What would you do?

Earlier today, in Metro Denver, I struck up a conversation with an 80+ year old gentleman who had just floen in from Minneapolis. He told me that soon after he sat down in his seat on the plane, a young guy came up to sit beside him but first asked the old fella, “Have you been double vaccinated?”

How would you have responded?

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    1. I would answer with a question or two…
      Why do you ask?
      Will this seat beside me stay empty if I say No?
      Yes, ok then… No, I haven’t been vaccinated.

      Let the questioner answer his own question, by sitting beside you or not.

  1. There could always be consumer choice available to soften these issues. Why not have one in four flights open to unvaccinated, some vaccinated people won’t care that much and would book onto them, and the other three in four flights only for double vaccinated people if that approximates the market demand.

    This will pass eventually unless we allow governments to make this permanent and it leads to a sort of Chinese style social tracking that leads to social “credit” (not the kind we used to have in power in BC and AB) … and when it passes perhaps the next time will work out different because people will see the dangers ahead of the opening stages.

    I’m expecting that fairly soon businesses will have firm policies in places, ones that we may not always agree with, but at least it will create a more rational field of expectations, and if they have a double vac policy for boarding a plane, even if I disagree, I can rationally expect to be prevented from boarding and perhaps my destination will not be the next airport but jail for my troubles. So I can assess whether that advances any cause worth advancing, or just takes me out of the battle for no gain.

    A lot of people will cave in, my hope and prayer is that there will be rapid developments of factual negatives concerning vaccines, at the same time I don’t hope all the people taking them get very ill or die, that is not really going to help us anyway, but just the right level of concern and doubt that will swing public opinion from the current 80-20 in favour of vaccination to maybe 60-40 against so governments will think hard and long about imposing long-lasting regimes.

    As to what to say if you’re that age, I think maybe “I don’t remember, probably.”

  2. I’ve been asked by 4 different people if I’ve been vaccinated. I just say no. Wish I could say we got into a big argument about it but they just carried on with whatever they were doing. Maybe they were just trying to make conversation. I also know someone who is having vaccine regret. He got jabbed twice because his wife thought it was the right thing to do. Now with the ‘authorities’ saying you need a booster and maybe more shots after that, he feels like a he was duped.

  3. Yes after my balls started to itch I got the first shot. Then when I got lesions on my dick they gave me another shot. Wonna join the Mile High club hun?

    1. COLON R~4, yah, and any one who has watched you post for any length of time would believe that….hahahahahahahahahaha, now put yer BULL back in it’s pen…hahahahahahahahaha!

  4. “Mind your own business” comes to mind.

    If the masks and vaccines and social distancing and closing down all middle class businesses didn’t work before, what makes anyone think more of the same will be any different?

    Insane people, that’s who. At least, according to Einstein’s definition of insanity.

    This foolishness has to stop soon, or the whole planet will become a gulag.

      1. I don’t know Ed and I have no bizness defending him. That said, PCB: GFY.

        I work directly with people. We meet, in person, and discuss stuff. I am honest, in advance of meetings, about not being vaccinated. I have been lectured about the vax by clients who don’t know anything about me. I could write an essay about this subject but I won’t – for personal reasons.

        Let me say this loud and clear: IT”S NONE OF YOUR GOD DAMNED BUSINESS WHY I HAVEN’T GOT THE JAB!!!!

        And I agree with Ed 100%.

  5. Are you gay? Trans? Stupid? What do you think of the moon landing being fake?
    Was 9-11 an inside job? Are you high? (Whispers) have any weed?

    Well that’s what I want to say. I was asked last week or so. I have a really good uninterested look my wife says…..that’s the glare I gave without answering. Because I suspect he was vacsy all up. And if he was he should have no fear.

  6. Perhaps the best response to that question is:

    “Before we get into that discussion can you you tell me why horses, cows and sheep all eat the same thing, grass, and yet all their shit is different can you tell me why?” This is generally met with a stunned look! The next statement is “If you don’t know from shit why are you asking me about vaccines.”

  7. I would have said “Yes, I’ve had two Covid shots. My doctor advised that since I’ve had the bubonic plague, I should be vaccinated for Covid. He didn’t say anything about my history of yellow fever or malaria; I’ve never really understood why that didn’t concern him.”

  8. No..!!
    “Do you take it up the ASS..??”

    Nobody’s fucking business….. nobody’s.

  9. “I struck up a conversation with an 80+ year old gentleman.”
    It is an odd thing – when I read that kind of sentence – that I mentally picture some pitiful old duffer. But, I remind myself, I turn 82 in two weeks. I don’t think that anyone would call me “an old gentlemen” – quite the contrary! As for the nosy kid – I would have just given him “the look” and ignored him. I try to stay away from useless conflicts.

    BTW, my own GP recently asked me if I was vaxxed? I said “no”. He then accused me – mildly mind you – of being an anti-vaxxer. I told him that the risk associated with an adverse reaction might kill me. He said that was nonsense and that there was hardly any risk involved. I said back to him: So would you guarantee that an 81 year old man with very high blood pressure and has recently had a stroke is at no risk by getting vaccinated? (Now I will remind you here that this guy is my personal GP) I also reminded him that my daughter-in-law had a very bad reaction to her second jab. (Sick as a dog for nearly two days but is OK now) Reluctantly, he agreed that my decision not to get vaccinated had a rational basis.

    Now that discussion with my Doc really pissed me off! It was worth getting angry. But the kid on the plane is not worth the bother. He is nothing. Just a piece of lint.

    1. So far my Dr. has not asked me that question. If she did I would politely tell her to read some of the factual information on just how many people the vaccines have killed, and how many have had serious adverse reactions. I would also suggest to her that a shot that cannot prevent infection or transmission wasn’t worth anything. Good see another old fart like me thinking rationally.

  10. I recently came upon this: “Do I look stupid to you?”
    If the questioner says No, you can say, Of course, I am not vaccinated.
    If they say Yes, you can say. You’re right, I got vaccinated.

  11. I would say…
    I was planning on doing this but I hear the Boosters coming soon will make this vaccination expired and need to be retaken.

  12. Really? Any telemarketer will tell you, tell people what they want to hear. The young man wanted to hear ‘yes’. Say ‘yes’. Obviously, your white supremacist minds are demanding some sort of logical path from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. Check your privilege and stop using logic. Let your emotions guide reason, not reason. Say ‘Sure, I am vaccinated! Double vaccinated!’ Smile as you say this. Voila! You have made another person happy! Maybe, a new friend. Maybe, a refreshing hand job mid flight. Maybe, bedbugs.

    1. Beowulf….there is that, but the Twat doing the asking would Iikely demand to see papieren Ja.??

  13. “Have you been double vaccinated?”
    “Have you?”
    “Of course! ”
    “Great, we’re both safe then.”

    1. I bet when I try that one, the questioner will frown with dislike and mutter, “You’ve been listening to that Stan character, haven’t you…”!

      Oh, and if I remember correctly, they can slap you with an $11,000 fine or six month in prison here (Australia) for any spitting, coughing or sneezing they deem as premeditated; and you can bet our usually lax courts will enforce it… I’m desperately scared of the flu, or airborne pepper…

  14. Respond: “have you been triple vaccinated?” If he hesitates, start demanding a new seat away from this covid spreader. (Update this to 4th through 35th covid shots in future)

  15. Stan’s above was my first choice, but I’m also partial to Steve’s.
    If I were in a particular mood, I’d tweak Sid V’s:
    “Not yet – my doc wants to be sure we’ve got the Ebola under control first”.

  16. I would have asked their sexual orientation and religion, or just told them to fuck off depending on my mood. So probably just fuck off.

  17. I was asked when I reported to a doctors office for an appointment. I just said “I self-identify as vaccinated” at which point the receptionists eyes began to blink rapidly and she could not comprehend what was happening. I thought for a moment that smoke would come out her ears and her head would tilt to one side as she just shut down like robot gone haywire.

  18. My mother told me many years ago not to talk with strangers. I follow that advice and so don’t get into these situations. My response would have been to turn back to whatever it is I was doing before he interrupted me.

    What did the 80 year old do?

  19. My first thought is: What other medical information do you want me to supply to you? But first, where did you get your degree and how many years have you worked in immunology or virology?

  20. I’d say “No, unfortunately I am unable to be vaccinated with the current vaccines. I’m hoping there will soon be vaccines that I can take.” Then say it’s personal if there’s more questions but I doubt there will be further prying. I consider this answer true because it’s my personal decision based on the awful safety profile, no medium or long term safety data on mRNA shots, inability to stop infection and transmission, and short duration of protection of the current vaccines.

    As a bonus, the guy that asked will probably demand a different seat because mass hysteria has created an irrational phobia that the unvaccinated are somehow a threat to the vaccinated so you’ll probably get an empty seat next to you.

    1. Alternate response: put in your ear buds, crank up your music and ignore the nosey s.o.b.

  21. Slap ‘im upside the head two or three times. Apologize deeply for forgetting my Tourette syndrome meds. Tell ‘im it’s uncontrollable & there’s likely more coming…

  22. I’d tell him, none of your GD business, after I ask him if he’s a healthcare professional. My family lies to people and tells them I’m vaccinated, when they create an actual vaccine I might just get one.

  23. “Yes, both tetanus and polio.”

    For the record, I have had two shots of Moderna, but these assholes that are worried about contact with the unvaccinated irritate the hell out of me. The Vaccine may prevent catching it, and it reduces symptoms, but if you have covid you are just as contagious if you are vaccinated, and more likely to carry on like you are healthy. The unvaccinated will have enough symptoms to stay home, so the double vaccinated are probably more dangerous to be in contact with.

  24. My GP asked me if I was getting vaxxed and told him not likely and that was the end of it. My Oncology Dr on the other hand tried to convince me to take it.
    This was all planned by pharma with bought of officials at all levels to create a revenue stream for their normally unprofitable line of their business, vaccines. To keep your “passport” valid will require endless booster shots that eventually the government will stop paying for.
    There are 9 new billionaires at Pfizer!!
    Racketeering, corruption, fraud and murder are all on the list along with crimes against humanity.
    A day of reckoning will come.
    The guillotines will be busy.

    I would tell the little pissant to mind his own god damn business.

    1. Wouldn’t it be funny if the recent MMR vaccines given to children are the reason they’re not catching covid? Because it isn’t as though the virus can tell how old one is.

  25. It would have been a great opportunity to.tell him about the love of jesus of Nazareth, if I hadn’t punched him already

  26. I have rehearsed my reply which is simple: My health is a strictly private matter. The MOST private of private matters. I would follow the intelligence agency’s guidance about ‘need to know’. There is absolutely no need for this stranger to know.

    BTW, do you ask people what the they do for a living?
    Long ago I trained myself to never ask this question, which I consider to be rude as it’s simply a disgusied attempt to situate someone on the social hierarchy pyramid.

    1. Mr. Bean here replying to my own above:

      “….. and if you are uncomfortable not knowing my private medical info I will not be the slightest bit offended if you choose to take another seat” …

      Going nasty in his ass is counter productive. You would seem to be confirming his low view of you as an ignorant knuckle-dragging anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist.

      Paraphrasing the great Kate, sometimes “obsequiousness is important”.

    2. You could try a variation on something that happened to me at Armpit College many years ago.

      During a work session in one of my lectures, one of the kiddies piped up and asked me, “Sir, why aren’t you married?”

      That caught me off-guard, but I quickly came up with an appropriate reply. I looked sternly at the young chap and said, “If that’s a marriage proposal, I’ll have to disappoint you. You’re not my type.”

      The kid nearly gagged and turned so red that he could have hired himself out as a traffic light. But that was the last time the issue was ever raised by anyone in that group or, for that matter, any other student for the rest of my time at AC.

      My marital status and associated personal inclinations, however, continued to be a matter of great concern to my colleagues, for some odd reason.

  27. My doctor had his office call me to come in for my COVID shot. I told the receptionist I preferred we have a telephone consultation first. She was extremely annoyed but set up the appointment time. He called me on the telephone to find out why I was turning down the great opportunity to get vaxxed in his office.

    I answered (as I do everyone who asks) “Well I am PhD scientist with advanced training in statistical analysis in the medical field, especially what makes a good and bad study. When I read the Pfizer application to the FDA I found a lot that was disturbingly problematic, particularly the nearly one thousand cases of what Pfizer calls “false negative COVID”. I also examined the adverse reaction rates in VAERS and I have done my personal risk/benefit calculation and I have determined I am more at risk of an adverse event from the vaccine than I am from COVID, given I am retired, no longer see patients and live in an isolated rural setting. I am waiting for an old fashioned vaccine. I just don’t trust the mRNA ones. I’ll probably do the Novavax when it comes out.”

    When I said that I could hear an audible “gulp”. Then he said in a squeaky frightened voice, “Okay, no pressure.”

    I then turned the conversation to renewing the prescription for my blood pressure meds.

  28. As I’m using prophylactic Ivermectin, my answer is “I’m protected, what about you?”…

    If they are annoying, I’ll go with “Well, since you want to swap medical histories, tell me about your history of STDs (and if a women, any abortions you have had.)”