I, For One, Welcome Our New Self-Driving Overlords

“All of us at Lime condemn these vile acts in no uncertain terms,” Lime Director of Government Relations Hayden Harvey told The National Desk. “At a time when our teams at Lime are beginning pride celebrations around the globe, it is disturbing to see the hate taking place in Spokane.”

Lime has now implemented a “no-go zone” over the crosswalk, meaning scooters driven over the mural will be remotely shut down. According to the company’s website, entering a “no-go zone” will cause a Lime vehicle to “gradually come to a stop,” forcing a rider to walk their scooter until it is outside the zone.

Via Ed Driscoll.

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    1. I look forward to multiple Lime scooters piling up on the homosexual sex flag at that intersection. No matter … Lime has already mined all the State and Federal subsidies for their e-transport traffic hazards.

    2. Lol… as statues and War Monuments defaced, police investigate a painting in the road. We’ve gone past peak insanity.

    1. Clearly not. Will not effect EVs.

      I read the first paragraph of the story, smiling broadly.
      The kidz have been doing donuts on the sacred crosswalk.
      So it’s the kidz’s skidz that are creating the sacrilege.
      I spose a muscle car could ramp up extreme power from a standing start on the sacred mural and leave its mark.

      1. It starts with private rental scooters. Before the end of the decade there will be a kill switch and GPS tracking on every vehicle.

        Don’t go thinking your old pickup will be safe. won’t be able to register or insure without important ‘safety upgrade’.. if you’re even allowed on the road with a gas engine

        1. …if we let them there sure will be. IF WE LET THEM. And “(b)efore the end of decade” seems conservative. They’d do it now if they could. The Covid regime softened the public up to accept excessive micro-regulation.

          And the nanosecond you go over the posted speed limit, “fine” money will be automatically be deduced from your bank account (the Canadian banks – who will get a fee for doing this – will LOVE it!).

          And the sheeple will applaud this because it will make the roads “safer” (LOL)

          Where’s my Red Barchetta?

        2. We need to start formal opposition to this. We could call ourselves, “the Scooter Liberation Movement”. We could be the Scooter Libbies!

      2. GM vehicles that have “on star” are already capable of being shut down remotely.

        I dread the day someone hacks into some car manufacturer’s satellite system and commands all cars to turn left, or shut down, or slam on the brakes. It will be a slaughter.

        1. FCA/Stellantis vehicles have a Secure Gateway, essentially a firewall, on all their vehicles since 2020, just for that reason. A hacker group showed it was possible to take control of a Jeep’s systems and shut it down, from 100 miles away, using it’s built in communications system.
          now you need a work around to scan and clear codes and otherwise access its other computer systems.

          I believe the same is true for Tesla.

          What did Montgomery Scott say?
          “The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”

    2. You got me thinking here, which activity is at times very dangerous.

      In an electrified transportation vehicle of any kind the ‘it’ dicktator (sic) can decide when to shut the vehicle off, any time, any place, for any reason or no reason, just because ‘it’ can.
      This is 100% doable.

      Diving off into the sunset is the near future.

  1. Excellent practice run for what’s coming in the regular vehicle lineup in the next couple of years.

    Best be learning how to disable those add-ons in your new vehicle (obviously voiding your entire warranty), or learn how to keep your beater vehicle running.

    And note, this disable feature for driving over a crosswalk like a normal human being would do, is well above what’s being done to protect churches in Canada from being actually burned to the ground.

    Right is on the rise in Europe? Go figure!

  2. I hope nobody realizes they can simply drop and leave them on the mural, and cause Lime quite a lot of problems.

    1. They have a retrieval truck. All in one spot makes it too easy to pick up. Need to scatter them in all directions, maximum range.

      Or just throw them in the nearest pond where they belong

  3. “ Lime Director of Government Relations Hayden Harvey”… who happens to be GAY of course, and looks exactly like you think he’d look:


    “ Hayden is the Director of Government Relations for Lime, a 2020 Graduate of Leadership Eastside’s 2-year Adaptive Leadership program and serves on the board of the – [wait for it] – Washington’s LGBTQIA+” SHOCKER!

  4. These “Policemen” laying charges …
    Nothing quite says “Stupid and Useless” so well.
    “Respect muh authority”.
    On the bright side,three more teenagers with a bad attitude toward the “State of Thuggery”.

  5. I wouldn’t drive one of those scooters to a skunk _uc_. And no, I wouldn’t go in the first place, but you get the idea.

    Lime can go piss up a rope.

  6. Harvey is apparently out to make gays, Lime, and those city officials who decide to install pride crosswalks universally loathed.

  7. “Nice scooter. Shame if something happened to it.”
    Dog shit has its uses, and in a pinch (heh), so does human shit.

  8. The irony is that these new blasphemy laws will result in the exact opposite of what progressives are hoping to achieve. The aggressive and over-the-top policing will produce resentment instead of acceptance. Divisiveness instead of harmony. The cynic in me would go as far as saying that those who are giving this advice to gay and trans activists know this.

    The same dynamic is happening with immigration. Favoring immigrants economically and in the justice system at taxpayers and crime victim’s expense is resulting in an anti-immigration backlash. Ditto for class resentment, vaccine discrimination, climate change, battle of the sexes, racism, religion, etc.

    Remember…getting citizens angry at each other is a convenient way to distract people from directing their anger at the political class. People have a difficult time recognizing when they’re getting played by malicious actors.

  9. There’s got to be rainbow colored dog poop bags somewhere right? Plus the sodomites are going to need diapers eventually, why not get those in pride themes?

  10. Why not cover the paint in oil. Then when no one can stop they will have to clean the road of the paint to get it back to normal friction.

  11. ah. l get it, anutha ‘the few spoil it for the many’. aka authoritarianism is 10s thousands years old

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