25 Replies to “Totalitarians in Focus”

  1. Great post by a great conservative organization. I like that they always solicit help from alienated conservatives and moderates — something a number of other right-leaning groups do not do.

    The financial media have been saying that the Democrats will “crack down” on the tech monopolies. I think Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has been particularly fascistic against Trump, in order to get a sweetheart deal from his fellow Democrats. Look for other tech oligarchs to follow suit. Repress conservatives, and get a free pass in return.

  2. I can’t listen to such insane drivel. These people are evil with no moral values.

  3. What a hypocrite. And she has the gall to call us fascists! I sure hope she doesn’t end up as collateral damage. yep.

  4. That folks is what an effing Nazi bitch looks like in 2020. She would feel just as at home pulling gold teeth in a death camp.

  5. “…internationally policy priorities….”

    Translation: Doing the Chi-Com’s bidding. Ignoring America’s priorities. America Last …

  6. “After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world” Pres. Calvin Coolidge
    Today’s concerns are more about Who will be allowed to prosper.

  7. I’m actually enjoying these retards preside over the bankruptcy of their shit company. Deleted my twitter account about a year ago now… sold my stock too. The world is really going to shit when these types are in charge of things.

  8. “Coded speech.”

    Given how apt people are at reading nefarious motives into their opponents’ speech, suspending people for coded speech and dog whistles is a license for widespread, arbitrary censorship.

  9. Jeeze, I wonder if videos like these make it to high school civics’ classes along with the caveat to think for yourselves?

    1. You and everyone else did when they made Twitter the curator of their thoughts. Stop it.

      Everyone, step away from Twitter and it will simply whither and die. Wean yourselves off the little endorphin hit you get when you make posts to these platforms.

  10. These are the intellectually crippled product of modern academia collecting 7 to 8 figure salaries while indulging their pathological urges to rule over people that their insulated bubble existence prevents them from ever coming in contact with or engaging with. Half of humanity should never had anything to do with them and yet they do.

  11. Ironic.
    It seemed to me that Trump tweeted his way to the White House in 2016.
    Didn’t depend on massive fund raising that candidates usually depend on.

    1. Yes Stan, I think your absolutely right.
      Certain teachers their handlers and parents that say and I quote ” what are you supposed to do?”.
      Well be a parent , and do whats hardest it seems these days , say NO.
      I feel sry for the teachers that try to stomach the nonsence ,and the lies in the name of “progressive values”.
      School under covid is absolutely nothing its even more of a vacation from reality, and just maybe thats the way its going to stay.

  12. the totally discredited MSM has spent a lot of time comparing Trump to Hitler, but if you compare what Justin Trudeau is doing it is strikingly similar to what Adolph Hitler did when he came to power

  13. What Twitter is doing is “coded rhetoric” for trying to not let market forces prevail, which is why SCOTUS won’t “trust” them.
    They sure sound like a moderator, indeed a reporter, a commentator. Isn’t that what news agencies do, parse information?
    This is GM trying to tell Chrysler they have to build a shitty car like theirs, one that half the public won’t buy.
    They can play semantic games around rules and regs, global policies or other technocratic BS, it’s still censorship.
    Which means they’re moderating, without evidence, like CNN, who can’t (yet?) force Fox to present the news as they would.
    These neo libertarian socialists might encounter unintended effects as their platform oligarchy is declared a public utility.
    Then like telephone, a giant mother of a market signal for entry. Trump has three justices on SCOTUS and this is easy law.

    Speaking of unintended consequences time to start a daily count of ridiculous Biden government policy disasters.

    Today, two nominees: Killing Keystone or giving the oki-doki to massive migrations to southern USA with DACA debacle.
    Have to give the win to crushing the southern border with illegal immigrants now transiting through covid ravaged Mexico.

  14. The sheer gall and audacity of their belief that they have the right to impose their will on everyone, including a President, irrespective of what any other person’s view might be. These people can somehow look at themselves in the mirror daily, and go forth with the supreme vanity they possess, that they are right, they are perfect humans, and therefore everyone else that does not agree with them, is therefore wrong and imperfect!
    Beyond that, they consider themselves as the arbiters of the rules of society at large.

    They must park their ego’s in football stadiums….one per stadium each, it would seem.