17 Replies to “Scratch A Leftist”

  1. ill-Han wants to know where “The Palestinians” turn for “Justice”? Silly girl … Iran, of course. They turn to Iran. Their partner in Terrorism. The Terrorist State most-favored by the Democrat Party.

    1. She didn’t want to be a part of a party run by the first Jew’ish leader in Canada….

      1. Which is laughable, really, because bending over for a Jew doesn’t make you a Jew.

        Annamie Paul isn’t Jewish. She’s a symptom of the jungle fever of some “human rights” lawyer who theoretically qualifies for an Israeli passport. The State of Israel would not recognize her conversion or their marriage. Nor should it.

  2. Human dignity, human rights, democracy etc. are meaningless to Muslims, those are our values not theirs. Muslims don’t care about this life, they want to die for Allah. Power to force submission is their one and only value so equivalencies between powerful armed groups come naturally.

  3. The Dems have been on the edge of a nasty civil war since ‘the establishment’ openly cheated for Biden’s presidency.

    The progressive natives are restless, virtually every promise ‘the establishment’ made to them to sleaze their votes has been crassly welched on. The media cabal can’t keep this dissent hidden forever, and unhappy progressives are now noticing some of their more vocal allies disappearing from social media, just like what regularly happens to us inconvenient conservatives.

    Welcome to the reality of the deep state, leftards.

    1. It’s going to get interesting if president asterisk hangs in until 2024.
      Then it’s a primary and Tulsi looks like she could be problematic for the establishment.

  4. Omar is the poster bitch for hate and hate is the glue of Leftists.
    I’ve never been a fan of the “go back to where you came from” line but in her case it applies.
    Dropping her out of a Black Hawk helicopter over Mogadishu works for me.

    1. Americans rescued her from a refugee camp in Somalia! One of the biggest mistakes. Fly that helicopter over there and give her back! One thousand feet without a parachute should just about do it.
      Food for the jackals.

  5. “I asked [Blinken] where people are supposed to go for justice.”

    Excellent question, Sister Ilhan.

    The American people, who overwhelmingly supported the re-election of President Trump, would very much like to know that too.

  6. Mischief is important and the stupid party should respond not with outrage but with a request that the scope of the investigation include the acts of violence against Christian’s and Jews in in Ethiopia.

    Then for added measure strike a senate committee to call witnesses to testify about forced marriages (sometimes even between the closely related) with the intent to circumvent immigration laws.

  7. There is no clarification needed.

    She hates Jews.

    As bad as this is, this brother-marrying twit represents thousands of other Jew-hating, brother-marrying twits.

  8. “Hewwo, Mth. Omaw? Thith ith Juthtin Twudeau. How would you wike to come to Canada? I might have a cabinet pothithion fow you. You’we not a Canadian thitithen? No pwobwem. Jutht mithwemembew whewe you came fwom. Inthtant thitithenthip wight thewe. It wowked fow Mawyam Monthef.”

  9. I’ll “clarify” it for you, Nancy. You’ve got a freakin’ Islamic terrorist serving in your party and in your legislature. A couple of them, actually.