19 Replies to “A Naive Lil’ Totalitarian Thug on Display”

  1. Bennie looks exactly Like you would expect him to look. Pudgy, odd looking, and has the tan that one can only get from playing Minecraft from a couch in his mother’s basement.

    typical soyboy….with a fascist bent.

    1. I was called selfish (and told I didn’t care about anyone else) for having no issue with the Bowden Rodeo. It was by an asshole just like the Ben Buttf***er type depicted in the video. I will bet he is also okay with bending the rules when it is to his own convenience.

      1. Yup. Last year, when one could safely claim exemptions, I was verbally abused at one establishment. (How dare I stand there without a mask when I claimed one? I owed it to society to stay at home–preferably forever.)

        One of my relatives scolded me for exercising my right to an exemption. He likened it to someone claiming they having their lights on and curtains open during a mandatory blackout.

        I was guilty of not complying with like-think and like-act. I didn’t want to be “in this together” with the “all”.

  2. If THAT is the Senior Reporter at i magazine…that says all you need to know about the milleiu he drifts in.
    Sorry – in which he drifts.

  3. The NHS is always in crisis in the winter. Where was this fool’s outrage in previous winters. So many have had the virus in London already but no mention of natural immunity or the fact that the NHS has been reducing beds and closing wards for several years now. Booster propaganda every ad break on Magic radio station. There is a heavy push to convince people to be jabbed this week. Longer opening hours at jabbatoirs just for those eager punters. Conservative MPs and their Labour Party buddies in Westminster need to remember the elections after the expenses scandal and brexit referendum. Voters have long memories.

    1. Yeah, “freedom and choice” means being responsible for your own decisions. That concept probably scares him more than any virus.

  4. The little fucker needs to be slapped.
    The government locks people “down”. The people who haven’t been shot have done no such thing.
    Its this kind of fucktard talk that makes me want to start beating the shit out of assholes.

  5. He looks like that kid in school who liked to rip legs off insects for fun and who got locked in his locker time and time again. You know the type, wet himself on occasion, never stood up for himself, was last chosen for any team and everyone knew there was something wrong with him. The kid that the friendliest dogs in the neighborhood growled at. In short he looks like an UnMe.