The Next “Horse Paste”

Technically I think it is more dangerous than ivermectin. 

Over-the-counter aspirin could protect the lungs of COVID-19 patients and minimize the need for mechanical ventilation, according to new research at the George Washington University.

The team investigated more than 400 COVID patients from hospitals across the United States who take aspirin unrelated to their COVID disease, and found that the treatment reduced the risk of several parameters by almost half: reaching mechanical ventilation by 44%, ICU admissions by 43%, and overall in-hospital mortality by 47%.

Israeli researchers reached similar results in a preliminary trial at the Barzilai Medical Center in March. In addition to its effect on blood clots, they found that aspirin carried immunological benefits and that the group taking it was 29% less likely to become infected with the virus in the first place.

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  1. Oh, so we are full circle and back to “take two aspirins and call me in the morning.”
    What next? An apple a day?

    1. I look forward to the day when the CDC, WHO, and the entire MSM announce ‘ Buckleys Mixture, it tastes awful but it works”. What next , mouth wash.

    2. Aspirin and mouthwash. So, all people with civilized self care habits will survive the COVID? Well … nature DOES select the fittest for reproduction. Don’t mess with Mother Nature.

    1. As with a lot of online articles, the author’s inability to speak English doesn’t help.

      “There is an outer layer of bark, and an inner which has a greenish color to it, this is what holds the most medicine.”

      What exactly does this mean? The outer layer? The green layer? Both?

  2. Two of the safest drugs in the world are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. They are universally used in the tropics by billions of people. Ivermectin won the 2005 Nobel Peace prize for saving millions of lives and virtually eliminating River Blindness. Hydroxychloroquine is the go-to medicine to prevent malaria. In most of the world users need no prescription and they are likely used more than aspirin.

    In 2020 quinine apparently lost its anti-viral properties that it had for over 100 years.

  3. Aspirin is likely the most repurposed drug in existence. I hope this doesn’t mean it will now be banned for being useful against the Wuhan virus. How long before Fauci of Bonny Henri come out and say that it is not approved for Covid and any doctor prescribing it will be cancelled.

    1. John, government will now take all “necessary actions” to discredit aspirin, for any and all uses. Three months after that, Pfizer will introduce a new and remarkable, proprietary medication known as Pfasperin, which is extremely effective in preventing the need for Covid patients to be placed on respirators.

      1. Aspirmectin at $800 per course of treatment.

        The ultimate irony of the Ivermectin is just deworming horse paste is that Merck’s new covid wonder drug was originally created for Venezuelan equine encephalitis (a horse drug) and looks to be quite dangerous as a mutagenic.

  4. Aspirin was the miracle drug back in 1917-18. Over using it caused many of the flue deaths then.

    That and masking.

    1. I have seen endless army files from 1918 where the medicine prescribed for influenza was ta-da – quinine, the natural version of hydroxychloroquine.

  5. Over the last months, a few researchers have suggested that a combination of an anti-viral plus anti-coagulatant plus anti-inflammatory would be an effective covid treatment, some included ivermectin and HCQ and some did not. Vitamin D is also important according to many.

    Instead of any early take home treatments, all covid positive people get is advice to come to the emergency room if you can’t breathe. The lack of treatments for patients and lack of preventative treatment for housemates/close contacts has gone from unforgivable to criminal, imo. At this point they damn well know they could try relatively harmless treatments but they’ve chosen to let people suffer instead.

    1. For bronchitis, I usually get anti-biotics and steroids. A lot of Covid patients never even get these as they are dying. I think the medical profession has bought into this fraud so badly that they will never change course because the lawsuits would bankrupt the whole industry.

      1. I think the medical profession is scared shitless of the regulatory bodies in their professional organizations and government (but I repeat myself). Not sure how those who know better but are going along with what’s happening , despite their oaths to patient care and medical ethics, don’t feel like they’re betraying themselves and their patients.

        1. Absolutely. You know damned well that any and all Wuhan flu protocols/directives emanating from agencies such as Ont. College of Physicians & Surgeons to their members are have little or nothing to do with public health, but rather, are regurgitations of advice from their lawyers on what is the safest route to avoid liability.

    2. Add an antioxidant, which helps prevent damage caused by the spikes, which is the source of the vascular and heart inflammation. That’s where the NAC and Quercetin, both available off the Walmart shelves, come in. An antihistamine will damp immune system overreaction. That’s where the loratadine (Claritin) comes in.

      Use of an antibiotic is prophylactic, to guard against opportunistic bacterial infection while your immune system is compromised.

      The virus has no “interest” in killing you, or even making you cripplingly sick. That goes against its own ability to propagate. It’s the side effects that can get you if you are sensitive to them. In fact the viral infection phase is usually over before your life is put in danger, which is why late treatment doesn’t work. Keep the side effects under control early, you get sick, you get over it, you get immunity.

  6. The “top” medical “professionals” are in too deep with their fear campaign and drum banging for the “vaccines”. They will do everything they can to keep trying to put down therapeutics that do work. It’s now vanity for them….or perhaps even fear of being prosecuted into oblivion for their corruption. Much like Fauci and that mass murderer, Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance. Nuremberg trials are required.

  7. The American medical system and by association, the Canadian cousin, has dug itself into a hole so deep by denigrating HCQ and Ivermectin early is this crisis that they have no way out. The line “We’re learning new things everyday”, is the lamest excuse ever uttered by Fauci and company. To now declare that Ivermectin or for that matter aspirin can be effective against this flu is the epitome of about face. A relief or cure for this virus at a cost of pennies per treatment against the billions committed by governments to big Pharma for the experimental injection should elicit a lawsuit to bankrupt both Big Pharma and its partner in crime the MSM and government parties that condoned the duping of the American population.

  8. Quick, stock up on Aspirin before the Canadian government removes it from the shelves. Which seems to be the trend.

  9. A few years ago my Doctor and I reviewed my prescriptions.

    He told me 81 mg Aspirin had been taken off the prescription lists and it wasn’t recommended in Manitoba anymore.

    I replied I felt it had helped me, why change it. My Doctor has been a good Doctor for me, but I always follow my intuition so stuck with it.

    One wonders if progressives in our Provincial government wanted us to be more susceptible to something…. hmmmmm…. ?

    1. I’ve been on 81mg Aspirin since before bypass surgery…Am taki g 2 other common drugs,as well, yet my cardiologist is quite adamant about ensuring I don’t neglect said aspirin…

    2. Same – 21 yrs on aspirin, atenolol and altace after a disrhythmia was discovered. Now in the last 2 yrs the cardiologist wants to remove aspirin and swap in the new blood thinner Eliquis instead. No thanks.

      1. I’m on Eliquis , it’s a blood thinner so should avoid any clots but it’s a bloody sight more expensive than aspirin.

    3. Jean; ASA, or for that matter, any of the Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatories (can) have serious side effects. Gastro intestinal damage and kidney damage are two of the worst.
      I was popping Ibuprofen for a few years, for joint pain, and now have the kidney damage, not to mention the esophageal damage i did to myself two years ago, and which now seems to have healed since I stopped taking ANY of the NSAIDs.
      They aren’t harmless just because they’re OTC.

  10. We are very fortunate that aspirin is an “over the counter” drug. Had it been discovered one hundred years later, it would have been seriously restricted by prescription only. As it is, we can still get some drugs without some busybody trying to block us.