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    1. Didn’t watch it either. Will read many view points today and see what ever passes as highlights. As I have said before these are not debates, they are Q and A’s with some of the dumbest questions ever.

    1. Trump missed some clear opportunities, and Wallace’s interference and framing gave Biden an advantage. Thus, I call it a wash. Not to mention, the lowest bar in Presidential debate history was set for Biden, so he had to do little more than stay awake to the end.

  1. Trump won.

    ( Fox News TV said that Telemundo had Trump at over 60% but I couldn’t find that on the Web yet)

      1. I didn’t watch so that’s how I’m judging the outcome. Will he do it again? If not, Trump won.

      2. Nancy, I commented as much last night. Biden isn’t serious enough; he doesn’t have that fire in his belly. I think Lady Macbeth Biden wants the White House more than Sleepy Joe does.

        1. You nailed it Kate, That has been my thoughts for some time, because this is really elder abuse. Biden is not fit for the office.

          Best line of the night, “I’ve done more in forty seven months, than Joe Biden has done in forty seven years”.

        2. Yes, I agree, Kate in Ontario…
          Some time ago Joe’s dying son requested Joe run for President again and Joe is trying to fulfill that promise. In the meantime Joe has aged and doesn’t have the get up and go anymore.

      3. I read a number of Dems saying that. That tells you that they believe Trump won. At very least, they realize that popular opinion majority says Trump won.

  2. This is a classic case of failing to see the forest through the trees.

    There are two reasons Trump won the debate, neither have much to do with what Trump or Biden said.

    1. Most people don’t pay close attention to politics and had no idea how old Biden looks now. He stutters and talks slowly and looks elderly. Many people did not know this. Many now know. Meanwhile, Trump looks alert and even strong.

    2. Many of those same people are completely unaware of some news stories. For instance, they will be quite surprised to hear that Hunter Biden took 3 million from a Russian politician and was also a drug addict. Many did not know there were 100 days of rioting in Portland. Many young people did not know Biden has been in politics 47 years. This is because the mainstream media doesn’t tell them, intentionally, and they don’t read books or news-sites, or pjmedia or instapundit or smalldeadanimals, so they would not know if not heard on TV, radio, Facebook or from friends. Nothing Wallace brought up made them more aware, but many of Trump’s points did. So now they know. This is not true of the Republican side, they are well aware of the fake news from the left.

    1. What you said reminds me of how Kennedy “won” his debate with Nixon.
      He knew that hardly anyone actually listens to the debate and analyses it. So he was all presentation, Camelot and all that.
      In the meantime, Nixon stayed up all night to bone up on the issues, and looked tired and haggard.
      Expert analysis said Nixon won. The American audience went gaga over Kennedy. And the rest was history, unfortunately. Kennedy begot Johnson, and Johnson begot “the Great Society”, and America rapidly descended the slippery slope.

    2. I also agree. On the visceral, emotional level, Biden just looked too old. He had nothing compelling to say, and the take away is that he is just a tottering old man. The Trump haters might still vote for him, but surely some will feel quite sick about doing so. Some will stay home. Trump was passionate. He is not the most articulate guy and not a particularly skilled debater, but he speaks from the gut, and anyone agreeing with his pro-America, law and border agenda will be out there voting for him.

  3. People claim that Trump was off putting because he was too brutal. But if we’ve learned anything from the likes of Romney and McCain, If you’re nice the Democrats will eat you alive. It’s good to be brutal, especially when you’re fighting the likes of Democrats. Besides say what you will about this debate. Trump will certainly use it to his advantage. Just watch the upcoming Trump rallies.
    The one thing that annoyed me though was the implication that the Proud Boys are somehow “white supremacists”. When have they ever displayed even the slightest element of white supremacy? By picking on ANTIFA all the time?

    1. I’m seeing a lot of twitter comments to the effect biden won, because he was more dignified….
      Fair enough, I’ll let him have Miss Congeniality.

      1. Those who said that must have missed Biden telling the President of the United States to shut up, Biden calling him a clown, and twice more resorting to personal insults. (Trump did nothing of the kind.)

  4. Another view:
    Trump telling a violent white nationalist group to “stand back and stand by,” as if he’s their leader, inspiring them to work his words into their logo, is the lowest moment in American history since Woodrow Wilson opened the White House doors to the Klan film Birth of a Nation.

    1. Another view:
      Biden claiming that “Antifa an idea is not an organization.”

      Yet another view:
      You’re a moron.

        1. Please show me what acts of racism the Proud Boys have committed. That part seems to have missed in the link you provided.
          Unless you consider kicking the crap out of ANTIFA punks an act of racism. Do you support ANTIFA?

        2. One more thing, maybe you could post evidence of Proud Boys throwing people out of restaurants because of their skin color… oh wait it is your side again, because “white silence means violence” and hence anyone who does not comply with your tantrum is a legitimate target. FOAD.

      1. Proud boys, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re printing that onto their business cards right now.

        Because Wallace and Biden were tag teaming him at that moment he lost the opportunity to clarify his statement on the effing KKK and also push back on the ‘fine people’ hoax.

        The moderator was terrible but I think everyone was surprised that Joe brought a spark.

          1. You just don’t get it dipshit, there is no reason to disown Proud Boys because they are the good guys. You assholes don’t get to terrorize people, (while cops stand idly by and while corrupt DAs refuse to do their fucking job) and then complain that some brave people refuse to let you victimize them and fight back. Go Proud Boys!

          2. Wikipedia is not a reliable or accurate source for anything. It has been thoroughly corrupted.
            There were several things in that article that are just plain wrong. They are as far left at wikipedia as at Antifas Defamation League or the Southern Poverty Leftist Center.

          3. So you are a moron. I mean Wikipedia? Really? All you had to do was provide with an example of racism committed by The Proud Boys that can actually be verified. No stupid left wing accusations. But you can’t can you? Quit before you fall further behind.

          4. Wikipedia is like another, more elaborate Snopes. … a left wing production to mislead the public.

            White Western world culture is under attack. Proud boys are a white organization working to survive our culture and way of life. Do we not have right to live in our own culture and way of life without being attacked by communists?

            The do not do that the mindless, violent left such as Antifa and that bad joke, BLM does all night long in democrat precincts.

            Proud Boys may be the core of our first line of our defense in the upcoming civil war.

            I no longer see any likelihood of talking our way out the current state of affairs in American today.

          5. Dizzy, If you think Wikipedia is a trusted source of factual information you expose your ignorance and therefore can be ignored.

        1. Part of the “gotcha” trap in that question (do you condemn white supremacist groups) was the obvious fact that the media has been labeling anybody to the right of Mao as a white supremacist group.
          True white supremacists, no issue there. But who gets to make that call and apply that label.? I certainly don’t trust Matthews to make that distinction, and labeling the Proud Boys as white supremacists is simply wrong. As someone here has said, find one incident of them committing a racist act. As opposed to BLM beating white people.
          CTV headline last night….Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists. Nothing about Biden refusing to condemn Antifa.
          Also….the question on Trump ending CRT training was bogus. By calling it “racial sensitivity training” Matthews was again trying to set a gotcha moment.

    2. Except they’re not white nationalists. And you’re misinterpreting Trump, based on what he said today when asked about it.

    1. At least the American government doesn’t fund Wallace and the like, like ours does with ‘journalists’ and their bought and paid for employers.(Bell Media for example).

  5. Trump was setting some long term traps. He was playing a long game. Watch for the fall of Hunter Biden in days or weeks to come!

  6. Trump ‘s goal for the evening seemed to be, to seperate Biden from the Bernie/AOC supporters.
    Trump made Biden state that “He’s” the democrat party now, not Bernie.
    Made Biden deny the NEW GREEN DEAL. Challenged Biden to admit they would stack the SC, he wouldn’t say it.

    Main thing I got from it was, that half the time Biden was criticizing Trump for shutting down the economy, and the other half Biden was saying he himself was going to shut down the economy.

    So many of Wallace’s questions were based on a false premise or false facts.

    1. Good points, Carl. Thanks.
      Joe’s constant lying, throwing out unsubstantiated numbers, and false accusations also put Trump in a corner. Does he interrupt and refute, and appear rude? Or does he patiently wait, and try to remember after Joe’s 2 minutes all of the 15 lies and try to address them all, with no time to make points of his own?
      Joe had obviously been coached to look straight at the camera and appeal to voters directly, while Trump was speaking to Joe, and often Wallace. Sorry for saying anything positive about the poor old sot, but I think for many, Joe’s ploy was effective. Turn your time into a campaign pitch rather than a debate.
      Best line of the night goes to Trump..”I’m supposed to be debating him, not you.”

      1. Many whine that Trump appeared rude.
        When it comes to negotiating for my country, give me a rude guy any day. It is a rough world out there, and we are picking a national leader, not a dinner guest.

  7. I was just watching CTV doing a hit piece on Trump, taxes and finances. I do believe these morons think they actually have some say in the U S election.

    1. Canadian media keep hitting on Trump so they don’t have to talk about Trudeau.
      Also to label any Conservative that challenges Trudeau as Trumpian.
      I don’t watch any Canadian news on TV, haven’t for years.

  8. The Canadian and American media went all out to trash Trump before the debate started. One yahoo on the CBC actually said that Trump has concentration camps all over America. Of course the CBC host didn’t challenge her. The reaction from the media this morning was as expected. Trump is a disgrace, Trump was unhinged.

    1. The Canadian and American media have been all-in on trashing Trump since… summer of 2016? Thereabouts. My wife, for some reason, turns on Anderson Cooper some evenings, and the man is absolutely unhinged these days. Trump, Trump, Trump, bad, bad, bad. Straight out of 1984 and a two minutes hate. And of course it doesn’t matter who’s on CBC, they’re utterly incapable of anything but Trump hate.

    2. One yahoo on the CBC actually said that Trump has concentration camps all over America.

      She must have confused Trump’s America with Xi’s China.

      The CBC is run by people similar to the horror movie’s “Chuckie” … evil children.

  9. It was a dumpster fire, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what Trump’s taxes have to do with the economy. It denied him time to talk about his biggest successes.

    As an aside, can you imagine the outrage if Obama had been called a clown and was told to shut up during a debate?

  10. The Canadian media is full of praise for Dementia Joe and contempt for Trump this morning. Blackie’s CTV is using CNN reporters to comment on the debate.

      1. Yes, back when democrats were regularly hitting him up donate money to their various causes. Before he decided that Conservatism and GOP was a better bet.

  11. The fact that Wallace played the role of “aide” to the the guy trying to shake his nursing home resident status can’t have helped.

    On that note, I found that Biden didn’t look old, he looked elderly/frail and his pallor made his eyes look like two dark pea holes.

  12. I heard this morning that the betting houses, the guys that offer the over under on these spectacles give the win to biden.

    1. Not by much. Biden earned points for showing up conscious and lucid. Not everybody expected he’d even manage that.

      If he really wants the president’s job, he’ll have to do better than insults.

  13. Nobody “won” …no votes were changed by that event, despite the BS that social media is trying to spin. Biden did better than I expected just by remaining standing for 90 minutes. Chris Wallace lost by tag teaming with Biden against Trump.

    There are 2 more debates which Trump will win whether Biden shows up or not. Melania and Ivanka will both tell The Donald to dial it down several notches because women absolutely loathe that sort of childish shouting match.

    All Trump (who I will vote for again in November) had to do for most of Biden’s and Wallace’s attacks was respond with one of:
    a) “You had 47 years Joe and you DIDN’T get it done! You’re like a mechanic who has been fixing the car for 47 years and now wants 4 MORE YEARS to get it fixed!”
    b) Look directly into the camera and respond with “That’s an outright LIE and you can visit my website after tonight’s debate where we will show you the TRUTH about ______(name the accusation) ______” If Biden or Wallace persisted in follow-up questions Trump should just keep repeating into the camera, “It’s all a big LIE, Joe! By the way, which hooker is your son Hunter with tonight, Joe? …the Russian hooker, the Ukrainian hooker or the Chinese hooker?”

    I noticed the sun still came up this morning.

  14. I’m not so sure there’ll be any more debates. Some excuse will happen and Biden’s team will call it off. Joe stayed awake, so they won’t risk it again, unless they feel they need it. They’ll let Harris debate and she will be super aggressive.
    Was hearing of U.S. radio Monday, that Trump was refusing to do debate prep again this time(like 4 years ago)
    I think Trump could’ve had some better come backs to Biden.
    ie; re Obama care, ask why Biden and the Democrats didn’t get Obamacare “right” in the first place??? Why do we need all these fixes??? They had the House, Senate, and President, yet they didn’t get it right???
    Then remind the viewers how Democrats promised Americans they could keep health plan if they liked their health plan,,, they could keep their doctor if they liked their doctor,,, that premiums were supposed to go down by $2500, not up!
    There were other topics he could’ve retorted Biden with reminders of the previous administration, equally as well.
    Retorts like this would have won over more voters, than simply talking over Biden. IMHO

  15. I thought Trump did a decent job of bringing out some important issues . . . Hunter corruption, Biden wanting to shut the country down, law and order, Antifa destruction, etc. He is not a studied debater, so he will lose some openings, and also not be that controlled. That’s who he is, and most supporters understand that. We already expect the media to dump on Trump, so nothing new there. But I do not see that Biden would have made any gains last night. I gound his demeanor was shockingly old. Trump held his base for sure.

  16. “Shut up, man.” That’s always the response the elites give decent people who insist on their right to be heard. “Shut up.”

    If all Biden has got are insults that in childhood would have earned the rest of us a taste of our fathers’ belt, he’s already lost.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Biden knows he’s going to lose, and is only playing along so Jill will finally shut up about it and let him die in peace. Then, maybe, he won’t have to hear another word about Hunter.

  17. The event in question was not a debate.
    It was a platform where the candidate can recite the talking points that supporters can cite as a basis to validate their political biases.

    If you want an example of the intellectual laziness that confirms this, there is this certain liberal pundit ex-PMO staffer presumed punk rocker part time lawyer who’s name rhymes with Boring Flotilla that has a post on his blog displaying this feature.

    1. Boring Flotilla will back anyone who is part of the lawfare class which he is a part of and it doesn’t matter how blatantly corrupt they are.

  18. Didn’t bother watching, won’t watch. It’s been telegraphed for at least 8 years now, what these “debates” are going to be like. CNN/CBC/BBC they make it clear whom they want you to vote for, and they will make it as hard as possible for you to see or hear anything else.

    In Canada, it’s the audience, the moderators, all the other candidates, all continually shouting down the one guy who is not full woke. In the US, it’s everyone pushing the Dems, boots stamping on your face if anyone thinks you might deviate.

    We knew going on a decade now, for anyone with an R beside their name, any “debate” is guaranteed to be a shitshow. Just a trap laid for them. Not much you can do. Trudeau can skip debates, and his media guards cover for him.

    The next step, is simply not showing up to be double teamed by the “moderators” and your opponent. Clearly, Trump does not believe that is the correct tactic. Yet. He also has not yet kicked CNN and all the rest out of the WH press room. But, it’s coming.

  19. The debate, in a prosaic terms, sucked big time.

    Trump did not get to say what he wanted.
    Biden lied every time he opened his mouth.
    Wallace should retire before he becomes like Biden.

  20. My personal dictionary defines “political debate” as a battle of wits between unarmed combatants. This was once again underlined in last night’s debacle. Compared to our own execrable Canadian “debates”, this was not much different, with the so-called moderator obviously in the tank for Sleepy Joe from the outset. Biden’s eyes were, as we say up north, like piss holes in the snowbank, so he sure looked like they fueled him up with amphetamines, er, vitamins, yeah, that’s it, special vitamins, like the kind they used to give JFK (Speed & steroids mixed in with the vitamins). As to who “won” the debate? IF Biden had won, there’d already be talk about the next debate. So far, it looks like there will not be a second one.

    1. I mentioned the “pea holes “ in my comment above. After reflection, Biden looked like the human embodiment of the …what is the little character in so many memes that represent a non-functioning player?….

      That. That guy is exactly what Biden looked like.

  21. Wrote this elsewhere and reposting some of it. The name calling Biden did last night proves he’s too senile to be President:

    Last night, Trump was a complete gentleman despite the fact that he had two people yammering like yentas at him. This was a hectic hot mess of a train wreck. Shame on Chris Wallace. That was not a debate.

    During this 90 minute fiasco Biden called Trump names and made unfair statements, such as:
    “Liar,” “the worst President ever,” “a racist”, “a do nothing,” “always playing golf,” “ridiculous,”
    “this clown”, “shut up, man,” “not true,”  “he has no idea what he’s talking about.”

    The “shut up man” is a “let’s go behind the woodshed & duke it out” statement, old words from Biden himself. Did Biden forget that he was in a debate? Right there, he lost it.

    There were many good and important topics suggested, one was the subject of the Paris Accord and the Green New Deal that Democrats want to foist on Americans. Biden  d-e-n-i-e-d  that he was for the Green New Deal. Said that he has a “Biden Plan.” What? Wish Wallace asked him what exactly THAT was! A golden opportunity was missed. Biden hardly dared look Trump in the eye. Sign of a Liar!

    Best line of the night by Trump: “I’ve done more in 47 months than you’ve done in 47 years.”

  22. I watched about half the “debate”, Trump was obnoxious and kept talking over Biden after he had had his turn, channeling the Green Party’s Liz May who always seems to think the world can’t live with out her constant interruptions, and Trump is of the same mindset. Biden spewed campaign bs, Wallace was so obviously pro-Democrat it makes you wonder why in hell the Trump team allowed him to moderate.

    What a f***ing waste of time it was, even worse than our leadership debates, but in the end the Left is convinced Biden won,the Right is convinced Trump won, and the only loser was the American peasant who garnered sfa from watching the show.

  23. Canadian ‘debates’ are infinitely more obnoxious – 5 knobs all talking at once. Oh and toss in the moderators. It’s vomit inducing.

    1. Wow! Wow! WOW!

      I noticed he kept looking down rather than at Trump. That explains everything. He probably had an enema before the debate and a catheter put on his you know what.

      1. So, all the basement dwelling Joe did was not all about isolating from CV -19 nor studying the issues and refining his talking points. It was about practicing and repeating from words fed to him from a mike.

        Wonder who the person was that alledgedly fed him his lines? He or she wasn’t that good. Ha!

  24. I am truly surprised, and honestly somewhat relieved, to see Trump getting some accolades for his performance last night, because that was not my POV at all.

    Unlike many who seemed to be more focused on the partisan entertainment value of last night’s spectacle, I went in trying to watch as a moderate non-politico would, someone who knew little about Trump other than what they heard from assorted leftist media. On that criteria, I was almost stunned by Trump’s belligerence right out of the gate. He didn’t wait for Wallace to clearly demonstrate he’s in the bag for the left, instead he was like a coked-out orangutan attacking everyone in sight from the outset. Sure, politically suave people understand that Wallace is representing the deep state, but politically naïve Americans don’t and just witnessed Trump behaving like the arrogant asshole that they have been told for years that he is. I was so embarrassed for Trump, I originally turned it off a few minutes in. Ha, I found it strangely satisfying to hear this morning that Biden had told him to shut up more than once.

    Combine that behavior with the fact that Trump is often horrible at articulating points through to a truly coherent and impactful finish, often heading off on some tangent before completing his argument. I saw that last night, as well. A primo example of this weakness that has bothered me for years now is Trump’s inability to expand the scope of the corruption and treason of the MSM past the marketing term “fake news”. Has he ever uttered the term “narrative” in a speech, even once? Sure, marketing and politicking have some huge similarities, but they also have some glaring differences, a lesson that Trump has seemingly yet been unable to learn since making the transition into politics.

    Anyways, thanks to Trump himself setting the bar for Biden so low(a huge strategic error going in, IMO), many will see Joe as the clear winner just by not falling asleep or drooling on himself. All Trump had to do to win was act engaging and at least kinda presidential, instead, he empowered the left’s lies against him and gave the media a cornucopia of ugly soundbites that I guarantee you the left is currently weaponizing against him.

    At least that’s the honest impression I was left with and I hope I am dead wrong.

    1. CO, I can’t argue with much of your post, even as a Trump supporter, I don’t think it looked good, but Wallace was helping Biden, and Biden was pasty white/grey, somewhat alert, but just full of pointless platitudes and accusations, against Trumps belligerence and disruptive invective. I really don’t think either side won, and the numbers of supporters remains static. Biden, has been more alert lately, so he might be on some enhancement regimen, but I still think it’s his wife that wants the White House more than he does. This is elder abuse, and she won’t give in on her quest to be a first lady, even if it’s only for a month or two, if Biden wins, he may not even live long enough to actually take the job on, at the end of January. If they are pushing him hard now, he might fade away before November. He sure won’t last four years.

  25. Did not watch.
    But it does not matter.If a voter intends to support Burn Loot Murder,Biden is their choice.
    The only “Undecided” at this point are so brain dead they could not vote without assistance anyway.
    Any citizen unable to recognize the obvious,deserves everything they get.
    None,absolutely none of the rewards of a civil technologically advance society are possible,without law and order,equal justice for all.

    Joe is collecting funds from BLM,his “Vice Woman” openly encourages and supports Burn Loot Murder as a political path..Neither has condemned the riots,which have killed many citizens of colour and severely impoverished many more.

    The Democrats have made the voters choice quite stark and binary.
    Orange Man for Law and Order?
    47 Year Veteran for Burn Loot Murder.?
    The Debate does not matter and President Trump knows this.

    Having that idiot “Chrissy the Moderator” blow his cover,pure bonus.
    Trump wins ,because it is no contest.
    Hopey Changey Joe,has had 47 years to make them there changes,180 years he claims to have been in the Senate,what a guy.

  26. President Trumps genius comes through during elections,the “Rabid Performance” the media is clutching their pearls over,is pure election gold.
    First the media hate is undeniable.
    Second the “Silent Majority” who hate these career politicians with a passion,will come forth to vote again.
    For they want a wolverine or enraged honeybadger loosed upon their “civil service”.
    As they did in 2016.
    When the Pundits are all united in their condemnation of Angry Orange Man,they seem to miss the obvious.
    If Trump is “angry” how the hell are they going to face the wrath of the taxpaying citizens?
    The “effete elites” still think the old rules apply,they do not understand 2016 and they will not understand 2020.
    So many fools and bandits,who fail to see.
    Trump is the only thing standing between them and the citizens..Citizens who are extremely pissed off with politicians and government bureaus..
    And the maniac idiocy of the Demonically Possessed “Democrats” has only upped the ante.
    What kind of evil fool thought Burn Loot Murder(TM Democrats) was a smart election ploy?

    The madness of B.L.M is so antisocial and vile that it could result in open season,no bag limit of certified members.

  27. Well if Trump has concentration camps all over America, then Biden should try to get sent to one, he might learn how to concentrate.

    That was no debate, that was an intervention.

    Imagine being as out of touch as to believe (or at least be willing to say in public) that “Antifa is not an organization, it’s a concept.”

    Yeah, sure, first words out of Lenin’s mouth at the Finland station were these: “watch how this concept unfolds.”

    We can’t fix stupid, but hopefully we can keep an eye on all the fraudulent votes and removal of legitimate votes that the Democrats plan to use to win despite being less popular.