8 Replies to “All In On It Together”

  1. We should find a way to quietly follow the trades of the powerful elites and their famalies / cronies.

    Create a private fund called ‘sdas basket o’ corruption’ and trade with them.

    Let them see OUR names in the latest unsurprising ‘papers’ release.

    Can you see the reporting on this–who the heck is Colonista and why is every trade comment; “in your face UnMe”?

  2. Always follow the money.
    Local community association.
    Local MLA
    Local MP

    Your spouse.
    The climate assholes.
    The bike lane assholes

    And be careful of the save the whales charities. Always follow the money.

  3. But of course it was all in a blind trust … and the managers just coincidentally made the optimal trade. If you believe that … I’ve got a hot tip from Hillary Clinton on cattle futures.

  4. Every politician retires a millionaire. On relatively handsome salaries for sure but not of the order that would make them millionaires. Just lucky I guess.

    1. I went to school with an Alberta MP. He was a solid C- student yet somehow wrangled the nomination and now sits on a lifetime pension, having only served two terms. Yet Trudeau is worried about us self-employed types as tax cheats, ignoring the log in his own eye. I have a daydream whereby trust funds, established from the profits from the sale of gasoline owned by any Canadian’s grandfather (including sitting politicians), will be levied a 150% tax.