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World experts condemn WHO inquiry as a ‘charade’

The World Health Organisation’s inquiry into the source of the pandemic is a ‘charade’ to appease China, leading experts on biosecurity and infectious diseases have told The Mail on Sunday.
Instead of seeking the truth, last week’s initial findings, they say, were a political stunt that help the Beijing government in its desperation to be exonerated.
The scientists accuse the UN body of brushing aside concerns over a possible lab leak in Wuhan to push ‘fanciful’ theories that Covid-19 emerged outside China and could have been imported into the city on frozen food.

Peter Daszak — again.

Yuri Deigin has captured an enlightening exchange on the cozy relationship between investigators and investigatees.

Flashback: WHO waits for China to approve pandemic origins investigators

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  1. Yes, and which over-paid MSM journalist will find out why those W-4 Winnipeg lab folks were excused from their posts for “administrative” reasons? We taxpayers are waiting with baited breath for a brave whistleblower with a cogent memo …..

    And exactly how much did the CanSino investment cost? Not that any of us would agree to take it …

    I hope that the bat virologist who escaped to the US is in a witness protection program.

    Remind your kids and grandkids to never give a penny of their allowance to the UN anything.

  2. In the 1980’s when I was in school a history class teacher had a lesson about WW2. He then went on to surmize that WW3 would not be a 6 year war. That it would be different. His theory at the time was it would be a 6 day war, nuclear and vast devastation.

    He also went on to say that one other outcome was possible. That WW3 would not even be recognizable to people from the 80’s. That warfare in the future(where we are now) would or could be economic, biological or even environmental.

    At the time he surmized Russia would be the driving force to cripple America economy or release gas over North America/Europe quickly or release poison in fresh water.

    35 ish years later I think he was right. or right ish

    I say this whole covid is China playing the long game and is the start of WW3.

    Prove me wrong?

    Covid in a lab. check.

    Vaccine for China elite already there for them. Let some useless China men die(there are a billion plus of em) to put the scare in.

    Pussy North Americans shut down because in Sask 2 people in there 70’s and 2 in their 80″s died this weekend.

    Perfect storm. Identifiable flu strain. If it saves one life populace. Have to close down to stop the death! Mass economic trouble.

    So say for example the Saskatoon Inn has to shut down… who has the cash for pennies on the dollar for that? CCP?

    Air Canada or/and West Jet are liquidating jets. Who has cash for that? CCP? (Chinese Communist party)

    Justin has spent us into a really big finacial hole.

    And all the while this is going on North America is worried about bike lanes, Carbon emissions, pipelines and trans rights.

    Sorry for the ramble. Ive had a 5 or 7 tonight.

    Just didn’t think i’d see my freedom disappear in my lifetime.

    1. Jeff, I took on my whole History 11 class about whether dropping the bomb on Hiroshima saved lives. I knew the firebombing death toll, my History prof didn’t.

      It’s amazing how ignorant teachers can be if they only follow the syllabus.

      Prove you wrong? It’s impossible to prove a negative. Prove that the world wasn’t created yesterday, including false memories. Take your time. It’ll be created anew again tomorrow, complete with new false memories. It cannot be disproven.

      1. An invasion would have been horrific for the Japanese population as wary Americans would take no chances, or prisoners.
        Add to that death from above. People don’t realize the scale of lethal destruction and depravity of conventional warfare.
        One of many bombings of Tokyo killed 100,000, compared to 66,000 at Hiroshima and 39,000 at Nagasaki. Just one raid.

      2. When reviewing the consequences of a pivotal historical decision (such as bombing Hiroshima or invading Iraq) , you don’t get to compare it side-by-side with a better (or worse) outcome that’s a pure creation of imagination.

        It’s amazing how often this tactic is used, and how people don’t notice it. And how pointless the whole exercise is. It was what it was.

        1. A couple of years back an English historian painstakingly documented the communications among the committee effectively controlling Japan, and concluded that it had not been the bomb that had prompted the surrender. They figured the Americans simply couldn’t have more bombs than they could survive, and indeed at the time they were right about that, and decided to hold fast and meanwhile to approach Russia to help mediate a peace treaty.

          The decision to surrender came the day after Nagasaki, when the Russians declared war on them. At that point the whole basis of their strategy went up in smoke and they realized further fighting was futile, and mediation now impossible, they had to surrender.

          The Russians declared war as they did because Comrade Stalin had promised the Allies at Yalta to enter the war against Japan within 90 days of the end of the war in Europe, and the deadline, which he just met, turned out to fall on the day after Nagasaki. So, maybe Stalin was intent on keeping his word so as to keep his allies happy, and would have declared war in any event, and so the use of the bomb was pointless and wrong. And then again, maybe Stalin had been bullshitting (as the allies had pretty much assumed), and only decided to act once those glowing craters in Japan began to indicate a whole new ball game. In which case, the bomb effectively ended the war, which would make it justifiable. The preparations for the invasion certainly prove that he contemplated action well before the bomb, but he only committed to action after he’d heard the boom.

          That’s the conundrum we’re facing, and the answer is lost in the mind of Stalin, now dead and never easily understood.

    2. Jeff K, I also did not think that I would see my freedom vanish so quickly and that I would spend my last few years waiting for a cop to kill me for not wearing a mask and staying locked in my home. The amazing thing about it all, is that the virus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu, so it is not a biological weapon. The mRNA “vaccine” which is not a “vaccine” just might be a weapon. I do not think the populace of Canada or most of the world for that matter is intelligent enough or even courageous enough to stand up and tell the government that we have enough of their lies. That we are going to get on with our lives and that if we are attacked we will fight back physically not verbally or legally. This has to stop.

      1. VOWG….

        “.The mRNA “vaccine” which is not a “vaccine” just might be a weapon..”

        I would say “Is ABSOLUTELY” the weapon.
        Everything since Feb 2020, points to it (IMO)
        When we first heard of the Wuhan flu, we also heard about HCQ being very effective.
        Within days FAUCI Publicly Trashed it….and even went so far as to employ Lancet and the N.E. Journal of Medicine to Publish Bullshit Studies to “Prove” that. Later retracted but THAT never hit the MSM at all right..??

        But lets go back a few yrs, didn’t that asshole along with his asshole buddy, GATES both state unequivocably that we WOULD have a Pandemic within a cpl yrs.?? (setting the stage so to speak). Add in Gates’ Patent of Mar 26, 2020 (I wonder when it was that he filed THAT….3-4 years ago.??) and his frequent talks about digital implants – digital identification…?? Add in FAUCI’s cosy (financial), relationship with Big HARMA & EVERY conceivable Medical Org on the planet.

        Once HCQ was gone from the publics mind with a massive propaganda campaign from the MSM, it was 24/7 all about “VACCINES”….and that Propaganda continues DAILY…while at the same time TRASHING anyone who would speak of alternative CHEAP treatments….. Plus typical condemnation of anyone who quetions said vaccines safety…or the “SCIENCE” ya see..

        The ENTIRE WEST has been HERDED down this funnel to accept these BULLSHIT treatments…. YEA, I fully buy that this is either the Primer or the actual killer….one with significant LATENT LETHALITY.

        The NAZI’s would have given a standing ovation.
        Only time will tell if I’m correct.

  3. Fraudci and this nimrod daszak are the two most guilty of mass murder here. Fraudci insisted on funding “gain-of-function” research. After he was forbidden from doing so in the earlier Ozero administration, he funded the sketchy ccp owned Wuhan institute to do just that very thing.
    That lush Marx was almost right when he said we’d sell the rope to hang us with. It’s worse, we funded the rope.

  4. The Chinese Flu came from Wuhan China.

    I believe it was released on purpose to take down the western world’s economies and kill 100s of 1000s of us. But mostly to get rid of Donald Trump who was making Americans aware of China’s evil. Sleepy Joe has now rolled out the ‘red’ carpet for China to ‘come on down’ … America is now yours for the taking, but the big guy gets 10% off the top.

    Any questions?

  5. What’s the most shocking thing about this? That we’re supposed to believe leftists telling us that people who eat worms, cockroaches, ferrets, badgers and dogs are supposed to lead the way to the future.

  6. China is like the Blackfaced groper that admires them so much, say and “Do What Thou Wilt – nothing will stick.