If The Rioting Seems Coordinated

That’s because it is.

@theangiestantonThe Black community in MN is calling out white Antifa members for starting the riots and destroying their communities. I keep telling y’all these white liberals are not our friends.

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    1. “Gewwy, wook at thothe wiots.”


      “Why can’t we have thomething wike that up hewe?”

      “We will, Justin, we will. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

      “Oh, goody! I can hawdwy wait!”

      1. Yes. They do. Interesting that Soros also has ties to our very own PM and Deputy PM (who seems to be running things along with Butts.) We don’t have the riots here because Canadians have peacefully given up their sovereignty and complied with the Soros/China globalist agenda. The gun grab is part of the agenda. Canadians are so naive and our journalists are mostly stupid. In our country, democracy is dead.

  1. I’ll be interested to see if there is a major uptick in Covid infection rates in these communities. That Covid virus is a tricky bugger, seems it only attacks business that opens earlier than the “experts” suggest.‍♂️

    1. Scott it doesn’t matter. Just a brief diversion from the all virus all the time foolishness.

      1. Never understood “Black Lives Matter” when they vote to abort their babies in the millions, by the millions.

        1. That is the Simian brain at work.

          But Liberals are no better or smarter … they love their basic abortions.

          Conservatives have babies too, but very few are grow up to work in, or be part of any government … those jobs are for people who can’t make it in the private sector.

          That is why everything is so screwed up … we are government by liberals and liberals are idiots as we all know.

          1. Sporty, I agree. J-west’s post, even with his poor English and thought process, is an embarrassment.

  2. I bet bus companies are doing great and will continue to do so busing all these protesters around.
    Well until those hired protesters start getting shot.
    It’s coming. This is not going to stop, riots into November, all planned.
    Antifa terrorists = open season.
    Is a license required? Tags? Bag Limit?
    Too bad I cannot participate,

    1. Busing you say! What happens when a few Buses go Missing….No safe Zone!

  3. The Democrats saw Antifa as allies, the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind. I guess they are finding out that they are just anarchists who are not going to help them get elected after all. They are not resistance fighters against Trump, they are really bad people who don’t give a crap about anything but mayhem and destruction.

    I have to laugh that CNN is getting filled in too. They supported Antifa and now are seeing that they were dupes too.

  4. All hail the narrative.
    Well the non tool users are making their intentions known and the ,always progressive politicians,enable their violence..
    Funny how these “riots” only occur in Democrat strongholds,where Antifa get coordinated help from the police.
    It is easy to be a big brave rioter,when the police refuse to touch you,prevent anyone else from touching you and arrest,harass anyone who has to shoot you.
    The organization of these professional protesters is quite something,how much are they paid?
    Who covers their transportation costs?
    Who supplies all those cool and very expensive gadgets?

    The media is not even trying ,they are aiding and abetting these vandals.
    So they are party to every crime .
    Fake Newz ,truly the enemy of the people.
    I see some people are starting to wise up,civilization is a very thin veneer stretched over a particularly vicious plains ape.

    Now the Progressive politicians and their pet police chiefs have loosed the mob upon the citizens,reinforcing the point “you are on your own people.
    All those protection agencies you pay for?
    They do not work for you”.
    Stupid proggs we respect the forms,just as long as they work.
    So now they proudly proclaim the breakdown of law and order,as an accomplishment no less.
    Then they wonder why no one respects or is willing to pay them anymore.

    It takes a certain type of evil to incite a mob,knowing the innocent will suffer and hoping that they do so.
    The same kind of evil you find in every “Liberal Style creature”.
    Demon Worshipping Rats.

    1. major upvote John, you hit all the points that the media will not. the left, progressive, communist, agenda is supported by the media and it will continue until the entire world is engulfed in violence. Between the Islamic caliphate and communists there is going to be even more turmoil than we are seeing now. The progression has been obvious for decades.

      1. Thanks OWG but I missed one;Tax deductions for professional activists,community organizers,terrorists,death cults and inciters of riots.
        These are professionals and are seen as such by their comrades,so it would be no surprise to find out they claim tax deductions for their “equipment”.
        Find those and we can confirm that these are government agents..NGOs in fact.

    2. Bang on the buck John.

      Liberals = Democrats.
      Same modus operandi.
      Same results
      Using the same allies….MSM – AntiFa

  5. Antifa and their ilk will have kittens when someone, someone legally armed, feels his/her safety threatened, and shoots one of them! They will scatter liker the cockroaches they are, but I suspect
    they might be a little more reluctant to to come out again to “Exercise their right to protest” once the shooting starts! Beer and popcorn indeed!

  6. Any bets there is also some Chinese subversion money behind all this as well. Other than paid off everyday Hollywierd anti-American propaganda that is.

    Keep pumping that Fentanyl onto American streets China, it’s working, slow but working – Soros

  7. Just like in Canada the natives being told what to think and how to act by all these white leftists. I remember one Ezra video when he was telling this white chick “It’s like your colonizing their minds!” Haha, she scoffed in surprise at the truth of that observation.

    1. Heh, someone should make T-shirts and then sell them to those that get too much pepper spray imbedded. Just weave through the crowd with an armload of T-shirts and a SNAP debit machine.

      I just wish they’d move up to the Mayors street in the lush outer burbs, every city has them, where all the liberal betters huddle together in overpriced communities. Too far to walk and maintain concentration of purpose I suppose.

  8. Who is most threatened by the impending failure of government to fund itself and thusly keep its social promises? I suggest it is those who receive more than they produce and the government workers who dole out the largess. Covid is an excuse more than a cause for the current situation of massive spending. The fact that the DNC is trying to bail out their controlled states, ILL, NY, MIN and CAL, is no surprise as they are broke. Transferring that cost to all citizens lets them escape responsibility for their failures. Recognition of those failures would lose them the ’20 election to Trump.

    So many people within government and many outside cannot make their way in the real world. Either they don’t have the education or the aptitude. The education system has transformed from “critical thinking” to “subjective reasoning”. Subjective thought eliminates accountability and ensures the ability to maintain their roles. At life’s most simplistic you have to be able to add value to exist. I suggest 35 – 40% of people do not add much value on that basis. At some point the “doers” have to regain the narrative or all is lost.

  9. I have no idea why the US military cannot spring 2 F15s loaded with fire, and level a 400 acre place where the earth devil lives, in upstate New York. A lot of this paid for bs would end quickly.

    1. MOAB, (with film @ 11)

      “Enemy activity in his old sector dropped off to nothing. Guess he must have hit the right four people.”

      Truthfully, it wouldn’t take much. It’s a slippery slope but a professional climber combined with appropriate safety harness could get us across in no time.

  10. When NYC Police enforced the Cigarette TAX by choking a Black Man to death (he was selling Loose Cigs to those who couldn’t afford a pack))…That was a Constitutional crime that the NYC Mayor & Governor MUST be charged with 1st degree Murder ….Police do not enforce taxation in the USA, when they do they are gangsters… 2 years go by and not a whimper from the MSM…

    BTW: Black activist on FOX falsely claimed that the Confederate Army officers, after the end of the WAR, were removing Blacks from Plantations.. It was Union Officers that removed squatters in favor of Carpet Baggers..
    The existing LAW that prevents the Militia from engaging in Civil affairs was the result….Stupid Pll

    1. SS, that cigarette seller had 29 priors , and was a nusense to the business community, and that is why the cops removed him, git yer facts straight.

  11. This morning the CBC scroll is “Canada responds to Racism USA”,the irony meter is pegged.
    So a Prime Minister who issues an Order in Council that blatantly favours Natives and steals from the rest of the citizens..wants to lecture us and our American cousins about being racist?
    Can Ah Duh where the Supreme Court makes up laws exempting “poor hard done by Natives” from responsibility for violent crimes against society,mostly against poor hard done by Native Women,who have zero human rights in Canada and do 95% of the work inside the welfare communities..

    But we are gonna lecture “Orange Man Bad”,cause you never heard a peep out of these same sanctimonious bastards when the Obamanation was in power.