All In This Together

Jordan Sachtel;

A stunning survey just released by Morning Consult has revealed part of the extent of the devastation caused by COVID-19 lockdowns and other wealth and health destroying restrictions.

The remote work economy is functioning perfectly well for people who have already established themselves with robust income streams. For those still struggling to obtain the American dream – not so much.

Americans who were already earning six figure salaries have reported an increase in income for 2020, while those making between $50k-$100k reported a drop in income. Tragically, respondents earning under $50k have been absolutely hammered by destructive pandemic policies, reporting by far the largest income drop among their peers.

With Orange Man Gone, many of those restrictions are being lifted — oddly enough.

9 Replies to “All In This Together”

  1. The graph is misleading.

    In March, the stock market took a massive dip, but then mostly recovered.

    Measuring from the lowest point to now will give different results from, say, measuring from a couple of months earlier.

  2. I am a firm believer in capitalism and the free market, but that is a damning chart.

    Not one person on that chart is even remotely inspiring, and none deserve the degree of wealth they currently possess.

    The way the system currently rewards contributions to society really is buggered. For example that pompous idiot Sergey Brin has not contributed 200,000 times as much to society as the average hardworking citizen.

  3. There is a massive disconnect between what is happening on Bay Street versus Main Street (easy shorthand though it doesn’t tell the whole story). But even in the remote work economy, which I am a part of, most of us are ultimately dependent upon actual producers/makers/builders. The idea that the white collar professional class is wholly insulated just isn’t true – maybe short term but not in the long term. We have people where I work who have nothing to do and are making lots of money and that won’t go on much longer.
    I fear here in Alberta people don’t really understand how bad things are cause a lot of zombie businesses are giving a false sense that there will be a quick recovery but having seen what is happening at the banks right now I am extremely pessimistic about the future of the province.

  4. Why don’t they do as their leftist supporters suggest and surrender seventy-five percent of their income?

    Because we’re all in this together, just like the single mother working as a waitress and medical staff exposed to this raging flu without the proper personal protective equipment because of bad planning and the people laid off and people who have to wait for medical treatment …

  5. H.R. McMaster says that there are two ways to fight the US:
    Asymmetrically or stupidly.

    We are in an asymmetrical war.