New High Scores!

So much for the “less hospitalizations” theory of vaccination.

Global- COVID-19 hospitalizations hit staggering 10,000 patients as provinces set new records

Much of the current hospitalizations are being driven by Ontario and Quebec. Ontario reported 578 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units and 3,887 in hospital overall, up from 3,595 a day before. Quebec, meanwhile, reported a new record of 3,381 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, including 286 in ICUs.

Deaths, meanwhile, have also begun to rise.

Speaking of Quebec 

3300 Hospitalizations

#1: Age 70+ (2181 hospitalized & 110 ICU) – this group is 95% double vaccinated & 75% boosted!

#2: Age 60-69 (516 Hospital & 93 ICU) – 94% double vaccinated & 58% boosted!

#3 Age 50-59 (245 Hosp & 38 ICU) – 90% double Syringe

el gato malo-  has some more numbers out of the UK and some thoughts.

The sunk cost fallacy is in full effect and careers and credibility is on the line, but facts are stubborn things, and the fact is that these vaccines are accelerating spread. They do not protect us as was promised. (and promises were definitely made) At best, these are a personal choice to mitigate risk. Probably, doing so creates a net risk for others because you are more likely to get covid and spread covid. The vaccinated are not a dead end for virus, they are crop-dusters for it and spreading it more widely.

Which brings us to some charts from Alberta’s provincial website that a lot of people were talking about last week and that had mysteriously vanished. But can still be found via the wayback machine. (click on images for full screen)

In related news: Grocery stores could close if labour, product shortages worsen.

Oh yeah, and the masks are working great too. 👌

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  1. Fallacy of your argument is that we have no idea how many people would be in hospital and how severe their cases would be if there were no vaccines. How many would have never made it to the hospital at all and would have died in a seniors home? (which happened in the first wave of Covid.)
    Please stop undermining public health. It is so irresponsible and anti-social.

    1. Silly bot! Old sick people die, of many causes, didja know that? Today it’s the Vid, yesterday it was the flu, pneumonia, cancer, dementia, etc. Fact of life, old sick people die.

      The spread is happening BECAUSE OF THE JABS!

      The effect is called NEGATIVE EFFICACY! After the jabs, plus 5 months, the immune system has been compromised, and continues to get worse. Result? The jabbed are far more likely to get ill from the Vid, by a factor up to 3x more likely. Proven by published data from the UK, Germany, Denmark and Ontario, for a start.

      Want to get sick grrrrrrrrrrl? Get two jabs. I’ll stick with the Zelenko supplement regimen thanks, instead of your preferred GMO poison,

      1. For the oldest lives (90+), the leading cause of death is cardiovascular and number 2 is “other” meaning cause of death did not fit into any category that Stats Can tracks. “other” is 15% of deaths which is more than cancer. People wear out eventually or the doctors just don’t know why they died.

    2. You’re right about one thing. We CANNOT KNOW, and probably will never know, thanks to the coverup of the data.

      You cannot find what you’re not looking for.

      As for public hell-th, they’ve “undermined” themselves!

    3. Damn that is funny, I know the comedic aspect of some sarcasm can be easily lost in a world where the “Truth as spoken by BabylonBee” so closely approximates reality but your tongue in cheek wit here is so absurdly serious yet patently ludicrous that it borders on hilariously insane.

      The best part is how all the gov’t promises that more vaccination would mean less hospitalisations is so baldly, in your face, absent.

    4. Woke up, it was a Chelsea Morning,
      And the first thing that I saw,
      Was a punny leftie, spewing words,
      That made me laugh and guffaw.

    5. It is not hard to figure out stoopid people. Having spent several decades in public health (retired before all this sh*t began), I can assure you that the intellectual idiots currently infecting provincial public health departments are clueless as to how to solve any real health problems. They are mostly adept at covering their assess and making sure they look good and their useless jobs are safe.

    6. “Fallacy of your argument is that we have no idea how many people would be in hospital and how severe their cases would be if there were no vaccines.”

      Say that again….slowly….

    7. We seem to be unable to garner the vaccinated and unvaccinated rates, and have been unable to, at least in Ontario for a few weeks. That tells me all I need to know about how useful the vaccines are now.

      If there are little or no unvaccinated showing up to hospital, you get a very clear idea of how effective the vaccines are at preventing infection with and severity of Covid.

      1. All reference to vaccination vanished from the Manitoba stats with the new year. That obviously means even with the dishonest 1-14 days cheating they can’t hide the truth. The vaccine has made things worse.

    8. The real fallacy is that vaccines and ventilators saved anybody’s life. Everything the powers-that-be are saying regarding the efficacy of the measures they took are unprovable assertions. I personally believe they’re responsible for untold numbers of unnecessary deaths, the economic wreckage we’re experiencing and saddling the country with new levels of wasted debt. Prove me wrong.

      1. +1. And CM, don’t forget to top up your tiger attack insurance because it’s kept you so safe for so long against tiger attacks in Toronto (or New York, or Montreal, anywhere in N.A. where tiger attack insurance is sold to gullible people).

    9. Fallacy of your existence is that you trust government, despite mountains of evidence they are at best incompetent at anything, and too often malevolent as well.

  2. “Grocery stores could close” – Just anecdotal, but my son works the night shift in the local corporate loblaws. Sent home Friday night – no trucks to unload, HAd Saturday and Sunday night off. Last night – sent home – no trucks, although that could have been weather.

    1. It wouldn’t break my heart to see Loblaws crushed over this issue. Their typical restocking is complacent, at best. Their produce is crap, their meats are mediocre at best, and they price their mediocre products too high, compared with other stores with better product (all still overpriced by the way).
      The Loblaw’s family are also Laurentian Elite friends of Trudeau Liberals.
      That said, if those stores are not operating well, it puts pressure on the rest.

      1. Our town has a Loblaws owned store and another, small chain, family owned mini grocery store.
        Loblaws had empty produce shelves. The little shop had abundant displays of nice looking produce.

    2. My daughter reports the Superstore in Winnipeg had less than half it’s usual fresh produce compliment. Costco was better but there was nothing there newer than 7 days. Another friend reports her husband got the last two soup cans but when he turned his back someone snatched the soup from his cart and ran with it. Let the hunger games begin and may the odds be ever in your favour.


    I posted this on a previous thread as well, however, it seems applicable here as well.

    Hanlon’s razor is an adage or rule of thumb that states: “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    In spite of my deference to Hanlon, I’m leaning towards ‘malevolent’ as ‘stupidity’ is becoming an increasingly inadequate explanation.

    1. Derek, consider this analogy to government/media actions.
      Once is an accident.
      Twice is a coincidence.
      Three times is Enemy Action.
      We are well down the road of War!

    1. Don’t ask Turdo that, he’ll think if he can’t spell it then he must be able to smoke it or grope it.

    2. I can.

      My mother took one pill when she went to the doctor to confirm she was with child 😀 and he gave her the new experimental drug.

      She woke up the next morning, sick as could be. When she was about to take her next dose, she felt a still small voice say don’t take another pill and throw all those pills away. She obeyed that voice!!

      I was born healthy, with all my arms and legs and organs intact and fully functional. Not with deformed flippers and organs. I enjoyed a life of relatively high acheivements in the sprorting world because of that.

      Do you think I have an axe to grind with all these lies? First two answers don’t count!!!

      1. Glad you keep that memory intact. My mother did the same with my sister, and luckily she came out fully functional, but Mom always had a soft spot for the families that suffered the effects of that, and worked for years with children that had been terribly affected.

        The ‘stop undermining public health’ message, when people are asking for caution with drugs and vaccines, IS the fallacy.

      2. My mother claims the doctor prescribed it for her when she was expecting me. She put it on top of the fridge and didn’t take it. Said she had a bad feeling about and her morning sickness passed. Sometimes good to trust your instincts.

    3. At least the liberals/lefties jump at these things first.
      It’s the correct group of Guinea pigs to sacrifice.

  4. Not to worry… media has already started blaming Omicron for the increased hospitalizations and death, as we somehow knew they would.

    I sense a circling of the wagons. Anyone else getting that impression?

    1. Sure, it couldn’t possibly be the fault of the miracle jabs (eyeroll)!

      Notice the media and gov continue the “fault of the unvaxxed” narrative? Yet, the published stats have gone from 100% unjabbed to now vast majority jabbed in hospital and ICU, in less than 2 months.

      That is a terrible trend for the jabbed, though the propagandists fail to mention that obvious trend.

      Of course, the death numbers are also bastardized. Remember the “unvaxxed” includes those killed by the vax! Anyone with less than two jabs, is considered “unvaxxed”. Outright lies and deception from the MHOs.

    2. @fc, yes the ass covering is coming to a head. But I suspect the unvaxxed will continue to be under the microscope and blamed for everything that goes wrong everywhere for eternity. Empty shelves, Unvaxxed! Trucks stopped at the border, Unvaxxed! Flight canceled, Unvaxxed! Medicare failures, Unvaxxed! The unvaccinated are the new unclean.

      1. The difference this time is that the unvaxxed are better critical thinkers, more likely to be armed, and motivated.

  5. Tell us again how lockdowns and jabs work. This is a massive failure and we have people calling for more of the same.

  6. No Surprise Whatsoever…no.?

    And I’d be willing to bet, that us designated LEPERS, are not only the lowest number of “cases” but likely by virtue of saying to hell with testing..and for what..? A cold, sniffles & a runny nose…? As if.

    I’m actually surprised that “early treatments” (Tylenol Cold, NyQuill etc), or (Vitamin D, B1 , C w/Zinc etc), haven’t been removed from the shelves due to the supposed Eradication of: Influenza, Seasonal Flu & the common cold and thus anyone showing the above symptoms being not immediately being designated an “infected” OMGICRON case.

    ….the Deceit and BS continues unabated. As such, I will continue to go about maskless, Avoid sanitizer like the plague and remain a leper while continuing to feel just fine thank you as I emulate Alfred E Neumann…. What.? Me worry..??

    1. Well, since about everything cures covid except for what the gov’t says then they’d have to remove everything from the shelves to prevent people from maintaining their own health.

      Oh wait……

    2. Besides the above.

      Does anyone out side of the brain dead herd actually believe said Vaxxines were invented, Manufactured, Tested and made read for consumption in a mere 7 months..?? ”
      ‘Cause….Operation Warp Speed…???

      What was that math question again..?? If PHarma could actually make 1 Dose/Second…how long would it take to make 1 Billion…………..I’ll wait.

      100% Planned Faux Crisis and planned many many yrs ago.

  7. Omicron is mild, at least for the purebloods.
    Now the question is, are the jabbed getting covid, or is the jab giving covid?

  8. By the way Francisco, LOVE the headline!

    Hate to admit it, but we have been cheering for new high scores for a few weeks now. It has to happen, it’s a chance to BUST the narrative, with all the jabbed getting sick, filling hospitals etc.

    Watching Bonnie squirm, wring her hands, waive them, and tell pretzel logic answers is entertaining.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing Bonnie going down. She is one of the worst. She distorts data and deliberatrly misleads people. She goes along with pointless draconian measures. Others have lost jobs because of her. Hopefully she goes down soon.

      1. That would be a surprise Linda.

        Bonnie could instruct everyone to jump on one foot and Pat their heads at the same time. The majority would comply without question.

        Turning her into an object of idolatry was a master stroke of the NDP, it hypnotized the complacent masses quickly. For critical thinkers, I see the “She’s nice, she must be smart” BS that easily fools the gullible. Everyone forgets what she said last week and last month, that would reveal what an incompetent nursemaid that she really is

        1. “Thalidomide” Bonnie is indeed the heroine of the last two years. And the people will show their reverence.
          Until they don’t.
          The “They Don’t” Day is on it’s way. It is inevitable. It’s already started. It’s a trickle, but it has started.
          Bonnie knows it. She knows the truth is coming out and the Obfuscation and Protection Operation by The Turd’s minions, including the armed forces is not enough.
          You are right about the Dippers. Horgan was brilliant. Elevate Bonnie to Sainthood and she will take the fall when the economy flatlines. On top of that, Horgan gets to take out the trash with Dix being simiarly painted with the tanking of the economy.
          Interesting thought though. It is well known that the jabs can light up latent cancers. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Horgan’s cancer was triggered by the shot. Assuming he actually took the shot and not the saline the higher ups get.
          Still, the idea of seeing St. Bon and Dickless run out on a rail does give me a spring in me step.

          1. If you noticed in today’s presser, she said, again, that “Vaccines are proven to prevent infection”.
            The vaxxed dead and vaxxed in majority numbers in hospital and ICU show that Bonnie BS is a sociopathic liar.
            She also addressed social media and other sites spreading misinformation, and that only her BC stats website is the true source of information……..
            Her problem, is real world data from UK, Denmark, Germany, Israel and Ontario DESTROY her narrative.
            BS Bonnie is a sociopathic LIAR. I look forward to her conviction and sentencing at the Nuremberg 2.0 trials. I will pay for front row seats at her e-ecution.

  9. They won’t admit the jabba have created a super bug, brave souls will have to drag the medical establishment through the courts for decades to get at the truth. Thankfully Judical watch is going to get the pissers’ date in the next eight weeks, then perhaps we’ll have evidence to use against all those involved with the vaccines and mandates.

    1. Yes. Plenty of deaths then too. Because there were signs of a virus coming out of China we were watching the obits in late dec 2019 and early 2020 and there was a noticeable uptick in oldies dying then. Given the amount of traffic between Canada and China it would stand to reason that a virus would spread here before anyone took notice. Then again what do I know, not only am I not a Doctor, I didn’t even stay at a holiday inn last night.

  10. ” … brave souls will have to drag the medical establishment through the courts for decades to get at the truth.”

    Rose, Rose, Rose! Brave souls fight back … NOW!

    Do you think the *&^%$#g sclerotic court system works for us … or “them”?

    1. The medical associations have millions in trust in the event of law suits, trust me they have the wealth and power to stall legitimate lawsuits for decades. A former neighbor is a doctor, he gave me a great deal of insight into those medical associations.

  11. Without vaccinations the number would be astronomically higher. Think 5000+. We would be under an Australia type lockdown.

    Vaccines prevented that.

    1. Absolute nonsense, Alan. The vax is weakening people’s immune systems. Stop making things up. These ” vaccinations” clearly do not work. Without government interference, we would have herd immunity by now I

      1. 62% of manitobas 588 hospitalized patients are vaccinated. Manitoba is also 85% vaccinated. The unvaccinated are currently 4x more likely to end up hospitalized from covid.

        62% x 588 = 365

        365 x 4 = 1460

        There would be 1100 more hospitalizations without the vaccine. Let’s calculate the total:

        38% × 588 + 1460 = 1693

        Manitoba cannot handle 1693 Covid patients in the hospital. Even if none of them are in ICU.

        1. We absolutely know how much more likely the unvaccinated are ending up in the hospital. Multiply the hospitalized vaccinated by that number and you have a pretty good idea of what we would be dealing if we didn’t have the vaccine.

          62% of Manitobas 588 hospitalized Covid patients are vaccinated. Do you think that’s a failure? From the Manitoba data we know the unvaccinated are currently 4x more likely to end up hospitalized.

          62% x 588 = 365 vaccinated hospitalized

          Let’s pretend they weren’t vaccinated:

          365 x 4 = 1460

          Let’s add the original unvaccinated with this new number:

          588 x 38% + 1460 = 1,693

          The difference between 85% vaccinated and 0% vaccinated is 1105 more patients in the hospital. That’s an astronomical difference.

      1. Also effective at preventing bear attacks, I mean there could have been 50 000 000 bear attacks without the vaccines.

      2. Allah, you are batshit stupid. Publically available date from the UK, Germany, Denmark and Morontariowe, PROVE the jabbed are TWICE as likely to be infected, hospitalized and placed in the ICU. And it continues to skew worse for the jabbed. Many “not vaxxed” in hospital are vax injured, including dead.
        GFY Liberal Bot.

        1. No they don’t. People are misusing the UK data. Denmark, let me guess. Berenson? If I’m right, LOL.

          The Ontario study doesn’t show it either.

    2. Allan, an Australia type lockdown?? You mean the country with the highest vax rate and the highest Covid case rate?? That Australia?? Please do continue to beclown yourself.

        1. They’re just getting warmed up in OZ. But don’t forget the deaths /000 is using the current definition of death with covid. The UK has released the number of dead from Covid as opposed to with covid as their narrative collapses, and poof, 150,000 turned into 17,000. Magic it is.


      “ this is a vaccine falling apart and is consistent with omicron being not only a vaccine escape variant, but one that infects the vaccinated preferentially. ”
      “ what’s striking here is this: growth in the unvaxxed was quite uniform. it was near identical for 30+. but look at vaxxed. it was higher in all groups, but look how it starts to dramatically diverge in the older (and most vaccinated) groups. this is EXACTLY what you do not want.”

      “ the vaccinated are not a dead end for virus, they are crop-dusters for it and spreading it more widely.
      omi may be more contagious, but i suspect that A LOT of the surges we’re seeing are so steep because of vaccine driven spread amplification.
      the moralizing about “needing to be protected from the unvaxxed” is hallucinatory projection. it’s the opposite that is true. the vaxxed are the primary carrier on a per capita basis.
      there has been enough lying and misrepresentation and vilification and othering. that just piles societal poison on top of gross epidemiological malpractice.”

      Supported by real world data. The vaxxed are…….FCKED!

  12. Looks to me like the vaxed are having trouble fighting Omicron. Could this signal ADE? I have been worried about that.

      1. Possibly OAS (seems to me to fit the profile of what’s going on better).

        In either case, not good. I fear for people close to me that have been double- or triple-vaxxed.

        1. Agreed, and all predicted by GVB and Yeadon, to happen.

          Both highly experienced virologists, epidemiologists, who have worked at the major Pharmaceuticals, GVB also did time at the Gates foundation, Yeadon at Pfizer.

          They KNOW their business. Both have been critical and concerned, using language like “concerned about the future of humanity”. Given their background, and their accurate track record, we should all be concerned about our jabbed family, no matter how crazy they have become, and friends who have distanced themselves. They are all potentially in a world of trouble from the clotshots.

          But, their fate is sealed, there’s not much we can do for them, other than assist with the burials

        2. Please see here:

          “The eight previous Public Health England / UK Health Security Agency ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ reports on Covid-19 cases show that double vaccinated 40-79 year olds have now lost lost 50% of their immune system capability and are consistently losing a further 4-5% every week (between 3.7% and 7.9%).”

  13. Look at how the focus has changed. We used to have a tangible, achievable goal of ending restrictions once 70% of the adult population was vaccinated. Now, we are simply supposed to “imagine” how many people would have died without the vaccine so that we can be distracted from the fact that the mass vaccination program now has no goals, no carrot and ever-larger sticks.

  14. For the few wanting revenge once this ridiculous lock-down is over – you are not in charge of the narrative. Sorry, I wish the narrative was a baton to be passed from the vaxxed to the unjabbed. Not going to happen.

  15. In Ontario, they say they’re now differentiating between people in hospital for Covid versus with Covid. Although I haven’t seen any actual numbers breaking this out yet, never mind adjusted for age and vaccine status. To this point, I believe all deaths with Covid have been recorded as being from Covid. If half the hospitalizations are only incidental for Covid, it stands to reason that deaths are also being over-reported.

    1. I just captured the data, Jan 17, I’m going to do it every day for a week to get a most recent 7 day’s picture.

      I love the bullet points at the beginning making the vax look “good” The data is from Jan 1-Jan 17, everyone who got a dose in the last two weeks is considered unvaxxed regardless of dose number. That will make the vax look good, but the effect will wear off even faster than the clot shot.

  16. The problem is that there is no real political opposition to the pandemic response, so the opinions widely shared here will never break through the cone of radio silence imposed by the ruling classes and their controlled media. If this gets questioned, then of course all the other false narratives will come under scrutiny as well. That should be happening, as it was to some extent under Donald Trump’s leadership, but even he was not able to break through entirely. Debate about the green economic agenda has died down to a dull background hum, even if let’s say 25 per cent of the population remains dead set against it. Unrest about the gender and sexuality narratives is also very damped down as sympathizers in the media refuse to allow any discussion.

    This is going to result in one of two things, either a counter-revolution (which cannot be non-violent to succeed), or a collapse of the economy and the social order.

    It is ridiculous that we face these choices simply because of a lack of a viable political opposition. We can’t expect that to come from splinter leftist parties and apparently there’s no chance of it coming from the Conservative Party either. Shame on them for refusing to stand up for people they have duped into voting for them. And shame on the people who allowed themselves to be duped when there was a clear alternative available to them.

    1. “We can’t expect that to come from splinter leftist parties and apparently there’s no chance of it coming from the Conservative Party either.”

      Shee-it. The “Conservative” Party is a splinter left party.