22 Replies to “Knowing Is Half The Battle”

  1. Reminds me of the gay guy who backed into my car yesterday clueless about his actions.
    Just stating “thats what plastics for” and jumped back in and drove away.

  2. The conversation needs to be more like:
    “You are a racist.”
    “Yeah, so? F*** you!”

    1. Pretty much. Don’t deny or apologize, to the average moron being defensive implies guilt, as illustrated above. One should counter-attack instead.

      1. Counter attack yes..
        Laugh mockingly and say, ok lets go back to grade three, I know you are but what am I.
        Still laughing, go into this childhood diddy..
        Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me.
        Repeat again, mocking the grade three manner of the attacker until he changes the subject.
        This should be done everywhere and to everyone who wants to play grade three games.

    2. Call them a pedophile.
      Tell them there is more evidence that they molest children than there is that you are a racist.

      If they tell you that your racism is unconscious then tell them that their pedophilia is unconscious.
      Us their ‘rules of evidence’ and their logic against them.
      Do it loudly.

    3. Or alternately, something like this:

      “You’re a racist!”
      “And you’re a moron. And the weight of the evidence is on my side.”

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only response to an accusation of racism is immediate violence.

    The kafka trap will be of limited effect if the accuser is folded up, due to a kick in the groin.

    1. I confess I am more and more of your mind, and suspect quite a lot of people are. Which, I also suspect, is the reason most of these accusations are only made at a safe electronic distance with benefit of anonymity.

      Sadly, however, my rational side points out that it probably wouldn’t work: if I punched someone who called me a racist, the only thing it’d change would be that I could now be plausibly called a violent racist.

  4. Slowly glance to the left, then the right, then look at the sky and shrug and walk away. Don’t give them the satisfaction or any gratification that their slurs are working as they thrive on any sort of reaction. Unless they swing first!

    Carry on with your life as if they did not exist. Treat these bigots as non entities and they will go away. Your life will be fuller for it.

  5. L – That’s a handy quote that anyone with a scintilla of intelligence may understand. Use it.

    Destroy the brain virus of Critical Race Theory(Cult. Marxism) with the T-cell immunity
    response of facts and logic. C.R.T. basic premise is racist, poof, abandon your clown logic.
    Resolving the cognitive dissonance is the white pill.

    Be it resolved, there is only one dominant race, the human race. Yea or *Neigh

    *(any resemblance between those who vote neigh and a horse’s ass is… coincidental.)

  6. I’m beginning to understand why so many windows of my ‘white’ neighbors have BLM signs in them … not to mention their BLM yard signs. Like a smear of sheeps blood over the transom … they hope it is a Passover ‘Get Out of Racism Free’ card. They hope.

  7. Every accusation is a confession.

    With few exceptions, the cream of our elite are pedophiles who can only achieve orgasm by raping and preferably torturing and/or murdering children. They regard women as useless for anything but cheap labour and keeping the “breeders” in line.

    Their Chinese business partners are, bar none, the most unapologetically racist people on planet earth, with the possible exception of their north Korean allies.

    And, of course, our own elites are all anti-Semites, who look forward to the happy day the last capitalist is strangled with the guts of the last rabbi. Their only real regret about the Holocaust is not thinking of it first.

    We know what they consider to be the wages of racism. The sooner they receive it in full, the sooner the work of undoing the damage they’ve done can begin.

  8. While I was teaching at Armpit College, that tactic was used to build a case against someone. First, accuse that person of being or having done something. No evidence is necessary. In fact, it’ll only work in their favour. Anything that person does or says afterward, however, only confirms the allegation.

    A denial means someone definitely is what he or she is accused of being. Why else would it be denied?

    “No comment” or silence on the matter means that that person has something to hide. If they’ve done nothing wrong, why won’t they say so?

    A confession, of course, is the grand prize and that gives one’s detractors all the more reason to continue the persecution.

    Then again, an accusation at AC was a conviction.

  9. My usual reply to being called a racist is a calm and logical-sounding, “No… I hate all you humans equally…”! Works quite well if you’re strange like I am, and visibly don’t give a toss!

  10. It only works on you because you care about it. If conservatives did something other than trying to prove how totally not racist they are, they might accomplish something.