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    1. *
      despite fed stonewalling, nova scotia shooter details finally coming out…

      “Wortman had no intention of following the law, so banning firearms,
      banning semi automatic rifles and handguns
      would not have stopped

      when seconds count, the cops are only thirteen and a half hours away.


    1. One response I get from people to my “conspiracy” of massive fraud (as if it were mine!) is that it would have taken thousands to be in on it.

      My response is “Yes, there were, they were called Democrats”. All these problems occur in Democrat controlled election places in key regions. They need no conspiracy, they hate Trump and hate lsoing poweer even more. It doesn’t take a lot of msarts to do on an individual bases when surrounded by like-minded people. Obviously they wouldn’t bother doing it in solid Dem or Repub places. Add to that a massive organized fraud of mail-in ballots and election machines and you have the thousands of willing participants and the resources and organization to carry it out.

      1. Now all you need is any evidence whatsoever.

        ““Yes, there were, they were called Democrats”. ”

        Oh you mean the voters? Counting votes =/= ballot fraud

        1. – So what are you saying, UnMe? Because when you say “There was NO FRAUD!”, all I hear is “There was no fraud that I’m prepared to NOTICE!!!”


        2. It is ok, this conversation is not meant to be dumbed down to your level. Go back to your kennel and continue plying with feces.

      2. “My response is “Yes, there were, they were called Democrats”. ”

        Yes and they operated like Al-Qaeda. When it came to fraud it wasn’t a coordinated operation from the top down. They reacted instinctively, cooperated quietly understanding what needs to be done at every level and knowing that everyone around them had their back. That is why it was at times sloopy, amateurish and crude. Also, because of lack of co ordination it all appears random and is difficult to pinpoint… except that it always gores one way.

        It is like one Paleosimian demonstrating peacefully in front of AL-Reuters cameras, the one behind him throwing rocks, the one behind him carrying explosives while a sniper covers them from above. They did not train for a coordinated op they just knew how the pieces of the puzzle will fall because they always do.

          1. Of course, just like there is no evidence that your mother enjoys inter species carnal encounters … yet you still have a tail.

      1. Nah. It’s B. C. It’s the 65% who are smart, wise, and enlightened. The rest are dumb as posts.

      2. I was just going to say the same thing OWG.
        BC full of KARENS….. well, looks good on the Lower MAOland. Brain dead drones the lot. At no point in the past 44 yrs have I EVER Regretted moving from Vancouver to Calgary.

    1. I voted No but more than 64% have voted Yes.
      This result emboldens the Wuhan Dictators even more.

      1. 64.6 something when I voted and rounding off gives you 65% now why the hell do you want to split such a hair?

    2. BC, with respect, I think you are overestimating Castanet’s influence. I live in the Okanagan and follow that site. Its daily polls are merely an indulgence in wishful thinking with respect to influencing anything the government does.
      Besides, whenever they have a poll like the one you linked, it is almost always a 65 to 35 split, the 65 being the sheep who desire more confinement and control.
      For example, a while back there was 65 percent saying that if they could, they would vote for Biden.

  1. Heh, Robert. Last time I was just south were I’m now. There was 1 highway. And my parents spent 20 minutes getting my hands pried off of the first railing in that dang cave….

      1. Not gonna stop.

        The betters have a plan. We best listen to it, understand it, and make our own plans.

        we forum . com / great-reset

        1. Fascists are on it.
          They have the support of all the great dicktators (sic) of the western world.
          One that would like to be in charge of it is the idiot we have for PM, he said so yesterday.

          Most Canadians agree, as long as they get free stuff and a few pennies here and there.

          Its the way the world is today, going down in a tailspin.

          1. Wait until they “ration” natural gas, propane, diesel, heating oil and electricity….for our own good. Especially in winter. John Hogan won’t be able to stop the influx to the Lower Mainland from points east and north of Hope, BC and John Tory the same for Terawnna, the southernmost city in Kan-eh-duh….for the warmer “climate”.

          2. PO, if I am cold and hungry, I will kill to survive and I am an old man. I would be willing to guess that a young man with a family to feed will be far more angry and far more dangerous, at least where I live.

      2. Besides, China has already proven where it started. It started in the U.S.

        Or Italy.

        Or Antarctica.

        Or Lower Slobovia.

        – ANYWHERE but China! Trust them… (-_-)

        Personally, I strongly suspect Lower Slobovia – it has one important characteristic identical to Canada; its currency, the Rasbucknic, has a stated exchange value of nothing-at-all.

      3. “The findings from Eurostat and the Italian ministry of labor confirm that immigrants are an important contributor to Italy’s economy. According to the latest data, immigrants represent 11% of Italy’s workforce, and produce about 9% of its GDP (link in Italian).”
        From:June, 2016:

        “The first significant wave of Chinese immigrants arrived in the industrial zone around Prato, a city fifteen miles northwest of Florence, in the nineteen-nineties. Nearly all of them came from Wenzhou, a port city south of Shanghai.”


        1. They’re 11 percent of the work force but only 9 percent of GDP. In other words, they are a net drain on society.

      4. Given that Chicom regime represents an existential threat to Western Civilization I care. I care about their latest offensive in the propaganda war they have been waging against us. And so should you.

          1. I’ve met a lot of smug arrogant bits of human genetic material in my day…but you unme..?? You wear the crown.
            May you rot … in your own personal hell.

            Kate, anyway to give the captcha a VALIUM.?? it’s on freakin steroids these days…

          2. “It’s not our job… ”

            Again as above, another conversation where your Pavlovian stupid is not needed.

  2. Funny how the rest of the bought and paid for media is ignoring the CBC falsely accusing MP Pierre Poilievre of nepotism. Post Millennial reports on how a CBC reporter slandered Pierre for nepotism because his wife works for another MP. The Unifor journalist ignored the fact that his wife worked for MPs and Senators long before they even met.

  3. A report into allegations of war crimes by Australian soldiers has been released
    Findings reveal dozens of unlawful killings and cover-ups from 2006-2015
    More than 50 pages of a 456 page probe into Australian soldiers were redacted
    Up to 3000 special forces soldiers could be stripped of their service medals
    The rest of the world reacted with disgust and anger to the shocking allegations
    Potential prosecutions are expected to be heard in Australia’s Supreme Court


    1. Not being a bit facetious – I say give them all medals. There are 2 parts to any successful war. Win in the field and brutalize them so bad they don’t want to do it again. That’s why we will never win another war. All they need is patience. With the old method, If they wait us out “they” will be all dead.

      1. “I say give them all medals.”

        Absolutely and extra mags, and promise napalm if they were kind enough to paint the targets.

    2. “The rest of the world”? According to whom? I just learned about it this moment and I’m pleased as hell.

      Trudeau didn’t call it a war crime when a terrorist piece of shit murdered an army medic – gave him 10.5 million in other peoples’ money IIRC.

  4. I’ve always liked Lindsey Graham

    “I must be doing something right when the most radical liberal politicians and media pundits in America are calling for my resignation!” he wrote.
    “I will continue to try to find common ground where possible, but will not hesitate to vigorously oppose the radical domestic and foreign policy agenda of The Squad and other liberal critics,” Graham wrote in a subsequent tweet. “To those who are trying to silence me—you will fail miserably!”

    The Squad are filth and I just don’t understand how they appeal to everyday Americans, but then again I live in Bananada where retards are the norm. Maybe we’ve infected our protectors to the south.

  5. Blacklock reports that MPs are cheating on their free meal tickets. They are entitled to their entitlements. And Infrastructure Barbie claims the thirty five billion dollars given to the new infrastructure bank is money well spent, even though no projects have been completed yet.

  6. And yet more lying and phony posturing from the Dear Leader. The Nova Scotia mass murderer obtained all of his guns illegally, and Justin was given this information a few days after the shootings:

    ” Gabriel Wortman, the Nova Scotia man who murdered 22 people in April, was heavily armed with two semi-automatic rifles, two pistols and special ammunition boxes designed to carry extra bullets when he began his rampage.

    Newly obtained documents also reveal all of the weapons were illegally obtained, three of them smuggled across the U.S. border.

    The details are contained in a briefing note given to the prime minister just days after the shooting.”


    1. Let me correct the number for you. It’s 23 who were murdered, not 22. You see some of us consider an unborn baby a person. The evil left do not.

    2. Add to this:

      One of Toronto’s most active and notorious gangs taken down. Murder, assault, guns, drugs, sex and money laundering.

      Local coverage only of the initial story but no follow up, no new information on the arrested or anything to do with seized items and where they came from.

      Warmington of TO Sun provided a link to list of charges.

      Wonder which gang will step into the void?

      1. “The Nova Scotia mass murderer obtained all of his guns illegally…”

        – Which PROVES it – Canada needs MOAR GUN CONTROL!!!!!!!!

        – and always will, so long as a single Torontonian votes other-than-Liberal…

  7. Some common sense and words of wisdom about the Wuhan Flu from long-time (over 45 years) columnist William Watson in the National/Financial Post:

    “The key number to focus on is not cases but hospitalizations. Our original strategy, which to my knowledge no one has officially changed, was to flatten the curve so as to keep our health-care system from being swamped. That made sense. Most of us put a very high value on avoiding the awful video from Italy and New York showing over-run emergency wards and refrigerator trucks waiting to be filled with bodies.”

    The article also includes well-deserved criticism of the CBC for its nightly hysteria about Wuflu case numbers. Since we are apparently in a crisis, what happened to “keep calm and carry on”?


    1. Some local stats on COVID in Calgary:

      Average age for COVID cases that died is 82 years (range: 27-106)
      Average age for COVID cases hospitalized with an ICU stay is 60 years (range: 4-89)
      Average age for COVID cases hospitalized is 62 years (range: 0-103)
      Average age for COVID cases not hospitalized is 36 years (range: 0-120)

      On Monday we were at 54 ICU. Friday 58 ICU. Scroll down at: https://www.alberta.ca/stats/covid-19-alberta-statistics.htm to view the graphs, which well, are graphic on “cases” vs ICU. Even a dummy like me can see that the “Second Wave(tm)” is bogus. We’re testing more=more cases.
      Now I’ll pass the mike to our resident expert on everything….UNME.

  8. The Guiliani court cum presser was hilarious and incredibly dangerous.

    “I’m not sure what ‘opacity’ means,” Giuliani said at one point. “It probably means you can see.”

    It means you can’t,” Brann responded.

    When Judge Brann asked what standard of scrutiny he should apply to the case, Giuliani replied: “The normal one,” appearing not to understand the ways in which courts analyze government actions. Brann then asked whether he should apply “strict scrutiny,” considering his clients allege equal protection violations. Giuliani conceded he did not know what “strict scrutiny” meant.

    Giuliani reportedly requested $20,000 a day for his legal representation.


    There’s complete transcripts out there and they are hilarious. Guiliani is completely lost.

    1. I think any article that denigrates Giuliani’s legal ability is grasping at straws to make their point. At a show trial, you put on a show. Common Sense 101. Perhaps you need a refresher.

    1. It’s hardly ever I would agree with your inane musings and leftist drivel…but in this case.
      I wholly agree.

        1. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Although with UnMe they’re usually resting on its chin.

      1. L- “The time to “build back” our economy.” – O’Toole, Trudeau and Biden “build back..” meme.

        Very interesting, must be just a co-incidence…

  9. Fear mongering by Dr Tam. She says there will be up to 60,000 cases per day by year end. This is based on computer modelling, which is dependent upon humans building the program and inputting data.
    Expect Dear Leader to announce lock downs for thee but not for he.
    This was from an e-mail from Global (UNIFOR) News Radio. It was a developing story and no link to an article at this time.

    1. The only # that means ANYTHIng vis a vis Covid is this.

      The # of Folks who Died SOLEY from and ONLY from a COVID infection with ZERO Comorbidities or complications and was under the Age of 65.

      THAT is the figure that should be used for any discussion on what to do…and IMO.??
      Not a damned thing.

      Full on SCAMDEMIC with the intent of destroying our small/medium business and impoverishing the population. NAZI’s at work.

    2. Two things I learned about computers early on: “Garbage in = garbage out.” and “To err is human, but to really screw up requires a computer.”.

  10. Any covid world from Africa? No?

    Sure the modern South Africans are tied in knots but why is it the rest of the continent is dealing with it?

    I think it’s because covid is almost unheard of. Kenya for example is a country of 50+ million. Sure they have covid but it is not interrupting the economy. 750k have been tested. 70% of the country are youth and the average age of Kenya is under 20.

    I know it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Africa has experienced every disease in the known world but covid is not having near the effect there that it is in the rest of the world.

    When you have a population like they have in Kenya it tells you something. IT A DISEASE OF THE ELDERLY.

    Our media and politicians are practicing medicine without a license. Citizens are being tested, found positive and then sent home without treatment. Why are you turned away with a disease, untreated? What does that tell you about the process? What’s the point of testing if you don’t do anything about it?

    Covid 19 is a contagious mild flu if you are under 70 and even if you are over 70 and your immune system is half normal you will probably recover. The point is, the focus should be on the elderly not school kids. If your in a risk group – manage your risk, don’t go and poke the devil and quit listening to Mother Theresa and her cabal of acolytes.

    Everybody back to work!

    1. It also tells you that Kenya is likely another of African hotbed of MALARIA and that most have weeks upon weeks supply of HydroxyChloroquine….

      Yea, but it’s got no effect on Covid hmmm…??
      An honest to god cheap drug that works (worked), IMO and it got TRASHED by that insufferable ASSHOLE dr Fauci….all so he could promote his drug that the company he sits on the board of … Remdesivir (which was proven to be utterly useless.)

      That Ratfuck has countless dead bodies on his head.
      One of the first for the Guillotine.

      1. In a recent editorial, the editor-in-chief of Science was outraged that Trump fired Fauci, which, of course, made DJT anti-science. (“Fauci is an epidemiologist!”)

        Well, maybe Fauci turned out to be incompetent or was working for interests others than those of the American people. Having proper qualifications doesn’t matter if one isn’t doing one’s job properly and Fauci certainly wasn’t.

      2. Exactly! So why aren’t we using HCQ? Because it’s cheap, common and drug companies can screw you over for an expensive “cure”, that doesn’t really cure except drive up the costs. This is old news, bandied about back in February/March, then silence.

    2. abtrapper:

      Maybe the point of testing and sending home is that they know about the false positives which can be as high as 70%. I don’t know the answer, does anyone: what is the amplification cycle of the tests done in Canada. The best experts say that over 34 the test are too sensitve; useless. I gather that some tests are set as high as 45. Same experts say 25-30 is optimal.

    1. So does the Kanuckistanian politburo. I complained to DFAIT (as it was known then) about calling it “Chinese Taipei” and they responded in the usual snooty commie fashion. In any briefs and correspondence concerning trade from Taiwan I would put it in bold to make a point with the government.

  11. Justin will continue to speak to us from the “Cottage” giving us advice to stay home, wash hands often.
    It’s working to keep his polling numbers up playing Big Daddy taking care of us.

  12. Movie alert!

    Turner Classic Movies tomorrow afternoon has Gunga Din, followed by Dr. Strangelove or: How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Bomb. Tomorrow night starts with 2001: A Space Odyssesy and then George Lucas’s THX 1138.

    TCM Wednesday night will have Sean Connery movies, including two personal favourites The Wind and the Lion and, early the next morning, The Man Who Would Be King.

    TCM Thursday night: Alfred Hitchcock flicks, starting with another personal favourite, Rear Window.

    Tonight, TCM Underground presents a stinker, an absolute clunker, that’s so bad it’s good: The Green Slime. How bad is it? It’s been named one of the 50 worst movies ever made. But admit it, it’s hard to resist a movie that has a theme like this:


      1. You’re welcome. TCM’s about the only channel I watch now. PBS has gone full-blown lefty and watered down its science programming. AMC seems to be all zombie, all the time and the only show it has that’s worth looking at is Better Call Saul.

        I don’t remember the last time I watched anything on the regular commercial channels.

    1. Remember watching that late night in the early 1970’s. Gave myself a gut-ache from laughing so hard.

    2. How could I forget Duck Soup on TCM Sunday night? It’s my favourite Marx Brothers flick and has several laugh-out-loud bits. The scene with the bedroom mirror is absolutely priceless! It’s probably the funniest thing ever filmed.

      If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a treat.

      1. Hey B A–
        Good! Thanks! “Duck Soup” is on. Could use a few laughs.
        I remember the ‘mirror’ scene performed by Groucho, I believe.

        As a kid I was a big fan of the “I Love Lucy” show. Lucy was a genius at physical comedy. See enclosed video with Harpo Marx. They attempt a remake of the mirror scene. Check her reaction at the end of the skit. I don’t think what happened was planned. The element of surprise was evident.

        Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx  
        “The Mirror Routine” (3:46)

        1. Two comic masters at their best. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  13. “Who gives a damn where it started, it is time to stop the insanity surrounding it.”
    I give a damn where it started.Every chink business in Canada should be confiscated to pay for this pandemic.At best the chinks withheld critical info to stop its spread and at worst(which is my belief) they deliberatly unleased it on the rest of the world. Drop an H_BOMB on the fu*kers.

    1. Better clarify that to mean CCP owned corporations.
      The average guy in China Town running a restaurant, laundry or convenience store had nothing to do with what they’re doing in Hubei Province, CN.

  14. Few days old but worth a read for those who haven’t seen it

    The money quote: “But to the point, if a $20-billion health-care system that employs more than 100,000 people can’t manage 217 people in hospital without a lockdown, we have bigger problems that won’t be solved by shutting down shops and restaurants.”

    So sick of this crap, and most people both here and abroad would happily accept more, if it saves one freaking life and all that nonsense. News flash, a life can’t be saved, only extended. How long and at what cost, that’s the big question, these people would happily trade everything everyone else has (gov’t staffers and such haven’t given a red cent and won’t, after all) to ensure a 95 year old emphysema patient lives one more day to die of emphysema or pneumonia brought on by a cold or something other than covid, I guess. Many people have already given everything. But dozens of otherwise healthy 20-50 somethings effectively dying of depression is worth less than one from covid related complications to them.

    Whole country filled with a bunch of the cuck’s fluffers.

    1. Further to this, according to the government’s own stats available here https://www.alberta.ca/covid-19-alberta-data.aspx there are currently 284 in hospital and 61 in ICU. There have been 42,797 total confirmed cases, 451 total deaths. Please note, that count does not include the asymptomatic, and definitely not the many who probably have had it, but due to the socioeconomic ramifications of admitting it, were able to hide it and carry on.

    2. I had a young lady doctor up at the Lougheed one night, suggest that “I should stop wasting heath care dollars on my situation”, while waiting for a more knowledgeable specialist to expound on my current medical condition, at the time. Implying I should just crawl away and croak without wasting any more health care dollars on myself. That was 2 years ago and something past $80,000 a year, plus Carbon Tax and GST, of taxable income earned in a stationary position. I had another “operation”, 3 weeks ago to whack down the weeds trying to kill me sooner than I’m prepared to go. That guy was cheerful and happy to apply his talents to someone in need. I watched it all on the big screen, while he explained the procedure to his trainee and indirectly to me, as I was conscious the whole time.
      All while an outbreak of COVID was ongoing upstairs at the Foothills Hospital. What say you, Ryan? Should I have not availed myself of the health care system in my case? Are you one of those “otherwise healthy 20-50 somethings effectively dying of depression”? I’ve seen those “20 to 50 year olds” outside that hospital, sucking on a fag and spitting their sputum where I have to walk, while going to my clinic. Maybe we should go back to Alberta taxpayers chipping into the health care system every quarter like we used to do here? I’m all for it, if it culls the herd so to speak, of chirping Mills or such about Boomers who, once they reach 65 “…should stop wasting heath care dollars…” on their situations? Ever been in that situation, Ryan? These people are your grandparents, or parents on their last lap. You’re the one who will be making that thumbs up or down decision, not them. And believe me, you WILL be asked if you are legally named.
      I’m over 65, Ryan and still paying taxes. You don’t want me to quit paying, as you’ll be paying more. Those hordes of 3rd world dreck flooding this country every year, will never pay a dime. Ever.
      And if you are, as you state, “So sick of this crap”, well there’s legal, medically assisted dying for you now, “free”. Make hay while the sun shines, sport.

      1. The younger generation can’t wait for us to croak and inherit what they didn’t earn.
        Too much (free) stuff our government gives out that the future has to pay for.
        But it’s free and now. At least that’s what our government is promoting.

        What’s your place like so I can check it out before you’ve gone belly up is what your doctor was thinking.

      2. I stand by my comment. People who need medical help should get it. People who need shielding should be shielded. Further destroying our economy (and reducing our ability to pay for all of this even further, I might add), causing massive hardship on most of the free world while denying health care access to people who don’t have covid is not worth this. Might also add how difficult getting health care is now for people without covid as well, might have one of my previously very productive family members still alive were that the case.

        Or would you have us all stay locked in under threat? For how long? One year? Are we to be shot for attempting to go to work? Would you like us hanged for the crime of trying to get some exercise? How many restrictions are enough for you? And how far are you willing to go to punish people who don’t unquestionably obey? Bet you’d turn in your own mother on the covid snitch line. Fuck you.

        1. While I’m not angry I understand yours.
          The bastards are claiming just about every death as Covid-caused so they can fear fuck people’s minds and control their actions. But add that to the vein of cowardice that already pulses in most Canadians and you get submission.
          And the bastards are just getting started.
          Young people are really getting fucked over hard and most don’t even know how bad.

          1. I will bet that if the body pulled from the wreck has snot under its nose, the cause of death will be recorded as COVID.

            Okay, that was somewhat plagiarized from a Babylon Bee article.

        2. Anybody remember that 40 something guy in Medicine Hat Alberta who died waiting for a pacemaker last spring. He was scheduled for the operation when he got ‘bumped’ because a flood of covid hospitalizations was about to occur. Well it didn’t occur and the OR’s set empty until his heart gave out.

          As I see it the entire Canadian medical system is on trial here. Before the flu hit the system was playing rope-a-dope. Handing out promises of health care in the form of waiting lists. Denying access to needed operations by rationing operating room availability. Need to see a specialist? How about going on a waiting list of a year or so. I know a gal who had a bowel blockage. Her doc referred her to a specialist in Red Deer. She got a call from the specialist in Nov 2017. The office said they could see her in February. She remarked, “that’s not too bad she said, 90 days.” No the specialists office said February 2019.

          Is that health care? I suggest it isn’t. A promise is not health care. A trip to emerg in any city in Canada is an adventure. A broken bone can be 14 hours or more on a normal day.

          The system is on the ropes. The evidence is overwhelming. A flu comes along and the system cannot respond. An honest discussion on health care is not possible. The bureaucrats and politicians have too much invested to be rational and initiate honest dialogue.

          1. Its the number 1 line item in the Ontario budget – somewhere around 42% I believe and probably the same in every other province. WTF do they do with all the money?
            Does anyone in Canada not know the health care system is a bloated corpse of redundancies, overspending, poor planning, bad management, and too many shitheads doing the least for the most?
            And no that’s not a shot at the many hardworking and over-caring professionals within.

        3. “Or would you have us all stay locked in under threat?”
          Did I say that? I re-read my post. Nope.
          I can assure you that I don’t support masks, or shutdowns. A stupid waste of time and money. It’s a “flu”. In this case a weaponized flu. From Chinah, which seems to be lost in the fog of war of words. By the way, I waited 4 months for that surgery….because COVID. You need to re-direct your anger to the proper place, where it regards old folks, sport. They didn’t bring it home with them, COVID was brought TO them.
          Today’s stats state that the bulk of hospitalizations are the 36 year old. Grok that one why don’t you.

          1. To answer your question Buddy and Ryan, government/bureaucratic waste, meddling, interference, some of it external to a Province and a lot of it “political”: https://twitter.com/MakisMD
            Been following this for a while. This is just Alberta and only a part of it. Check the names…Trudeau, Notley. I’m sure this crap is going on each Province. Like your LPOC/NDP? Hell, any political “Party” for that matter? I’ve been dealing with it for 22 years. And I will admit to the fact that I’ve been lucky the whole time, because of the doctors I’ve personally dealt and currently deal with. There is no other reason I’m here typing this, I can assure you.
            Spend some time in your health care systems, observe. It’s right in front of you.

          2. I have no idea what you’re on about. I posted a comment and article firmly implying that these lockdowns are useless at best and extremely harmful to almost everyone and our healthcare system is obviously massively dysfunctional for what we pay for it. Where you got this idea that any of that was anti-aged is completely beyond me. Your direct attack at me and name calling were completely out of line.

            So you can still fuck off. Chump.

  15. Johnathon Kay at the National Post trashes the Toronto Star for trashing white business owners on the Danforth.

  16. No one who writes regularly for Canada’s news media has anywhere near the command of history as does Conrad Black. His latest column in the National Post is another must read. Where else will you read about Justin’s “lobotomous socialism”?

    “Now is the time and Canada is the place for original policymaking. It is a rich and well-situated country with a talented and sensible population; all international institutions are in desperate need of reform. The world needs Canada; Canada can lead; why is our leader putting us to sleep with sophomoric bunk about recessing backwards into lobotomous socialism and pseudo-environmental self-impoverishment? The proverbial inquiring minds want to know.”


    1. OMJ – tried to read it but couldn’t as too much love for the “accomplishments” of the past governments from a very eastern Canadian perspective. Grew up in southeastern BC, where the comment was that “BC ended at Hope and Canada ended at the Rockies.”. The latter comment was wrong: Canada ended at the Lakehead but Prairie issues hadn’t gotten our way (mainly, I suspect, because the CBC wasn’t advertising same, and our local station was a CBC affiliate).

      Anyway, even with the wrong eastern boundary, the sentiment was very accurate: both governments were more intent on extracting the maximum revenue from what was then a very lively logging, mining , and smelting industry than they were in giving back – in the form of better roads or other amenities – some small portion of the moneys they were pulling from the area. And, for BC, that is even worse today: the lower mainland controls the province, and the takers there extract even greater sums from the actual producers up-country.

  17. Shitoronto Mayor John Bastard Tory used the term “build back better” in his press conference this afternoon. I wanted to reach through my TV and bitch-slap him.

  18. The United States Supreme Court’s birthday present for Joe Biden.

    Look at who is now in charge of PA, WI, MI, and GA
    The Circuit Courts have been Reassigned
    Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42

    MI – Brett M. Kavanaugh
    WI – Amy Coney Barrett
    PA – Samuel A. Alito
    GA – Clarence Thomas


  19. Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls has thrown away another 120 million dollars to whiny indians in Alberta and Sask. to fight the China virus.

    1. I read that they are presently closing their offices all around the world wherever they are. If they are legit, why would they do that?

        1. That was very clever of Keean, he gets answers in a very creative way. Bet G.S. owns the whole building.

          ( It’s an old building with new windows. Looks like the interior got a complete facelift. Bet the tenants freeze indoors in the winter. But that sustainability wall — is as green as ever! )

          P.S. The Devonian Gardens in the T.D Square building here in our famous Calgary downtown area did the same and tore up their indoor garden in favor of several ‘sustainability’ walls. The renos took a long time to complete. When it reopened, I visited it and spoke to the gardener by chance. She told me that the plants dried up planted in this fashion and died or got heavily infested with bugs. I guess the garden ‘maintenance’ spun off a few new sustainable jobs as well in the process.