71 Replies to “He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship”

      1. Best part about a Sharia type turning into a drag queen, as soon as he realizes it he has a religious obligation to chuck him self of the nearest roof top.

        Its like a self serve counter at Loblaws.


    1. Too late, we are living in one.
      Want some money?
      Government will pay $250,000 for sexual assault claims…Will give $10,000 for sexual comment in the RCMP.
      Is it a wonder the claims rose 4 times the current levels. Giving rewards for encouraging fake or real claims.

  1. Funny how you don’t hear from the opposition leaders on his government paying off the media with millions of dollars.
    Oh ya, they’d be doing the same thing too being in office.

    1. Everyday another insanity and another and another step towards the slavery that American blacks, who were never slaves, yet want to be paid for never being slaves, will be the lot of my great grandchildren? What a fucked up world I have managed to find my damn old body in. I know within my heart and soul that most people are very stupid and they have become even dumber because they no longer have to work to eat. I hope I do not have to eliminate a starving moron before my life ends. Not because I hold any empathy for fools, just because I should not have to. The key to my comment is, WORK TO EAT, for those who are less than intelligent.

      1. Ah yes, the Useless Eaters.
        Their day is coming to an end and that right soon.
        The Commies and Dictators don’t tolerate that shite for long in the new Utopia.
        See what Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and etc did to that lot.

    2. JJ, can’t disagree with you there. ALL the networks have adopted and are promoting BIPOC as the metric for hiring. For those who may have (luckily) escaped this propaganda, that’s Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour. Whatever happened to BPFTJ? (Best Person For The Job.) It has now reached the point where, as an employer, you have officially lost control. If O’Toole & Co. don’t trash this, in spite of the inevitable racist name-calling, I will have lost all hope for our future.

      1. Kanuckistan, the only country that enshrined racism in its constitution. Albeit, it is racism directed at White people.

  2. Our very own Homegrown NAZI’s at work.

    It’s time for a revolution in this country…But I wonder if that’s even possible with a docile brain dead fawning populace enamoured with their free shit and caring not that their govt has been taken over by globalist filth determined to destroy small business, the fossil fuel industry and personal initiative….all via playing to the WOKE insanity, destroying those who disagree while demonizing them as racists and right wing extremists… And Using covid as their blanket excuse to do what they want.

    Witness this Tom somebody, the City “Emergency Chief” in Calgary, screaming that the 2nd wave will decimate us and demanding a 28 day fULL Lockdown. NAZI bastard.

    Canada will remain fucked up until an uprising happens….by the people.

    1. I concur.

      Now in all their very sophisticated plans did they figure out how to pay for their utopia after they eliminated all wealth creation and devalued the dollar to the point that has no purchasing power whatsoever?

      Don’t bother answering we both know the answer to that.

    2. Won’t happen. All those most likely to and most capable of doing so are all in the comment threads here on SDA.

    3. There is a seemingly genuine FEAR among Canadian citizens when it comes to Covid 19. They’ve bought the bullshit.
      Yesterday, while trying to shop at a bookstore, I was told that I could come back after phoning to make an appointment. I said, “I’m from out of town.” The look I got from the store clerk was ‘oh well.’ Amazon is doing a bang-up business because of idiocy like this. My husband loves Amazon, because, as he says, he can buy anything he needs via its web pages. And the prices are better than in stores.

      My favourite store for food is open every day, it’s local, and it doesn’t require face masks. I love it.

  3. By the time they try to force us to take these shots that are doubtful to work as the virus is now in its 5th mutation in Australia.

    1. Only the fifth? Pity. There would be only a washed out version by now, if we hadn’t ever locked down. Seen any “Spanish Flu” lying around lately? There were 4 mutations of COVID, by the time COVID strolled into the EU. The really viral stuff was fed directly to northern Italy, by Chinese “workers” flying back and forth from where do you ask? WUHAN, F/N CHINA!.
      Stupid commie dictators in our own countries. If you haven’t figured it out by now that “they” want you and yours dead, there really is something wrong with you. It’s done nothing but awakened our Mayors and Provincial Premier’s “inner fascist”, the Hitlery years in Kan-eh-duh.
      Our PM the best example, as he blames you, not the Chinese for Wuflu. But then: “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar. There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.”
      But Harpeur was the “dictator”, not him.
      Filing taxes in April?

  4. The biggest oxymoron in the known universe is honest politician. That said I have come to live with this fact however a thief is something else. To say a thief, the lowest life form on the planet, is lower than the smelly stuff that you scrape off your shoe is an insult to dog excrement. When you have a party and party leader (turd jr) that exemplify this to the fullest this is what you get.

  5. Shouldn’t the Minister of Canadian Heritage be a morbidly obese First Nations Chief? Why is some white poofter pretending to know something about Canada’s Native Heritage? He should … do the right thing … and give up his job to some noteworthy Chief with a 90” curved 4,000k big screen

  6. State-sanctioned propaganda, right here, in Canada.

    Paid for by you, the taxpayer.

    Well, so much for Canadian democracy. It was fun while it lasted.

    At the risk of violating Godwin’s Law, isn’t that how Hitler’s Nazis started out? Don’t you DARE challenge the government on any of it’s policies, or the CRTC, or CRA will come after you. And if that doesn’t work, their mob will cancel you. They tried it once. They’ll do it again… and again… and again!

    Enjoy living in the new republic of the communist state of Chinada, folks.

    1. After the Reichstag fire a certain fellow with a funny mustache, who shall remain nameless, went to talk to this Hindenberg guy and convinced the old goat the sky was falling and he should grant the mustache guy emergency powers. And the rest is history for those who care about such things. Take that Godwin.

  7. Listening to that I feel left behind. If you’re not black, not a musician, still the sex you were born with you will be left behind.
    Trudeau and his crew of numbskulls are giddy with power. Covid has helped them feel more empowered.
    We are screwed and we did it to ourselves, not once but twice, Trudeau has the best minority possible with the NDP
    as backup.

  8. “Incentives” says the felon. A nice way of saying start bundling “China’s Got Talent” with the History Channel or else.

  9. The real difficulty is that if (and that’s a big if) the Conservatives ever do take power again, they will never reverse any of these communist policies.

    One thing you can say about The Spawn is that sadly, he reversed almost every single Harper policy. We need to do the same thing but we never do.

  10. If we just say what we’re told to, it will make it easier later when we’re told what to do.
    Soon others will reimagine what you mean and want. That’s the true easy way out of dumping leaders who get you out of the hole.
    Churchill, to some extent Thatcher, Harper and now Trump. In doing so we invite selfish tyrants to rule us.
    Witness the benevolent leadership in Germany presently water cannoning covid protesters for their own good.
    How dare you. The overlords have spoken. Measures must be applied universally so misery is shared equally.
    Except for the apparatchiks who stay on full pay and benefits.
    The pain doesn’t apply to them. They must be freed to do their good work.
    I’ve moved 1984 to non-fiction in my personal library, right beside Eric Fromm’s “Escape from Freedom.” It is here, now.
    And the collectivists didn’t have to break down the doors, of which they were willing, we put the key under the welcome mat.
    That all comes later. Biden’s Orwellian slogans are the conduits. All of us locked down, told to stay home and be safe.
    Until the whole thing collapses, which is imminent as healthy citizens rebel against hypocritical elites and their edicts.

    1. ” healthy citizens rebel against hypocritical elites and their edicts “.
      A little hard to do when you are in a FEMA or State sanctioned concentration camp.

  11. This is just smoke and mirrors for his raison d’etre – Internet blogs, Twitter and news platforms that haven’t taken Liberal money.

  12. They’re just getting started.
    Remember the Libranos are supported by the NDP who hate white English speaking men almost as much as Juthtin Queerdoh and this sawed-off French douche bag.

  13. In related censorship news in Blackie’s new Canada, True North reports on efforts by the Liberal Party and NDP in parliament, to ban any graphic images on Pro Life materials.

    1. Perhaps a campaign should be started by the legal voters in Canada, for every voter that supports prolife, to send pictures to these every one of these totalitarian socialists/fascists would be dicktators (sic) low life.

    2. I keep saying to these Lieberals: “Your mother should be slapped for not exercising her right.”

      I used that to shut up my daughter while she went on a pro-choice tirade. She thought about it for a moment then clued in.

  14. Love that CRTC thing!
    Years back when we still had SUNNEWS and it was struggling to get to play with the ‘Big Guys’, I approached one of our MPs at a fundraiser, and suggested that the government assist SUNNEWS in any way that they could. He told me that there was a system, a procedure, to get the fledgling network included in our cable packages. I suggested that the system was the enemy and we wanted change! and that those of us that worked as hard as we had to, to get people elected, didn’t work, to follow the damn system.
    I kind of lost interest in trying to change the ‘system’ at that point!

    1. The party in power is really just doing what the unaccountable senior civil servants want. I realised that an opposition MP, MPP or MLA will always take your side because it won’t matter. Once in a position to do something they give you all sorts of reasons it cannot be done. It’s because the head of the government department says to the elected representative of the people that it must be done their way.
      With the civil service getting close to becoming the majority all we will be is a source of revenue, nothing else.

      At a tax conference I had overheard a civil servant explaining to a colleague how he would use the ITA and ETA as a means to redistribute wealth. All the Lieberals are doing is the will of the government.

    2. I don’t mean to be that one upper, but: About the same time as you were in that fund raiser, I was writing to Ezra Levant that his station’s attempt to get Sun News packaged in mandatory channels was doomed and that cable news was dying. He got the message it seems. Rebel has more than a million subscribers and cable news is in fact dying.

    1. That’s just the beginning.
      If you have not planned for leaving large urban centers you are doing something wrong. Cities will be death traps real soon.
      If you don’t have cash on hand and physical gold, that’s another big negative.

  15. This is precisely what happens when the political idiots run out of useful thigs to do.
    They start bullshit and never stop, there is nobody to tell them they are full of excrement and stop it.
    They, no doubt, are instructed when they enter parliament to just ignore everything and anything that people say and the only answer to questions will be that they are working for future of Canadians.
    The future of Canadians, they have absolutely as in 0, Zero idea how to deal with today, so they will mumble to no end about the future.

    Apparently most of the free stuff, no fault, Canadians are in, so the normal are screwed.
    They voted for the scammers …. didn’t they?

    I refuse to go on that twit thing, so here it is,

  16. The CRTC is completely useless, interested only in supporting what the government wants (remember PET’s Cancon rules?) and eastern interests.

    1. Anyone, yourself included, who thinks any government agency has any value has not been paying attention.

      1. I remember when Louis Rukeyser, host of the old PBS show Wall Street Week, interviewed Milton Friedman. Friedman saw that there were some uses for the government. He used two examples: traffic laws (e. g., requiring everyone drive in the same direction on the road) and civil laws (one needs to go to jail if one murdered one’s wife).

        Beyond that, most of government is completely redundant.

      2. My disdain for the CRTC goes back to when I was growing up in NE B. C. Fort St. John could only receive one TV channel, a CBC affiliate out of Dawson Creek. There were people in DC who, with a suitable antenna, could receive the Grande Prairie relay of Edmonton’s CFRN.

        Over the years, numerous requests were made to provide us in FSJ with a second channel, but Ottawa kept turning us down. Thank you, CRTC.

        In the mid-1970s, someone installed a VHF repeater on a microwave tower roughly halfway between FSJ and DC. At least we were able to watch CFRN for a while, though the signal was often fuzzy and subject to interference, particularly during the summer. (The frequency band which included that channel would suddenly open up and we could get signals from much further away. I had no idea about why that was until I became a ham.)

        If Ottawa wasn’t going to do anything, then private citizens will.

        That was supplemented a few years later when someone set up a bootleg satellite receiver and we got to watch The Movie Channel (or so it was called back then). About a year and a half later, the Mounties towed it away as it was, well, you know, illegal.

        It wasn’t until Lyin’ Brian that it was finally lawful to watch satellite TV. That was one of the few good things he did for this country. It was also around that time that the FSJ finally got cable TV.

        1. The dish was ordered taken down by the criminal Francis Fox. (Forged his girlfriend’s husband’s signature so she could abort his problem. He wasn’t even charged when it was discovered.) Ever notice how felons gravitate towards left wing political parties?

  17. Imagine that! Yet another far-left Roman Catholic extremist forcing the Vatican’s political system onto the serfs.

    Steven grew up “strongly influenced” by his uncle Valmont, who was a Roman Catholic missionary with the Congregation of the Holy Cross in Haiti.

    Roman Catholicism preaches its communism in its churches, indoctrinates students in schools, pushes it through media, and forces it through its politicians. But simply by replacing communist buzzwords with newspeak, and playing the people off each other through a managed left-right dialectic, few realize the root of the problem and instead occupy themselves with swatting at the branches.

  18. The government is regulating buggy whips.

    This would be a serious issue if I thought that cable television had a future, but I suspect that all broadcasting will eventually be done over the internet, where it will be much tougher to regulate.

  19. Step 1: create “Beachcombers Channel”.

    Step 2: check off boxes one by one: Immigrant (Gerussi), Native, Woman, Old Guy…

    Step 3: Retcon in some vizmins, trans and otherkins

    Step 4: retire to Maui with taxpayer’s bucks

  20. Incentivize – because people wouldn’t normally do the inane crap you want them to do. Why does an industry as progressive and enlightened as show biz have to be incentivized to hire minorities?
    As for the rest of you nothings and nobodies in the middle class, you better pay your taxes on time and they better be right or we’ll throw your ass in prison.
    How’s that for incentive?

    1. Eddie Murphy’s movies with all black casts all went bust. Only us crackers would watch them. Black peoples don’t pay to watch just cuz you black.

  21. Conservative governments like to think the bureaucrats are neutral. They aren’t. Remember the applause they gave trudeau when elected? I used to think it would be unkind to fire them all and just boldly cut govt all at once down to 10% of its current size (for starters). I don’t see them as fellow citizens anymore, much like I’m sure they don’t see me as a fellow citizen. I’m a pawn. I fund their lifestyle, so they can control me.

    The only way we will know liberty in this country or province again is if we very severely reduce the number of people who gleefully control our lives and tax us into the ground.

    This goes for pretty much all of western civilization.

    1. I don’t see them as fellow citizens anymore, much like I’m sure they don’t see me as a fellow citizen. I’m a pawn.

      Go through a security check at any airport. You’ll find out how quickly you’re treated as if you’re the enemy.

  22. All this will do is seal off Canada.

    No news shows or anything else from ANY country, online or otherwise.

    Just like North Korea, we will have programs smuggled to us on flash drives.

  23. I really am not a citizen of this country anymore. It a carcass, a shell of its former self and it was already going doing hill when I became aware during the Trudeau Sr years. I would send my sons or daughters to fight for this, the first post-national country with no identity. The country gets the government they deserve and they deserve to get it good and hard.
    I don’t know if the rest of you are as disgusted and fed up as I am.

  24. • Steven thinks money grows on trees.
    • Steven reversed the other Stephen’s laws because he can.
    • Steven squanders gasoline.
    • Steven is a hypocrite.
    • Steven likes to power trip.
    • Steven already had their constituency, i.e. the musicians etc.
    • Steven caved to the pressure of artsy-fartsies.
    • Steven has an Irish-Canadian maternal granny.
    • Steven is not Stephane like Monsieur Dion.
    • Steven would say the last three items are irrelevant.

    1. Steven shaves with Gillette razors, and still can’t get it right.
      Sure wish he had fallen from the tower when he was an “activist”.
      Oh, and would love to sucker punch him with a brass glove.

  25. I am torn with respect to our “Civil Servants”.
    Do we fire them all and charge them with the theft and destruction they have rained down on the taxpayer?
    Or do we fire 50% of them every six months,just for the joy of their prolonged agony?.
    So ,lacking the guts to pass laws supporting his petty dictatorship,this “Minister of the Crown” will use the bureaus to crush “unapproved speech”..
    Naturally any words that support 2+2=4 will be hate speech,in the eyes of morons who will tax their way to prosperity.
    Covid 19 has been a true blessing,the natural incompetence,the mindless reactionary nature,the lust for power and the deliberate prolonging of a artificial crisis coupled with draconian ever changing restrictions,seemingly designed to punish the taxpayers..
    If you have missed the malicious evil of these professional parasites,you might be comatose.
    And the compliance of the so called loyal opposition?

  26. The CRTC is and always has been a joke, and not a very good one. I pride myself on being to identify CanCon when it comes on the radio – “Oh hey, a Quebecoise singing in Edith Piaf style with an accordion, all to a reggae backing!” Piss off…taxpayer money given to shitwits to produce dreck, so that musicians can be paid “fairly.” Anyone who loves music knows you could spend dozens of lifetimes listening to stuff that’s actually good, most of it by people who are already dead. If people want to hear your no doubt stunningly inventive noises – which they probably DON’T – you’ll be paid fairly. YOU chose to be an “artist” and if that doesn’t pan out, too bad: consider the possibility that you suck.

    Sigh, but then they’ll just go on welfare and become professional activists screaming death to capitalism. God, what a sad country.

  27. L-Having a CRTC license will soon be a license to lose money. The criteria in question is Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory. The audience that would voluntarily watch/listen to that injected into every show is too small to generate a profit.

    Even now, CRTC licensed tv and radio, including talk shows operate on a self-censorship basis.
    Freedom of Expression, of Association, as a Constitutional Right, now replaced with compelled speech/hiring.

    What other industries are federally regulated? Oh right, banking…