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  1. Search in any search engine “nih.gov table 2e. characteristics of antiviral agents”. Look at the second drug the NIH has approved for the treatment of COVID-19.

        1. That’s the same fact checkers that said Joe Biden didn’t check his watch when the military victims of the Afghan suicide bomber were being unloaded from the plane.

          Assume that USAToday fact checkers are lying to you unless you can find a source you trust that agrees with them.

        2. Do you have any evidence that this is happening other than a tweet and some fecesbook follow up? All hospitals deny it. I haven’t seen an interview with as single parent who claimed that it has happened to them. There is nothing that I could find on Rebel, Post Millennial, Summit etc confirming that story.

        1. I prefer an axe. Reusable, time tested and available at popular outdoor suppliers everywhere!

      1. He is 100% correct and I have been of a similar mind set for all of my adult life, freedom of the individual is the singular most important thing in the world. Fools who want to control us are no better than the Nazis in Germany they are just as evil and just as dangerous. What are we going to do, wait until someone like me is killed on their front step for refusing to cooperate with the gestapo and take poison into my? What will you “pro vaxxers” do when the third shot is demanded as it has been elsewhere? What will you do when the fourth shot is mandated, line up like fucking sheep and take finishing shot that will destroy your immune system?

        Serious questions for those who question nothing.

        1. Already happened in Minden, Ontario last year but for refusing to wear a mask.
          Old guy went shopping without one and food store refused him service.
          He got mad and damaged some property.
          OPP chased him home.
          He got out the guns and started firing.
          They shot him dead.

          All over a fucking mask.

          1. Not clear if that is what has really happened. There were no witnesses to the killing. Cops routinely lie in perfect harmony about what happens when they get to kill someone (see for example the murder of Robert Dziekanski) or stonewall the investigation (like in case of Myles Gray lynched Casino style or the shooting of the toddler near Jack Lake Ontario). SIU could not be more useless if they tried.

          2. True but it was the forcing of wearing a mask to buy food that started that giant shit ball rolling.

          3. Yes, indirectly it was that. Directly it was lack of accountability of Jackbooted thugs that lead to it.

        2. Very well said VOWG…just remember precious metals ” brass and lead” are your friends….Steve O

        3. Excellent Comment my friend.
          I could not agree more…as you well know.

          LOCK N LOAD time…for me, time to sharpen my hatchet.

    1. If PJW ever met Canada’s BONGWHISPERER in person, like I did….. he’d have to take a few days off.
      Time off for counselling and rest for his neck muscles… from the severe headshaking he’d certainly have suffered.
      Paul knows a loser when he sees one…….

      1. Paul knows a loser when he sees one…….

        Which makes him a lot smarter than millions of Canadian voters.

    1. Yeah… I’m calling bs on those graphs. If you’ve been injured within a couple of days of getting your second jab, you are technically not vaccinated. Therefor, since your injuries are not the result of being vaxxed, then you must be suffering from covid.

      Pretty neat how that works, isn’t it?

  2. Vax Policy Exempts 212,000

    Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland yesterday detailed a vaccination program for federal employees that exempts more than 200,000 workers and does not require automatic proof of immunization. Exempted employees include call centre operators, federal judges, meat inspectors, park wardens, postal workers, tax auditors, Commons and Senate staff, soldiers, sailors and air crew and members of the public entering federal buildings: “The Canadian public service is vast.”


    1. Seems to me that list includes some government “critical” workers.
      Government existence is paramount.
      Cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face is not something malignant beasts do.

    2. This does not surprise me in slightest.
      Coming from a Pure Blood NAZI KUNT (Crystia Freeland)

    1. A bloke here in the UK was killed when the BMW he was stealing a converter from fell off the jacks and crushed him.
      The owner was shocked to see two legs protruding from under the car.
      He said “the thief was a big guy – six foot four inches by four foot…….

  3. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/chinas-top-coal-region-tells-mines-boost-output-immediately-sources-2021-10-08/

    “Many more people and businesses would have been sitting in the dark had China just built coal power plants and not expanded solar and wind capacity,” said Lauri Myllyvirta, lead analyst at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, noting volatile fossil fuel prices have caused shortages, not the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables.

    Yeah…no. Fossil fuel prices have always been volatile so try something else, Lauri.

  4. Tofino story is finito, a two day story, apologies and all is forgiven and forgotten. Carry on.

  5. Our Canadian government is destroying Canada through Unintended Consequences in trying to go ‘Green’ long before it’s ready.
    Trudeau bribed two of our steel plants to close their steel making with coal and materials needed to make our infrastructure run such as steel for towers and other steel reliant infrastructure.
    Whatever supplies will run out quickly should some storm hit these and damage them.
    Ordering replacement could take more than a year now as the supply chain is broken.
    A steel crisis is coming and will only drive the prices astromically higher as we’ve created our own supplies shortage.


    Our politicians really suck at understanding what materials we need as essential as they become world ‘heros’ in their own minds to the media and piss poor academics who push globalization.

    1. That’s what you get when you elect someone who’s whored himself out to his “favourite” country.

      “Just how much admiration to you have for China, Mr. Trudeau?”

      “Oh, at weatht $100 miwwion dowwarth to my piggy bank thluth fund–I mean, foundathion.”

      Gotta keep all those comrades over there busy making garbage steel for Canada, right?

    2. That’s the thing.
      They could care less if the system breaks.
      All baked into the cake.
      Gotta wreck it before you can rebuild it in your image.

      6uild 6ack 6etter
      The Road Back to Serfdom

    3. No some of our politicians understand, they just don’t give a damn. They think they are being saintly and it doesn’t affect their income.

      Oh. I see I wasn’t the first to have this thought.

  6. Blacklock reports that 85% of emergency PPE supplies from China went to Quebec. Aides in the prime minister’s office tried to cover it up.

    1. For some reason, the words, “Chinese PPE, and 85% went to Quebec” don’t bother me…in the slightest,!

      1. LOLOLOLOLOL…..!!!
        Fracking BEAUTIFUL..!! Greg.
        I am of IDENTICAL mind.!
        …damned near made me spit out my coffee..!!

  7. The Nobel Peace Prize has gone to two hacks whose careers have been devoted to telling lies about two good men who govern their nations in the interest of their people, not the ChiComs and the globalists.

    Canada has nothing to teach the Philippines and Russia about how to treat treacherous typists, and much to learn.

    1. The Nobel Peace Prize….. Is that still credible after it was awarded to O’Bummer simply for being elected and having the right skin colour?

      1. G’bye Nobel Prizes. It was nice knowing you…..

        Jack Kilby won his for the development of integrated circuits. (Dr. Robert Noyce had died before that was awarded and was, therefore, ineligible.)

        Dr. Joe Taylor K1JT won his for his work in cosmology and is still and active ham.

        Shameful, isn’t it?

  8. Besides our own governments efforts in closing much needed infrastructure industries…
    The supply chain is clogged with overflow, restrictions problems and additional regulations.


    1. Almost all of the trailer chassis’s that the shipping containers sit on are owned by a handful of companies in the US. Truckers and trucking companies must lease the chassis(s) from them. Chassis(s) must be certified in order to be used. Many of them are being refurbished by US companies as it is cost prohibitive to purchase brand new from CHINA, or construct in the US due to steel prices and labor costs. So chassis availability for shipping containers will be constrained for the near future.
    2. Shipping containers also have a recertification period (usually 10 years). I had a client that went bankrupt 7 years ago that was in the business of refurbishing shipping containers. At the time, it was cheaper to buy new ones from China. If the market has changed, then see the upcoming issues in 1 above.

    Expect everything to get worse as supply crunch hits much needed infrastructure that has additional regulations created by our politicians.
    A complete collapse is unavailable as our politicians stay the current course.

  9. Fresh unemployment stats out for September. Nationwide it’s at 6.9%, down for the 4th straight month. By province:

    Manitoba – 5.6%
    Quebec – 5.7%
    BC – 5.9%
    Sask. – 6.3%
    Ontario – 7.3%
    Nova Scotia – 8.0%
    Alberta – 8.1%
    New Brunswick – 9.3%
    PEI – 11.3%
    Nfld. – 13.1%

    Top 5 metro areas with lowest unemployment:

    Quebec City – 4.1%
    Victoria – 4.2%
    Gatineau – 4.4%
    Sherbrooke – 4.5%
    Lethbridge – 4.8%

    Bottom 5 metro areas with highest unemployment:

    Windsor – 10.4%
    Calgary – 8.9%
    Toronto – 8.9%
    Saint John – 8.7%
    Sudbury – 8.4%

    1. Don’t mean jack shit these government numbers…
      System is broken beyond repair.
      We have record numbers for health care providers is all fields quitting or being fired.
      Replacement need training and multiple years of training to be replaced by our government regulations.
      Colleges are now excited that you too can be a nurse…with 4 years of training.
      Doesn’t help in needing qualified nurses today…

      Every where I look, there is help wanted signs in just about every business that still open.

      Even my daughter, who was a cleaner in a casino was laid off since this Pandemic started.
      She did some part time cleaning and was up to 3 different clients including a public school.
      Yesterday, a high-school offered her a full-time position before it was even posted.
      The desperation for good employees is incredible right now.

      1. I agree, but lots of people are still on the CRB and counted as unemployed. It runs out in 2 weeks BTW. We’ll see what happens then, not coincidentally about the same time as the mass layoffs of un-vaxxed purebloods are set to commence.

  10. The rumour that North American hospitals are selectively treating patients with Ivermectin,depending on vaccine status?
    Combined with the mass exemptions for the special minions..
    This is explosive.
    How can I confirm the former?

  11. John.

    That Ivermectin is being used “selectively” would not surprise me in the slightest.
    Who gets it..?? Vaxxed individuals – Certainly not to that portion of humanity that actually practises critical thinking…the “unvaxxed”..??

    And for those that would see the entire planet fully DEPENDANT on Booster Shots…Why wouldnt they.?

    From what I read, it appears that Ivermectin places a block between the S1 Spike Protein and your Cells….it is this mechanism that is likely the reason they are “selectively” administering this to Vax Injured Humans ONLY. They are their “CASH CROP”..no..?? and as such warrant the use of IVM to keep em alive – All for ensuring they sell as many Boosters as possible right…??

    I don’t believe for an instant that the Medical community at large truly believed any of the Bullshit about IVM having zero efficacy….they Fucking well knew how & why it works and kept it from the population on purpose…using it ONLY to treat Vax injured.

    We are dealing with an EVIL of a kind, never ever seen on this planet.

  12. In reference to the link a couple of days ago in Reader’s Tips about Martial Law being declared between the 8 and 16 October. One big black chopper passed over Penticton this morning and another smaller one did a bit of hovering. We did have some extra activity with the forest fires this summer but this still is a bit unsettling.

    1. What happened when the Jews were hauled off to the camps.
      Did the Jews make the right decision by not RESISTING?
      If the JEWS had resisted immediately I think the outcome would have been much different.