More Data that Doesn’t Fit the Narrative

More bad news for smarmy Leftists who keep insisting we all need to “follow the science and the data” but then play their own version of deaf, dumb, and blind when data appears that doesn’t fit their narrative:

For young students, the risk of dying from Covid is lower than the risk of dying from the flu, and researchers have repeatedly found that children do not easily transmit the virus to adults. The clearest evidence comes from Sweden, which did not close elementary schools or junior high schools during the spring Covid wave, and which did not reduce class sizes or encourage students and teachers to wear face masks.

Not a single child died, and there was little effect beyond the schools, as a team of Swedish economists reports after analyzing records of Covid infections and medical treatment for the entire Swedish population. The researchers, from the universities of Stockholm and Uppsala, took advantage of a natural experiment in Sweden by comparing hundreds of thousands of parents at the junior high schools (for students aged 14 to 16), which remained open, against those at the senior high schools, which switched to online instruction for two months in the spring.

18 Replies to “More Data that Doesn’t Fit the Narrative”

  1. Here UnPerson, let me spare you the trouble:

    “But neocons am dumb. Biden is good. No proof! Orange man, ha ha. He so dumb. You all dumb. Neocons, ha ha. I like heroin for breakfast.“

    You’re welcome!

    1. You forgot to add: “I dream of licking Prince Selfie Socks Justine’s sphincter squeaky clean in front of the entire UN Security Council.”

      1. I tried to be brief, but no excuse for leaving that one out, my bad. Here, I’ll try to make up for it:

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        There ya go!

        1. The only thing I’ll add is response is: “the pinnacle of all human wisdom and achievement is personified in Jessica ‘wax my balls’ Yaniv. Oops, did I just reveal my true identity? Never mind.”

          1. Stop pretending that you are me. I did not write any of the above. I was busy all night playing Justin in the Chocolate Factory with my Justin Trudeau action figure… now some parts are missing.

  2. Speaking of data that does not fit. New cases vs recoveries in Morontario for the last three days:
    18th 1417 vs 1495
    19th 1210 vs 1376
    20th 1418 vs 1415
    And they are locking down Moronto and Peel all because savages in Browntown had their turd world ethnic celebrations last week (no world if shitting on the the streets was part of celebration or just the usual imported habit).

  3. I just hope Trudeau doesn’t royally screw up the vaccine program. It’d be his first successful endeavor other than shutting down our economy.

    1. Well he has also:
      1 Successfully fellated Chicoms.
      2. Successfully lowered the average Canadian IQ through mass importation of new Librano voters.

  4. This can be played. It can be used as a wedge to destroy the Bolshevik infiltrated teachers unions. There is a hatred building towards these unions based on this. Many people know that the plague does not affect children greatly; and that the transmission of plague from children is low (null) scale. Parents hate the school closings. Their hatred is directed at the (politically active) teaching profession. This could well be the issue that purges these unions, more effectively than any Carlist uprising.

    1. Anything that could destroy the Teachers UNIONS…would be most welcome. For that matter anything that could destroy ALL the Public Service Unions would FABULOUS…they are at the root of the ALL Marxist Evil that pervades our world….IMO.

  5. The truth is slowly being revealed. None of it fits the narrative our betters have spun.

    As the disinformation campaign begins to crumble the leaders who promoted it become vulnerable. Their lies will be on display.

    ‘Blizzard of Lies’ Dave Frishberg

      1. Thanks NR – indeed.

        Dave Frishberg is one hip guy.

        I saw him in Edmonton once in a bar during the Jazz festival. Very low key event and not particularly well attended but those who were there knew his work and were appreciative.

        He is New York to the bone.

  6. The truth is not needed or wanted in Canada. That applies to all aspects of life in the gulag.