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  1. Serious problem for sure.
    This is a political – get Ford – operation.
    Demonization of a putative conservative.

    Will the military be asked to put on a show in Quebec?

    1. Your assertion is baseless. If it is a “get Ford” effort the “get is not by the CF. Canadian Forces personnel are simply reporting up the chain of command what they have seen and experienced in the five LTC homes. They do not have a political agenda here.

    2. Ford has known for a long time. And so has Horvath. The faux outrage is BS.
      Close family member with a heart for residence has been screeching at ALL politicians for years about her facility. Her letters to them and Chartwell are on record.

      And Mike Harris is now on the board for Chartwell.

      (FYI…I have been a fan of both Harris and Ford…but losing respect on this huge issue!)

  2. My father (98 yrs old), is in thankfully, a very good care home. But it was not easy finding a ‘good one’ as the system is run as part of provincial health care and without determined advocacy you’re pretty much at the hands of bureaucrats for whom you’re just another file number.

    With six kids working on his behalf, the system relented and we were able to find care that suited his needs and despite dementia he is reasonably content. My generation however will not have that advocacy. Most of us have had one or two kids and often they’ll live in other provinces or regions, thus leaving an aged parent in a situation of having to accept whatever space is available, rather than suitable.

    You best save up lots of money for private care (no guarantee of quality care though) or you’ll be looked after by someone just a step up from a TFW, earning low wages and working long hours.

    1. One of my favourite movies is “Drop Dead Gorgeous” from 1997. The writers nailed it with a comment from the mother of one of the beauty contest contestants – “I’ll be lucky to end up in a raisin ranch where my diapers are changed twice a day!”
      This was true and funny in 1997, true and not so funny in 2020.

    2. That Dorval nursing home was charging $10,000 a month! it has nothing to do with government versus private. It’s about people who provide care and people who are lying cheating scumbags making profits off the misery of the elderly.

  3. So. Why, pray, have none of the sons or daughters of the inmates of these facilities tried to say or do anything about any of this?

    Simple: most of the inmates haven’t seen a visitor since their daughters-in-law left them there for dead, immediately turning their attention to more important matters—fighting like cats over the money from the sale of their father-in-law’s house to a Chinaman swimming in dirty money.

    The average nursing-home inmate lives six months, dying of neglect and isolation. The job of the homes is to kill them, in a world where it’s not as easy as it used to be for his children’s gold-digging spouses to get away with poisoning Dad’s tea or smothering him with a pillow.

    There’s no real outrage here from our betters. Just embarrassment. Nothing will be done.

    1. Too much generalisation here…broken hearted families have been speaking up…no one is listening.

  4. Government oversight seems lacking. Almost as if there is no oversight at all.


    Annual inspection
    143 Every long-term care home shall be inspected at least once a year. 2007, c. 8, s. 143.

    Inspections unannounced
    144 No notice shall be given of,
    (a) any inspection required under section 143; or
    (b) any other inspection of a long-term care home, subject to any exceptions provided for in the regulations. 2007, c. 8, s. 144.

    Seems like they are paying people and not getting their monies worth. I would be ashamed if I was the bureaucrat in charge of this department.


    Fire all the government workers and replace them with someone who cares.

  5. Much ado about nothing. Our free healthcare system is the envy of the world! Much better than Murica’s!

  6. Horrible things in that report.

    Drink, smoke’em if you got’em, be merry – and take yourself out before you end up in one of those places.

    1. Hey, you cribbed my modus operandi there, mr philanthropist. Cough, hack spew, etc. Die under your favourite tree with a dram glass in one hand and a smoke in the other. Vanity of vanities. Peace.

  7. Don’t get sick when you are old, just about anywhere in Canada, maybe anywhere at all. Society has been programed to view the elderly as a liability, as if they never paid for a damn thing in their lives. Socialized medicine is the problem everybody thinks that you are a burden because so many dollars have to be “wasted” on you. Well, this old fart has paid for everything he has ever had and that includes medical care. I did not vote for having the government control medicine and I still pay along with every other stupid taxpayer in this country. Get the bureaucrats out of medicine and there will be more than enough to take care of those who need it.

    1. You can’t help getting sick when you are old. That’s why I aim to get old and sick alone in the wilderness, where social services bureaucrats won’t catch me and put me on a list of people they are caring for in a “home” staffed by third world immigrants, so they can justify getting paid out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

    2. Liberals have been trying to change us into France forever.
      It appears they are succeeding.
      Luckily we don’t have the beaches.

      “The French lifestyle has also come under scrutiny, since some of the elderly victims died alone in their homes while families were away on lengthy August holidays. Authorities reportedly had difficulties making contact with survivors who were away on vacation.

      French doctors on Tuesday reacted angrily to the government report, saying they were being made into scapegoats. The report said many patients had to go without adequate care because doctors and other health care workers were on vacation.”


      But don’t worry, Liberals have a law that will fix everything.

      “The French Government will punish families that do not keep in touch with elderly relatives, after being shamed by statistics revealing that the suicide rate among pensioners is the highest in Europe. ”


      Canada is like New France except we have no cheese for our whine.

      And we really need some new titles for our own aristocracy.
      If we are going to be serfs(all indications are yes), we need some Royalty.

      1. yolo, how about we should call Messieurs Guillotine. He proved quite effective in France many years ago. Maybe J. Twadels would like to be the first recipient of that sharp edged wit.

  8. The media reminds everyone this morning that the decades of abuse is all Doug Ford’s fault. Ford is Hitler. Only a new Liberal government can fix the mistakes of fifteen years of Liberal government.

    1. I heard one of our intellectual betters on the radio saying this problem goes back to the Mike Harris government. While this may be true (it goes back further than that) there was no mention of the 15 years between Mike and Doug.

    2. John, the CBC News web page, in covering this scandal, is going full-bore against Doug Ford.

      1. Yea…its ALL Dougs Fault…unhuh.
        Typical CBC Communists in Action.

        Nothing to be said of 2 decades of Daily LIBERAL DISASTERS perpetuated by McGuinty & Whine…both with massive help from that NAZI POS, Gerald Butts.

  9. Would you allow dogs and cats to be this mistreated?

    I am sure the directors are well compensated for their inattention.

  10. The Trudeauite solution will be more money. But what will that money be spent on?

    1. More administrators to manage the spending.

    2. Gender studies for seniors

    3. Defining proper personal pronouns for use in LTC facilities.

    4. Climate change for seniors

    I could go on.

  11. It’s a very sick society that allows this initiation of force against the most vulnerable among us.

    This is such a society.

  12. So Blackie is outraged about nursing homes but offers no money. Even though he gave nine billion dollars to students to sit on their asses at home. And lets not forget the shit pile of money he promised yesterday to shit hole nations in order to get that UN security seat.

    1. It takes zero extra money to do things that the management and staff are paid to do.
      It’s the staff that came to Canada to culturally enrich the culturally lacking Canadians from the shitholes that is used to the vermin and see no need to fix it.

      The cry for more money is false. The people are paid to do jobs they were hired for.
      What is more money going to do if the job is not done?

    2. Maybe he should have spent that nearly $700,000 sending a delegation to the Climate Conference in Spain on investigating how our health care provisions for the elderly are doing. Oh but then you couldn’t get fine wine and stay in beautiful hotels on the backs of the taxpayers.

  13. Trudeau hates Veterans, this report is beneath him. Off to Aga Kahns island for the weekend toodaloo’s………..

  14. Just pay off the inspectors.
    It’s a victimless crime.
    No need to get excited about corruption and incompetence. /s

  15. seems most here have opinions about this topic, here is a take from Fernando.


    Most of the regular readers here can attest that the Canadian Foreign Aid program has been heartily criticized. We have given away tax money that should have been used in Canada as the first priority of government. Unfortunately most Canadians are, to put it in a single word, stupid, they believe the propaganda that has been preached by the natural governing party of Canada. Most Canadians are truly unable to think coherently about how this country has devolved into our present situation. As I’ve said before Canada is not a lifeboat for the rest of the world. As much as Liberals believe that we can save the world the reality is that we can’t even save ourselves. The fiasco that has been exposed in our senior care homes is as nothing as to what we can look forward to in our future, if we don’t wake up and realize we are either masters of our own destiny or we are serfs to an unaccountable elite that are voted into power by stupid people that believe propaganda.

  16. The Ford gov requested the military review the Ontario nursing home COVID issues and there have been questions why this was necessary.

    My speculation is that Ford knows the entire Ontario civil service has become totally politicized after 12 years of McGuinty/Wynne Liberal influence , and that using an in-house investigation might whitewash the issue or paint him as the culprit. Remember he has been in office less than two years after a 12 year Liberal reign.

    Compounding the situation is the fact that the majority of the problem nursing homes are not run by the Ontario gov but are private and run by Revera , a subsidiary of a Federal Crown Corporation.

    So far very little attention has been paid to Revera (headquartered in Mississauga ON) a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Crown Corporation , Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP). As a subsidiary of a Crown Corporation they are expected to act at arms length , but do they really ?

    This brings up an interesting aspect. Who actually has oversight control , the provinces or the Federal government ?

    Here is an example. Forest Heights : Revera owned and operated , has issues dating back to 2010 and has had 50 COVID deaths .

    Since issues have been outstanding since 2010 and obviously not resolved (witness the deaths) , how could an internal in-house audit be trusted?

  17. Don’t you think CBC & CTV Producers deliberately failed to Broadcast the Alert that Nursing Homes were Killing Zones…. Someone needs to Resign @ these Fake Media Establishments…. After WASH State everyone Knew!

  18. How come the main stream media Haven’t trotted out the word “genocide” yet?? It is clearly a situation far beyond mere negligence. Gov. Cuomo clearly would be an advocate of this “Seniors Clensing”, just like our morons.
    The Government loves you!

  19. Reflecting on this sad and disgusting story, I’m glad that the military has exposed it. However, I am struck by the thought that deep down, are we really that surprised? So much of this elder abuse is out there, that it’s not reasonable to believe this is unusual. Fortunately, I have never witnessed it, and my wife’s mother is a resident of what appears to be a good place, but even she has started a history of falls recently. I just wonder if it is all just covered up, on an ongoing basis, and is rampant throughout these “Nursing Homes”. When we get to the point that we can no longer care for ourselves, these days, we are simply warehoused in such places while we wait for death to take us. I remember in my childhood, that my parents and their siblings took their elders into their homes and cared for them directly, as did most of our society then. What has changed is that we are all so busy with our irrelevant lives we can no longer find time or compassion for our elderly, and we simply farm it out, so we don’t have to deal with it ourselves. Perhaps we deliberately overlook this abuse until it is shoved into daylight!