The Libranos: If Their Lips Are Moving

From the comments: Sabrina Kim is listed in the federal government directory as working in the prime minister’s office …James Fitz-Morris is the Director of Communications in the office of Anita Anand, the Minister of Public Services and Procurement… Emily Trogen is a “Communications Planner” in the prime minister’s office… Andrew MacKendrick is also a “Communications Planner” in the prime minister’s office… Colleen Lamothe is a “Senior Policy Advisor” in the prime minister’s office.

Related: Canada is now in 58th place in vaccines administered.

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  1. Exceptions exist to this general rule.

    If a Librano says “Je veux un avocat,” he is generally telling the truth.

    1. James Fitz-Morris was one of those so-called “honest, professional, non-partisan” “journalists” with CBC News before his Liberal Government career started.

  2. I’m so confused as to why she might admit that in writing… is she trying to cover her ass? didn’t she get lessons from Butts about a record free office?

    1. Perhaps too young and naive to realize how the hard core Libranos play the game. And she did use an important qualifier (“Seems”) in her last sentence, as well as adding the exclamation mark at the end to make her comment sound like a humorous aside.

  3. Is Safetyism the fastest growing religion in the world? I believe it may be. I think it has more adherents than Islam and Christianity combined!

    58th place, in the contest to administer a minimally tested vaccine, for a condition with a greater than 99% survival rate. My, what a pearl clutching disaster. Won’t somebody, please, think of the children.

    The important part, is that Liberals are getting paid. Everyone is making their vig.

    1. Yeah …. Many years ago working for a pipeline company, if you really wanted anything done once you made a plan, all you had to add, its for the safety.

      Today I call them safety nazis.

      1. Lev

        TRUTH…lived that – worked that – {Pipeline & Shut downs Suncor-Horizon-Kirby-Meg).
        Up to 3 days of Hurried up Cover THEIR ASS BS from the Site Owners/Operators…. such that if an incident did and does occur, said Owner can and always will fall back on: “Well, he was TRAINED and should have known better and in the end it was his/her fault”.

  4. It’s a pretty good indicator of inverse efficiency when the majority of the Spawn’s bureaucrats appear to be spin doctors (“communications gurus”) rather than doozers but then when you’re only driven by a pathological urge to virtue signal, it makes some kind of sense.

  5. Liberals lied, people died. Meanwhile the Liberal Party’s CBC and rest of the bought and paid for media, continue to rant all morning on what a wonderful job Blackie is doing with vaccines.

  6. Trudeau couldn’t unroll toilet paper in order.

    At least we’re ahead of India and Indonesia in vaccinations (slightly). If we try really hard maybe we could catch up to technologically advanced countries like Bangladesh and Turkey.

  7. Wonder if anyone of those it was addressed to took note of that or if that was an inside joke.
    Bureaucrats do that, the plebeians don’t know dick.
    Everything is cool.
    Will have to see if anything will be noticed by the media cartel and if they create hate as they would if it was written by an actual conservative.
    Probably will be forgotten by tomorrow.

  8. Time the avenger.

    When the downward trend continues and the difference in numbers of vaccinated and active cases don’t jive, there won’t be any way to maintain the stay safe narrative justification for house arrest of entire populations.
    This is where the sock monkey is in real trouble.
    The vaccination rate must keep up with the decline in cases. So far the narrative can be maintained by the emergence of a new variant but they can’t hide the fact that cases are in decline in spite of vaccination rates not being where they need them to be.
    It will be hard to justify destroying an economy for a disease that is becoming less deadly every day with or without a vaccine.
    Team sock monkey needs to find another distraction real fast before this narrative starts taking all the oxygen out of the room.

    1. Ah yes. The mysterious “variants”. Right now only about 5% of all test get screened for variance. Even then, the genomic signatures of the “B117” variant (Ohhh sooo scary) is shared by other variants deemed “inconsequential”.
      I believe Sir Walter Scott put it aptly: ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave/When first we practise to deceive!’
      Yes, the spring die off in cases will be much quicker than can be explained by the genetic engineering vaccination program, to the point where even the state-run CBC cannot keep lying to the public and propping up the Trudeau regime.
      Then, he eyes will be on the Tams, Hinshaws, Henrys of the political landscape. I would go long on companies that make pitchforks and tiki torches.
      As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, indeed, Justin Castro and the various premiers are going to raise the GST, HST, PST. O’Toole could do himself a big favour right now by publicly stating that he will rescind the GST if elected as PM.

      1. “ O’Toole could do himself a big favour right now by publicly stating that he will rescind the GST if elected as PM.”

        Sure, why not, worked for Ol screwface.
        By worked, it got him elected and the GST ( most hated tax in history while Mulroney was PM, a ok once a liberal government elected) still firmly in place.

  9. They hire PR gurus and spin doctors to fabricate Press Releases. That’s standard modus operandi and the least of their sins.

    Remember when they said Canadians were to stupid to know how to wear masks and should just be wiping down surfaces? The FEDS were butt covering.

    News release February 9, 2020 -Global Affairs – Ottawa: To support China’s ongoing response to the outbreak, Canada has deployed approximately 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment, such as clothing, face shields, masks, goggles and gloves to the country since February 4, 2020.
    Headline April 2020 -Document reveals why Canada sent protective equipment to China as COVID-19 threat was growing : Per a Jan. 31 email, Canada’s health minister gave the approval to donating personal protective equipment from the national emergency stockpile that WERE DUE to expire in February and March to China.
    CBC News · May 06, 2020 Depleted national stockpile leaves Canada reliant on China for masks, gowns and other supplies during pandemic – Back in April the Saskatchewan Health Authority decided to allow health care workers to start using expired N95 masks from its stockpile that were past their expiry date. The masks have been tested by an independent lab “where they passed both inhalation/exhalation and filtration tests.” A Health Canada directive at the time said that while ordinarily, expired masks should be discarded, in such unusual times, “an expired mask can still be effective at protecting health care providers if the straps are intact, there are no visible signs of damage’.

    The previous year the Feds sent two million N95 masks and 440,000 medical gloves to a landfill when it shut down an emergency stockpile warehouse in Regina. The supplies were never replenished.

    1. “Remember when they said Canadians were to stupid to know how to wear masks and should just be wiping down surfaces?”

      I spend quite a bit of time observing Canadians wearing masks last year and…let’s just say they’re not wrong.

      Nevertheless I agree that the federal government’s record on managing PPE is nothing short of atrocious. For that alone they should have been drummed out of office. Unfortunately this country is populated by the sort of gormless morons who can’t even put a mask on correctly (not that it would do them much good in any case), so they have nothing to fear.

      I notice Two-Bag Tam is still trying to shove her COVID Hockey Stick™ up everyone’s asses. What is it with “progressives” and hockey stick graphs?

      1. Mr Teach, I’m not sure why you refer to Tam as two bag, personally, I wouldn’t be interested if she were in a double body bag, and wrapped up like a mummy. I’d rather be celibate.

    2. Masks, masks, masks. A five micron mask, that’s the most common type of disposable mask, will stop a five micron airborne partial. The Whu Flu virus measures 0.125 micron. That’s right you could line up forty abreast, stacked forty high and march them through any single pore in your mask.
      A mask capable of stopping a virus, needs to be so tightly woven, that its very use would suffocate the user. That’s why God made full face respiratory equipment.
      Paper and cloth masks are useless, unless the ‘wearer’ is ill, then by all means, encourage ‘sick’ people to wear them . Also if you are a ‘spitter’ or speak ‘moistly’ as the Turd suggested, wear a mask.
      As for the rest of us, wash your hands, don’t spit, and don’t pick anything in private, you wouldn’t in front of your mother.

      1. We’d be a lot further ahead if people would simply learn to breathe through their noses. I know that’s a great deal to ask of most leftists.

  10. To be fair, many of the staff who work in the prime minister’s office used to work for former Ontario premier Wynne. So what did you expect?

  11. So they know that they are deceiving Canadians – so that is small, tiny, step forward. I guess that is all we can expect from government these days.

  12. If you look at the log scale, which shows rate of increase, it reveals that Canada is falling further behind all the time. The world average is quickly catching up to Canada. We should not be surprised as the Prime Menteur has long shown that it is not reality that counts, it’s the message (we can thank one of Canada’s famous intellectual idiots McLuhan for that belief). As long as the MSM is onside & under control, reality does not matter.

  13. Things must be looking up.
    When even crusted on Libtards know they are lying.
    We know they are lying.
    They know they are lying.
    Eventually a kind of truth filters through the spin.
    The Guillotine,because it is our heritage!.
    For what kind of fools waste a heartbeat,listening to serial liars?
    You know they are your enemy,they chose to act as they do and their lies are scripted.
    Useless dangerous leeches,of no benefit to civil society,except as hog food or fertilizer.
    Apparently the only reason the great socialist leap forward has never happened is the kleptocrats attempting it,just were not doing it right.

    That a permanent parasitic overlordship is so contrary to human nature and so opposite to the common myths we share to create civil society??? Never seems to penetrate the hive mind.
    So now that the hive,collective of Statists, has declared war on the individual,the reaction might be painful enough to “educate the fools and bandits”.

    Statist defined in this case as persons who seek to use the blunt force of government to enrich themselves.
    Cause providing for yourself is hard work.
    Stealing from the productive is so much easier.
    Until production stops.