Screw This

Dr Yusef Smith- I just quit being a doctor for the NHS. Here are 12 reflections:

You aren’t paid your worth in healthcare. £1800/month for my hours isn’t enough to keep me here. Apply the same time, energy & training to other fields, and you’d see 10x the return. There’s easier ways to earn £1800 without 7+ years of training/exams/sweat/nightshifts.

Americans don’t get it. Over here, the financials are completely removed from our individual clinical decisions. I can say that with absolute confidence.

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  1. The only important effect of the NHS on British healthcare was to induce every British doctor worth his degree to say “balls to this” and flee to Australia, forcing the British government to import hacks from Pakistan, beginning the process of Islamization.

  2. When you work for a big outfit, you can be paid twice or 1/2 what you’re worth and there’s no way to fix the problem. This guy still supports the NHS so he’s no genius.

  3. My daughter is in the process of being fired…because Covid this or that.
    The Xi variant was skipped due to Chinese politics, so they went for the omicron variant.
    Personally, I’m waiting for the OMEGA variant; and we can all call it a day!

    Most health care systems are “bailing wire and binder twine”; it’s the order of the day.
    The large majority of folks who work in healthcare don’t do so for the huge tangible rewards.
    My daughter has had a number of patients who passed, and to a man, they all thanked my daughter for their care.
    Most are there because they actually give a shit and clean plenty of it up; unlike our completely disfigured and malign political process.
    Its always swell to be FIRED BEFORE CHRISTMAS, it just shows how much they CARE. sarc/

    But then Jesus was born in a stable, because there was no health care “system”…

    Did I mention Happy Advent! 🙂
    And now for something completely different; oh the horror /sarc TRADITIONAL music:

    Staad, staad….Alt-Bayerisches Adventslied (Old Bavarian Christmas Song)


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  4. Read the whole thing, he’s a loser. Complains about pay, then says the pay is fine and he loves nhs he just wants a Mac instead of windows and better pay. Oh and some flexing selfies because … who knows why?

    I don’t doubt the nhs sucks but he’s just a whiny millennial.

    1. In the 1980’s Soviet doctors in the USSR got 200 Rubles a month. A Ruble back then was about a US $1.25. Now, if your doctor is being paid like a janitor what kind of health care are you getting?

      My daughter makes $75,000 a year as an RN. Within the next two weeks she expects to be fired for not getting a Fauci vaccine for the Fauci Flu. She’s an ignoramus according to her hospital management bureaucrats.. What has been her primary job the last 18 months? Oh, just being the RN in charge of the COVID Unit when on duty. Yeah, she doesn’t know anything.

      If she is fired she has an offer of $2500 a week to be a traveling nurse with no questions asked about being vaccinated. So that’s a raise of $50,000 a year. In Europe you probably can’t do that. In the US we have a lot red states with smart governors and many hospitals in desperate need of nurses so they look the other way. 20 years from now this garbage hypocrisy will be laughed at.

      My other daughter lives in the UK. Not feeling great about her health chances in an English hospital.

      1. So it has not crossed the minds of the management staff that her daily contact with COVID patients means one of two things. Either she had native immunity to Wuhan virus or she contracted a mild case. Either way she knows she has better immunity than the vaccine provides.

        What exactly qualifies them to be managers? It certainly is not cognitive ability.

  5. NHS doctors earn a good deal more than £1800/month. As an NHS pharmacist my wife was bringing home more than that (after taxes) and that was over a decade ago. And you can earn even more than that as a locum.

  6. So move to some shithole prairie town, get paid half a million a year and cry like a girl about how bad things are.

  7. The socialists who like the fact that the NHS has monopoly over the healthcare of 90% of the country who cannot afford better forget that it is also close to a monopsony for the employment of healthcare staff. Government abuses that position because it is easier than solving the other problems (e.g. that nurse is paying for the lost hours in shitty IT in lower wages because it affects his productivity; he cannot look elsewhere for a job because a huge proportion of nurses are employed by the NHS).

  8. $3055 and change a month? Me and my wife bring in about $4100 between OAP,CCP and my Union pension. That’s insane for a Dr.