12 Replies to “Y2Kyoto: Your Shrinking Brain”

    1. Owens winning his Utah seat by beating a democrat in the election somehow has Pelosi losing her seat in California? I don’t understand. I do however, totally agree with your description of her mouth.

        1. Nancy will never lose her House seat in Sanfranshitshow. They are just too damn stupid; and you cannot fix stupid. But her Utah flunkie did get booted. She will be crying and eating her US$50 per US pint ice cream just the same.

    2. You’d better re-read that. The seat is in Utah. From the link:

      Back in December 2019 NFL great Burgess Owens announced he will run to replace Ben McAdams in the US House.
      Owens ran against Pelosi Democrat Ben McAdams in Utah’s fourth congressional district.

    3. Hey Dog face
      Did you even read the article…??

      He didn’t knock off Pelosi at all – he beat Ben McAdams a “Pelosi Democrat”

  1. Pelosi has the last laugh, she and he kind have been raping the common people for more than 80 years.

  2. There are so many OBVIOUS signs of climate change. Glaciers calving ice bergs and dogs urinating on trees are my favourite.

    1. Mike T. Too funny. Don’t forget Chinooks in AB and Santa Ana winds in CA, increased meteorite strikes,Chinese shoe laces that won’t stay tied, paper straws that taste like recycled land-fill.
      Did you know that Noah was the first to raise concerns about climate change?

      I think COVID 19 is caused by climate change. Bats are being slaughtered by windmills so they gave us COVID as payback.

  3. The funniest one I saw was that uncircumcised men contribute to climate change.
    Something to do with taking longer to clean themselves in the shower, thus using up more water.