The Tolerant Left

You will be made to pay;

For Leitch, the transition to private life did not go smoothly.
As parents and their children entered her clinics, she found herself dragged into discussions about her political views. In the interview, she at first said the interactions were positive, but when pressed acknowledged it was not always the case.
For parents to be concerned she had an “agenda” was not in the best interests of the children she wanted to help, Leitch said.
“It was beyond disruptive,” she said.
“For me personally, it was very uncomfortable. And I can’t imagine what it was like for the child.”
So, after encouragement from Canadian colleagues and after canvassing available jobs elsewhere, she settled on accepting a position as chief of pediatric orthopedic surgery at the children’s hospital of Mississippi and moved there last spring.


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  1. She suggested she became merely a “punching bag” for Trump’s positions, and her own were simply badly communicated.
    “Do I think it was fair? No. But it is what it is,” Leitch said.
    She declined to discuss how she arrived at running on those themes — during the race, it was pointed out by several of her caucus colleagues that she’d never spoken up on those issues while serving in cabinet. She said she isn’t yet ready to get into detail about her choices.

  2. Sad commentary on the state of affairs in Canada. I hope it isn’t the beginning of a trend. But..

  3. Karen won’t trust a Trump supporter with her brat’s health.

    She has a childlike trust in the skills of Pakistani quacks who don’t bother washing their hands after taking a curry-stinking shit, and consider girls fair game at eight years old.

    Was “exile to Trumpistan” supposed to be a punishment for Dr. Leitch? Because the loss is Canada’s, not Mississippi’s.

  4. Funny how the Kanuckistanian Pravda had to throw in Demoncrap propaganda into the story. Claimed that the state law made it hard for blacks to vote for the party that brought you slavery and the KKK.

    1. Also stated Trump “lost his bid for re-election.” Which has not happened. And isn’t likely to.

    1. At the risk of giving UnMe another orgasm – I am going to say he is right. You see what he needs is a brain surgeon to do a transplant. However it is an impossible task as the space is to small to accommodate a transplant from even a jellyfish. Thank you for showing your true colors you waste of skin.

    2. Mississippi is a pretty state, and the people, white and black are friendly.
      I wouldnt mind retiring there. Cost of living is low, taxes low, government thrifty.

      1. It’s an impoverished hot sh*thole. There are no opportunities unless you count Klan positions, and I think even Alabama has more of those.

    3. “I wouldn’t want this quack taking care of my health…”

      No worries, she is not a veterinarian.

      1. I could not have said it better Colonialista. UnMe is a turd. I’ve had a run or two with him before and he sucks dick. Kellie was my MP for years and did my riding of SimcoeGrey proud. I am glad she has found a location that values her talents. UnMe likes it that Canuckastan invites the dregs of the world to our country and I have suggested several times that he take them in to his domicile. That always stopped his rants but he seems to come back for more. What a foucking Libtard.


    4. LOL ‘hate speech’. Sorry, I should have called for camps for religious minorities that would have been more in line with the area vibe.

      1. Like the camps that your Chicom masters are running for your mooselimb friends? Cognitive dissonance much?

  5. How the Canadian left contributes to the brain drain. Now will she become a target for Occasional Cortex?

  6. Never complain and never explain. If you do that to ignoramuses and collectivists they will use it against you. Never surrender!

    Her advice is instructive for these totalitarian times. Guard what you say and whom you say it to. You will encounter unamused collectivists who cannot and will not defend their views, but simply attack and vindictively try to ruin anyone who contradicts them.

    They set up a morality play where contrary thought is borne out of a defect, like racism or whatever label fitting their narrative.

    Don’t expect them to allow a rebuttal because they are not even immoral, they are amoral, without sympathy or empathy.

    And really f****g stupid. But then again, how stupid are voters jettisoning their liberty and prosperity to escape freedom?

    That question is in the process of being answered. Americans have mid-terms to save them. We have the NDP. Not good.

  7. C’mon folks, she only a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, its not like its a true Brain Drain where we lose out talented actors like Seth Rogen or something like that…

    1. I met her a couple of times before the leadership convention and she seemed to be a bit odd, on an interpersonal level, and not a very good communicator. Maybe she made some bad choices in politics, but I doubt that she was forced out of Canada or the medical profession; perhaps, she just ran away.

      Nonetheless, I hope she finds happiness in her new country, engaged in work that she is actually good at doing.

  8. There is a slight difference between this and communists, when things are run by communists, you got nowhere to run.
    One can expect this to come into effect in few short years.

    My father was a chief economist at ministry of forests in a country run by communist, when they needed to get rid of him as not to infect the staff with his experience, he was fired. Found a job collecting carcasses from collective farms. Years later when the idiots communists came to their senses in what they called certain springs, they apologized and gave him a job at an academy of sciences.
    His prime years were gone and retirement a short distance on the horizon.

    The variety of totalitaria dictatorship minded politicians here are in places as you read this.

    Canadians of course are ok with that as long as they get free stuff and a few pennies here and there. Once that is over it will be too late to complain, the prison or death is next.
    One can understand that this is not very believable, though once it becomes so, as mentioned, it will be late. If you think it can’t happen here, see what’s happening now just about everywhere in North America.

  9. Canadians are like seals. Say certain words and they will flap their flippers.

    Political multiculturalism isn’t just a joke, it is a failure.

    Is the abject hatred of Jews stemming from Islamists a Canadian value? What about the irrational fear of the number four that nearly derailed a hospice being built lest it disturb the feng shui of a neighbourhood? Is hyphenation and are microcosmic neighbourhoods a sign of unity?

    Kellie Leitch was right and calling her a girl-Trump won’t change that fact.

    1. You and your fellows whiners have been wailing ‘immigration gonna kill us all’ for over a half century and you’ve been flat wrong at ever step. Better get used to diversity, we’re only gonna shovel more of it down your throat.

      1. You’re talking to a daughter of immigrants, @$$hole. Your baiting doesn’t work on me.

        All you have proven is what knee-jerk reactionary know-nothing you are.

        Enlighten everyone here how imported anti-semitism is a gift of diversity.

  10. People ask me why I support Trump. I have a simple answer that shuts them down.

    “Because F*** You, that’s why.”

    After that I offer no further entertainment of their views.

    There is simply no point arguing with these people. I have so many other things I need to get done in a day that directly improves my prosperity and well being. These people do nothing but depreciate my well being.

    This Doctor sounds like a nitwit for arguing with these people.

    1. So you’re stupid and have an anti-social disorder. Got it. Have fun on the fringes, where you belong.

  11. It’s simply not safe to participate in democracy anymore other than voting. DO NOT campaign. DO NOT express your opinion to others.

  12. UnRealistic reveals a window into the warped Cdn liberal mind. Supporting Trump is a fringe position in their view. 72 million voters are NOT a fringe. They live in such a bubble, that the only way they encounter one is to troll places like SDA. They are so toxic that not one of their friends or family will tell them of their Trump support. Personally, I wouldn’t have voted for Trump in 2016, but in 2020 IDNF’s reason would have been mine. Trump increased his vote total by 10 million because we’ve all seen the dystopian future the UnRealistics want.

  13. “Mississippi has been staunchly Republican for years and remained so in the recent elections despite a massive push by Democrats to mobilize the Black vote, which represents nearly 40 per cent of the state. State laws, however, place numerous barriers before Black voters, and are widely understood to be the reason there have only been a handful of Black politicians elected at the state level in decades.”

    The Canadian Press failed to mention what those “numerous barriers” are that prevent people from voting. I’m guessing one of them is a valid ID which is needed for: opening a bank account; picking up a package at the post office; applying for welfare, unemployment, a job, social security or a passport; renting or buying a house; driving, buying or renting a car; getting on an airplane; etc, etc. But ID should never be needed in order to vote for the person who will lead the entire nation.

    1. You forgot,buying beer,cigarettes and being identified for yer court docket..all of which require a valid government ID…But voter suppression..shriek the Left when their frauds fail.

  14. I have a lot of time for Kelly Leitch.

    When the Bong announced he was going to legalize marijuana Leitch went out of her way explaining how the adolescent males brain continues to develope until age 27 or thereabouts.

    She pointed out the deleterious effects that marijuana has on the brain of young men.

    Nobody cared. Certainly not the Bong cuz he knew from first hand experience that dope has no effect on your brain…

      1. Lobotomized hippie addict Commie sack of bigoted parasitic shit. “We” are going to “shovel more immigration” down our throats? Who the fuck are you, the Prime Minister? Queen Victoria?

        Queen, anyway. Go die in a hole, filth. Get off your keyboard and go have a fight with the Proud Boys, you sad pussy.

      2. Once again, you have to be proven wrong.

        As a doctor, Leitch pointed out how bad marijuana was for the growing adolescent brain. She used science and reason.

        You, on the other hand, are spitting out tired, old stereotypes and talking points that don’t stand up to reason just to show how “enlightened” you are.


    1. And soon enough we will have nothing left to loose.
      So goes the cycles of human civilization.
      Seems the stupid have to lose it,before they value the things civil society must have to survive..
      We can enjoy the decline & fall or pull back to a mutual society inside borders we can defend and banish the fools and bandits to areas where the citizens share their parasitic nature.
      Meanwhile as the preliminary theatre is staged,invest in dry goods and base metal.