49 Replies to “O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas”

  1. A preview of the Democratic National Convention?

    (Where do you find these gems, Kate?)

  2. That gets the art exemption. Remember – getting together to read bibles, bad. Getting together to burn bibles, good. Anything that will uplift society must be stopped. Anything that degrades society (and that grab-ass group sure looks like it qualifies) must be promoted.

    1. Millennial’s what? What is it that belongs to Millennial? Did your 4 years in Grade 3 somehow miss the lesson on the use of the apostrophe?

      1. Don’t be Triggered!

        There are worse things than apostrophes, just take a deep breath and realize you could not be invited into the dance circle.

  3. Those people ALL need to be banished to … “distance learning”. And stop sniffing each other’s bumm’s like Biden smells the hair of little girls

    1. The arts, performance or otherwise, are the outward reflection of society’s collective soul. What does this pathetic display tell us about our state of being? Nothing good that’s for sure. It does explain why some whites are willing to apologize for being white.

  4. An enthusiastic gathering of spirit cooking ingredients to celebrate the future presidency of Ol’ Joe’s VP running mate?

  5. Must have been before the whu who flu, not a mask in sight. In this instance they should be wearing them if for no other reason, not to be identified.

  6. They vote. Their vote counts as much as yours. This is the really depressing part.

    1. More, actually.

      There’s actually damned little money in “art” like this for those who humiliate themselves taking part.

      So, when Democrat voter fraud is investigated properly in 2021, don’t be surprised to see some of these people among those who took rather less than thirty pieces of silver to steal postal ballots from the mailboxes of California’s remaining Republicans.

    2. Actually Colonialista, their votes count more than ours, as far as Trudopia is concerned! Yup it’s depressing, that is why we all migrate to SDA, to share our depressions with one another.
      In many ways SDA is the only sanity that we have.

    3. Colonialista:

      Re: ”They vote.”
      After this exercise, they won’t be needing a pencil to mark the X.

  7. If these ‘people’ were trying to (sic) pull off an “Elephant Walk“, they are doing it wrong!

  8. After reading the Twitter comments, I’ll not watch this. Looking at what is happening to the Left Coast, I worry our economic world is coming to an end.

  9. Can we at least get a NSFW warning on this one?

    It really needs a NSFAA warning. (not safe for anyone anywhere).

  10. Yup, general comments seem to confirm my instincts were right one this one, I closed the page before it finished loading.

    Just because I know California is dying doesn’t mean I need to witness every sordid minute of it.

  11. Wonder why those sitting around are clothed? Liona Boyd, one of Pierre’s female friends, told about the kind of party they had where everyone sat around edge of the room on the floor naked. She didn’t say what was going on in the centre but maybe it was something as enlightening and uplifting as this.
    (Now I have another picture of Pierre I’ll have to get out of my mind.)

    1. Now I have another picture of Pierre I’ll have to get out of my mind.

      The same with Leona Boyd for me. I used to like listening to the classical recordings she made and it didn’t hurt that she looked a lot of a certain lady I was fond of at one time.

      I attended a concert of hers in Edmonton nearly 40 years ago, which rather disappointed me as she emphasized more “modern” material. My mother also reminded me that Boyd was also “associated” (wink wink nudge nudge) with PET.

      In the time since then, my interest in her recordings faded considerably. Your comment about that party ensures that it remains so.

  12. It would help if we knew what it was. Is this a live performance of “art” (and I certainly use the term loosely.) Is this a university course? (If so I would say it is grooming for sexual perversion by the professor.) I can’t process what this is without knowing the context.

    1. Oh yeah JB?
      It’s not that I wouldn’t process this, even knowing the context, it’s that I couldn’t process this, even with knowing the context. Besides, I’m still trying to process the context of this post!

      My brain hurts.

  13. They used to call it playtime in Bellevue, today it’s a Woke Masterpiece in California.

    Ahhh Progress, where would we be without it.

  14. ahhhh, I get it…

    This was a clip that musta been culled from REEFER MADNESS…
    but like all that foolishness, I’ve never ever once in my life had an urge to grab someones ASS while in a going round n round in a circle jerk after smoking a spliff.

    That was just too frakkin weird….

  15. Just keep asking liberals “Do you get it yet?”
    Or, “Are you finally starting to get it?”
    If they say ‘Get what?’ just laugh and walk away.

  16. This just occurred to me: maybe it’s a team-building exercise.

  17. Advanced Media training in SLED DOG reporting.. The Next CBC on-air crew following each others butts….