40 Replies to ““of those who tested positive, it was found that 18.3 per cent had visited a supermarket.””

  1. 54.8% of all COVID cases had eaten carrots in the week prior to their infection!

    Yes … “they” REALLY DO believe the public are stupid.

    1. has anyone seen a racial or cultural breakdown of occurances? I guess that nwould be a study too far.

      1. It is an interesting question….and one that is obviously much too sensitive for our “journalists”. I recall seeing a report (can’t find it again, of course) from Sweden which mentioned a high concentration of cases in “foreign born”. An interesting correlation might be to look for relatively recent immigration into European countries and their rates of infections and deaths. Certainly that data would be interesting to see Sweden when compared to Norway, Denmark and Finland.

      2. No study that I’m aware of, but plenty of whining about “minority communities” in Canadian cities being dis-proportionally affected. Remember the meat and poultry plants.

        Here the CBC blames the public transit system……….


        Here “Trump, Fauci confirm disproportionate COVID-19 impact in minority community” = “Due to the prevalence of hypertension and diabetes makes the African American community more vulnerable…..”


        Of course cultural and social practices have nothing whatsoever to due with the spread of any virus throughout these communities any more than gun violence does. Obviously any good Liberal knows that “colonialism” and systemic white racism is to blame.

        1. In reply to “Here the CBC blames the public transit system……….”, WHO are the main benefactors of said transit systems? Within the City, off work maybe, but the meat and poultry plants are 72 km and 163 km to High River and Brooks, AB respectively. There ain’t no “transit” to either place, just pack’em into a car or van, driven by the same demographic from the “barns” they’re crammed into in Calgary. There’s one just down the street from me, that’s how I know.

    2. 100% of victims had come into contact with liquefied dihydrogen monoxide within hours prior to becoming infected. If you’re not pro-science, you’re a DHMO-denier!


    3. 100% of all Covid cases have taken a dump in the past week. And many possibly 2,3 or more.

  2. This is what happens when untrained amateurs try to play with numbers. Never forget 99% of all journalists are innumerate.

  3. I bet 80% of those were nose pickers.

    I’ve had The Wuhan Flu 5 times (at least) and all it did was make me drink more beer.

    (Yeah I know its serious for some, but at some point in time its WTF?)

  4. It doesn’t mean anything except that people are continuing to get the virus and there’s nothing much anyone can to to stop it. At least, they’re not demanding that everyone stop eating which would be on par with a lot of the policies being touted and enforced. Shut up and wear your masks peasants!

    1. Stop it guys and save the world.

      As well as saving one’s eyesight.

      Of course, it makes one wonder why Prinz Dummkopf hasn’t contracted it yet…..

  5. The Great Climate Change Scam has been a wonderful training ground for the latest cadre of journalistic Maolings.

    A trip down Pravda(Truth) and Tass(government agency a la CBC) memory lane, a century plus of Bernays and Madison Avenue, newspapers of record with bozo ownership, Walter Duranty proclivities and Toronto Red Star partisan credentials; add a wildly successful dumbed down education system replete with targeted programming, mix in perfidious politicians, a society where lies are currency and ubiquitous, and it’s no surprise that we are headed in the wrong direction fast.

    The Media is the Enemy.

  6. Masks cause covid??
    For over 80% of the infected wore masks.
    Cases Cases cases,Doom Doom Doom.
    Government is the creator of this crisis,their incompetence and raw panic is driving this hysteria,without their help most of us would never have known the Wuhan Flu was anything unusual.
    And everytime the hysteria has run low,government has upped the testing rate so they could panic over “more cases” .
    Never mind that most of the “new cases” did not even know they had it,experiencing few symptoms or personal discomfort.
    Numerical illiteracy is a desired result of “Public Education” as this abuse of statistics is a wonderful tool for stampeding the herd..

    As this hysteria continues,I fully expect outbreaks of Witch Burning,” She is a witch she gave me Covid”,with her unmasked smile…followed by the geniuses of the bureaus discovering that Life Kills everyone who has it,so next they,the useless and clueless,will kill us all to prevent life…
    Oh wait,maybe this is the logic of unrestrained abortion?

    9 months and the idiots are still locking down the healthy and penalizing the sane.
    Nothing government does works.
    They are a clumsy reactionary group of subnormal intelligence.
    For those who join the bureaus and stay are either unable or unwilling to take responsibility for their own choices..Drones,fools and parasites.
    Gee yah think I have developed a high opinion of my involuntary employee over 40+ years of paying for them?
    These are not first rank humans,some argue they are not humans at all but some form of alien life,the Greys who walk unseen amongst us…however this ,The likes of Dr Tam, are “guiding us” through this panic..
    VOWG is not wrong,want to get rid of Covid?
    Fire your parasitic overload.

    1. “Masks cause covid?? For over 80% of the infected wore masks.”
      Ah, but that means 20% were “saved.” Welcome to media math.

  7. “. . . 18.3 per cent had visited a supermarket . . .” And in a three month period, those who didn’t starved to death.
    Bear in mind, to get into journalism school, and, with some exceptions, the faculty of eduction the first qualification is, flunk calculus.

    1. “Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe, and not make messes in the house.” – Robert Heinlein

      Of course there are plenty of people on both sides who fit that description.

  8. The people who write this shiite and those that take such nonsense to heart prove that licking the dust of their made in China mini-blinds can result in lead poisoning. Totally Mad-Hatter! Where would we be if not surrounded by a cold dark ever constant blanket of Media driven fear?

  9. I believe that there is no way, imperfect as I am, that I have prevaricated, distorted, lied, misrepresented, falsified, misspoke, equivocated, exaggerated, misled, fabricated or invented the news anywhere near as much as any of the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC,CBS News, Twatter or FoolBook, and all their spume associates.

    Add them all together, and in comparison I may just be the most honest man in history!

    In that spirit, I believe it is incumbent upon me to name myself President-Elect and shall henceforth be known and recognized as same.

  10. I have intensely studied the statistics. I can tell you with a matter-of-fact certainty that 100% of people who breath air, will die.

    1. Mike, it has been that way since man first drew breath. In fact going to the extreme, everyone alive today will be dead 100 years from now that includes the baby born today.. There will be a few exceptions drooling in their oatmeal but they will not be masters of the universe.


  12. Incredible.

    Out of 11000 total Canadian Covid deaths, only 166 of those who died lived OUTSIDE a nursing home!

    Dishonest Media.
    Liberals =Communists.

    Push Back Better!

    1. Pres elect:
      Please cite your source for the statistics. I’ve had no success in locating them on line.

      1. Randomly, I found the numbers mentioned in this CTV report someone else linked to:
        At about the 3.40 mark. The pres-elect is correct, based on this. One wonders how long this clip will be allowed to survive online.
        Further to his point, from this report 9,886 of those deaths were in ON and PQ, almost 2:1 in PQ’s LTC disaster.

        Note: the source of the data was not itself cited by CTV, that I could see.

  13. “…what a huge success Operation Warp Speed was.”

    Ah yes, Operation Warp Speed — in which GOVERNMENT UNDERWRITES the costs of developing private sector R & D and GUARANTEES a market for successful vaccines through a SINGLE PAYER model.

    Hahaha, you’re all celebrating big government, and you don’t even realize it.