Protecting the Vulnerable

To quote Pete Townsend I hope I die before I get old.

COVID-19 was repeatedly cited as a cause of death at the Herron nursing home to obscure the fact that dozens of elderly residents died from thirst, malnourishment and neglect, a Quebec coroner’s inquest heard Tuesday.

In an emotional testimony, an auxiliary nurse recalled how the facility in Montreal’s West Island was already poorly run before the crisis, how most of its staff abandoned their posts when the coronavirus struck, and how the local health authority then took over in a high-handed and inefficient manner.

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    1. It’s the global warming of 2020-21, except global warming is also still getting pushed by our “leaders,” one “existential threat” apparently not being enough to cow the public into submission to their rule.

    2. *
      STATISTICS CANADA released a report stating that the
      average age of death for KungFlu in Canada was…
      wait for it… eighty-six years of age.

      In other China Flu news… Pfizer wants to vaccinate


  1. Along the same lines. New York, New Jersey and Michigan just to name a few had it written in their State health directives sending infected patients into long term care facilities. Premeditated murder by another name.
    Hence Janice Dean’s long time spat with Gov. Cuomo whom she blames for killing her elderly inlaws. Hard to disagree with her on that point.

    The same could be said of Doug Ford although one could argue it was more a case of gross negligence than anything else. He was repeatedly warned from health officials of the immediate dangers that would present itself in LTC facilities if action wasn’t taken immediately but he chose to sit on his fat ass.
    The result? He had to call in the army. Incompetent boob.

    I’ve always said once you hit the seventies no one will give a shit about you.

    1. I have told friends and family that this past 18 months has been a test. Even though I have paid into CPP since the age of 16, and when I became self-employed in my late 20’s, I started paying both the employer and the employee contribution into the fund, I think I am deemed to be a “useless eater” as I no longer pay income tax. I DO pay GST and PST and municipal property taxes, so some of the governments are getting money out of me.

      It is a test because the governments need to find a way to get rid of the “old people”. I am in my 70th year, God help me when I reach 75, the beginning of being “old-old”.

    1. Remember, beneath his too-fashionable-for Bay Street suit and his press-on air of modernity (of which he is so very, very proud), the average Quebecois is only two or three generations removed from one of the most servile, docile, devout, unquestioning, quietist group of people ever to inhabit the earth since the Dark Ages. And although post-1960s, they have thrown out their obedient Clericalism, the Quebecois have merely replaced it with the New God of the Secular State. The same selfish, atomized European post-Christian secularist imperative that has led several times, for example, to widespread French heatwave deaths, is at work here. Socialism – ipso facto – impoverishes the soul.

      1. You are so full of shit its unreal. The Quebecois riot over hockey games. They riot over “police brutality.” Pretty “servile and docile”. They had a fucking referendum to separate, that was axed by your favorite people the federal liberals. Pretty “quiet and and unquestioning”. They pass laws to protect their culture, while TROC passes laws to protect any other culture than their own. They fought a war with the English. Their license plates read “I remember” in froggish. You can actually blame heatwave deaths on culture? You must be another climate-tard.
        They want to ditch the feds, whom you seem to love with gay abandon. Even prog Montreal is alive with church bells every Sunday, that city has more life than Toronto or Vancouver.
        Its the only province in Canada that treats the feds with the scorn they deserve, you docile, servile eunuch.
        You are just another ignorant Kraut, trying to find your next Jew.

    2. Saw a great exposé on Cuba’s model mental health care system some years back – patients lying in their own filth sort of thing, as I’m sure you guessed. So no – no surprise at all.

      1. The bottom line is healthcare costs money. If you don’t pay, you don’t get. Canadians are brainwashed into thinking they’ll get without paying, and when they whine that they pay, they still defend the bureaucracy they pay into. People who think that their elders will be taken care of for a few hundred bucks a month (or less) are on glue.
        I manage to survive on less than $1000 a month, and I don’t get people to serve me food or clean my toilets, and I didn’t get that when I made 5x that amount. I find solace that my income then went to providing my wife with comfort that lasted until her death. Leaving the rat race, and moving to a little rental hovel in the country was the best thing I ever did, as far as my health is concerned. I do miss the high-rent restaurants, but my wife is dead now, and I no longer have anyone to enjoy them with, and living without them is easy, easier than living in a world without my wife.

        1. Sorry to hear about your wife, but glad to hear you were able to keep her comfortable, and happy too to hear about your current circumstances. Sounds pretty fine to me. Even being rich and hanging out in Yaletown can get you stabbed to death for your wallet right at your ritzy watering hole, as happened in Vancouver not that long ago.

          1. Thanks, man. I used to be a bit of a barfly, too. Now I just want to do a bit of work, mind my own business, and be left alone to read my books and study physics, and drink, and I have my wish, and as empty as it may sound, its enough to keep me interested in life. Not the 9-10/10 love of life that I used to enjoy, but over 5/10. When it hits 0/10, you die of grief.

        2. I hear Ya YW….

          I do not relish that time when if the VOiD opts to take mine….THAT will be beyond tough to take, DNA having proscribed her with onset Diabetes…never good.

          I too survive on cpp/oas w/a similar although larger amount …still not exactly living the life of Luxury by any stretch. Said Stipends’ value diminishing on a daily basis. A quick trip to the Grocery store …tells the tale.

          Truly Sorry to hear of your loss..I simply cannot imagine. Glad to hear you’re doing ok..!! Hang in there my friend…We got a WAR to fight.

        3. Yeah Well,
          I know exactly how you feel.

          My wife of 36 years passed away 6 years ago yesterday. I grieved for a long time and still feel sad when I think of her.

          One thing I learned is that everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. I was fortunate enough to find another great woman as a partner. I hope you do as well so can eventually enjoy the fine dining again.

        4. Hear your pain. When Dad died, Mum was ready to go too, but genetics didn’t help her (her mother was rising 98 when she died). It didn’t help that health issues forced her to sell the home Dad had bought for them and move closer to where she could get the medical support she needed. That ended up being near us. Mum spent the first few years muttering “I won’t be here” any time I suggested she should prepare for a family (usually a grandchild) event; but eventually gave that over and began to enjoy the grandbrats and their accomplishments.
          Do hope that you are able to find a way forward with family and friends. You will never forget your life (Mum said she remembered Dad every day), but do hope you can move on while looking back in gratitude for the years you were granted with your wife.

  2. Taking care of our elderly loved ones cuts into our Netflix time. Can’t have that, so its best we just lock them away and throw away the key, and blame someone else when it all goes south.

    1. YeahWell, we locked up our elderly and threw away the key years ago. Out of sight, out of mind. Let someone else (government) take care of them. I witnessed it firsthand for three years while my mother was in LTC. Now, it is with my mother-in-law. At the beginning of this Chinese Plague, I said to my husband, “NOW, all of a sudden, we care about the elderly?” We are so messed up.

  3. Daily Mail reports that Phizer is seeking approval for its vaccine to be used on babies in the United States. What could possibly go wrong.

  4. Regarding Pete Townshend: at 76, it would appear he was not granted his wish – thankfully.

    As for the nursing home deaths, that is close to home as my mother is in such a home. She is 96 and, though frail, basically in decent health for someone of that age. Her problem is that she is totally fed up with the covid crap. She says repeatedly that she would cheerfully risk covid (and she tested positive last year) than have to deal with lockdowns, isolation and never being allowed to see anyone smile. The staff in her facility are great, and do their best but they have to operate under Provincial rules and basically treat the residents like they are a piece of toxic waste, rather than an aging person who just needs the personal touch.

    When she finally passes, I will be writing to the Minister (with copies to Doug and Christine) and laying it out in detail just what was wrong with their policies. I am quite sure they won’t care, but it will make me feel better.

    1. Why Wait? Do it now.

      Unless you think your government is filled with small, selfish, petty, and vindictive bureaucrats?

    2. I have written all of them a dozen times. I can say with confidence that my missives are dumped on receipt.

        1. Ah, thanks – I thought it was just one of those Utube-type comments. You know, where the title of a video is the title of the song, and the comments are full of the title of the song. Almost as if the average human being has the mind of a slightly trained parrot. 😉

  5. Project Veritas in the seniors centre…

    “I came to Project Veritas because I believe that Aegis Living is grossly taking advantage of severely vulnerable adults through fraud on care plans,” Renner said.

    “I don’t think that the neglect is coming directly from the care managers, as much as it is coming from the facility making the choice to be short-staffed,” she said.

    “We can probably, on a good day, get about 50% of what these people are paying for done.”

    1. Without even reading the link (which I did) my first thought was the bureaucratic nightmare called “Medicaid”. I’m betting a good number of those patients are on Medicaid, which pays poorly all the way around (and along with the paperwork a reason why quite a few private medical practices won’t accept it). But it does bring in income to these facilities, since not everyone is privately paying full freight at most of them. If these places don’t jump through the required hoops with respect to Medicaid patients they won’t get paid by the respective states, so there’s incentive to cheat.

  6. “I hope I die before I get old.” Not a problem – the government will now mandate injections to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed. Of course it’s always overwhelmed.

    1. Ted: The article makes clear that the residence was privately owned, but was taken over by a government agency on March 27-28, 2019. But that made no difference in the level of care provided to residents.

      “That evening, the local health authority, known by the abbreviation CIUSSS ODIM, found out about the crisis and said it would take over the facility from owner Samantha Chowieri.
      The auxiliary nurse said things didn’t improve under the CIUSSS. The staffing was uneven and it wasn’t clear who was in charge.”

  7. Dare I say it?

    When you abandon a higher morality and supplant with an idiot and antipathetic government, why are we surprised that the most vulnerable were left to their own devices?

    1. Exactly. We traded our faith in God and sense of humanity for faith in government and political expediency, with the results being bitter divisions and endless acrimony. We’re just starting to get a glimpse of where it will lead us.

  8. I don’t believe Townshend is “old” yet. Sheesh … he still prefers child porn. Only for “research” of course. Gotta stay young any way you can, eh?

    Get a grip! I’m actually a Townshend fan. Just giving the topic a little stick.

    Back on topic … I’ve had to deal with two different elder care settings … one for my father and one for my father in law. My father was in a VA subsidized facility. It was horrible. Every time I visited the main hall smelled of urine and feces, and patients were moaning. Horrible. Simply horrible. Fortunately, he didn’t stay there long as the VA performed open heart surgery on him and killed him from a massive sepsis infection (unclean operating theatre).

    We placed my stroke victimized Father in Law in a private home care facility. Independently operated single family home that provided near full care (except major medical care). The place was spotless clean, well staffed with people who truly cared for their patients as if their own family members. The difference between the two was shocking.

    Summary point … keep your parents AWAY … far away from any government operated or subsidized Elder “care” (more like elder abuse) facility.

  9. And the Quebec media will not blame any of this on premier Legault. He is more of a “Teflon Man” than Justin.

    1. And WHY did they die of dehydration? Because drinking straws were banned. Any old folks who couldn’t negotiate an ordinary cup DIED to save the sea life of plastic refuse. Died waiting for a care worker who did not speak English or French to give them a drink.

  10. OId peopIe are very expensive in Canada’s “free heaIth” care society. Covid was a godsend to useIess heaIth administrators, incompetent doctors, and nurses with the temperament of a woman named Ratchett.

    And once again….RebeI News caIIed it right over a year ago. They said this wouId happen…and it did.

    I bet there are many more victims of the “pandemic” who were never sick in the first pIace; just ignored.

  11. Well I gotta say this.

    My father spent his last few yrs in a Merritt, BC Facility called Gillis House….the Staff there were simply phenomenal….No complaints from our Family in that..PlAce Always smelled clean, food appeared to be fine…and in the time there he never complained. Had there been an issue..??, he was not one to keep his mouth shut! …93 yrs.

    RIP Dad 2018 – you left a pretty good legacy..!!

    Sisters MIL…not so good in Ottawa paying over $3700/mo and treated like dirt.

    1. Great to see your dad so well looked after. In my experience, smaller communities often have better care as the care-givers are a part of the community and thus answerable to their neighbours. There are some excellent facilities in our large rural area. Unfortunately, I have heard horror stories of the warehousing of many of our seniors.