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  1. If she’s from Atlantic Canada, she has almost twice the voting power of an Albertan.

    1. “Hello, Happy Acres? Victoria’s Secret here. We believe we’ve located your missing inmate.”

    2. WOW…that’s quite the performance.
      Certifiable in fact.

      “Karen” doesn’t even come close to describing that sleazy rotten sack of racist Garbage.

      1. What’s surprising was that the staff carried on as if nothing happened.

    1. They should use Autogyros, which is better because they’re not ‘Real’ helicopters.

    1. This means we were given a vaccine before it was approved by fda plain and simple. How else can it be explained?

      1. You mean to say, you didn’t know it was approved as emergency use only? Why would you believe that a vaccine could be developed in less than nine months, when there was no source code available?
        I sincerely hope that you have waited for the human trials to end, my best wishes for your continued good health if you have already been jabbed.

    2. I read about that Comirnaty a couple of days ago. It has been used in the UK and apparently the price is somewhere between one and two thousand pounds a dose. We better rush and order 33 million doses. I am not sure but I think principia scientific had something on it.

      1. From now on it shall be seared into my foggy brain as ” Criminality “.
        Much easier to remember.

  2. Some Aussy Senators have a fight on their hands.


    So now we know why even talking about Ivermectin was banned.
    Add to this mix that the CDC told the lab coats to use 40 as the number of amplifications to create fake cases of the virus, and you have an outright fraud.
    Any samples testing over 28 to 30 amps are very rarely C-19 cases, if at all.

    For the billions of wasted health care dollars and all the unnecessary work our hospitals and their over worked staffs had to go thru, throwing these Big Greedy Pharma crooks in jail would be appropriate punishment.
    And there is all the small business people who went thru hell just to keep their businesses afloat.
    And many did not make it.

    Jail for life would be a nice touch, to let them feel exactly how everybody has felt in lockdowns since this fraud started.

    1. rockyt, I still want to see autopsy results for those who “died” of C-19.

  3. One important thing we learned last week.
    The skills necessary to running America’s pre-eminent crime family don’t translate to the battlefield.

  4. Mischief is important, specially when poll spotting. Asking for a friend: “hey [redacted], my union is trying to decide which members they will throw under the bus. Under normal circumstances I would never ask you to taint some union’s poll. But this is war, and the other side would never hesitate to do it, Ethics be dammed. Just skip the first 3 questions and be respectful and factual from that point on . Cleared cookies and VPNs buy even more fun”.


    1. That place sounds a lot like Armpit College. One had to go along in order to keep one’s job, regardless of how ridiculous the mandates and edicts were.

  5. I have learned over the years that any discussion about anything is quite impossible when dealing with an insane person who is also an ideologue.

    1. You are absolutely right. I have a brother in law like that. We’ve pretty much stopped talking. About anything.
      He knows for sure what is true about climate change, Covid, and politics (but I repeat myself). He is always the greatest intellect, and most morally superior person in the room, when talking about anything. In his own mind, of course.
      So…there comes a point where there is nothing left to talk about.

      1. Yes, reminds me of one of my brothers. Luckily the other brother is still rational. The point, though, is that you CANNOT talk reason, facts and logic to a person who is neither reasonable, factual, nor logical. But there IS a way to speak to them. Forget logic, just concentrate on their ethical and emotive qualities. Tell them, “You may be right about some things, but I COULD NEVER EMBRACE AN IDEOLOGY LIKE YOURS THAT IS SO EVIL AND RACIST.” Or “SHAME ON YOU! Why do you want to do something that will lead to the death of millions of brown people?!”

        Logic, facts…Pffft! The “Progressives” have an ideology which is like bullet proof armor to such things. Their weak point is that they tell themselves they are smarter, more ethical, more compassionate, and such tiny things as facts bounce off them. Just attack their weak points. “I see how you think that, BUT AFTER YOU EDUCATE YOURSELF YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING!”

        If you do it right you can actually bring them to tears and running away. Really!

  6. When the media downplays a new super variant is coming, you know the cats out the bag of what is coming.
    Funny how no new variations have arrived in the last few months when we see this fear porn narrative keeps increasing.
    Our governments already bought boosters ahead of time.
    This bogus vaccination doesn’t protect Jack shit and our natural flu season is coming again.


    They’re doing the same model off of the flu shot and stating already that they have this future variant in the booster.

    Each time you take this poison, the closer you come to dying it corrupts your natural immune system making the next disease you catch, that much more deadlier.

    1. The next flu season may produce some shocking results with the “vaccinated”. I hope the science is wrong but what I have read seems very rational and just may happen.

  7. The Iranian religious leaders do not want peace, but with Trump gone…

    “The prospect of regional conflict, coupled with their perception of Washington as unreliable, have … prompted the Saudis and Emiratis to pursue a limited, tactical, bilateral de-escalation with Tehran,” the International Crisis Group said in a report published on Tuesday.

    That Karen certainly symbolizes the rapid decline of western society. She isn’t fit to be out in public, let alone procreate. There is no predation anymore and she should have been culled a long time ago.

  8. Lawyer up Canadians.
    Vaccination passports in Canada is illegal no matter what our politicians spout off or try to impose.


    So, if a government or business tries this shit in blocking you from the business, inform them that your going to take down their business name and person your talking with, time and date this discrimination is occurring and passing it on to your lawyer.
    Either you want my business or you don’t and this discrimination is illegal under privacy laws.

    1. Do you really think the Canadian judicial system is going to rule against these things? Have they ruled even a SINGLE time in favour of the common man vs state power during this pandemic?

      I forget which case it was, maybe the one challenging NL’s travel restrictions, but the judge not only ruled in favour of the state, but included in the ruling a condescending lecture about the pandemic and how dare this ordinary citizen seek to go against the wisdom of the state and the necessity of its actions to protect the people.

      That’s the Canadian judicial system for you. Common men can get stuffed.

  9. There’s no option, you get fully vaccinated or you don’t go to your workplace.

    With the flu season we’ll be getting flu jabs as well. Oddly we heard nothing about flu cases last season at all probably because of all the COVID protocol.
    Meanwhile, in the midst of it all an election is top priority for the Sock Puppet.

    1. Good f’em.
      From what I know, mostly about 20-30 % of a company’s employees do most of the critical work, the rest are fluff/slackers.
      Seems those are the smart ones and won’t get the jab.
      If they remove their services from the workforce, that company is boned.

      If enough of us do it, things grind to halt including THEIR Great Reset plans.
      A general strike needs to be pursued much like the Aussie truckers are planning and how the Frenchie Farmers with their tractors are causing mayhem.

      Throw sand into the machinery.

  10. Mohammad Justin’s favourite religion. Global New’s Stewart Bell@StewGlobal reports on a diverse muslim preacher in Victoria B.C., who stated that Jews are brothers of monkeys and swine. The muslim preacher now states I incite you to show support for your brothers in Afghanistan, who want to establish Sharia in their land.

  11. Why in the Sam hell is the Trudeau government giving a contract to a Chinese shipbuilder
    For a 1000 passenger ferry to operate in nova Scotia.

    Chinese state-owned shipbuilder tapped to supply ferry for Crown corporation
    UPDATED AUGUST 25, 2021

    1. Hardly a surprise, he admires how they can turn their economy around on a dime. With idiots like him helping them out they’re sure to succeed while we go down the tube.
      Hope the media picks up on this and keeps it going…..Memo to Mr O’Toole!

      Given China gave the world COVID and turned our economies upside down while they keep on ticking these contracts belong here whatever the cost.

      1. O’Tool will just say it should only be 999 passenger fairy, and it should be a feature in the gay pride parade.

    2. BryanR

      I’m sure the N.Scotia Federal Liberal Voters along with those in Vancouver are simply OVERJOYED at this “news”

  12. Since Trudeau called this election for no other reason than getting full control with a majority we need to do whatever it takes to ensure he gets the boot. We can criticize O’Toole but he’s not Trudeau and for me that’s all that matters, he’s the only one who stands a chance to oust the worst PM we’ve ever had. If we don’t manage that we are the stupid ones, dumber than Trudeau.

    1. Problem is with Trudeau, he’s been following and swallowing the CNN and CBC jungle juice and thinks he so popular…
      What has him horrified right now is that, everywhere he goes, people are getting hostile to the Prime Minister of Canada. He gets no respect.

      Meanwhile, have we heard this story before? Like in 2015? That summer the average detached GTA house cost $792,000 as Mr. Trudeau was campaigning and promising to increase affordability. Now the average is $1,405,500. Yes, that’s a 77% increase since you saw this headline…

      People are holding him accountable to his promises which it crashed and burned by even higher costs on a limited income.

    2. Exactly. We can mold O’Toole, I’m sure. The only problem may be the mail in ballots though. Any way we can monitor those,,, anyone?

    3. Well.
      I will provide one potential event that could crack the cognitive dissonance of the liberal adoration but it’s not one I hope for or want, but hear it is.

      After the withdrawal deadline passes the Taliban release a video of captured Canadian troops and others they identify as collaborators and make a ransom demand.
      Won’t matter what the demand is, the sock monkey will not have the mental fortitude to handle it and will do something rash and stupid or do nothing.
      I pray it doesn’t happen.

  13. Just went to hospital to have blood work done and nurse told me the staff has no mandatory vaccination mandate, no passport to show, and these are health care workers in a hospital. Why are they not mandated but federal workers, working from home, are being mandated to be vaccinated?

  14. Just on a whim, I went to the Rolling Stones web site. It is just displaying a great Photo of Charlie – no words, links or anything.


    Simple and effective – nothing need be said.

  15. No outrage yet that one of Blackie’s cabinet ministers called the Taliban “Our Brothers” this morning.

    1. That’s hardly surprising. Mohammedans owe their primary loyalty to Allah. Being loyal to any governing authority is optional.

  16. They gradually build the Matrix around us one brick at a time. One layer added to the wall after another.
    Beasts on a Tax Farm. The Matrix is in every single western country and it was began by the Brits. Each worker or family pays millions in fees and taxes over their lifetimes into the Tax Farm Bureaucracy that controls every aspect of your life from the day you are born until you unplug and die.

    1. Read Rothbard’s “Anatomy Of The State”. If you think tax slavery and government oppression was invented by or limited to the Limeys, you’re missing the big picture. It’s the nature of The Beast. Everywhere.

  17. Wow, Trudeau just tanked his election.
    Talking of getting billions from banking profits.
    For a few million measly bucks they’ll definitely create attack ads.

    He must be really afraid that he’s losing this election.
    It’s only mouth piece show for this election.

    1. He’s mouthing NDP talking points. All the Libs know who runs Kan-eh-duh, despite what they parrot and it ain’t the Libs. You piss off the Banks and they bury you.

  18. I am no professional but my son had a wife who cheated on him, drank and used meth like crazy, alienated his children, ran up his credit cards, charged him with child abuse, and generally tried to destroy his entire life. At one point she was telling him she had already contacted police and she was going to tell them he had assaulted her and get him fired from his job for being a criminal if he did not agree to sign over a car with $25K that he still had $16K to pay on. She then proceeded to beat on him. When she realized he had been recording the entire conversation including the assault she reacted EXACTLY like that including the screaming and running around and the dramatic collapse on the floor when the police arrived. She was a diagnosed victim of borderline personality disorder exacerbated by her addictions.

    Oh and due to zero tolerance my son was indeed charged with assault and spent $1200 on a lawyer to get the charge dropped. The one with the penis is always wrong.

    My guess is some sort of border line personality issue where this woman has this image of herself she projects to the world. Maintaining that image is the only thing important in her otherwise empty lives. Having that video put out there for the world to see and destruction to that image it will cause is thereby destroying her. Plus it works because people will do almost anything to get the screaming and carrying on to stop. Not unlike a toddler having a temper tantrum.

      1. They’re counting on it.
        What happens to people without Guns that stand up to one’s that do have them.

    1. “The Liberal candidate for Vancouver Granville in this year’s federal election has been involved in at least four rapid-fire real estate deals within a four-year period, but Taleeb Noormohamed insists he’s no speculator. This comes after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau pledged on Tuesday to crack down on home flipping, with a promise to impose heavy taxes on anybody selling a home within 12 months of buying it if his party stays in power…. In combination, these four deals brought in nearly $600,000, before taxes and other transaction costs are factored in.”


  19. I am an online subscriber to the Globe and received an email from its editor-in-chief today. Below is the second paragraph of the email where readers are told that Trudeau has done a great job with the economy, and the onus is on the other parties to demonstrate that they could do a better job and “be entrusted with the national economy”.

    No bias here the Globe. No way!

    “The pandemic economy tops the list as the Trudeau Liberals make the bet that strong economic numbers in the short window of the election campaign will see them rewarded with a majority. The Opposition parties and their election platforms will have to provide a roadmap for long term sustained improved performance and with that a sense of why they should be entrusted with the national economy. “

    1. So, I have to ask…..with the G&M turning their backs on The Boss on T-2’s plane today, who is getting that secret, not to be revealed cash from Steven Guilbeault LPOC?
      I think we’re being played dontcha think?

  20. Trudeau going to increase the tax on banks if he wins.

    Reality check Trudeau, banks will only pass that on to their customers by increasing fees.
    Like you’ve ever been to a teller at a bank, elitist twit.

    1. Dude, do you even trudeau much? He’s not a retail customer shmuck who pays your little-person bank fees and service charges.

      From the tax-free Trudeau Foundation to the Cayman’s, baby! mooooo-laaah!

  21. Remember when Trudeau sued his own house speaker to keep the 2 deported Chinese scientists information secret? Well, here it is. Samples from early cases of covid in China had genetically modified Henipah, one of the viruses that was stolen from the Winnipeg lab. The link to the outline is below.
    https://outline.com/NwGLHK No paywall

    1. Boot SFB, bring back The Cretch, back for a 5th term. Betcha. They’ll prop him up like Brezhnev.

      1. Embalm the slack jawed drooling idiot like Lenin.
        Canada is not a real country anyway. It is an elected Queeny Thingy. Wave the hand Queeny, so let it be written so let it be done in the Fake Country and Penal Colony of Canada