Crowd Sourced “News” Analysis

With apologies to The Beatles, I need a little help from my friends – which would be most of you.

Please read this story. It’s all over the MSM. As I often do, when I read “news” stories these days, I first check where it comes from and then question whether it’s true … as in entirely true? We all know that most of the MSM passionately hate Trump. It also appears that the people who run the DNC don’t want Bernie Sanders to become their candidate. So is it not curious that both Trump and Sanders are reported as being helped by Russia?

Interested in your take.

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  1. CNN = Fake News. Many years ago I did watch CNN but not for a long time. Obviously this is a little Mikey troll job, expect a lot more of this in the upcoming months. Amazing how cheaply people in the news media will sell themselves for.

    1. Pretty much.

      The Primary fight between Democrats is over power, with a disagreement tactics (“Revolution” vs “Long March” to Communism).

      Bernie, Bloomberg, Biden, Warren et al aren’t arguing over philosophy – they’re arguing over who gets to be in charge.

      It’s like WW2.

      This isn’t a fight over Socialism.

      It’s a fight over Power, between Socialists.

      (*Even the United States was distinctly Socialist and moving further towards Communism during world war 2, with the government having taken control of nearly all industries, rationing, and “Capitalist” oligarchs having become the American version of the “Nomenklatura”)

      1. Bloomberg is not a socialist. He’s a fascist. He’ll leave business alone to do what they want, while he satisfies his need to push people around by dictating what, when, and where we can eat, work, use our cars, etc.

  2. ” So is it not curious that both Trump and Sanders are reported as being helped by Russia?”

    Not a mystery, really. You see for while it is Anathema to Trump’s constituency(Americans/conservatives), to accuse Trump of being backed by Russia it is alternately a boon to Sanders because his constituency and Democrat voters in general are Anti-American/Socialists.
    You may have noted that the MSM are socialists too. They actually like Russia.
    An analogy would be for the MSM to call a politician “gay”. This would hurt a Republican, but be a brownie point for a Democrat.

    1. Russia is not the Soviet Union and Putin is not a communist.

      Russia is still the boogey man because the socialists in the MSM hate Putin’s fascist quasi-dictatorship. Things have gone all flip-floppy. “We” are the pro-communists now and Eastern Europe the communist resistors.

      1. The Soviet Union was Russia, and Putin was in the KGB. You couldn’t get in or rise with out being a Communist. He rose to Lt Col.

        1. “The Soviet Union was Russia . . .”

          Russia was in and the dominant power of the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union was not Russia. That’s why the “Union” is in the name. Anyone from Lithuania, Belarus or the Ukraine could explain it to you.

          “Putin was in the KGB . . . He rose to Lt Col.”

          And George Washington rose to full colonel in the British army, a redcoat.

          1. It really is straightforward:

            1) the MSM hate Drumpf, so they’ll accuse him of anything that might diminish his popularity but can’t be easily disproven because they’re fighting-shy of a libel suit.

            2) ALL Democrats are TERRIFIED of Bernie winning the nomination, because he’s a proud communist and is therefore anathema to all the voters who elected Trump in 2016 – and a whole buncha’ middle-of-the-road Democrat voters who see communism (and Bernie) as the lethal poison they are. The Democrat leads are bleeding middles, slight-rights and undecideds with their crazy talk and green-new-deal, throw-tax-dollar$-at-it nonsense – and the only two Democrat candidates who could do a more thorough job of alienating great swathes of the few voters they have left would be Midget Mikey or Hitlery. They HAVE to stop Bernie or the election is Trump’s – trivially; he wouldn’t even have to campaign – just like the boat they found themselves in last time.

          2. “trivially; he wouldn’t even have to campaign – just like the boat they found themselves in last time.”

            That’s pretty hopeful. It is entirely possible Bernie would beat Trump. Those two are really each other’s best bet. Only Turmp could get Bernie elected and only Bernie could get Trump re-elected.

        2. @Jay Harper


          Putin is many things, but one thing he’s not is a Commie; take Bolshevik Bernie’s 90+% tax bracket for example.

          Putin instituted a flat tax of 13% almost 20 years ago and has held firm at 13% ever since. That’s far lower than the US, despite Jewish wails in Russia (actually, worldwide) to “reform” it. It’s one of the biggest reasons Putin is so popular in Russia – he’s a Capitalist bulwark.

          I’ll just repost what I wrote elsewhere:

          [Putin was never a Communist Party member, nor a bureaucratic/industrial head, nor on the Central Committee, etc.

          Not that he didn’t want to be at the time – I believe he did as anybody in the KGB or FSB would – but the Soviet Union dissolved before he could enter the contemporary elite – and despite his public pronouncements that the Soviet collapse was a disaster for the “Soviet” People (moot point), the truth is that he never would have been able to rise in the ranks, if the old Soviet system was still in place.

          Putin may not have understood that when he was younger and watched teh decline of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, but he of all people definitely understands that now.

          After all, the Communist Party and more importantly its nomenklatura was dominated by Jews.

          One of the biggest events in the Soviet Union’s collapse was the death of Lazar Kaganovich, one of the original Bolsheviks and arguably the most powerful man in Communism, behind and beyond the Iron Curtain.

          It’s not that the Soviets didn’t have a “bench” – merely that the people in power were unfit to rule those like Putin from within, in a time when Reagan chose to challenge their right to rule from without.

          The Nomenklatura in the Soviet Union – what Americans call “The Deep State” – were dominated by Kaganovich’s people, from the Gusinsky clan to the Abramovich clan. These Jewish Bolsheviks essentially “owned” the Soviet state enterprises and means of production, from Oil to Telecommunications.

          Communism, after all, is simply “Capitalism for me, but not for thee”.

          It is no mistake that these same people became “oligarchs” when the Soviet Union collapsed – the fact that they owned and benefited privately from these state-controlled industries and assets didn’t change. What changed was that the Communist conceit of “We do it for the good of the People” was dispelled.

          The story of the Soviet Union is, in a large sense, the liberation of the “White Russians” (majority, traditional, religious) from the domination of the Bolsheviks and their subordinate “Red Russians” (minority, post-modern, secular). Putin, who once sought to ingratiate himself to the Nomenklatura (The Reds), in order to join it, eventually had to choose between the former and the latter.

          If you think Trump taking on Obama holdovers is “brutal”, imagine what Putin has faced in Kagonovich’s truly murderous and mendacious holdovers. Obama is but a craven poseur, compared to the original people of Marx – the true and committed Communists.

          Putin prevailed over and demoted these people to “equal status” with mongrel Russian peasants, even daring to prosecute the Jewish oligarchs (Trump’s administration barely goes after pawns like Epstein, never even thinking of Epstein’s boss, Les Wexner). It’s no surprise that Jews and their white-secular handmaidens around the world, from Israeli politicians to American Media moguls, hate Putin with a vengeance; it very rarely seems to enter their conscience (if they have one) that their generational rule in the Soviet Union and its aftermath led to mass-murder and misery – such that even privileged Soviet Jews found it uncomfortable and bayed for greener pastures in other countries in the late 80s.

          Putin’s reforms (which has led to their waning power) have resulted in a renaissance among the Russian people, materially and culturally. The rehabilitation of the Romanovs (incidentally one of America’s oldest historic allies), the restoration of the Orthodox Church, the open questioning of Soviet-state-sanctioned history, etc….

          …it demonstrates the divide between the revitalization of the Russian People, and the Jewish and secular rage which once oppressed so many under Soviet rule.]

          1. “he’s a Capitalist bulwark.”

            Except when his government is stealing stuff from private business. Or stealing the entire business. That would explain why holders of capital are not hot to invest in Russia: it’s a hellhole.

            “Communism, after all, is simply “Capitalism for me, but not for thee”.”

            No it isn’t.

          2. His government is at war with the “Red Russians” and “Bolshevik Jews”, Secularists and Jewish Oligarchs who “privatized” (aka have held de facto ownership of Soviet state industries since before the Cold War ended), assets and land to themselves when their rule in the Soviet Union collapsed.

            Again, these Jews and their Russian secularists have used these “State owned” industries as their private fiefdoms since the Bolshevik revolution. They drove cars, flew on what amounted to private planes, retreated to palatial dachas and lived plush, kosher lives.

            “Capitalism for me”.

            Everybody in Soviet Russia knew it.

            And today, they are free to say it.

            Ask them.

            (As if you had the integrity)

            The only thing that changed with the collapse of the Soviet Union was that they dispensed with the “For the People” propaganda (which most Russian, Red and White, knew was a lie – their version of “Poltical correctness”).

            To this day, the White Russians are still battling their Reds decades long after the Bolshevik Revolution.

            Just as White Americans are still battling their Reds decades after the Cold War.

            (Arguably, Americans have battled what amount to “Reds” since their Founding, not that your average Russian would know that)

      2. Putin is a communist. The Soviet Union was Russia.
        That said, the socialist ideas that Russia infected the U.S.A. with are what the Democrat party finds romantic and has been canting toward since the New left took over the party in the ’60s. Democrats like the idea of totalitarian Russia.

      3. The important point to note is that both Germany and the Soviet Union were Socialists – Socialism under Marx’s paradigm was the intermediary march towards the Communist Utopia – which by definition can never be achieved – they’ll be marching forever. Functionally, and under rigorous Marxism, self-described Communists are just Socialists as nobody in history has achieved “Perfect” Communism. Both used heavy control over industry and production backed by force. Both disarmed their own citizenry, elevating the ultimate authority of the State.

        Simply put: the conflict between the German Socialists and the Soviet Socialists was not a struggle over philosophy, per se.

        It was a struggle over who would be in Power, with the Germans having a predominantly Christian structure which banned Judaism, and the Soviets having a predominantly Jewish structure which banned Christianty.

        “Fascist”, thus has been used much as “Apostate” when Sunni mock Shia. But from a third-party perspective, they’re both Muslims, no matter that they claim the other is not. That they war against each other and have specific, and often meaningless from an infidel’s perspective, details about Revolution or Governance or Islamic jurisprudence does not override their overwhelming Islamic similarities, especially for Christians.

        It is wrong for a Sunni to claim a Christian is “Apostate”. Christians never believed in Allah.

        And Fascists and Communists are regarded much the same why by Americans. When Communists try to misuse the “Apostate/Fascist” tag on Americans, we tell them “No, we’re Christians/Capitalists”.

        The Soviet Communists (Bolshevik Jews and Red Russians) just so happened to be on the Allied side (after the alliance between the Soviet and German Socialists broke down, in part over Polish Jews and Christians) and thus we’re left with the “Socialist/Fascist” artifact that current Commies misuse against Americans, who often respond to the “accusation” with ”….

        Commie: “You’re a Nazi/Fascist!”

        American: “Sorry, I’m not a Commie.”

    2. For brevity, and from the Russian perspective:

      There are what still amounts to “White Russians”and “Red Russians” in the former Soviet Union.

      So too are there similar “White Americans” and “Red Americans” in the United States, from the Russian perspective.

      Again, this is not hard to understand given Russia was among America’s first and staunchest allies before the Bolsheviks gained power.

      In the Cold War, “White Americans” (Christian, Religious, White, Capitalist) dominated in the United States of America, whereas “Red Russians” (Jewish, Secularist, Socialist) dominated the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics over the “White Russians”.

      Throughout the Cold War, “White Americans” were allied to “White Russians”, while “Red Russians” were allied with “Red Americans”. Of course, given the more open nature of American society and despite (or perhaps “because of”) the dominance of “White Americans”, “Red Russians” and “Red Americans” had considerable success politically in the USA. Whereas “White Americans” were largely unsuccessful in helping “White Russians” throughout the Cold War because of the Authoritarian nature of the USSR.

      Putin was a “Red Russian” at this time.

      But the “Reds” lost the Cold War, because in spite of their relative political strength, they lost economically and thus militarily (the latter relies on the former).

      Practicality & Physics defeats Bureaucracy & Propaganda, one might say.

      After the Cold War, Putin became an “Apostate Red Russian” – He switched sides to become a “White Russian” and has governed like one ever since.

      The MSM, Socialists, and Jews from Bloomberg to Bernie are “Red Americans”; they hate “White Russians” almost as much as they hate “White Americans”. And they’ve watched Putin take a hammer to their friends, the “Red Russians”, which is worse than anything Trump has done to “Red Americans”.

      So it’s no surprise that they hate Putin, arguably more than they hate Trump.

      1. “But the “Reds” lost the Cold War, because in spite of their relative political strength, they lost economically and thus militarily (the latter relies on the former). ”

        Despite the truth and accuracy of most of what you have written on this thread, this is where your perspective goes wrong.

        The Cold War never ended. The Americans just declared victory and quit fighting it. The Russians did not.
        Global National Corporations were downsizing and rebranding during the ’90s. The Soviet Union, a failing business model, did the same thing.
        The Soviet Union was Russia, which surrounded itself with a ring of countries which it used as a literal Human Shield in case of Hot War. This allowed Russia to make use of a Defence-in-Depth strategy second to none. The book “Fighting in Hell: The German Ordeal on the Eastern Front” has some insights into the Russian “scorched earth” methods of defence-in-depth. Very dry read.

        So, in the ’90s, the Russians rebranded from the Soviet Union back to the less threatening “Russia” brand, downsized by shedding it’s costly losing subsidiaries,(the “other Soviet Republics”) and pretended to segue into a simulacrum of a Democracy.
        Like the old Soviet Union General Secretaries of the Bolshevik Party, Vladimir Putin has been in power for over 20 years.

        People can, if they want, search the net and find Vladimir Putin expressing his LOVE for the Bolshevik ideology during his reelection campaigns. Putin is a communist.

  3. The leak has no basis in truth as it was also reported that there was no intelligence to substantiate the claims. In other words someone leaked a conversation overheard in a bar, where have we heard this before? Cough*steeldossier*cough. Well at least the leakers and their useful idiots are consistent.

  4. Trust only what you can verify with your own eyes.
    I would type pro-Bloomberg feedback online every day this year if the price was more than twice my salary. Blue-checkmarks are significantly less-expensive to buy. Why some might do it just for getting a like from Bloomy himself – no cash required. Look, Mikey likes me!
    When people are willing to lie just to virtue-signal, there’s going to be a LOT of lies.
    Trust only what you can verify.

    So, Robert, no I do not think Russia or Putin is meddling in the US election…any more than Trump or the US will meddle in next Russia election.

  5. For the benefit of Mr. Trump there will be a show tonight. Okay. The word preposterous comes to mind. Are they really going to trot out and beat this horse to death … again ? Who is going to believe it other than brain dead Democrat fanatics and MSCNNBC talking heads?

    1. I like that they’re flogging this dead horse. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows it’s BS and it drives the Independants and soft democrats into the Trump camp. Should be a landslide in November.

    2. For the benefit of Mr. Trump there will be a show tonight.

      And of course Henry the horse dances the waltz…

  6. Its all “Bloomshit”. The Bloomberg media monolith is in full swing. Its like his slick commercials that boast that he’s the only democrat to never have taken a dollar from special interests… He friggin is a “special interest” FSS.

  7. I view this as a comedy show. No one could believe this, especially in light of the antics of the past few years.

  8. Lesson #1 on Russia.
    #1. Russia helps Russia.
    Lesson #2 on Russia.
    #2. Russia does not “help” other countries. It may “influence”, “stage”, “have a presence”, “control their army”, but Russia does not help other countries. It helps itself.

    It is quite likely that Russia is contributing to influencing Bernie’s election just like the DNC is trying to scuttle Bernie’s chances and just like Trump is screwing around with Bernie, Mike and Liz. Worst thing to happen would be Putin and Trump have a good laugh when they meet after Trump’s re-election.

  9. Bernie is bogus opposition. The fix is in for Mike, and Bernie, who isn’t interested in being president and never has been, is playing along as expected.

    Bernie knows the Russia thing is a poorly-disguised anti-Semitic conspiracy theory of Trump’s rise. To the left, Russian is code for Jew. Bernie, a self-hating Jew like Marx and Lenin before him, doesn’t give a damn about that.

    Maybe one day we’ll find out what the Deep State really have on Bernie.

    The real conspiracy to throw the election by Mike’s buddies on Wall Street and in Beijing, supported by Chinese intelligence and American Deep Staters, will never be exposed by the mainstream media—not until Mike and his buddies are already dead, in jail or in exile and their power has been broken once and for all.

    Trump, of course, is the true leader of North America’s first real workers’ and peasants’ reform movement in living memory. The money trust will do whatever it takes to stop him, just like it stopped William Jennings Bryan and Bill Aberhart.

    Except this time their luck has run out. The money trust don’t have a monopoly on information distribution any more.

  10. Bernie is bogus opposition. The fix is in for Mike, and Bernie, who isn’t interested in being president and never has been, is playing along as expected, making a big show of raving about how he will never let the Russians influence US elections.

    The Chinese are pulling out all the stops for Mike, but Bernie has no apparent problem with that.

    1. Agree. I love it how when climate change came up Bloomberg tried to switch the conversation about coal away from China and onto India. If Bloomberg gets in China gets a pass on everything climate change and India becomes the scapegoat. As for Bernie he is just trying to angle himself into another house. Lets not forget how he bought his summer lakeside cottage for $600,000 shortly after he threw his support behind Hilary. Now it’s not entirely true that Russia didn’t try to influence the election in 2016. They did throw a couple of hundred thousand into Facebook ads, about the same amount Bloomberg pays for a single one his TV ads.

  11. The American MSM want Bernie and Trump out to make room for Bloomberg’s Bucks. Only thing is, they know Mike does not have the charisma that Trump has. It has been already said that Trump would crush Bloomberg in the debates.

    I believe that since Sanders took ill and had surgery, he has stayed in the race to be bought out of the race. He seems angrier now than when he ran before. He’s not getting any younger. His ‘hate’ is showing a lot more, he acts like Larry David– not a good look. Perhaps a place in Florida now Bernie, Miami Beach maybe?

    No offense intended to Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a real hoot this season!

      1. Yes, there is a new season that just started recently. It is really funny. He’s fighting with everyone! Saw 2 or 3 episodes so far. It’s on Sunday evenings on HBO. Watch it, it is a reprieve from the joke that is Canadian politics.

  12. The role of the MSM is to condition the way we “muppets” think in order for our ruling class to control us enough to go along with their plans. There is very little truth in the news. Just like killing gophers, a farmer mixes a little food in for bait with the poison so that the animals keep eating the stuff. Our ruling class and the media does not have our interests at heart. As a strategy – even if one turns off one’s critical thinking and starts believing the exact opposite of the MSM message, one will not be far off the mark as to understanding the truth.
    We “muppets” are starting to wake to the BS hence the efforts to control all alternative narratives. We Canadians are gullible ….

    1. Latitude,
      you are more right than you or anyone else thinks.
      This may sound bizarre, though knowing Russians, they just throw nothing into the mix and American media eats it up like the most delicious meal. Russians just watch and laugh at the hilarity of the goings on.

      Not necessarily an analogy, just an illustration how the Russians think and do things.
      You may remember some years ago there was a serious problem with some equipment at the space station up there. As it was, the Americans came up with all kinds of special tool for rather simple tasks, they perhaps forgot the tool that they needed, the Russians told them, you don’t need to invent a tool for what a screwdriver will do.

  13. The Democrat party establishment made up Russian collusion to use against Trump and although it didn’t work as well as they hoped (or as well as they think it did) they are pleased that it worked to some extent. So they are trying it against Sanders, too, because they aren’t really clever enough to come up with anything else and they think their target audience is dumb enough to fall for it again. (They may be right about that.)

    Meanwhile, the actual Russians aren’t averse to making mischief in the U.S. elections, but they are clever enough to see they don’t have to spend any time, money, or effort on it, the Democrats will do it for them.

    1. Please stop lying. We have the intel, you have half-remembered talking points from BS silos like Breitbart.

  14. “So is it not curious that both Trump and Sanders are reported as being helped by Russia?”

    Not really. Russia likes to create havoc. All the better if a fascist or socialist retard gains control of the country Putin has a grudge against.

  15. I don’t get the antipathy to Russia. All the communists these days are in the West.

    In truth I do. The Russians under Putin have taken a determind Nationalist stance, as has Trump, and now the Brits. The Globalists do not like this.

    Of course, the CNN’s candidate is the DNC’s candidate and that is NOT Sanders. Hillary would have a melt-down.

    1. ” The Globalists do not like this.”

      Nor do any of the people murdered or invaded by Putin’s Russia. Russia is a great showcase of the evils of nationalism however.

  16. Russia interfering in US elections? Like they have been for decades? Nonsense.

    Actually I view this as sauce for the gander. Every election Americans send strategists and volunteers (ie boots on the ground) to interfere with us. I don’t see why it’s a problem for someone to interfere with them. Just be aware that this happens and plan accordingly.

  17. So if Trump is a Russian agent and Bernie is a Russian agent would Bernie also be better than the last crook to hold the office? You know the community organiser that retired rich on less than 500,000 a year?

  18. A key thing that we may rely on being true is the difference between this case and four years ago.
    If the US government officials have intelligence about Russia interfering with a campaign, then if it is Trump’s campaign they use it as a pretense to start “investigating” his campaign (spying), but if it is Sanders, they brief him on it.
    So this tells us about the CIA/FBI, but we will have to wait to see if there is anything true regarding Russia interfering and to what extent.

  19. Russia russia Russia.
    Somebody sent their minions the Old Talking Points.
    The tell,is in the word for word repetition by the zombies.
    The talking heads keep insisting that Russia Interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election,always insinuating Trump Advantage..
    Then admit that if such “interference”occurred it changed not one vote.
    How can interference be asserted when zero effect is the acknowledged result?
    After the Mueller Fiasco and then the Shift Show,Russia Russia Russia is beyond desperation.
    One needs to be an Unme to buy it at this stage.

    For some it is obviously masterful reporting on the part of all the Media Party Channels,the use of exactly the same words,inflections and facial expressions from channel to channel is of course purely coincidence.

  20. REO Speedwagon covered this years ago – heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another you been messin’ around. But I know the neighborhood and talk is cheap if the story is good and the tales grow taller on down the line.

    Where’s the evidence and when can we factcheck it? Oh, it’s rumors and suspicions and hints and allegations and no smoking guns whatsoever as reported by an anonymous source we’re supposed to just trust not to have any hidden agenda? Yeah, I might be a wee bit skeptical of this story.

  21. With significant attributes in common with national socialism. Oligarchs can own their commercial empires, as long as their commercial activities serve the state when called upon and key government personnel get their cut of the profits.

    (Hmm, that’s a bit like Liberal-governed Canada.)

  22. From what I’ve gleaned from various sources is that Russia is and always has been trying to disturb the shit in the USA. They mess with the process in a far more general way, without singling out any particular candidate and if it does look like they favour one it’s mostly because the media throws a shadow on the others. The damage the Russians are capable of would be microscopic if it weren’t for the distortions of the press, and even so it doesn’t amount to much. It’s just common sense to think that if Putin did have a preference it would be for the candidate he could walk all over and that ain’t Trump. Not much insight there I know, but I believe it to be more or less the truth.

  23. It’s the videos on Anthony Weiners laptop that I’m interested in.

    Who’s doing what… to who’s child?
    It will be Biblical…….

  24. Let us see now.

    This Russian business is a distraction brought in by the media that needs circus.
    Let’s say that they are doing something, they have always been doing something for like 90 – 100 years.
    All other powers have been and are doing something, heh, even to each other. It’s foreign policy, you want the other guy in charge to favor you so you find who it is and go for it.
    Do you think that the Germans, the French and others were not helping the opposition to Brexit?
    This is not really a news, it’s a circus. The mass media cartel is overwhelmingly against Trump, he is dumping on them daily, relentlessly, with full understanding that they will return the serve.
    Dinesh D’Souza has an analogy for it, saying that it’s a mud fight and the pig likes it, paraphrasing.

    In this one opinion it is something that the mass media cartel gotta do, otherwise they would be more irrelevant than they already are.
    Of course, they are also passing the ball to the anti-American, so called, “Democrats”, socialists/fascist and apparently for the first-time official communists, for Sanders is a communist without reservation, without shame.

    It remains to be seen if the large American public will go along with the propaganda.

  25. “The Five” have a good understanding.

    As was stated the DNC cannot have Sanders as their candidate, so the (in most eyes discredited) Intelligence Services drum up more “Foreign Interference” ie: Russia, which everybody knows has been going on since Marconi

    The DNC/MSM trumpet the “new” leaked “Russian Interference” story foolishly assuming it will
    A) Discredit Bernie. Bernie has Russian history and is a communist so it might stick.
    B) Discredit Trump (Hah!). They have invested so much in the “Russian Collusion” theory and it is impossible to disprove such allegations, so just keep repeating it.

    Schiff set the stage in the impeachment hearings repeatedly claiming if Trump wasn’t held accountable for “Abuse Of Power” he would, with Russia’s help cheat in the 2020 election.

    So now the next stage. Media proclaims, see, Schiff was right. Russia is helping Trump to steal the election! And Bernie! They are helping Bernie!

    Why both, you might ask. Oh Bernie, to sow discourse and mistrust when he doesn’t become the Democratic nominee. And Trump, well when they lose it was because of Russian Collusion all over again.

    Nobody has yet explained to me why Putin would want Trump as the President of the United States. He knows he is a hard dealing negotiator and will take advantage of every weakness. Putin already owned Hillary what with Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, Pay to Play Secretary Of State, Bill’s $500,000 speeches etc. Why would he want Trump?

  26. It is completely unsurprising to me, that Russia would like Bernie to be POTUS. Bernie is a guy, who honeymooned in Moscow when it was still the USSR. It would also not shock me, if it came out that Bernie was approached by the KGB, while on his honeymoon, and that he agreed to work for them.

    Socialists, gonna socialist. Communists, gonna communist. Democrats, gonna hate America.