less), the utter BULLSHIT of a “Warp Speed”, created in 7 months, “VACCINE” that was gonna SAVE Everyone….
      Halleluja brother…!!!! – we are SAVED don’tcha know….?

      If you anyone actually buys that scenario..?? I’ve got a LADDA for sale – Dirt Cheap.
      Pfizers reported PROFITS…?? ~ 35 Billion in 2021.

      Now tell me again how this is ALL about our Health.???

      1. The “media” has just started pumping stories the Sherman’s owed $1 billion to someone.

    3. C F
      Yes, you are correct. But so called conservative blogs helped spread the lies, by not banning paid shills from their blogs. Like in here, the alla S and unme character speaking against HCQ. PJM committed the same sin. It is time the right played by the same rules as the left, and not aid the lying bullshit the way they have been doing

      1. The virus has an IFR of .26%. No worse than the seasonal flu. Let’s see what the not-vaccines do to the people over the next five years. That is how long it should have taken to do proper trials.

    4. I am frankly not convinced it is even that serious a transmission risk.

      We are told – CONSTANTLY – how it can spread uncontrolled throughout the community. I remember back in 2020 chatting with someone in a bar and how he was convinced that a single person could spread the virus through the entire room. (apparently not concerned, since he was still in the room…)

      However where are the examples of the virus ‘super spreading’ outside the forced environments of the nursing home deaths? We have had those cruise ship which SHOULD have been the perfect breeding grounds and we were finding infection rates of only 60% or so.

      Sure we get these scary graphs showing spikes and hear of ‘new cases’ each day, but the vertical axis has never really been put in context and – in Oz at least – the Test to Case ration was always about 100:1, meaning that for every new case there was nearly 100 or so confirmed to NOT HAVE COVID.

      Delta was meant to be a deadly spreader… and… sorta wasn’t. People ‘got it’, but uncontrolled spread? No. And don’t claim the governments restrictions crushed the spread as the case tracking software is not rapid enough to be anything but reactive to ‘spikes’.

      Then we got Omicron which was meant to be even spreadier. Yes, people are catching this, but mainly the Fully Vaxed (irony) and again, still not in outrageously uncontrolled numbers.

      Where is my Zombie Apocalypse?!

      There is also – now – the vague indifference to the risk by our experts. At my Day Job last week it was discovered on Friday just after lunch that someone in the group we share a building we may have had a contractor over who was a Close Contact (or something or something).

      So? Switch on the Action Plan! They all got sent home.
      Then our people who were downstairs from them in that building also got sent home, plus people in the physically distanced separate buildings. Home. Now. Go! Save everything and go home until further notice!

      And once we got home? Oh, just keep an eye on your health and if you get symptoms, get a test. (aka – the SAME instructions everyone else in the State are currently under). So yeah, apart from ‘Don’t Be At Work’ we could do whatever we wanted.

      Four Day Weekend. Awesome.

      I mean, Covid Health and Safety Plan in place.


  6. Average life expectancy is for newborns. Someone that is 82.5 probably has a life expectancy of 90. As you get older your life expectancy increases.

    1. Nice try. It’s time to tear the mask off Pfizer and Moderna. And all those who pump the stuff.

    2. You can tell it’s Thursday, Allan’s mom gave him the ipad for the weekend!!
      Care too back up you scribbling with some links, I’ll wait.
      On second thought I won’t, no time for humor tonight to much work to do.

    3. I don’t get it Allan. There is always someone dying at 82.5 years – even though once they get there the can be expected to live to be 90 years.

    4. Allan, you are running out of straws to grasp at, you’ve been had, perhaps fatally. I know that is a hard climb down, but it isn’t like we all don’t already know.

    5. Profound Allan.. can you use your incisive intellect to explain that for every someone is 82.5, “probably” living to be 90, there is someone who’s already 7.5 years into their dirt nap? Maybe go back and re-read that CBC article again.

    6. It’s tough to admit you are wrong. But in your case even tougher because you, and you ilk, are wrong on:
      Global Warming (aka: climate change, climate crisis and whatever else it’s being called).
      Gender dysphoria (or whatever made up shit they’ve dreamed up).
      Orange Man bad.
      And other key issues too numerous to mention.
      It really sucks to be you because you are a sucker and now you know it.

  7. The one and only problem with all of this is it because it became politisized from the beginning.. Why? Control.

      1. I think that is fundamentally it, in a nutshell. Trump was an existential threat to the Global New World Order, so the cabal took him down. The Karma is so delicious now, he is more of a threat than ever, I wonder if they realize what they have done. Sundance said it best, Trump exposed them for all to see, and you can’t unsee it.

      2. I completely agree with this… our moronic, homosexual Prime Minister and his band of imbeciles just mimic the Democrats. The Democrats could not allow Trump to win that election and they used every thing they could get their hands on to fan the chaos and flames. They literally had black people rioting in the streets for most of 2020.

  8. From the BMJ editorial, this devastating paragraph:

    “The BMJ supports vaccination policies based on sound evidence. As the global vaccine rollout continues, it cannot be justifiable or in the best interests of patients and the public that we are left to just trust “in the system,” with the distant hope that the underlying data may become available for independent scrutiny at some point in the future. ”

    This is a sea-change in attitude, right? They’re implying without much subtlety that the current policies *are not* based on sound evidence, and that the BMJ no longer supports them.

    1. So is Christine Elliot going to ask the British College of Physicians to rap the knuckles of the writers of the BMJ?

      1. Said she today of dissenting Ontario doctors:

        ” “At a time when it’s never been more important for Ontarians to have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, this is unacceptable.”

        Elliott said she would be sending a letter to the CPSO “urging them to do everything that is possible to put an end to this behaviour.”

        “They should consider all options in doing so, including reviewing the licences of physicians found to be spreading misinformation.” ”


  9. AND SO … as we can see, that in many countries this has morphed into MEDICAL FASCISM…Australia, here in Canada and in pretty much EVERY Democratic run State/City in the USA.

    Here is one of our “Trusted” Civil Servants providing “Health care” to one of her students:


    Leftism leads to Fascism and in the End NAZIism.
    Hell, just listen to Brandon or Justine….they’ll tell ya for the asking.

    Seems to me that is ASSAULT no.??

  10. Today the creepy looking leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, demanded that people should have three doses in order to get a vaccination passport.

  11. One thing that has irritated me from day 1 is the “trust the science” scolding. Throughout history science has had a range of accuracy, rigor and trustworthiness. Unfortunately, today’s “science” is reminiscent of the type of science practiced in Galileo’s era.

    A time where powerful men (megalomaniacs?) and powerful institutions exerted an iron fist of control over science. This is what we see now : an abuse of science, a perversion of science.

    1. They use the word “science” as a sort of shield…

      just as they use the word “racist” to silence anyone who has good arguments, solid facts and is winning the debate.

      But calling lies “science” does not make them truths.