Welcome Back Kyrie

WSJ- Unvaccinated Kyrie Irving Is Returning to the Nets Because of the Covid Surge

The latest wave of Covid-19 cases across the NBA is bringing the league’s most prominent unvaccinated player back to the court.  Irving is easily the biggest star who remains unvaccinated in a league with a 97% vaccination rate.  Now the Nets have changed their mind about Irving’s availability with Covid ripping through their locker room in a spike that coincides with a sharp increase in cases across the league and the Omicron variant’s arrival in the United States.

The situation mirrors the rest of society. There’s all sorts of healthy, qualified people, that are able to do the job, who have been put on the sidelines. At the same time there’s unhealthy vaccinated people who’ve gotten sick and are now home too. If the predictions of negative vaccine efficacy come true there’s not going to be a lot left to keep things running. How’s about putting down the pitchforks and picking up an olive branch?

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    1. Well perhaps…..but the true message is that the “vaccines” do NOT stop the transmission of the virus. In other words, the experiment is failing.

      1. Art, yesterday, today and tomorrow. A total and complete failure. Now will some start arresting the buffoons that are forcing this issue with crimes against humanity. They are evil bastards.

        1. VOWG….as you and I well know…

          It was NEVER at Any time about “Our HEALTH”.

          Profit..? A whole other story and I’m still on the ” 1 mRNA shot per 100/200 vials theory…cause I simply don’t buy they had 7-8 Billion Actual mRNA shots ready in 2019..nor that they created and then manufactured them in a mere 10 months.


          …7 month wonder potion my (_I_)…there’s a lot that reeks about this entite shitshow.

  1. Once more with feeling. NO ONE IS VACCINATED WITH ANY OF THE SO CALLED “COVID VAXXES”, NO ONE. Wake the hell up.

  2. They never offer an olive branch without a knife at their throats or a pistol at their temples. That’s why.

    When they offer an armistice, that’s your cue to tell them, “Armistice? No thank you. We’re perfectly prepared to go on fighting till we’re satisfied we’ve won.”

  3. Nah, Francisco, too late for Olive branches.

    “Burn It All Down!”

    People need to learn a harsh lesson, one that won’t be forgotten for generations. The willingly vaxxed and boosted need to suffer their oncoming health maladies, their failed immune systems, ADE, Marek’s diseases, auto-immune disorders. That way, it can be justified to
    line up all the MHOs, politicians, and mediots who have all been complicit, AGAINST THE WALL.

    Otherwise nothing will have been learned by anyone. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

    Let it play out, burn it all down

    1. Pureblood

      Just wait when the realization finally hits the herd that Vaxxing their wife’s, kids n other loved ones, DIRECTLY led to Their deaths….

      Oh and let’s thank the gods the Flu has been eradicated…uhuh.

      I will gladly travel anywhere at my cost to help build the thousands of gallows that hopefully will required for the Entire Planetary Body Politic

      1. “But *I* didn’t know! *EVERYBODY* was doing it!”

        When nearly everyone is part of the evil to some degree, the worst can avoid judgement, and pretend they did nothing wrong.

        There needs to be a reckoning, but I don’t expect it to happen. They’ll pretend it was all about saving lives, so even if their methods were counterproductive or destructive, their heart was in the right place so we should just move on. No contrition, no introspection, nothing learned.

    2. I have come to feel likewise.
      Just mentioned to my wife before seeing this news how this could, and should, become an epic John Galt type moment.

      1. Your right, if nothing good politically comes out of this. The country is finished.
        I lost friends, because I didn’t stand in line to be a guinea pig like them even though I didn’t care if they got vaxxed or not it’s a free country. They could have been informed just the same as anyone else. but they shrugged their shoulders and said “Oh well what are you going to do it’s always been corrupt”. Like it’s just another tax hike or stupid rule, not something you can take back out of your system. What a precedent to set really…… and old school farmers to boot.
        Well watching a Venezuelan , that now lives in Florida say they always said it won’t get worse, but it always did. I’m guessing he’s probably right. The slide isn’t going to stop, until people have had enough and realize the people in play now and many bureaucrats look down their noses at the average person.
        And why not ? So many are content being sheep, as long as they can go on their cruises, and talk about their new kitchen which is great, but it doesn’t change the reality outside your door.

  4. Olive branch, not a chance perhaps rope and chairs so they can hang us because we’re living proof that the unvaccinated are not the problem.

  5. So all these athletes that are now on IR – are they actually sick, or just tested positive?

    How long before some NHL or NBA or NFL star pops off on social media to say “Yeah I tested positive but so what, I’m not sick and I can play at 100% and this is all just stupid for players and fans”. I’m hoping to see this real soon.

    1. Fat chance of the players spouting, at least in the NHL. Gone are the days of free spirits and independent thinkers, who didn’t GAF about what others thought,

      They are now easily controlled, no one wants to miss out on their multi-million paycheques. Only some ghetto hoods in the NBA still have the cajoles to speak their minds.

      Even the NFLPA has become controlled opposition.